whole cake

disclaimer: major spoilers ahead! please be entirely caught up before reading anything on this page. thanks!

black text = first pass
red text = second pass
green text = third pass

purple text = fourth pass
orange text = fifth pass

chapter 827

chapter 830: he who gets bet on
revealed: aladine married the 29th daughter of big mom — charlotte praline !
revealed: those that try to leave big mom’s crew must spin the roulette wheel !!
revealed: pedro tried and failed to steal big mom’s poneglyph once before
whodatis: someone’s there .. in the distance .. ?
opt: arrival !!

so praline really is devoted to aladine, which makes me think pudding is not actually evil (though i have been fooled before) .. and muscat really is dead — or is he ? mont ‘dor’s line ~ ‘do not leave behind a single second’ .. does/did he have a few seconds left ? and what are those blobby things he was talking to?

oda is adding all these cool, mysterious but well-thought-out things to whole cake — like the roulette wheel and the secret passage — there has to be more ! more little puzzles for us to figure out (or not figure out, just freakin tell us oda) 😀

// someone here is a double agent/mole for kaido (dellinger @ mf)
–> the beast pirates knew raizou was on zou; someone gave them a vivre card
–> pedro: only one conscious after jack’s attack/is really after these poneglyphs
–> carrot: game change !!
opt: hmm .. maybe there’s not all that much evidence for this but i love the idea and want it on here cause i don’t think i’ve seen this before anywhere else

my sincere apologies on all the late updates; just too tired + i gotta find some time to get this done
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chapter 829: the yonkou, charlotte linlin the pirate
revealed: the secret passage
mystery: pedro’s past
life or treat: big mom destroys everything until she fills her craving
revealed: charlotte muscat, gelato minister + 16th son
unrevealed: big mom stole 40 years of her son’s life !!?
traitor: jinbe gave big mom the poneglyph he found
opt: has it been so long that i haven’t said anything about it yet or did i just forget — the one piece subreddit updates itself again in to something beautiful; such awesome mods since day wheneveristartedgoingthere

i really like how the secret passage works ! but we have to talk about big mom and all of whole cake/totland;

big mom, whole cake, totland
is being absolutely terrorized by big mom. life or treat is an ultimatum — give me what i want or i’m taking years off your life .. !! will muscat have a walking cane when we see him next? but here’s what i don’t understand —

–> big mom is strong/unstoppable in her life or treat state
–> big mom controls whole cake
??? why are big mom’s hunters slaughtering everyone for cake ingredients
opt: i get the sense she’s only here because nowhere else in the new world can anything be easily cooked on demand; and if she’s truly unstoppable why wouldn’t all the totland islands just give up the ingredients as tribute ? maybe this all happened very recently and the locals are still adjusting. or maybe the world gov’t helped set this up because they didn’t want to deal with her shit (bum bum bummmm)

more questions
the living food of totland are scared to be eaten/happy to be tasty which is .. uhh .. something i don’t understand .. and what is that keep calm vs. mama’s df line all about ? whatever it’s about, how many lives does big mom have now ? does it even matter with her ability to rack em’ up like crazy like this ? the answer is most likely (as everyone else thinks) that she is able to give life in exchange for her own this way or somesuch craziness .. i mean, even her hat is alive, so what if she has way too many lives and is throwing them up like moriah 😛 can’t wait for oda’s answer !

finally, big mom can either see the future or has a bunch of spies that told her, because big mom’s accusation that jinbe was going to leave (happens to be true) came out of nowhere. probably the later. but i hope she can see in to the future 😀

one liners
– brooke is the perfect nemesis to big mom: 0 years (kneomon)
– ‘killing off gelato was a ballsy move oda, me and the other gelato fans are done with this trash’ (shyguy531)
– big mom’s outburst ~= kids on punk hazard. ceasar was hired to find a cure (waifuhunter)
opt: c  …     l  …    aaaaa   ….      p. get it. i’ll see myself out

there’s so much more to big mom than we can possibly begin to know;
whitebeard’s backstory was fairly short, but he has had a ton of panel time since the beginning which makes me think big mom’s is deep and fleshed out and i can’t wait for it to be told :)

i turned 29 yesterday and my wife got me a really amazing present — a goyard card case, with luffy painted on it, courtesy of servicedby_e !!
more on turning 29 later, i suppose. you know me, i always got somethin to say
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chapter 828: 1 and 2
revealed: big mom’s children cannot choose their own spouses .. except one left
reve .. ale .. uugghhh: big mom has 43 husbands, 39 daughters and 46 sons
infiltration: there’s a secret passage to whole cake
he’s probably taking a dump or something: turn back?
saviors: the germa66 saved (?) brock colie island
introducing: 1 and 2 !!
opt: why was the message written in the bathroom ? he really was taking a dump !! luffy’s observation haki, getting stronger .. !!

pedro is such a badass; completely no nonsense, and perfect contrast to carrot for this mission. but why hasn’t nitro opened his mouth (?) yet .. how does it even make sense that he owns the cafe chuffy ate ? also: luffy, just killing it again — beaming with pride/super proud of sanji; i’ll never get sick of seeing this side of him. i’m lovin’ it, anyway, every single time

being wrong
and so it would appear i am in the wrong camp; if lola isn’t one of big mom’s daughters, then oda is trolling everyone as hard as possible. also, it doesn’t seem like 1 and 2 are the guys i thought were germa66 .. i mean, they could still be like 5 and 6, but it’s lookin bad over here, folks .. ah, who cares 😀

on hiatus :( what the hell do i do now !?
i get the feeling pudding is going to have to marry someone other than sanji by arc end ..
and will we meet all of pudding’s other family members ?

hope all is well, all
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chapter 827: totland
revealed: there are 34 islands around whole cake, referred to in whole as totland
revealed: nitro the jello owns a cafe on cacao island
revealed: each island has a food-themed chancellor
sacrifice? … ‘it’ll be a sweet day ..’ !!
opt: 3 days until the tea party !! and there are 34 islands, and 35 daughters .. so nevermind

sanji’s wife to be is quite the cook herself, eh ? reaffirming it now: i’m on theweddingishappening side ! and who exactly is to be sacrificed ? sanji ? luffy ? .. what if it’s pudding herself ? she’s a good guy right ? or did she come to chuffy’s aid a little too quickly ? screw it — i’d drink that tea ! it’s gotta be good !!

one liners
– is this a snakeneck from the auction list ? we’ve seen everything else ! (elsoja)
– three eyes had a jelly friend too (ohmygillett)
opt: and brooke finally saw nami’s panties — soul kinnggguuu !!! and did big mom eat the life-life/animate-animate/disney-disney/nazi-nazi no mi ? no matter what it is, this arc is setting up to be extremely dark and i just can’t wait for it

i’m firmly still in the alice in wonderland camp, and not so much hansel and gretel/grimm; and i hope i hope oda gets nonsensical with it because that would be amazingx4, and he’d really be flexing his writing skills that way .. and while it’d be a far, far reach, i do think there is hope yet: the rules around totland seem strange and fairly arbitrary — you can eat anything, except the roofs … or well you can, but only if you hang a sign first

// brooke is the mad hatter here and will sing in the presence of big mom (erayachi)
–> hat + tea + musican
–> in alice in wonderland (aow) the mad hatter was sentenced to beheading because he didn’t sing well enough
opt: dude. if this is aow inspired then yes. all of this — 100%. you are doing god’s work here. buy. also, onepiecepaper.com just opened up and this person writes at length about each chapter that comes out so if you need more one piece fix there it is for you 😀 hatter tells this story; queen faults the hatter for murdering the time (person) @ the tea party in ch7

my wife thinks big mom is preparing a grand feast of all the races @ 05/27/16
i don’t like how silent nitro the jelly is + i dunno which island big mom is on. first we see whole cake on 17, but she’s surrounded by mountains and not cake, ala the top-leftmost panel in 18. so is whole cake just where the cake building/tea party is held, and big mom has her own totland hangout island ? @ 05/28/16

say, wasn’t this supposed to be an infiltration/stealth mission to retrieve sanji ? well that already went to shit and it has only been 1 chapter

welcome to whole cake ! where everything sings and it’s eat or be eaten —
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