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disclaimer: major spoilers ahead! please be entirely caught up before reading anything on this page. thanks!

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- chapter 795

chapter 795: suicide

my initial reaction to this chapter was … i am not worthy. but also that with kaidou’s introduction, the dress rosa arc is unofficially over/that we are officially in post-dressrosa arc territory :) so much happened, i don’t even know how to start. maybe broken down by page/section..

– could fuji be cheating at dice with his df powers (model_namakamono)
opt: hakuba in chains because cavendish is asleep = 100% gol d.

revealed: swirly crew barely escapes big mam + docks on an island with ‘eruption rains’
separation: nami brooke and momo got separated from sanji chopper and ceasar
distraction: namooke was distracted by a little girl who was being chased by sheep-shead

revealed: sheep-shead is in kaidou’s crew + probably ate a smile
revealed: sheep-shead’s group is after a samurai .. is it the girl, is it momo, or both?
opt: it seems like they’re talking about both momo (‘hasn’t shown’) and the girl from what sheep said earlier but who knows; brooke doing a great zoro impression as the physics(?) of his stance makes absolutely no sense unless he is now crazy strong; sanji doing his signature liu kang impression — flying in out of nowhere and kicking his opponent in the face

opt: baron terminal is just held up by a bunch of balloons. awesome

opt: 7 defeats, 18 captures .. 9 of the 11 times he was captured but not defeated was because he sank the ship that was transporting him. 2 unaccounted for !! + to be fair, gedatsu also fell from skypeia and didn’t die, so unless baron terminal is the highest sky island you can jump off of, kaidou is an idiot

p15-16 spread
boom: hundred beast kaidou
<-> currently trying to commit suicide
<-> the strongest living being in the world
<-> ready to start the greatest war this world has ever seen
opt: can’t help but notice these giant scars across the bodies of some of the world’s strongest post-timeskip: akainu has a new one on the right side of his face, luffy got a new one right across the center of his chest .. it just seems significant, is all

his motivations appear to be the same as fairy tail’s big boss zeref, just a less thoughtful in his methods :P kaidou may have tried going to marineford to be killed by whitebeard – but shanks stopped him and is now stuck as the world’s strongest. yes, he’s jealous whitebeard died but he’s also mad as hell — there might only be only one ‘thing’ out there capable of killing him now. oda was very clear to introduce kaidou as the strongest living creature .. this all points in one direction for me. that kaidou is starting this war so he can be killed by uranus — the national treasure at mariejois (ok maybe not that last part :P)

– shanks stopped that (bushokoma)
– kaidou tried eating lots of smiles to die, instead becomes hundred beast (avengedx)
– 1 yr, 7 mo, 21 days to see sanji .. + then kaidou falls out of the sky (egbuch)
opt: chapters like these are why i love this series. i mean, all of dressrosa has been awesome. but jesus christ are you kidding me with this one? magic

what happens next is anyone’s guess, but it would be absolutely silly if pookinstass didn’t pledge their allegiance to kaidou, right now. if i remember right, the ope ope no mi grants eternal youth + not full blown immortality, but all the misconception around it likely stems from a bad translation and not as a fact incorrectly retrieved

i think i’m still in shock over this chapter — just.. soo good. so good
more later; need to step away from it and let it sit and read the chapter a few more times :)
hope all is well everyone! one piece is back! (but going on break again the week after next)

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