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disclaimer: major spoilers ahead! please be entirely caught up before reading anything on this page. thanks!

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chapter 795

chapter 798: heart

hinted.. at: the life a kind of d ?
another mention: barrels pirate crew
confirmed: those of the ‘d’ always lead a life steeped in tragedy
opt: 40% !! one piece science !! it’s adaptive more when a better translation comes out but this chapter totally rates 10/10 for me. to begin, i absolutely hate fujitora right now — you’re going down you dick. law and sengoku were giving us the end-of-arc robinquisition with someone who actually-knows-shit that we were all waiting for (since last ch) and you ruined it with your clean-up-dress-rosa and get everyone away from the port charade !! you’re still a good guy, right? 😀

watching sengoku drop wisdom on law like the elder-boss is great, and i think we can say he is now a potential ally to luffy and law. but sengoku lets us know something for certain about the d’s that everyone had always suspected: they lead tragic lives. doomed lives? but just as important, law’s line: ‘being the kind of d that corazon hoped i would be’ .. right or wrong, someone told law something about what it means to be a d; someone probably told luffy, too, when he was young .. but he probably wasn’t listening. damnit luffy.. reference link: law tells baby5 his name (ch763)

and then
we get luffy running in with an elephant gun that gets blocked by fujitora’s cane .. and then boom: ’cause that’s what a true pirate king would do!’ you’re goddamn right it is luffy !! but what if fujitora is doing this as a way to keep all the marines out of the port, and is going to actually rebuild dressrosa with his still uncertain ability? .. naw kick his ass luffy. he interrupted lawgoku!!

finally, how good are these write-in covers getting? beginning with 786, my favorite is still the one with shanks and the dog, but i wonder if they’d ever select an entry from outside of japan ? where do we send commission requests ? oda, what is your address

as an alliance, law and luffy are really only now beginning to make waves in the new world. two saved kingdoms does not make a pirate king make; we have to consider that for every kingdom luffy and law free, pookinstass destroyed another. take down an admiral or a yonko though, and now we’re taking down 1/3 or 1/4th vs. 1/7th of a major power. luffy and law are on the political radar too, as two d’s working together to turn world upside down

by the way.. just saw batoto’s translation of the ope ope no mi immortality operation again + i think, before, i had said it was eternal youth .. well it’s because i thought that. i guess i thought wrong. it’s immortality. damn. and finally, the barrels pirate crew gets another mention.. drake is allied with kaido.. they’re coming back in a big way !! all their fates are intertwined :)

10/10. thank you
hope all is well everyone :) one piece is back !!

chapter 797: rebecca

revealed: viola has been asked to be a princess before
opt: and it was almost certainly by scarlett, but the line that kills me is luffy saying to rebecca — ‘then will you come with me?’ oda knows exactly what he’s doing here, insinuating left and right person x, y or z is going to join; i don’t think so buddy !! ya fool me, we can’t get fooled again !!

law has gone missing and the likelihood he’s going to meet sengoku has gone up from 1% to … 40% !! as determined by our non-patentable one piece science. did fujitora sabotage the still-conscious but inexplicably grounded marines once again (cormag @ mf)?

things.. things.
– the relative lengths of each arc (masterpat98)
– one piece first published ~1 month + 18 years ago (roronoad_richter)
enel + sentomaru sharingan + eyeballsquarething (darkhund77)
– road to op800 (j0yboy)
– suguru sugita: we’re about 30% to go/that’s about a decade left (oppodcast/faneu7)
opt: it really is starting to seem like oda is slowing everything down to make #800 a big one. if the amount of incredible he put in to #100 is any sort of indication .. i mean, you should just re-read it (mpanda), but for the lazyish take this page .. and this one, and the next .. so good !! to be clear, the question of whether or not oda is ‘slowing down’ to make #800 awesome is totally irrelevant/nonsense and i’m sorry for having said anything about it above. i was trying to praise #100, not give a middle finger to 797-799. strictly speaking, oda could tell us what one piece is in #799 and have luffy die in #800 and call it a series, but you know he won’t because that would make for a bad story. how fast or slow we get to any one plot point is a total non-issue because all that matters is whether or not one piece will stand the test of time once it’s over. my bad. never again

so i’m on my re-read and here are just some things i’m pointing back out to myself:
– luffy really does love snow (ch115/ch132/ch218)
– dr. hiluluk’s disease was incurable (ch142)
– luffy asked chopper to join without even knowing he was a doctor (ch153)
– is oda planning on telling this ‘story for later?’ (ch154)
– coincidentally, this bag (ch179)
– it’s them .. (ch225)
opt: so i’ve never commented on the ‘it’s them / most likely’ line in jaya mock town because i always felt it was too out there and one data point does not a trend make. but if this is all we have to go on.. damn. is he really going to get three fruits? of note: at this time, blackbeard does not carry three guns with him (ch225) nor does he carry them during banaro island (ch434). only upon reaching impel down does he start to carry three guns (ch542), and at that time he’s already a shichibukai. just something to keep in mind

– 400 years ago, noland tells a story to a kid wearing a strawhat and a girl in a patterned dress .. even in cricket’s illustrated book (ch227/ch292)
opt: if that’s the same hat, then some kid was wearing it on lvneel during the time of noland. that kid loved noland’s stories and is a definitely a believer .. just look at him !! now, if that’s the same hat, you can bet your ass he set sail :) even more, he was probably the first non-native to visit sky island (ch228.17) !! the shandia chief says he was from north blue after all !! :)

in the opverse (and real life cause one piece is real), dreams + truths have wills of their own. that noland’s would be inherited by cricket only makes sense; and that the truth of the void century would be inherited by the last oharan only makes sense — which reminds me, now that the straw hats are being completely chased out of the kingdom: we never got our party !!

900+ year old kingdom, king and princess once again saved by the mugiwara .. and no party?! we need one so robin can go off and grill the king on void century/history stuff !! the riku family has been in power since the donquixote family left — that’s 800 years. the family must know something, right? actually, maybe not.. so okay, jinbei needs to show up out of nowhere with this poneglyph already !! :)

on my progress in art
guys.. this is so hard. and i am trying really hard, which is definitely a problem — but it doesn’t matter; the results or lack there-of speak for themselves: i straight up suck at this. i cannot say i’ve made any meaningful or measurable progress toward my goal so i’ve decided to change my strategy completely. instead of mentally constructing pieces and then making them, i’m just going to just make a lot of crap. just making almost anything (above) until i’ve made so much crap, there’ll be no more crap to make + only good stuff will come out. that makes sense, right? you agree completely? me too !! 😀

hope everyone is having a great couple of weeks in between all these breaks we’re having :)
myself: i’m doing a complete re-read and am at.. uhh.. ~140 (shit i forgot already) and all these scenes .. they still carry so much weight with them + are so impactful .. i know what’s going to happen and it still manages to get to me. what else can i say

chapter 796: soldier-san’s decision

confirmed: it was sengoku/okaki
revealed: kenpopo first requires a blood donation
revealed: kin’emon ended up with burgess’ bag thing
brb: luffy has something to do first .. !
opt: wait, so bellamy is coming along — at least for a bit?! is luffy is getting ready to do something really cool or hilarious or both ?! will he announce dressrosa as his territory to the world ? i must know !! and i think we’re on break next week .. why now :( :( what is life :(

i think oda is purposefully showing every ally we’ve had in this chapter to trick us in to thinking someone is going to join 😛 though it would seem as if everyone that wanted rebecca to be the next mugi is out of luck ~ the strawhats are being shown the door + rebecca is in a dress = just like vivi at the end of alabasta. i also recommend you just keep reading on if you clicked that link above – i promise, it’s a good one :) but don’t sleep on viola .. she got some screen time too! however just like robin, monet will come out of absolutely nowhere and bickety bam: mugiwara number ten! it’s okay monet, you can come out now. let’s goo already~~!! 😀

jolly rogers: horns, crossbones, and .. that other thing

kaido’s noticeably has four crossbones sitting behind his skull, with blackbeard having the only other jolly roger in the opverse like it. crazy enough, it has been like that since ch235/the knock-up stream. is it just a coincidence that he ended up creating a flag with the same backing as another, living yonko? shanks and big mom’s flags look completely different than these ones and each others’, so just what was it that compelled blackbeard to create something so similar?

nobody’s horns seem to curve the way kaido’s do except bastille, but his horns/mask have grown since his youth so we’re going to ignore him cause that’s dumb (+ avalo’s aren’t real). but what i’m interested in is what the heck those two curved lines are doing behind the crossbones in kaido’s flag? maybe they’re just there to make him look badass (it’s working), or maybe they have something to do with those spiked bracelets he’s wearing. maybe it’s an eight, and he’s the eighth descendant of oars, or ate eight devil fruits .. i don’t know !!

next time

everyone wants law and sengoku to talk — and they should — but law already seems to be running the other way so chances are it isn’t gonna happen. something i definitely didn’t consider is that maybe luffy is going to go find doflamingo so he can learn some more about awakened devil fruits (goldinflash)! i don’t think luffy really the type to go out of his way for information, but another meeting with doflamingo would be really interesting — doflamingo knows a whole lot about the new world/world gov’t and how it ticks, so i know i want to see him show up again! another other great idea (zodiack): fujitora really has been choosing the result of the dice rolls this whole time but waited until now to pursue the mugi’s so tsuru and sengoku could see with their own eyes all of dressrosa protect the mugiwara from the marines. mouthful. but great

break next week. also, to address the lateness: my bad. spent yesterday cleaning out the downstairs + started building the interior of the art space :) it’s really small but we’re just gonna work that in to the experience of it all. i have an idea !! i hope it doesn’t suck/i can make it a reality !! 😀

pictures soon whether you want to see them or not suckers !! :) happy friday everyone, hope you have a great couple of weeks and weekends!!

chapter 795: suicide

my initial reaction to this chapter was … i am not worthy. but also that with kaidou’s introduction, the dress rosa arc is unofficially over/that we are officially in post-dressrosa arc territory :) so much happened, i don’t even know how to start. maybe broken down by page/section..

– could fuji be cheating at dice with his df powers (model_namakamono)
opt: hakuba in chains because cavendish is asleep = 100% gol d.

revealed: swirly crew barely escapes big mam + docks on an island with ‘eruption rains’
separation: nami brooke and momo got separated from sanji chopper and ceasar
distraction: namooke was distracted by a little girl who was being chased by sheep-shead

revealed: sheep-shead is in kaidou’s crew + probably ate a smile
revealed: sheep-shead’s group is after a samurai .. is it the girl, is it momo, or both?
opt: it seems like they’re talking about both momo (‘hasn’t shown’) and the girl from what sheep said earlier but who knows; brooke doing a great zoro impression as the physics(?) of his stance makes absolutely no sense unless he is now crazy strong; sanji doing his signature liu kang impression — flying in out of nowhere and kicking his opponent in the face

opt: baron terminal is just held up by a bunch of balloons. awesome

opt: 7 defeats, 18 captures .. 9 of the 11 times he was captured but not defeated was because he sank the ship that was transporting him. 2 unaccounted for !! + to be fair, gedatsu also fell from skypeia and didn’t die, so unless baron terminal is the highest sky island you can jump off of, kaidou is an idiot

p15-16 spread
boom: hundred beast kaidou
<-> currently trying to commit suicide
<-> the strongest living being in the world
<-> ready to start the greatest war this world has ever seen
opt: can’t help but notice these giant scars across the bodies of some of the world’s strongest post-timeskip: akainu has a new one on the right side of his face, luffy got a new one right across the center of his chest .. it just seems significant, is all

his motivations appear to be the same as fairy tail’s big boss zeref, just a less thoughtful in his methods 😛 kaidou may have tried going to marineford to be killed by whitebeard – but shanks stopped him and is now stuck as the world’s strongest. yes, he’s jealous whitebeard died but he’s also mad as hell — there might only be only one ‘thing’ out there capable of killing him now. oda was very clear to introduce kaidou as the strongest living creature .. this all points in one direction for me. that kaidou is starting this war so he can be killed by uranus — the national treasure at mariejois (ok maybe not that last part :P)

– shanks stopped that (bushokoma)
– kaidou tried eating lots of smiles to die, instead becomes hundred beast (avengedx)
– 1 yr, 7 mo, 21 days to see sanji .. + then kaidou falls out of the sky (egbuch)
opt: chapters like these are why i love this series. i mean, all of dressrosa has been awesome. but jesus christ are you kidding me with this one? magic

what happens next is anyone’s guess, but it would be absolutely silly if pookinstass didn’t pledge their allegiance to kaidou, right now. if i remember right, the ope ope no mi grants eternal youth + not full blown immortality, but all the misconception around it likely stems from a bad translation and not as a fact incorrectly retrieved

i think i’m still in shock over this chapter — just.. soo good. so good
more later; need to step away from it and let it sit and read the chapter a few more times :)
hope all is well everyone! one piece is back! (but going on break again the week after next)

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