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and so i am on a path29chapter 827

chapter 881: a wave room
chapter 880: no way out
chapter 879: big mom commander dogtooth
confirmed: perospero’s arm is gone
soul water: big mom .. can .. do that ?
his place on the crew: jinbe is the helmsman, of course !
we need 10 hours at least: the sunny will meet sanji and cake in 10 hours
opt: aaand shit we’re on break !! hello again all you beautiful people, some 4 weeks after i last updated. we’ll get in to why that is later, first ..!

noticed you noticing me
– tidbit about the soul in napoleon, being from a place where criminals don’t have a future (879.11)
– interesting that pudding always expected lola to come home (879.13) — my suspicion that pudding had something to do with big mom’s memory of lola is growing weaker
– the true face of sweetness (880.12) ..? the big mom duval-ening is gaining strength !!
opt:Β luffy’s holding in his screams to mask his pain is … wow. he hasn’t done dogtooth any damage and yet all he can think about is making sure his crew doesn’t worry about him. gear4 model3/gear5 time ? how many times have i said this: i can’t see how he gets out of this one !! thinking luffy will outsmart katakuri and steal brulee/trap dogtooth in mirror world is awesome, but in his current form, luffy is being genuinely outsped and outread by this guy

i don’t think luffy swallowed any pieces of the mirror; if luffy can stall and big mom goes seriously bananas i can see dogfeet having to leave to restrain her; lots of people thinking 883/reverse of 388 (gear3 intro) is going to be awakening/gear5 intro .. i’m in to it !! next week can’t come soon enough !!

we are all just little meaning making machines
so these past 4 weeks i’ve been focused on getting more interviews and following a very strict routine. i have this new rule where i don’t talk about stuff until i’ve been doing it for at least some time — i think somebody proved if you say you’re going to do something out loud to someone else, that you reward yourself mentally as if you’ve actually done it which makes it easier for you to do nothing (wordy)

i’ve been keeping tally of all the things i hope to do every single day in an excel file, as a way of holding myself accountable for my actions. sweeping, meditating, cooking at home, reading something, something creative, something physical .. started off 100% at the end of june in every category, about 94% in july and 85% in august. september was at 80% and for the month of august i’m trending at roughly 75%, which is below my target of 80% (a totally arbitrary line in the sand). i started doing this because the last time i quit, i told myself i was going to do all these things and never did them .. now i can see it for myself and it feels great when i do — something to keep in mind for your retirement, maybe πŸ™‚ at least that’s how i feel at times !!

work and work
the app is looking good. i mean really good. we’re in the final few rounds of the private beta now, and will be doing a more open beta very very soon. i hope you’ll join us in our open beta because i really think this is going to help us find and connect to other people that enjoy the things you like to do πŸ™‚ once we have a groups feature, the game will have been completely changed, and i absolutely cannot wait for this to come online !!

ever hear of that expression — do not mistake action for progress ? patience is a mother of a teacher, and i think i’m finally beginning to understand

if it doesn’t bring us closer, we have to let it go
if it’s not a fuck yes, then it should be a fuck no
we’re all just little meaning making machines
let me have mine
and can you have yours

hope you all had a wonderful past few weeks
my heart to yours @ 10/9/17

chapter 878: mink tribe, guardians chief pedro
opt: sooner or later, everyone gets their chance to shine !!

is perospero’s arm gone ? what does that mean for him and his ability to turn things in to candy ? and what a great way to set all the pieces up for the final showdown — big mom isn’t near either the namihats or luffy’s fight; i feel like we should have been able to predict this somehow .. it just always ends up making so much sense

on jim carrey
made some news during new york fashion week; twitter thinks he’s going through an existential crisis — i think he’s trying to make sense of what’s happening to him and is infringing on something close to the truth .. from /r/outoftheloop via hob_rumble:

‘there is no me, there are just things happening’ .. ‘as an actor we play characters, and if you go deep enough into those characters you realize your own character is pretty thin to begin with. you suddenly have this separation and go, ‘who’s jim carrey? oh he doesn’t exist actually .. there’s just this relative manifestation of consciousness appearing, and someone gave him a name, a religion, a nationality, and he clustered those together in to something that’s supposed to be a personality, and it doesn’t actually exist. none of that stuff, if you drill down, is real”

he goes on, ranting just a little, but it’s very much enjoyable — especially this next part: ‘i’m not the continuum. there’s no me. it’s just happening. it’s not personal .. there are things happening, and they’re going to happen whether i attach myself as an ego to it or not.’ i haven’t been following carrey’s personal life, but if you proceed to read the comments you’ll find out more than anyone really needs to know. suffice to say he has been having something of a rough time, and his practicing some detachment is probably helping him through an otherwise painful period of his life

is he me ? what is real ?
i’d say i’m pretty far from pain in the overall sense of the word; if anything i’m very happy but not completely content. not working right now is an interesting kind of problem — i have all the time in the world to do everything i want, and vs. 1 year ago i’m far more productive (read: not busy) with my time my last go around

the only discomfort i feel is society’s expectation for me to be working right now; my closest friends all don’t care and love me for who i am — it’s everyone else that my situtation seems to give pause. but if what carrey feels and his whole sense of self is not real, then what is ? the argument should start: we are the consciousness behind the feelings; the one who is watching, with overwhelming compassion, the drama of the world as it unfolds from this one body’s perspective .. but do we not control these bodies ? and the actions that they take — do they not alter reality and the world we experience ? maybe this will help

‘meaning is all in the context that we create. that context is created by your stream of consciousness and you consider that collection of meanings to be ‘you.’ you are not a collection of events. the world is empty and meaningless and we are all meaning making machines. that is not good or bad, it just is’ – y-not

does this kind of thinking get you further down the path ? i suppose it gets you closer to letting go of life and therefore the fear of death .. once you’re fully through that door, the world should open up once again, and this feeling of unimaginable power should start to flow

not quite there, but thanks carrey, i think this helps
hope you all have a beautiful week and weekend πŸ™‚ @ 9/13/17

chapter 877: i’m not that sweet
revealed: dogtooth can stretch like luffy with his mochi mochi no mi
revealed: perospero’s bounty of 700m $bb !!
opt: and pedro sacrifices himself to save the mugiwara !! if pedro doesn’t die, then neither does perospero/they’re both just stunned; i would put my money on pedro being done for though .. that explosion was gigantic, and the set up for luffy’s haki release next chapter

creative vision
so i’m back from europe and have had a lot of time to reflect; i like to believe i do my best thinking as far away from home as possible, just a man in time surrounded by chaos. i felt it again in amsterdam this time — it was a little past midnight, sitting in a small chair at a closed cafe, watching strangers go by with my wife, on leidseplein square

if we’re doing it right, the work we do should bring humanity closer to unity, in accordance with the laws of nature. in other words, those who have attained enlightenment have the duty to help others get there, and for me, as someone who is so clearly not there, to express the struggle in the search. i’d say that is what this blog is or has become for me: the story of my objectively absurd suffering; the one where i look for clues to the mystery of life, hoping to find patterns in our experience, to relay some truth about humanity and the lives we all share, which may or may not exist

what i’ve found is that the search is what seems to have meaning to me, even if it has been less than comfortable so far .. what i’ve found is that i surround myself with the people and things that reflect who it is i think i am .. what i’ve found is that for me, happiness comes from getting lost and surrounding myself with total and complete strangers; getting as far away from home as i can, just to see if i can make it back home somehow. where i think i’m failing: i don’t have this feeling of home everywhere and with everyone — that takes more love and fearlessness than i have the capacity for at this point in my life

sorry i didn’t really talk one piece this week
i don’t know what any of this means, they’re just words that i had to get out of my face and hands
i do hope you’re all having a wonderful day and couple of weeks though πŸ™‚
one piece is on break until next week, see you all some other time !! hopefully soon !! πŸ˜€ @ 9/9/17

chapter 876: pudding coincidentally appears!
revealed: the memories of big mom’s homies are still in there
opt: chiffon says that if they can make this cake, big mom will let them go … i’m not so sure about that; just because jinbe brought her the croquembouche doesn’t mean she’ll just forgive his treason

did someone say beautiful ?
sanji’s last line is pretty ominous: ‘time to make a cake that’ll make big mom faint’ ..! assuming they don’t straight up poison big mom, i wonder if sanji could inject some hormone in to this cake that’ll revert big mom’s figure/looks back to the way she was 20 years ago. it’d be a post-timeskip duval-ening, and perhaps reason enough for big mom to let them go because cake or no cake, i still can’t imagine a scenario in which she lets the strawhats leave

are you guys watching twin peaks yet ?
twin peaks: the return is heading in to its final 2 hour finale this sunday and it has been a goddamn masterpiece. the more i find out about david lynch, the more i fall in love with his vision; there is a natural depth and mystery to twin peaks that i just haven’t seen in any other media — limited as my catalog may be. quotedump time

‘it is better not to know so much about what things mean. because the meaning, it’s a very personal thing and the meaning for me is different than the meaning for someone else’ … ‘i don’t think that people accept the fact that life doesn’t make sense. it makes them terribly uncomfortable’ … ‘being in darkness and confusion is interesting to me. but behind it you can rise out of that and see things the way they really are’

more later, or something .. once i figure out what it is i think i need to write to get on with it
hope you’re all having a great day πŸ™‚ thanks for dropping by!

chapter 875: a woman’s honor
revealed: bososhoku haki can’t hit prometheus, but water can
opt: oh man talk about late. you forgive me though, because you’re good people !! πŸ™‚ pretty sure the chapter is going to come out in less than 24 hours … don’t think there’s a whole lot to say anyway since everyone is running away or converging

barto really isn’t scared of anything. i think he needs to be taken down a notch. my hope is that shanks comes in and hurts him through his barrier, to show us it’s not completely indestructible, but then the next cover is shanks apologizing and barto sharing war stories with him cause you know it’s all good. nami being the perfect counter and then some to zeus is pretty funny to me; he’s kind of a doofus bad guy and why not ? what i don’t quite understand is why pudding and chiffon are heading towards the strawhats at all right now .. if they really want to save the mugis, shouldn’t they be headed towards the castle kitchen about now ? i’m not really seeing how this can be resolved unless big mom is down for an extended count .. like the most recent episode of game of thrones, the ‘timeline is straining plausibility’ here for me !!

my wife and i just got back from yosemite and are now headed off to europe with her parents for the next 2 weeks πŸ˜€ i hope this is my last hurrah before i start working again; my tendency is to not take a vacation in my 1st year at a new company, but i have no doubt that this trip will fill my travel bucket for the foreseeable future

more patience, more suffering
and yet i continue to feel the best i ever have in my entire life πŸ™‚
hope you all have a great day !!

chapter 874: king baum
revealed: thunder likes thunder (!?)
: pudding is good !!
opt: oh ho ho ho !! and pudding is good again !! look, there’s a really good reason why i thought that since day 1 — because oda is still drawing her beautifully. he said somewhere at some point he draws evil people ug-ily, a tip off that caramel was actually doing something rotten with all the kids in her orphanage, however many chapters ago that was ..

i just can’t see the straw hats getting away from this island without the cake, but luckily big mom’s children need the cake too. it goes without saying we’ll get to that scene, but for the mugi’s, buying enough time to get to the cake scene requires big mom being stunned for long enough, and/or the strawhats getting on katakuri’s good side. shouldn’t brooke be here by now ? where is our missing mvp ?

one liners
– so much bm betrayal (arjanaeu)
– young whitebeard/young big mom (xtracked)
lololol (giantbiceps @ mf)
opt: the chapter comes out a day late and everyone starts drawing their own chapter/performing their own scanlations. awesome. and same deal here — big mom went from fat kid to stunner to increasingly-fugs; there must have been a time when big mom’s intentions were pure .. also, we don’t know pudding’s age but sanji is 21 so you can imagine pudding to be between 18-21 or so, meaning big mom had her around the time we see her in that middle picture there

our app is delayed again until early september .. which i don’t really even believe anymore. i’ve been telling everyone about this thing, and the further it gets delayed, the more i look like a lying asshole so i’ve stopped talking about it entirely. the next time you guys hear anything about it will be the day that we launch on the apple ios store. it’s already available on android, and i think this is it, but i wouldn’t know because i don’t have a damn android phone and can’t even play with it myself πŸ˜› okay what’s been happening with my life — because this app is taking so long (it was supposed to be out end of may), i’ve started looking for jobs again. the good news is i’ve been able to secure a couple interviews and was offered a role paying about as much as i made prior to my sabbatical. but something about it didn’t feel right, and so i made a really tough decision: i chose to decline

it’s a scary thing; for context, i’m running out of money and there’s no guarantee i’m going to get another offer any time soon. but for now, i’m walking away from this with renewed self confidence — i believe we’re defined by the things we don’t do/say no to — and this time something deep in my subconscious told me to wait, and i chose to honor that feeling rather than ignore it

without question, this road is going to lead to a lot more suffering; for one, my parents couldn’t be more angry with me, as if letting go of this wasn’t already difficult enough. in so many ways, accepting this offer would have solved so many of my more immediate problems .. just perhaps not the ones my soul knows matter to me most

i still believe that being a good person and continuing to follow my heart will lead me to where it is i’m meant to go. i look forward to the day i finally arrive πŸ™‚ @ 8/11/17

are we on break again ? if there’s anything i’ve learned to be in this past year, it’s absolute and unwavering patience !! hope all is well everyone πŸ™‚ happy friday, hope you have a great couple weeks and weekends @ 8/4/17

chapter 873: in a sweet bind
confirmed: shanks keeps territory in the new world somewhere !
opt: big mom does her best goku impression; there are ingredients for the cake at chocolatown .. what is pudding going to ‘say’ to chiffon to get her cooperation ? how is she even going to find her ? isn’t chiffon with bege right now, running away ?

one liners
– baratie is based on a real restaurant, baratei, where oda worked as a dishwasher (sandman_ap via twitter)
opt: okay, couple of things — we know the vivre card nami is holding has some power over big mom’s regular homies; does that extend to the user-soul homies prometheus, zeus, and napoleon ? if so, maybe luffy+sanji+jinbei can hold her off for a moment — that is, until dogtooth comes and tips the balance again

brooke, unfortunately, left with chopper to go get the shark submerge ..Β if, say, pound comes out of nowhere, maybe he buys them enough time to get to the coast/big mom probably can’t chase everyone in to the water ?? and nobody doubts sanji’s ability to bake a cake so good pudding turns good _again_; i just think everyone questions the timing/anybody’s ability to reason with big mom in this state

short one, but what a cliffhanger !! i’m on pins !! i should get off of these !!
hope you all have a great week and weekend πŸ™‚ @ 7/21/17

chapter 872: soft and fluffy
sweet savior: streusen turned whole cake chateau in to an actual cake !!
big mom’s got a fever: and the only prescription is more wedding cake !!
opt: infiltration complete !! sure it wasn’t as stealthy as originally planned, but damnit if it wasn’t extremely effective !! can big mom’s craving for wedding cake ever be satisfied ? we have not yet seen her crave something that just can’t be had or found; so she’ll just keep destroying everything + treat or life-ing anyone who gets in her way until .. ??

one liners
– when rl blackbeard captured the queen anne’s revenge, he freed the slaves on board, and had many slaves in his crew at the time of his death (standardus)
– gorosei are based on revolutionaries, but are still puppets of the world nobles (lofitoasti)
opt: there is a lot of pudding will be waiting on the ship, sanji is going to cook big mom the wedding cake .. i don’t know, none of that seems very compelling .. but then again, i totally dismissed the bomb destroying whole cake chateau so what do i know

what intrigues me is how calm katakuri looks in the last page. you would think he’d be shitting bricks about what’s about to go down next ? everyone keeps referencing something big happening next week, on the 20th anniversary chapter (via op editor sugita, translated by @sandman_ap) .. sugita also says whole cake will be more exciting in the future; it’s possible the mugiwara will have to go back to whole cake in the future and are still done with it for now. that would help explani why would bege even allude to streusen’s strength if oda didn’t plan on showing it off later on + luffy’s statement to big mom about kicking her ass next time. time will tell

okay, so not this week but next week, something big is happening for the 20th anniversary !!
that’s it for now, hope all is well everyone πŸ™‚ happy wednesday, hope you have a great week and weekend
signing off, yada yada, yes yes ok ok !!

chapter 871: go, ceasar!
revealed: stussy is a cp0 double agent !!
alluded to: germa 66’s namesake — 66 days of hope, 300 years of longing ?
thar she blows: the castle .. is crumbling !!
opt: he’s still a scumbag though. lest we forget (and i won’t)

such a late update, but a quick roundup of the things that stick out
– judge’s mask is off; what kind of eyebrows does he have ? some people think they’ll mirror sanji’s, something about how judge was weak like sanji and therefore needed all this tech = why he’s so hard on him
– after i take down kaidou ? that thing ? more evidence it’s not human
– maybe germa actually had control of north blue for 66 days 300 years ago; have been floating around ever since
– i find it amazing the community thought the box would blow up the castle and cause it to fall; go team !!
– stussy is based on mata hari, a double agent herself, so this makes a lot of sense (opnws71)

doing this fast because work is really ramping up
this week’s chapter promises to be a great one !! 20 years !! 20 years !!
happy monday everybody, hope you all have a great week πŸ™‚ @ 7/10/17

chapter 870: farewell
opt: l;kadsjf;ladksjf;ad one piece is back !! and, as always, worth the soul crushing two week wait

the contrast between bege and judge as father figure is nice; it didn’t seem like the mugivintanks wanted to go all out against big mom but here we are .. it really was the only option left. and while i can’t help but think katakuri should’ve seen this coming (for all we know, he did), luffy and sanji still did what they had to do, most likely forcing everyone else’s hand

katakuri will continue to be a real problem, so i imagine something unexpect-able is going to have to occur. and i don’t mean that in a deus ex way; even pekoms coming back to do who the hell cares what would be strange and extraordinary enough to create some space in the battlefield

one liners
– kaido is the 4th poneglyph and ate the ‘insertdevilfruithere’ (wantedtopostthis)
– luffy is immune to zeus, sanji may or may not have resistance against prometheus (zernoise)
– maybe katakuri can’t sense what’s happening inside bege (filthyrichdude)
opt: this guy is definitely kidding but damnit if this isn’t unique. impossible because vegapunk only recently learned how to feed inanimate object fruits (genitaliadevourer) but this is the type of thinking we need here peoples !! more strange-r !!

and so the thought is, luffy+sanji started their attacks inside bege and popped out with them, making their intentions unreadable while inside bege .. katakuri should still be able to see the attack hitting in the future, but i can see how maybe he can’t see the ‘charge-up.’ what i like about this is how one-piece-esque it would be if everyone kept jumping in and out of bege, charging up attacks and unleashing them on the big mom pirates + ducking back inside the castle again πŸ™‚ @ 7/1/17

is it time for everyone to split off and have their own individual battles now ? that would extend the arc a bit longer than is probably necessary, but for all her screentime, we haven’t seen amande do anything, and oven+daifuku have only recently been introduced, devil fruit and all

the battlefield is too wild !! no use trying to figure it out now !!
our app is also almost done πŸ™‚ i have an android version that i’m not supposed to give out
but soon !! i’m being told july 24 for ios so let’s call it august 1st or so ?!

hope everybody has a great fourth of july weekend πŸ™‚ @ 6/29/17

chapter 869: under seige
revealed: if big father goes down, bege goes down with it
opt: oh boy, it would really seem to be over, doesn’t it ? the mugitank pirates are all stuck inside castle bege, which is not holding up against big mom’s attacks. bege says everyone will get thrown out of the castle if he goes .. the only option i’m seeing here is a counterattack — but what kind ? most troubling is anything they can come up should be foreseen by katakuri .. we have two weeks to come up with the answer, everyone !! i believe in youuuuuuu

what i’ve seen so far
– vinsmoke tech upgrades castle bege/turns in to a giant mech of their own (pacifista @ mf)
– pudding’s third eye/pekoms/tamatebako something something
– bink’s sake/gear5 time
opt: things are looking very hopeless; everyone is going straight to deus ex answers and it’s easy to see why. that the mugivintanks didn’t want to just stay outside and fight says a lot about big mom — whatever they do is going to have to be pretty smart .. i would probably try monster point + namillusions to distract (if they even work that way) + gastinoxygen removal on rinrin to neutralize = time to run/recapture brulee/find another mirror/??

but who are we kidding, this is one piece
anything more complicated than something falling out of the sky and hitting big mom in the head is probably us trying too hard
so we need to think more weirdly !! more weirder ??

more liners
– /r/onepiece hits 100k subscribers !!
– ichiji sparking = chemical nrg; niji dengeki = electrical nrg; yonji winch = mechanical nrg; reiju poison = biomass nrg; sanji ____ = thermal nrg (lofitoasti)
– bonney was in roger’s crew (treasure+name like goldrog/silversray/coppersgab); historical female pirate anne bonny escaped execution begging mercy for being pregnant, never released or executed on record (lofitoasti)
opt: i think a long time ago i said the community would grow to like 20 mil before the series was over .. i stand by it !! apparently the chinese version of reddit’s onepiece sub already has over 10 mil — not that i was thinking about that .. aaaanyways

lofitoasti goes on to suggest rouge = bonney, but it might make more sense that bonney, with her fruit, helped bonney delay her birth for so long .. a connection here makes a lot of sense !! aunt/uncle/sister/friend, it’s all good ! @ 6/22/17

on turning 30
i will devote more time to this section later .. here are some thoughts running through my head right now

i’m a much stronger person than i’ve ever been — physically, mentally and spiritually. i’ve picked and developed great habits that will keep me healthy and growing for the rest of my life. it feels as though i’ve been preparing my whole life for this very moment; for me to utilize all that i am and everything that i know in service to .. to .. to what ?

my professional career has been marked by a whole lot of different things. academic research, corporate management, financial sales, ecommerce + tech marketing .. there’s really no discernible pattern. and in a job market that is increasingly specialized, i am not so deep in any one thing that i can truly call myself an expert. in truth, that’s what made and continues to make taking the lsat so appealing — you take a test, kick its ass, go to school, and get a job making great $ afterward

well, that’s exactly the logic i followed going in to my mba, and i’m still no closer to finding that fantastical role that fulfills me both spiritually and financially. however rational (conservative) law school may and does at times seem, i can’t help but think it’d be a bit foolish to repeat that same process again now, some 5 or 6 years later

the day before i turned 30, i was feeling pretty anxious about the future. my wife and i had the option to go out with some friends, or at least go out to dinner together .. but on the eve of my ‘dirty thirty,’ we decided to just stay in, and celebrate my birthday at home with our dog, obie, who we love more than anything

if you had asked me a month earlier, i would have wanted to go to vegas to gamble and party and everything else a trip to sin city implies
but i’m over all that now, and am far more interested in completing this purification process i’ve started

june 17th, 2017 was just another day like any other
no great insight gained, no great burden lifted
and i’m quite alright with that πŸ™‚

hope all is well everyone
and hope you all have a great week and weekend !! @ 6/18/17

chapter 868: kx launcher
confirmed: big mom ate carmel and the orphans
confirmed: eating a devil fruit user transfers the power to you
revealed: streusen began the big mom pirates with rinrin (new sp)
confirmed: new lamb’s house was founded on whole cake
revealed: big father !!
opt: plan failed !! mirror destroyed !! and bege shows off his true castle form !! even if it is the ultimate defense, how are these guys getting out of there ? damn i love one piece !! ok once more with feeling

– have the orphans been reborn in to big mom’s children? (kuroneko2202)
– check out this pandaman shirt (gogoikuzo)
– capone should’ve stored mirrors in his body (gimmiporn)
– streusen + big mom = perospero (baji17 @ mf)
– pudding can extract streusen’s memory as a film strip (baronvonhoopledoople)
opt: well now that we know the orphans definitely aren’t alive, i love that they could have been reborn in to rinrin’s children

so i’m pretty late on this one but i have a good reason. or well, a reason, and that is — i was waiting until i finished the book ! but i’ve run out of time. final thoughts on that next time so the book is good; it’s story after story from yogananda’s life, and the many living saints/miracle workers he and his companions met. yogananda travels all over india to meet a man who can create any smell from nothing, a woman who hasn’t eaten in 50+ years, more than a few people who never, ever sleep, and ghandi himself before his passing — among many, many others

as proof of their purity, yogi’s are able to tell the future, manifest objects as well as themselves anywhere they please, and experience cellular decay at a much lower rate post mortem than the unenlightened .. but of course, seeking these powers makes them impossible for you to obtain, and those who have obtained them would never put them on open display

in conclusion
if you’re still reading this, then you probably read this blog enough to know how big of a skeptic i am by default. i started this investigation with as open a mind as i am currently capable of mustering, and all i can say is i’m glad to have read it all. not necessarily because i ‘believe’ in it, or that i am a hindu by any stretch now, but because it has helped me get ‘on with it’/further down the path to purity, which has made me a healthier, more compassionate, and genuinely happier person than i’ve ever been before

and so i endorse the idea that absolutely everything vibrates, down to our thoughts
and that the best version of you has only the purest of intentions — a you of which our world is very much deserving
i endorse the idea that our ego sucks, and that it can be transcended through love and introspection (+that it should hurt and it’s worth it, every single time)
i endorse the idea that we are all somewhere on the path towards enlightenment — even if i do not believe the process for its attainment is at all very well defined

and i endorse the idea that we are all capable of performing miracles
except the miracle is the fact that you’re reading this at all, and alive with me, right here, right now
and that it’s a miracle we have this opportunity to improve and influence the lives of others
by just being who it is that we are today
forever reaching out to who it is we can be
for the short amount of time that are able

thank you, my friends, for doing all this with me — i know it’s hard, even if it is very, very different
i hope you get absolutely everything you deserve, and of course, much, much more @ 6/10/17
have a great weekend and week peoples πŸ™‚ @ 6/9/17

chapter 867: happy birthday
revealed: sister carmel brought pandora, the village fire/sun, to life with the soru soru no mi’s powers !!
revealed: sister carmel goes by ‘mountain witch’ in the underworld and infiltrated elbaf to become an orphan slave trader !!
revealed: sister carmel and the rest of big mom’s orphan friends all disappeared on her 6th birthday while she was eating her birthday cake !!
opt: 2 weeks too early oda !! but seriously happy birthday to you if it happens to be your birthday you lucky bastard(s)

so carmel has the soul soul fruit and creates a sun … if they aren’t the same sun (i’m leaning towards no), how big of a coincidence is it that they would both independently create one ? the new lambs’ house for sure looks to be on whole cake by the hills in the background, and did big mom really eat everyone at the dining table ? people are saying there are screams on page 15 — γ†γˆγˆγˆγˆγˆ~γ‚“ = ueeeee~n and ああああ = aaaa .. are those screams ? or like a pig sound or something ? and binks’ sake .. !!? year of brooke !! year of brooke !!

one liners
– al capone was buried in mount carmel cemetary (1468h)
– croquembouche is bound by threads of car(a)mel (steeltypeassociate)
– carmel is speaking biblical hebrew; geruvah = power, tsalach = go forth (wulfenbach)
– mother theresa was actually a very controversial figure .. ran a cult of suffering (ninjarapter4444/theoldgrinch)
– link to sbs84, and link to sbs85 (divvens_orojackson)
– vegapunk gigantified big mom with oars’ dna (incognito500)
– assuming above: ceasar used big mom’s dna to gigantify the kids in punk hazard (tubbzzz)
+ big mom looks like an old woman, hajrudin is older and looks waaayy younger like a real giant
– awesome brooke tattoo (swoleforce)

opt: what the hell ? i didn’t know any of this about mother theresa. i’m really glad this all came up !! june 12 and senor pink’s birthday is love day in japan ? brooke is the fastest strawhat, oda’s response to the guy that wants to be the editor of jump is great, and pandaman’s birthday is feb 29

man .. big mom being the result of a gigantification experiment just sad. she is asking ceasar for this technology so — she won’t feel so alone in the opverse ? to fill her void by succeeding where vegapunk failed ? it sure does make a lot of sense, but damn that’s sad. i don’t want that to be what’s gonna happen (it probably will)

i should start a one piece tattoo section. swoleforce yours is first !! uhh whenever it gets created that .. is
summertime = vegas pilgrimage season. can’t afford it πŸ™‚ @ 6/4/17

if eating someone = same as eating their devil fruit, did big mom just wake up one day with new powers and she was like — cool. ?? big mom’s roulette wheel definitely makes a whole lot more sense now, with all her abandonment issues and all (yagelbee)

great chapter, and the tea party continues next week !
thanks for your patience around this lateness; just been getting home later than i’m used to recently + knocking out right away
hope you all have a great friday and weekend πŸ™‚ @ 6/2/17

chapter 866: natural born destroyer
revealed: big mom is human, and was abandoned on elbaf at the age of 5
confirmed: mother/sister carmel is a woman of the cloth, and opened ‘lambs house’ for children of all classes and races
ruined: linlin destroys an elbaf village .. all over some semla sweets !
opt: wow. i mean, i feel bad for linlin and all, but that last panel of her is sccaaaarrrreeeyy !! i wonder if yorle can even put a dent in her @age 5/6 ? and at first, i thought it’d be cool if big mom used, for the first time, treat or life on yorle, but that might require her devil fruit, though in all fairness we don’t know if she’s eaten it or not already

one liners
semlas are so good irl that sweden had a cream shortage this feb (lalkberg/sawgon)
– rayleigh saved stansen the giant at the auction house/lots of other cameos (jemaystermind/others)
– are the lamb house kids at the wedding ? in particular du feld/prince (satanization/lamykins)
– what about this guy hiding behind carmel; is that merry ? (oni-kaizoku)
opt: of course it’d be great if all of carmel’s orphans had big roles in the opverse today; what we can be sure of is this theme of inherited will carrying on through the rest of the series πŸ™‚

when big mom doesn’t get what she wants, she goes banaynas, and nobody can stop her .. i really do wonder if she has her devil fruit already or not; her demon/insatiable side seems very much at odds with her base personality of the innocent if not stupid child

too much philosophy
i’m less than a month to my 30th birthday and i’m really trying to nail down some sort of personal philosophy before i get there. it’s a completely arbitrary date/time/whatever but it keeps me working so i’m thankful for that. the problem here is i’ve been reading so much and gotten so deep in to this stuff that i’m starting to dissociate from it all. the stories are getting too far out there and the intent behind the path appear compromised. let me explain

it would seem as though many yogis start out on the path for purposes other than spiritual enlightenment. many do it to see miracles performed before them and to obtain these promised powers for themselves. i’d be lying if i said the power to predict the future wasn’t at least a bit intriguing, but to even have that thought is completely against the point — nevermind the paradox of wanting to become a desireless being the very next passage in this book responds to my concern above; the powers you attain should not be your goal — they are, instead, proof that you’re on the right track/have mastered certain aspects of yogidom

i’m going to finish this last book, autobiography of a yogi, and report back with what i find. apparently steve jobs gave this book to everyone that attended his funeral, so i wrongly hope that it will reveal some grand truth to me that i shouldn’t even be expecting anyway cool thing + proposed explanation for yogi saints’ ability to predict/read the future: these saints are so pure and have so much integrity that everything they say out loud must be and therefore becomes true (they so habitually speak the truth). proposed explanation for the ability to de/materialize: everything is light, and our sensitivity to it is so great that ‘visual sensations can be produced by relatively few quanta of the right kind of light.’ and so a yogi saint, with his or her mastery and knowledge of energy and light, can rearrange (?) it however they see fit

ok, enough rambling for now πŸ™‚ thanks for taking a peek in to my world
hope yours is going great ! and hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend @ 5/25/17
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chapter 865: hey, mother
revealed/confirmed: mother carmel .. in elbaf .. 63 years ago !!
opt: oooooooOHHHHH !!! one piece is back !! and gone again (break next week) but at least for now, we’re back

the biggest and only revelation this chapter is of course the mother carmel + elbaf connection; this is definitely a +1 to the carmel was the one that was supposed to marry loki and not lola hypothesis, and i’m still in the pudding swapped the two in big mom’s memories camp for some reason wait this doesn’t make any sense because of this panel on switching chiffon in .. you can’t do that with carmel wtf; back to the drawing board .. and although we know lola left whole cake when pudding was a child, we don’t know how old pudding really is so i don’t think the timeline alone can prove or refute anything just yet what the hell, i suck; take a look at that giant tree on the right hand side of the elbaf panel (ironhart) and now finally, i have the time and space to say this: DUUUDEE SANJI !!! standing tall as the real fuckin man of the vinsmoke family .. unbelievable

haven’t looked at what any online communities are saying, so more later
one liners
– it has been 749 chapters (since ch116) since elbaf was first mentioned (ninjaguy206)
– all of the volume spines; doffy not on one, blackbeard either (elektrikdynomite)
– yggdrasil were odin names (panotansa)
opt: ooo they must be saving blackbeard for his main villain arc !! so was big mom born on elbaf or just left there ? lots of why can’t smoothie tank the scream like katakuri .. am i wrong to expect him to show an awakened df power ? and the box — the box !! would it be poetic of oda to just have nobody ever open the tamatebako now ? and what about this line of hers, ‘they won’t listen to what i say…’ seems strange, are they not listening to her orders/opinions/voice ? or about carmel’s existence/disappearance ?

now that i’ve been made aware of this giant tree, i really hope there’s a village on top of it like jack and the beanstalk. yes, we kindasorta got that in skypeia but ehhh not really. sort of fits with how large the tree is relative to the island it sits on. is it the adam tree? (stonecharioteer) franky tells us all about it on ch431p12 .. definite possibility !! it being on the island of giants would make it hard to obtain+expensive πŸ™‚ though i highly doubt both of these things would be true at the same time

ok, that’s it for now .. see you again next time πŸ™‚ @ 5/12/17

+a bit more on purification (i’ve been looking outward and not inward = meditation)
meditation, revisited
ok, where was i .. so my definition of ‘purification’ was a renunciation of worldly things; i recognize now that i was being was too limited in scope. because while a renunciation of things is a good if not great way to practice detachment, what all the sages and saints seem to be talking about is the purification of your heart. that is, the removal of all anger, hate, jealousy, and fear through meditation

meditation had always seemed a bit wonky to me, and i’m not so sure i completely understand it now, but here it goes: meditation is not just sitting with your palms up, eyes closed, on a pillow chanting om (you can do that, though) .. it’s the act of acknowledging your experience of a stimulus every time something gets you off your center, and just relaxing around it rather than closing up and feeling anything other than compassion/love/happiness for all things

by any other name
the names of the religions/philosophies are different but the arguments are largely the same
1: you are not your thoughts — you are the consciousness that is aware you are aware. something like, if you are the subject that is aware of an object (like your thoughts), then you cannot be the object, and can let those objects go/pass through you
2: you are trapped in hell/a dream/an illusion — society has imposed on us its culture, rules and way of thinking. our minds are very good at protecting our egos, giving us a very false and yet very welcome sense of security + control over our lives and future
3: and yet there is heaven on earth — stop resisting/trying to impose your will on nature; god’s unconditional love is all around you. you can live a present, balanced life (tao), and choose happiness every moment of every day

full transparency, this was very hard to write out and i don’t even think this is complete. but even in my middling practice of all this, i already feel more centered, more free, and more confident than i’ve ever felt before; okay, enough of this for now .. hopefully more on this subject when i can better communicate it, soon πŸ™‚ @ 5/13/17

+a bit more on our app’s progress (we need marketing collateral, the android beta will be out in a week !!) @ 5/11/17

chapter 864: the vinsmoke family slaughter plot
revealed: daifuku (3rd son) ate the hoya-hoya no mi
revealed: oven (4th son) ate the netsu-netsu no mi
opt: it didn’t work !! err, well, according to katakuri’s face something does work eventually, and soon

very excited about the grand fleet coverstories, but i guess there’s just not that much more to say this time. how about that other stuff i’m doing — where am i on that ?

930am, yoga. 11am, climb
one quick google and the entirety of be here now is available for free, if you care to read it πŸ™‚ the link i share is to the beginning of the book’s third section, ‘cookbook for a sacred life,’ which is a manual for ‘getting on with’ your purification/journey towards enlightenment .. our internal work. the corebook starts right here, and is definitely worth a click and a few of your minutes, if any of this interests you at all

re: my external work, i am still very much a part of this app startup and i, for whatever reason, believe that the success of this app is directly proportional to how pure i can get during these next 4 weeks before we launch

this is no small order: there are a lot of things i know i should be doing that i am not today — like waking up with the sun, going vegetarian (i’m closeish), routine meditation, sleeping on a harder surface — so i’m excited to see where i’ll be on all those things a month from now. but what is coming most easily to me is to focus on my strength+self confidence, so at 930am every morning i do the asanas as prescribed here (img1) and here (img2), and then head for the gym at 11, which is when they open

all of this is in service to becoming the best me — the more flexible, stronger, brave me
though i think this is all supposed to be in service to god .. not there yet
becoming vegetarian and learning how to properly meditate is next
sleeping on a harder surface may or may not happen for me until much later, we’ll see

ok, that’s enough of that πŸ™‚ thanks for coming by
hope you all have a great week and weekend ! @ 5/2/17

chapter 863: the consummate gentleman
confirmed: mirror on the cake, brulee mirrored animals
confirmed: big mom’s ‘soul pocus’ ability drains your life only if you fear death
revealed: dogtooth ate the mochi mochi no mi
opt: ‘quit analyzing me like that’ !! dogtooth reading what jinbe says a few panels later; but keep going !! just how can you train your observation haki to the point where you can read the future ??

yes — you can see in ch858.13 (mp) and page 7 of this chapter (bravesabo) the one who broke mother caramel’s picture is none other than brooke, who is absolutely crushing it this arc for the mugiwara … great points from the community — there’s a real lack of tension in this arc; big mom’s threat level so far has been ~dragon at best .. maybe big mom has something big in store for us, now that caramel has been disrespected (?) at the very least, we should have a soulpiercing scream coming our way, and dogtooth will/should almost certainly destroy the escape mirror with his mochibeans, given what he’s capable of

but all of that is going to have to wait, because it looks like we’re on break next week due to golden week πŸ™
another stunning chapter from the master; thank you for the music oda !!
i hope you all have a great couple weeks and weekends, all πŸ™‚

ps: coachella (#6) this year changed my life forever, in that i felt the highest highs and lowest lows i’ve ever had in my life. i think i am a different person now — better, i hope — but certainly more ‘mature’/experienced, and i can’t wait to tell everybody that cares to hear it, this story πŸ™‚

it’ll have to be told under a different name cause too many things happened that can’t get back to me, but it’ll happen; also, looking for wk2 sunday tickets @ happy 4/20/17

chapter 862: the consummate thinker
revealed: the wedding cake !
revealed: pudding’s past
kage bunshin: here they come !
opt: i must say, i was expecting another chapter or two before we actually got to the gunshot but i couldn’t be happier that we’re here !!

everyone must be thinking the luffy’s are his brulee-mirrored allies (backed up by her sorry mama line), which is awesome because next chapter we could get panels of luffy pulling off everyone else’s moves πŸ™‚ but what needs to be addressed are pudding and katakuri, who is in my model (last week, redtext), the consummate thinker being referenced in the title

oda once again has us back on the pudding-go-round, but for all her plotting, she hasn’t really done anything all that evil … other than stab some kids as a kid (product of her environment) and lead the mugiwara on (her not believing big mom can be stopped). she has some pretty shitty thoughts in her head, but remember the order — thoughts, words, actions — and i think you’ll come to agree that she is still redeemable yet

on to katakuri, who twice states there’s nothing he can do to stop whatever is about to happen .. i think that confirms there’s quite a bit of analysis going on in that head of his, because if it was luffy, who acts more on instinct/tuition, he would just start flicking as many jellybeans as he could at every enemy target he had a clear shot at. to say that wouldn’t be at least partially effective is pretty stupid of kataku — clear lesson, think/plan too much and you’ll miss out on what’s happening in the present πŸ™‚ believe it

so anyways, to rev: last week’s red, to say he’s reading the thoughts of everyone is probably going too far — that should be reserved for the voice of all things. he must be reading something though, be it energy/vibration/intention .. i just hope oda gives us an explanation for how his foresight works+for the record i would be pretty surprised if it wasn’t grounded somewhere in hindu/tao/etc. enlightenment theory ok lots of people in disagreement on this point which you’ve gotta love; here’s how i see it .. at least, i think

ch860.11: dogtooth shoots jigra; bege thought — he trained his observation haki so much that ‘apparently’ he can see a bit in to the future …
ch862.10: dogtooth has a vision of pudding falling down in front of sanji
ch862.14: dogtooth has a vision that sanji will dodge father’s bullet, flicks a jellybean and hits father/misses sanji
ch862.15: dogtooth is genuinely surprised that sanji dodges his jellybean
ch862.16: dogtooth says to big mom that even he can’t do anything/has no way to stop what’s about to happen
opt: so i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again ~ i don’t read japanese, so i, as many of you, must rely heavily on the translations being provided to us. so re: 860.11, every word matters, and the word ‘apparently’ leaves it up in the air as to whether or not dogtooth absolutely can or cannot ‘see a bit in to the future’

re: 862.10 — dogtooth doesn’t know why pudding is on her knees crying, therefore he cannot be reading the minds of everyone around him. this is the only time his ‘power’ to see the future has ever been 100% accurate (he kills jigra, so we take his word for it that he was going to shoot bege’s underlings)
re: 862.15 — dogtooth is surprised he missed. did he see a future where he hit sanji based on his flick, but was wrong ?
re: 862.16 — dogtooth gives up for some reason

we don’t know how his powers work; all we know is that he has some sort of ability to predict what’s about to happen in his vicinity. i think it takes a lot of courage to take a side, be it in life or around something as trivial as dogtooth’s powers in this manga. where is the courage in being negative ? be great @ 4/19/17

the pace is really picking up now !! we must be getting close to the end !
thanks for reading πŸ™‚ hope you all have a great week and weekend
it’s joshua tree and coachella weekend 1 for me
i’m the guy with the luffyroger arm tattoo !! say hi !! πŸ˜€ @ 4/13/17

chapter 861: the consummate actor
introducing: compote, big mom’s eldest daughter (#x)
introducing: daifuku, big mom’s third son
introducing: oven, big mom’s fourth son
revealed: the portrait of mother carmel
revealed: horned den den mushi block transmissions
opt: ask who the third and fourth are and ye shall receive eh ? ok .. oda, what is the one pie- .. !! ah, nevermind πŸ˜€

the tamatebako/all the presents won’t be opened until after the ceremony, which means she fully expects everyone to just resume the festivities after sanji’s death. and all this talk of memories .. something big is going to happen with pudding’s devil fruit here, but what ?

one liners
– next 5 chapters, plan going perfectly; it’s dogtooth’s vision of the future, reset to right now (noobsenpaii)
– he’s acting this way to fool dogtooth (raystlyn @ mf)
– she’s bakkin, umbrella lady/kasaΒ  (people @ places)
– the carmelites are a roman catholic religious order known for selling sweets in japan (opwiki)
opt: with carmel now revealed, zach’s looking pretty good on her being a mother teresa like figure. other thoughts on it: the ‘mother’ figure of an orphanage (promised neverland, anyone?) — and while bakkin did come to mind (kasa did not), carmel’s face reminds me most of ivankov‘s, with that big, cheeky smile

our vibes, man
will capone backstab luffy during all of this ? i would like to think luffy has better sense than that .. but then i remember he was completely fooled by pudding once already, hook+line+the last thing (and i was too)

my hope/expectation is that this experience will further develop luffy’s ability to hear the voice of all things, which is by my definition, a complete awareness of all the energy around him at any given time (sounds awfully close to highly attuned observational haki). pudding’s brief moments of evil internal dialogue betray her mask, and small vibrations that carry her true intentions emanate out from her in to the opverse, whether she knows/likes it or not

now, this is luffy we’re talking about — and so i’ll just give it to him that he now has a basic understanding of these once foreign vibrations. so to answer the question: no, capone won’t betray him, because luffy would have carried that knowledge in to his meeting with bege, and must not have sensed any ill will from anyone on the bege side since he ultimately agreed to the temporary alliance

how this plays in now is katakuri; just how is luffy going to stop someone who can read the future ? my best guess is that katakuri isn’t actually reading the future but is reading the thoughts/intentions of everyone around him, and forecasts an outcome in his mind’s eye (highly attuned observational). because if he was really reading the future and is thenfore able to change it, what he is ‘reading’ can’t be the future at all. and if luffy, after getting mindfked by pudding, now understands all this, he can actively fool katakuri by projecting a different intention/vibe than he actually plans on .. i can’t come up with the word here .. actualizing ? executing ? has sanji already started doing this ?

give up or keep going
would it make sense that the only people who can hear the voice of all things are protagonists in this story ? how cool would it be if bad guys could hear the voice of all things too ? the only difference between a good guy and a bad guy in most stories are their ability to empathize, and in fewer stories, whether they are optimists or pessimists at heart

do you become the soul’s mirror with hope, struggle, and fight ? or do you simply throw your hands up and try to destroy it all ?

jeez, that’s a whole lot of something on very little of nothin. hope it was a fun read for you though πŸ™‚ @4/9/17

‘ah, i’m glad to see mother smiling so brightly today’
does she always smile ? or does the picture change depending on whoknowswhat?
we’re on break next week but hope all is well everyone πŸ™‚
and hope you all have a great couple weeks and weekends !!

chapter 860: the party begins at 10
revealed: the numbers on the roulette wheel = number of crewmates that suffer
introducing: du feld, black market king
introducing: stussy, pleasure quarter queen
introducing: morgans, world economic times president
introducing: giberson, storage industry titan
introducing: umit, shipping magnate
introducing: drug pelco, great mortician
introducing: second son of big mom, dogtooth charlotte — with a $1b57m bounty and the ability to see in to the future
opt: it begins !! and everyone has been gathered on the rooftop of whole cake chateau, including dogtooth/katakuri charlotte, jellybean flicker extraordinaire. perospero is #1, dogtooth is #2, opera is #5 … can’t help but wonder who 3 and 4 were — was snack one of them ? caramel ?

who oda decided to include as the ’emperors of the underworld’ is worth discussing: there are the usual suspects, like the queen madame of the pleasure quarter and the man who sells organs, presumably via the black market king .. but what i love is how he chooses to group the lords of shipping, storage and media along with them — bringing attention to how the opverse really operates (+ commenting on our very own)

continuation of
where was i .. ah yes, the maharaji himself neem karoli baba. up until this point, ram dass was doing what he was being told by his teacher — living minimally/as austere as possible — wondering whether or not there would ever be an answer/’payoff’ for the journey he started. and now here he is, in front of the maharaji, who to most everyone else just looks like an old man in a blanket (the only thing he owns) ..

and what happens next is nothing short of miraculous, in that dass could not make sense of it via rational thought. over and over again, the maharaji was able to read ram dass’ mind as well as the future. he would tell dass what he was thinking about the night before, where it was he wanted to go the next day, how exactly his mother passed away years before, and how he would be gifted dass’ range rover upon their first meeting ..

this next part needs to be worded a bit more carefully than i have time for right now, because it starts getting in to how it is that the maharaji is able to do this — have this ‘power’ per se — but to put some structure around how i’m going to translate this;

when you purify yourself beyond thought+desire (reach enlightenment), you are no longer yourself but one with all energy+consciousness

and when you are one with the universe in this way, you can know your fate as well as the fate of others through your understanding and dare i say mastery of the flow of energy. if you’ve seen arrival (spoilers incoming), the ‘power’ granted to the protagonist at the end is very much the same as what i’m talking about here. i won’t go any further for anyone that wants to see the movie (it’s good) but this to me is the same as hearing the ‘voice of all things’

the voice of all things
to hear the voice of all things is to know what everyone else is thinking/saying by intuition alone. the maharaji accomplishes this by being an otherwise empty mirror — a spirit capable of seeing the soul of another through ‘unbearable compassion.’ the upshot is roger was capable of hearing the voice of all things because he was a pure soul capable of all encompassing empathy for others (as is luffy), and it is in their purity that they act in accordance with what will bring the most harmony to the opverse: liberating countries, finding nakama, inspiring the next generation of pirates

i just read back what i wrote there .. and it’s starting to feel like i’m just stringing together a bunch of random provocative words together. i wouldn’t blame any of you for thinking that way, given the gibberish i just wrote, and so i will work on it, condense it, and make it more accessible not just for you guys but for myself as well

my hope is that as i go further down this path, i am able to make better sense and better communicate what i’ve learned+experienced
it starts with faith (in the process/journey) and integrity (around purifying yourself)
and supposedly ends in self realization and fulfillment of the soul
we all unfold when we unfold, and progress as we progress, in ‘divine time’
so i’m not going to rush it, and neither should you, if you care about such things

thanks for reading this everyone πŸ™‚
i hope you all have a great week and weekend
no break next week !!

chapter 859: the yonkou assassination plot
mother caramel: mama’s life saver .. ran away ?
funny entrance: luffy’s got an idea
opt: oooohh yeahh !! one piece is back and a day early no less πŸ™‚ noble guests eh — rufeld conglomerate .. morgannes .. well you already know what the funny entrance is going to be, courtesy of miorli, but how can you not think mother caramel, lola and pudding aren’t somehow all connected ?

one liners
– she’s bonney (kmacaco)
– she’s pudding’s mom, pudding alters bm’s memory of caramel/pound (divinesleeper)
– caramel is the name of pudding’s cafe (friendlysociopathic)
– dorian grey (lots of people)
– mother caramel = bm’s mother teresa figure (zach)
– in the caramel flashback, everyone around the table is wearing a crown (zach)

– bm’s shriek will destroy gg’s mirror (mightyfei)
+ if everyone is wearing earplugs, who will hear the gunshot (brawlonline)
+ tamatebako explodes and is mistaken for the gunshot (c00lossus)
– pandaman (jemaystermind)
opt: so pudding rewrote big mom’s memory of lola and caramel within big mom .. lola ‘ran away’ but on good enough terms to be given a vivre card + caramel ‘ran away’ and nobody knows what happened to her after .. was caramel the one that was supposed to marry loki ? the memory rewrite must have occurred after lola left .. and as far as i can tell, pudding is a legitimate daughter/has real flashbacks with lola story goes that big mom was inspired by mother caramel to create a kingdom in which every race could live together in harmony; if she’s an idealist (i don’t know what to believe there anymore) then this fits in rather neatly — bm’s problem here is that she has too many expectations/desires around her kingdom and her wedding .. ah, now i’m getting in to that book

went on a journey
and read the book ‘be here now’ by ram dass; i’ll summarize it here in a bit, in hopes that it has meaning for anyone out there reading this so let me see if i can recap ..

be here now is something of a westerner’s introduction to hinduism; on how to become a more pure being and extract yourself from the world of material possession and desire. ram dass was a social scientist at the top of his ‘game;’ phd and professor at harvard, who then took a bunch of shrooms and acid, which brought up too many questions about purpose, fulfillment and meaning he couldn’t answer

he traveled to india, did a bunch more lsd there, and still found himself no closer to the ‘truth’ (sounds familiar) until one day he met a guy who was very ‘high’ and just began to follow him around because he felt it was the right thing to do. and of course when i say high here i don’t mean stoned or tripping — it’s your mental state, your mental plane .. are you living in the physical world or have you been reborn (sotospeak) in to the spiritual/astral plane ?

following this guy around, he eventually meets the maharaji neem karoli baba .. and ah, i’ve run out of time .. our dog needs to go out πŸ™‚ will finish this ! appreciate your patience on it. as a teaser, next time: how this all ties in to one piece and the voice of all things @ 3/18/17

but that will have to wait
because i feel compelled to work on something else
so for now, hope you’re all having a great week πŸ™‚
hope you all have a great weekend as well !!

chapter 858: meeting
confirmed: lola ran away from a marriage to loki, the prince of elbaf !!
confirmed: elbaf is the strongest country in the world
confirmed: gangster gastino is none other than ceasar himself !!
he’s got a plan: the mugitank pirates .. 3h + 20m left until the party !!
opt: everyone back in ch847 was spot on — lola was supposed to marry a giant !! there really are so many different theories people have floating around mid-arc that there’s no good way to track them, but just as a reminder to myself: i’m still in the pudding is working with bege camp. luffy has a fedora now, as does slimedude on pudding’s shoulder .. the game is afoot !! where will it take us now ?

are we there yet ? are we there yet ?
like always, everything is about to happen and yet we know nothing
happy thursday everyone πŸ™‚ hope you have a great rest of your week and weekend !

chapter 857: rook
: we must save reiju at all costs !!
guestlist: the emperors of the underworld will be in attendance .. !!
revealed: there are five mafia families that control west blue
the real joker: bege just wants to watch the world burn
confirmed: bege intends to take big mom’s head during the wedding ceremony !!
mugitank pirates: can bege and luffy come to an understanding ??
link to opnwcs: here
opt: we are five hours away from the tea party folks !! and this arc just keeps getting better and better πŸ™‚ quickly, also confirmed on the last page it was vito that shot bobbin, so no urouge/bonney .. damn, that would’ve been cool. oh well, not meant to be

the underworld
the first thing that comes to my mind is ch674.17 + ch692.11 = here’s an imgur picture of them all .. we really don’t know who any of these people are, but back during the zou arc guipbastos posted this picture about the guy with the earmuffs and his friend, which i still buy 100% .. maybe the mugiwara will find themselves an ally amidst the chaos after all ? luffy ?? we remember you from back in gray terminal !!

what now
i believe luffy and bege will come to an agreement, and i hope sanji goes with him to negotiate the terms. part of me wonders what the mugiwara could do in the context of bege’s plan .. bege only really needs information/the mugi’s to not mess anything up, but if i were luffy, i would want to hear is the plan straight out of bege’s mouth and determine whether he is trustworthy or not. luffy is no yonko but he is a force, and the opportunity to take him out might prove to be too irresistible .. for shits and giggles, apparently, which will surely be bege’s downfall in the future

how does that story go again?
there was once a young prince who led an army in to another kingdom and won. the young prince then built a very low bridge, bearing his family crest, and forced his enemies to crawl under it, in shame back to their homes. victorious and proud, he rode back home to tell his father, the king, what he had done

‘you fool. all you have done is create an even stronger enemy. had you killed them all, you would never have to fight them again. instead, you humiliated them, and they will one day come back for their revenge’

that’s definitely not how it goes because the way it was told to me/i read it was wayyy better
but 10 minutes of googling later, i’ve given up .. point being: bege is an idiot for not killing off their crews; he’s just making tons of enemies who absolutely hate him and he’ll get his soon

ahhhhh it feels good to have one piece back πŸ™‚
thanks for reading guys .. can’t believe you still do it
hope you all have a great week and weekend

chapter 856: liar
shots fired: bobbin .. shot !!
link to opnwcs: here
opt: again we have judge talking about how he needs big mom to conquer north blue .. who or what drove the vinsmokes out of north blue to begin with ? and the three shadowy figures of three varying heights leaving the bobbin scene .. of course we all think it’s the capone gang — gotti would be in the middle (tall+bulky), vito on the right and bege himself on the left (shortest) — but another interesting guess is that it is, in order, capone-urouge-bonney !! if so, every worst generation captain would be part of a yonko takedown scheme .. i love it !! i really hope it’s the later !!

one liners
– luffy’s arm makes a 3 when he punches sanji (durinable)
– luffy takes/wears the sanji mask reiju made and when he gets shot .. (miorli)
opt: just yes, man !! miorli for the win !!

ok .. so i’m thinking about joining a startup — that is, if they’ll have me πŸ˜› in my experience the startup world is much more ~ come meet everyone, see how you vibe, do what you can to contribute, and if it makes sense, you’re in ~ than hr, interview, hire, etc.. far more ambiguous a thing, and right up my alley !!

what i’ve learned about myself in these past few months is that i’m far more comfortable being uncomfortable; when things become routine or predictable i run from it, rationale being there’s nothing to be learned/no growth there. i’ve been very fortunate to be able to land _somewhere_ every time i leap, and while that does mean law school goes on the backburner for some time, i know it will always be there for me, in case i ever need something to fall back on. i still plan on taking a test so i have a score, but that isn’t until june anyway, so the timing works out pretty damn nicely

if i’m going to take any risks, i have to take them now, because once i have children i can’t/won’t make irresponsible choices like quitmyjobtogotravel or joina??techstartup. so with all that in mind, here’s to a new adventure πŸ™‚ i’ll tell everyone here all about this one the moment i know more myself ..

hope you all have a great couple of weeks and weekends everyone !!

chapter 855: grrrrooowwwlll!
revealed: bobbin the fixer’s bounty of 105.5m $bb !
confirmed: brooke hid the poneglyph etchings in his head !
link to opnwcs: here
opt: i’m just going to start including a link to artur’s thing because it’s so damn good; he points out that bobbin is a ‘bishop’ in the army .. is he just another soul in a chess piece’s body ? and here we have sanji running through the rain again, except this time a dog doesn’t ruin the food he’s made

at some point big mom will wake up with fake brooke before the wedding, with the problem being pudding+mom discussed their plans in front of brooke. so they can’t/won’t just proceed as if nothing happened — they would have to make countermeasures .. and for a second i was thinking the strawhats should just leave, but there’s no way sanji and maybe even luffy would leave reiju there to die;

– before sun up, bobbin: everyone else in big mom’s crew thinks everything is under control, but there is just so much wrong with their intel that there’s no way bobbin can fix everything .. can he ?
before sun up, mugiwara: they either save reiju/the vinsmokes minus judge before big mom wakes up or their best oceans11 impression during the wedding. full scale war doesn’t sound like an option (from what brooke says), but for sure brulee + bobbin + the engine .. guy .. thing need to be silenced
wildcards: capone, ceasar and katakuri are still out there doing something or sleeping ..

conclusion of sorts: there has been so much build up to this wedding, with the explosive tamatebako still waiting that you sorta have to believe this wedding is going to happen. if so, all this rescue work needs to be undone somehow — brooke is a loose end — damnit, i thought by typing this all out something would come to me .. nope, nada

what i’m up to
looking for a job, studying for the lsat, working out .. and i can say without hyperbole i’m in the best shape i’ve ever been in, so i hope i can keep this up. lsat studying is going great with the exception of reading comprehension; i firmly expect to score above 165 but 170 is something else – my reading comprehension scores are all over the place .. i have until june to study, though, and i purchased some 20+ practice tests to take in the four months or so i have inbetween. not worried

promise to do some more thinking about this and actually update this week
hope you all had a great week and weekend, and happy valentines day and such !!
love and romance and consumerism and yeeeahhhh to us all !!

chapter 854: what the hell am i doing?
so i’m on my way out the door but just wanted to say if you aren’t reading one piece the new world chapter secrets by oharalibrarianartur you totally should be; he’s doing all the work i should be doing but am .. uhh .. not

going to sequoia national forest with my dog — it’ll be his first time in the snow!
hope you all have a great week and weekend πŸ™‚

chapter 853: not here!
confirmed: brooke is the archenemy of the chess soldiers/homies
introducing: napoleon the bicorne, who has part of mama’s very own soul
revealed: pudding is half-three eyed tribe, and mama believes pudding’s third eye can achieve a ‘true opening’
revealed: viscount chick, and count chicken, baron tamago’s evolutions!
opt: wooahh ! one piece is back !! and a third eye’s true opening ? sounds very zenlightenment-esque .. but what would pudding have to do in order to achieve it ? will she be a completely different person afterward ? we’re getting close to the end of the arc, we know so much, but everything is still up in the air !!?

one liners
– carrot is a shoujo mangaka (dekmelu)
– no, brooke got it (zeta42)
opt: not in his clothes or on his body .. in his body !

ok more later.. happy almost chinese new year !

chapter 852: the germa failure
unfinished business: jinbe ?
we should just die: germa ?!
revealed: sanji’s mom was forced to give birth to the four germa brothers, but took drugs to counteract them, resulting in her sickness and death
opt: ok damn this is pretty late even by my standards .. but i thought it would be alright since we are on break and whatever other excuse πŸ˜› just got home last night so finally i can do whatever it is that i need to do to write and ok enough of that

sanji’s mom
back in 841 we said sanji’s mom died for him, but instead of via sanji’s shitty cooking, it was from a drug she took to stop the genes from taking hold; oda made our guess look like shit — why didn’t i think of that !!

reiju, sanji, and the germa genes
reiju is so damn resigned to dying .. my assumption is that she is programmed and her death is involuntary

so reiju has her emotions because she received the treatments too late in life, whereas the four brothers received treatments in utero; so i believe the modification drugs did work on sanji, it’s just that the drugs sanji’s mom took delayed its onset, giving sanji emotions like reiju but also strength (also like reiju=always2nd) — cue panel of sanji standing bloody over ichiji

this trip i just went on has reaffirmed to me that it is our connections/experiences/relationships that are our most important things; after all, we aren’t anything without our relationships to everything around us (both living and non). reiju is right, keep adventuring with the people you care about

the unthinkable !!
got to talk to a guy named niko who loves one piece and he thinks big mom won’t get her wedding cake so all of whole cake will have to team up (youtuber named joyboy); i know youtube is useful i just don’t use it for some reason unless i get really stuck on something but this sounds really good of course !!

one liners
– this is 2017 and welcome to impel down (deavil87)
– if they were modified and manipulated to be this way, how culpable are they really ? (gravelord-_nito)
– brooke also mentioning how kind sanji is (itssensei)
opt: thing on my mind is if big mom has a pretty precise plan in mind, somebody in the crew needs to go get it out of somebody !! i don’t know how far luffy can really be from sanji right now, so will they meet next chapter and have enough time to strategize ? i’m also gonna throw this one out there one more time too: memo-memo fruit is totally op, with how psychopathic she is, can anyone/big mom trust her own memories of pudding ? i also love what gravelord is saying here .. judge is the real bad guy, which means a super breakdancing crew could form, resulting in the largest serve-age of all yougot’s in op history on big mom and judge !!

i’ve taken too much time today on this but it feels really good to get back to this
thanks for your patience, i know you’ve accepted the lag long ago but i still just need to say thanks
more on the trip itself later

ryoanji zen garden
one of the things i was hoping to accomplish this trip was to try and answer the biggest questions i have .. who am i, what is our purpose, and how should i act ? i have something of an answer, which of course will be revised forever until the day that i die, but here it is for where my head is at today

we are all one. and this isn’t just some cheesy zen bs — this one can be proven: if in an instant your connections to your friends/family/cell phone/bed/online persona vanished, would you still really be you ? i believe we are the sumtotal of our relationships, as our relationships are what ground us -> everyone else has relationships -> we are all part of that one same stream of life. some sort of beautiful constantly moving world-organism, of which we will only see and experience a glimpse (lifetimes)

now here’s the part i need to work on a bit — we must be accepting of everything and everyone. something along the lines of if we are all part of the same life, then we need to be accepting of each other as being different but necessary parts of the whole to make the dreamworkteamwork. i do recognize that this line of thinking requires a bit of optimism — that nature and humanity are indeed on the right path .. but history has proven time and again that people have a way of being what they need to be when they need to be it; that if we go too far in any one direction, nature will correct itself because it must

finally, it is not enough to become a monk and simply revere the complexity of life ..’the point of the dance is to dance’ [alan watts]: we must be present and promote peace and harmony in all things. at every level, we can always choose to do what’s best for your community/team/company/friends/family/all of humanity, whatever your own personal scope will allow. and if you throw away your own personal ambition in this way, believe that you will be rewarded with stronger connections and more fulfilling experiences (this is something i learned a little too late)

this is all part of being a better person than you were yesterday; to be constantly challenged and always growing -> adaptable at all times to a forever-changing ‘nature’ of things/life

where luffy sees injustice, he does what he can to promote peace and harmony for those being subjugatedΒ  — often at the risk of his very own life. and while i don’t think we all need to be as brave or as bold as he is all the time, i do think that if things got bad enough, one of us just might

because you have a way of becoming what it is you need to be, when you need to be it, too πŸ™‚
we’re all one -> acceptance -> harmony
chinese new year is next week .. i think i’m finally ready for it @ 1/21/17

inauguration tomorrow !! are we having fun yet @ 1/19/17

chapter 851: moist cigarette
you know what also neatly explains pudding’s inconsistency/general stupidity ? the memo-memo fruit,Β coming out of absolutely nowhere, that’s what

and finally, jinbe is back, looking no worse for the wear; sanji saw everything but will anyone in his family believe him ?

on a different beach this time ..!! damn it’s so beautiful out here. . i’ll have to add more later on, once i’m in front of a computer

happiest new year everyone :))

clock struck midnight here in palawanΒ … 2017 is here !! πŸ™‚

and so the narrative on 2016 is that it was a terrible, awful, no good year and 2017 will be the complete opposite — a time for healing, growth, and even revival

if that gives you energy, embrace it; if it’s a load of shit, i hope you find it elsewhere .. but this day does have meaning, even more than my birthday to me, asΒ we all experience this day something the same, while jun17 doesn’t mean anything to approximately 99.726% of the population

we didn’t plan to be on an island today, away from all our friends and family .. but our experience traveling these past few months have taught us the very best things in life cannot be planned — and i couldn’t be more grateful for the time and space we have out here to meaningfully reflect

el nido

just 8 years ago, el nido was a ‘poor’ fishing village .. undiscovered, the locals shared absolutely everything with one another — nobody ever went hungry, the sick were always taken care of, and the people were happy .. most of the time πŸ™‚

but then came theΒ tourists. suddenly, el nido’s white sand beaches began to turn a pale brown, and in an instant, a culture that had lasted over decades perhaps a century+ had vanished, right before my tour guide jason’s eyes

and while there is ‘opportunity’ in el nido now, it’s never, ever for the locals. all the money came from outside this island, and with it, ‘opportunists’ — people who weren’t interested in assimilating or becoming part of their once small community

for these palawanians, life is drastically different now: from taking care of your neighbor to taking care of a group of outsiders, in order to make money you didn’t need to make before, so you can solve problems that didn’t used to exist

i’m an older and wiser person today, as are you; i’m a more experienced and more talented person today, as are you; i’ve stepped a little bit further in to exactly who it is that i am today, and you have too

but every year i ask myself: are we still going in the right direction ? are we still making the right choices for each other ? does my path require explanation ?

with a smile, jason tells me he’s made so many new friends over these last 8Β years, that he’s the richest man in palawan .. but he fearsΒ his hometown may be completely gone in the next 10 years.Β the tourist industry will go when the coral reefs do, he says .. and when the tourists stop coming, what will be left then ?

jason and his team sets out every day on the ayanna4 now, showing tourists like us the ins and outs of the place he was born. and while the beaches are as majestic as i am being hyperbolic, it was jason and his story that made me fall in love with palawan and elΒ nido this new years eve

thank you for the memories; we will definitely be back

happy 2017 everyone. may we all be better people than we were in 2016 @ 1/1/2017

chapter 850: ray of hope
revealed: tamago and pedro’s bounties — 429m and 382m $bb !!
revealed: pedro’s partner in crime, zepo, who lost 30 years of his life to big mom
revealed: pedro took out his own eye 5 years ago, and believes the mugiwara will transition this world in to a new ‘dawn’
confirmed: pudding finally reveals to reiju her third eye, and her plan to shoot sanji at the wedding !!

guys i’m on a beach in the philippines so i can’t do a full update right now right now but holy shit holy shit i was so wrong about her and i _love_ being wrong when it comes to this series

and so pudding has chosen option 2 — just kill everyone, but why even let reiju in on this ? or luffy/nami ? +pretty stupid bond villain of her to not kill reiju; is she injured or is reiju just fast ? maybe reiju can’t really move around either as all of whole cake are now on high alert .. is the climax to this arc already here ? i didn’t look this up but someone did mention something about a japanese folk tale where a person with a third eye is totally different depending on whether or not it’s showing ..

zach keeps saying to me to just look at the data and the flashback to pudding on the throne should have been 100% enough evidence to convince me she was three eyes .. though i don’t know if that would have convinced me she was evil on the third eye alone big mom has been the more reasonable/negotiable one in every transaction we’ve seen her in so far; why the ruse/deception ? it doesn’t seem within her character to set this whole thing up and not make good on the alliance — her motivations are to eat the wedding cake and to obtain the science behind vinsmoke cloning .. with the vinsmokes gone and the equipment on whole cake, does she think ceasar clown can reverse engineer it all ?

and what the rest of thisΒ awful plan ? why even wait until tomorrow/the wedding to do all this and why did pudding continue her charade until the whisper/whisper at all ? the timing of the reveal still seems stupid at best, and a lot of the scenes we’ve seen pudding in seem deliberately confusing at worst .. that is, unless ..!

it’s all cause of bege
little something salamirocketfuel is pointing out: that nitro the jelly wasn’t wearing a hat when we first saw him with pudding on the chair, and that he was on her right shoulder back then — and yet ever since capone’s introduction to this arc, he has worn a very bege-esque hat and is now sitting on her left hand side

and while i get that this isn’t a whole lot to go on, nothing else seems to make more sense to me right now. but this — pudding’s inconsistency and general stupidity can be explained if nitro is somehow responsible for her behavior; more specifically that she’s being used/is an active participant in inciting a war between big mom and the vinsmokes so i’m with you salamidude. bravo !!

i love this series and i love you all; happiest holidays everyone, happy end of 2016, what a great way to close it out. to 2017 and the resolution of this beautiful arc !! merry nondenominational .. merry christmas everyone πŸ™‚

chapter 849: bropper in mirrorland
soulbowl: brooke vs big mom .. coming up !!
revealed: pedro was the captain of the nox pirates, and has tamago to thank for his scar
additionally: 5 years ago, pedro lost 50 years of his life to big mom’s devil fruit powers
opt: i’m so crocin hyped !! oda is truly the master of the cliffhanger — and of course all of wsj on break next week. brulee, you played cheself .. and reminds me way too much of foxy, somehow. but how about you eat some nasu, sanji ? damn .. that’s cold as hell. is zeff really here on whole cake ?

pedro and lola
i don’t think we know when it was that lola left whole cake .. it could have been 5 years ago, but really, we have no idea. absalom looking like pedro is a strange coincidence and not exactly evidence of anything, but big mom did say if lola went through with the marriage she would gain immense power, and pedro does know where a red poneglyph is. evidence against this is that pudding looks really young in the flashback with lola (pinakanaka), which is really damning in my eyes .. for now, i’m against this — though to use a marriage as cover to steal a poneglyph is pretty awesome idea, and one worthy of this series that i love so much

what happened to reiju
and maybe more importantly where is she ? context: she’s gasping, she’s bloody, she’s in a castle .. roundup: capone, pudding .. what’s important here (to me anyway) is that reiju either escaped or won the fight. and imo she must have won, because why would whoever did this to her let her escape ?

so this person or group of people is/are almost as strong as reiju .. as much as i’d like to take a stance on this, i have no answer for this right now. maybe it’ll come to me later on today — i’m currently in sapporo πŸ™‚ and i’ve gotta go get my hot spring on !!

hope you all have a great couple of weeks
do we get our next chapter on christmas day ? is that what happened last time ?
no time to check !!

chapter 848: goodbye
confirmed: lola ran away to decide her own marriage
opt: who’s still on the pudding is evil/sanji sees through her bullshit train ?

though it must be noted that in the flashback, we see big mom talking to pudding in the same chair 3 eyed boobs lady was sitting in .. and up until this point, i really did not believe/want to believe pudding = 3ebl but this is incredibly hard if not impossible to argue with .. but i still think she’s good. here’s why

what she said
third eye aside, what did pudding tell luffy and nami ? roundup: i’m running away like lola; i’m going to destroy the wedding cake; i’m going to kill myself; big mom is a dude; i’m actually a psychopath .. to be honest, luffy and nami’s reactions are really off to me, because whatever she said has to be consistent with pudding and sanji not getting married (she says so the page before), which by default means the entire mugiwara crew are boned

so i think there is only one possibility here: pudding told luffy and nami how to escape whole cake island. first, pudding told them what she was going to do to stop the ceremony, create an opening for them, and then which route would be best to leave. oh, but there is the little problem of pissing off her mom so much that she’ll go completely apeshit, so we probably won’t be seeing each other again .. goodbye !

if she was actually evil/a totally awesome psychopath, pudding would just marry sanji or kill the mugiwaras right then and there. big mom wants it to happen, and pudding is telling us it won’t = she’s good πŸ™‚

no break this week !!
hope you all have a great week and weekend
i am leaving for japan, china and the philippines on monday, but those places don’t block internet so i should be able to update from overseas
happy holidays everyone !!

chapter 847: luffy and big mom
revealed: mont d’or can keep living things in his books/world
revealed: big mom has no maybe giants on whole cake !
revealed: lola ran away from an important arranged marriage
opt: hype !! brooke is about to do something crazy !! big mom: ‘what’s on the outside doesn’t matter in the end;’ spoken like a true idealist, and i definitely agree !! at least i think it was her that said it

652.5 – the minister of the right put all the bombs in the tamatebako, which big mom will open at the party (which can’t come soon enough); the tamatebako actually had energy steroids in it, but is supposed to make you older/stronger .. maybe big mom just wants it for her collection of all-the-crap-there-is (why?)

big mom takes a lot of offense to judge’s giant comment, which is surprising to no one, but why did would she lie about it ? if she is who i think she is, she wouldn’t lie .. then again, she would also be beautiful (despite her comment about inside/outside beauty), but to lie is quite the character flaw. so she’s either telling the truth (unlikely what i must assume) or really thinks ceasar is going to have something for her by the time the party starts (extreme optimism) — i dunno. that definitely throws me off a little bit

– can brooke actually influence the souls of others/homies (lots)
– was lola supposed to marry a giant (many)
– is big mom a giant dwarf or something (few)
– re: luffy’s big talk this chapter; if they were gonna kill him, they’d have done it already (rasendori @ mf)
– lola was going to marry someone for information, not power (blackdragonstory @ mf)
– re: big mom’s beauty comment; brulee hates pretty girls (cake @ mf)
opt: i didn’t give this enough attention earlier — big mom not having a giant around is kind of a big deal. someone must have pissed off the giants so much that none of them want to live here anymore .. really, all the evidence points to lola, with big mom’s comment about enough power to become pirate king and all;

but that still seems a bit thin. what were the giants going to gain out of it that would so satisfy them, that to have not received it meant abandoning the big mom crew ? after all, the relationship is so messed up that big mom needs ceasar to gigantify others to complete her utopian dream — most interesting !! most

oldest vs youngest
big mom has a bunch of daughters, some of whom get married, others that get strong + become part of her army. as far as we know (not much), the oldest daughters — brulee (8), smoothie (14) and galette (18) — aren’t married, while chiffon (22), praline (29), and pudding (35) are/are to be. is there any logic to this ? also, all the sons we’ve seen so far are also #’d < 20 (mont d’or is #19) .. i just wonder, is all

ps: all these rare creatures from punk hazard are coming up again .. i wonder if we’ll ever see that harpy with the boobs again .. what was her name again ? πŸ™‚ @ 11/30/16

life and all that
so i haven’t been able to update because we’ve been busy setting up for our pop-up shop, which we opened for the first time yesterday during a community street fair of sorts. our only sales were from our neighbors, who were awesome and supportive, which i am thankful for, even if the street fair organizers weren’t as welcoming .. oh well, that’s on them. anyway, the strategy, as it always has been, is to try a bunch of different stuff in hopes of finding something that feels natural that we’re actually good at — which serves us both spiritually and financially. unfortunately, the thing that currently feels most natural to me is traveling and experiencing other cultures .. and that burns money like it’s out of style

in any case, i’m almost 30 and it’s almost 2017 .. the holidays (and setbacks) get me all reflective, and it’s probably a good time to take stock of how i’ve improved this past year vs. my own personal goals:

  • become much stronger/a better rock climber (physical); was at v2-v3 last year, now comfortably v3-v4, with enough strength to project some 5’s
  • become a better investor (knowledge/financial); more conservative and educated on investment vehicles/market psychology, with results to show for it
  • more traveled with erica (spiritual); just going to keep knocking this out whenever we have the opportunity to do so

and where i’m not making as much progress as i’d have hoped ..

  • financial independence (financial); amazon business is doing okay at best, and does not — today — seem like something we can meaningfully lean on without another year+ of work at least .. investments will also not be something i can meaningfully lean on without another 3-5 years+ of work at least, without major luckage
  • become a better writer/write a novel (work); if anything i’m blogging less and not more, but the goal here is to write a novel, and i read a good quote by hunter s thompson (i think?) — goes something like .. novelists want to start by writing poems and short stories first, thinking it’ll make them a better novelist
  • better understandineg my purpose (spiritual); i don’t know if i’ve ever made any meaningful progress towards this but it’s always on my mind .. all i can hope to do is to keep learning and taking care of myself/others .. it’s hard though. and if anything is ever going to break me, it’s going to be this

my plan for 2017 to make sure i take better care of myself and the ones i love ..

  • seriously start running (physical); this isn’t something i need to do per se, but my dog just started running with me on our morning walks, which gives me a reason to start doing it and maintaining it
  • study for the lsat (knowledge); the goal is harvard/stanford/yale or a full ride at a local college. i think that means 175+, which is ridiculous, but hey — it’s what i want and what i’ll be aiming for early next year. will report back
  • write a 200 page novel (work); i can’t keep putting this off. and i need to let go of it needing to be good or bad and sack up + write it
  • maintain everything else (physical, financial); keep climbing, keep on top of my investments, keep hoping/staying optimistic ..

i think i’m going to just come out and say this too: weed is tight. it’s legal in california now (though sessions is going to be the next attorney general) which kinda gives me the green light to talk about it, and with that, i think this blog can finally be the open book i need it to be in order to grow as a person .. or something like that

if you made it this far, the format has always been first time through sober, second time through sober, third time though high πŸ™‚
and so ends one of the longest posts i’ve made and a lot more information about me than anyone really wants
thanks for reading this line (doubtful) and for hearing my plight

we have one more month in 2016 .. do it big !! πŸ™‚
hope you all have a great one

chapter 846: egg defense
revealed/summarized: 9/30 poneglyphs hold info on the void century, 4/30 lead to raftel
revealed: the big mom pirates have 3 poneglyphs, one road
revealed: lady smoothie, owner of a $932m BB bounty, sweet commander and 14th daughter of big mom !
: nami can control big mom’s thunderclouds
revealed: the name of lady amande’s sword, shirauo
he’s staying: right here !!
opt: just in time for thanksgiving — one piece is back !! and oh shit, do pedro and brooke look goddamn awesome or what

and there they are, three beautiful poneglyphs behind bars in the hall of treasures; the one we need is on the second floor (i’m sure we’ll get all 3, or 2 + jinbei has a copy). pedro might be able to pull tamago off his camping spot, but both tamago and smoothie ? fodder aside and as much as i’d like to see brooke fight, i’d like even more to be led through a well orchestrated infiltration. what else has brooke learned in his time as soul king ? and an pedro teach brooke how to mask his presence ? or is that just a mink/alive person thing (hairless monkey minks)

one liners
– smoothie can’t juice brooke (a few)
– bm said ‘current’ strawhats .. jinbei/carrot/pedro (a few more)
opt: these chapters really are the best — the ones where oda just introduces character after character and drops fact bomb after fact bomb .. great question that has been thrown out there ~ how many has robin read ? for all of big mom’s power, 3 just doesn’t seem like all that many. like shanks or the revolutionary army are running around with 15 of the 30 of them or something πŸ˜€

happy thursday everyone — one week until thanksgiving !!
my friends are all starting to have babies, now .. it’s just a matter of time until i’m in that same boat
let’s make the end of 2016 count, by doing whatever the hell it is we want to do !!!
hope all is well πŸ™‚

chapter 845: the enraged army
revealed: the enraged army, featuring ‘thrifty’ bobbin and ‘demon lady’ amande
revealed: a younger daughter of big mom’s, anana
opt: .. candy coated raindrops and bobbin !! head of the enraged army, i see ..

i’m still in the thismarriageishappening camp, as mr. slimehat was noticably not on pudding’s shoulder during her private convo with sanji totally wrong he’s right there (that stuffed bear though) .. and re: prometheus and zeus, mama doesn’t look all that pissed off to me, so i don’t think it’s entirely clear how/why cloudsun does what it do

pudding’s motives
all of big mom’s daughters seem incredibly devoted to their husbands which — in the context of the soul soul fruit — makes a lot of sense: by injecting ‘soul’ in to otherwise soul-less objects, big mom is creating life but more importantly beings with purpose. people who believe in the soul believe it is strengthened when their purpose is being met/fulfilled .. with purpose defined as something only that person or thing is uniquely talented at/for. and so, a daughter’s ‘purpose’ might be to get married, and the ‘purpose’ of the foodcreatures on whole cake might be to be eaten and to be delicious (even if it kills them)

i was very wrong about slimehat not being in the room during sanji and pudding’s convo .. could pudding be using mirrors to change her appearance (cake @ mf) — charlotte praline was just so damn committed to aladine, though

i don’t read everything but i do read promised neverland and it’s pretty damn good; in other news, donald trump has been elected + marijuana is legal in california πŸ˜› not surprised but also not angry .. life goes on, and the future is very bright for america’s economy (and therefore the world’s)

at some point i had a much longer update but i lost it cause i didn’t re-login before i hit ‘update’ … blah
i wish i had the energy to just write it all up again but i’m getting old and party weekends are taking me much much longer to recover from

damn i got to this late this week
and i’m sure there’s a whole lot more that needs to be said
but after next week, my life will go back to some sort of normal

thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚ have a great weekend all!

chapter 844: luffy vs sanji
opt: can’t believe it has been a week already; i didn’t mean to not add anything last week but ehh it happened. i, too, believed sanji was being deliberately cryptic + trying to get luffy to read between the lines but then he said the whole pirate king thing .. nami was right — too far

can’t help but notice ichiji’s reactions were all very muted during luffy and sanji’s entire exchange; oda wants us to know ichiji doesn’t believe his brother, and that a fight is eminent/coming forthwith (is that how royalty talks?)

one liners
– luffy telling his crewmates he can’t become pk without them > crewmates exclaim luffy will become pk (lots/wildertiger10)
– luffy on a hunger strike is the most hardcore thing he’s ever done (udult)
+ the starving part, aimed more at how sanji hates the idea of people starving (makenzye @ mf)
– sanji’s kicks only hurt himself .. luffy knows from experience (divinesleeper)
+ like when corazon told law, ‘i know you were the one in pain’ (frankfalconi)
– even the mountain is sad (holysmokers1)
opt: i’ll say that the most emotional part of this chapter for me was when nami slapped sanji .. if anything made sanji cry, that was it. now when luffy says he’ll do something, he does it, so he’s basically out of this arc until sanji takes care of this whole thing himself — that is, until sanji comes back to him, and he’s looking all emaciated/useless the gist of it being, 1) sanji has been told he is worthless his whole life, 2) so luffy tells sanji he can’t become pk without him, 3) destroying the vinsmokes and simply moving on lacks emotion akin to saving robin without an ‘i want to live’ moment .. i like what is being said here but i feel like even this is lacking somehow .. i can’t put my finger on it (i don’t think i’ll ever be able to), but the stakes just don’t seem high enough still

love it ! apologies for not doing anything more last week
i just did a great job of neglecting everything else in my life for the last month+ so i’ve been catching up
catch up means interviewing, figuring out what it is i actually want to do next .. it’s definitely nice being contacted after a short disappearing act for work instead of having it be the other way around
however i will not be taking on another assignment until after mid-january, because my wife and i are going back to asia πŸ™‚ this time, japan, philippines, and korea !! now i did say something about pictures, not that anyone was holding their breath, but for the sake of completeness, here are just a couple off my instagram

the li river at sunrise @ xianggongshan

the fairy walking bridge @ huangshan

and finally, if you want to see some pandas being all cute n shit at the chengdu giant panda breeding base/reserve, we made a video to madeon+porter robinson’s shelter .. or more accurately, a mashup of all of our snapchats here [linkout to youtube, http://goo.gl/NojU5D] @ 11/2/16

love it ! apologies for not doing anything more last week
i just did a great job of neglecting everything else in my life for the last month+ so i’ve been catching up

hope all is well and hope you all have a great week and weekend πŸ™‚

chapter 843: vinsmoke sanji
revealed: the names of big mom’s other commanders, lord potato starch + smoothie + snack (defeated)
revealed: lola wasn’t supposed to have big mom’s vivre card
revealed: linlin’s left hand can summon zeus the thunder cloud, and her right hand can summon promethus the sun
opt: bobbin ?!

i am so tired .. traveling really takes it all out of you
and when you return, there’s always so much you have to do to get back in some kind of routine/grooveanyway i am falling asleep as i type

hope all is well more later πŸ™‚

chapter 842: the power of fullness
revealed: zeff taught sanji his chivalry/what it means to be a real man !
revealed: another form of gear4th — tankman !
opt: ‘don’t you dare grow in to some asshole i’ll come to despise’ .. i gotta remember that one, for if i ever have a son πŸ™‚ so let’s see .. with sanji’s chivalry now properly ‘explained,’ all that’s really left is how/when his mom passed away — i don’t see this coming up again until way later, so it’s gift exchange time !!

so tankman is luffy’s defensive gear4th form; cracker almost cut off luffy’s bound/ceman arm in 838.5, but couldn’t pierce luffy’s tankfatfolds at all

one liners
– robin (+franky kinda) is/are the only crewmate(s) that haven’t declared luffy will become the next pirate king (meanmustacheman)
– there should be a coverpage miniseries of cracker seeing things as he flies across the new world (rrampage)
– 11hrs biscuits + gear4 compression = luffy is going to shit diamonds after this (caleus)
– the big mom we’ve seen =/= real body (batoftherat)
– nami = charlotte mandarin (orbman77)
– big mom’s road poneglyph is alive (optempii/epitok)
opt: i include the last point just because it has been so highly upvoted and while i would agree that there’s a ton of trickery going on in whole cake, i do think the big mom we’ve seen is the big mom we’ll know. in 829 all of her crew/subservents (is that a word) + jinbe + even the hat call her mama, so i’m not buying right now that would suggest big mom was on the island bellemere went to so probably not but fun nonetheless πŸ˜€ also want to point out how much i love the 2 panels of the chick putting on the lipstick with her mirror — perfection to me

big mom’s poneglyph is .. alive ? damn straight it’s alive !! also .. i don’t see why i so quickly wrote off big mom being the one that destroyed the island bellemere was on, so ok .. i’m back in the longshot column on the whole charlotte mandarin thing. but for big mom to just leave her there suggests to me that she didn’t even know nami was there .. like the mechanism for her giving ‘birth’ can somehow happen by accident/unbeknownst to her (!?!). if true, maybe the homies aren’t reacting to big mom’s vivre card .. maybe they’re reacting to nami herself. baum baum baauuummmm

ok, now to address luffy+nami v. cracker because a good many people are pissed that cracker didn’t just behead nami hour 1 to stop her from raining on his biscuit soldiers .. the key here is that cracker only fights with his biscuit armor on (which luffy has defeated = no longer a viable strategy) or by creating soldiers to fight for him because of his low pain tolerance (838.8). so cracker keeps throwing biscuit soldiers at luffy+nami because he can’t risk getting hit, his soldiers keep getting eaten, and finally cracker charges at luffy because he thinks luffy can’t even move/the risk of him getting hurt has been removed

i concede that the right move at that point for cracker would have been to armor himself up and then charge at luffy, but for people to shit on this fight the way they have due to hubris/arrogance at hour 11? not exactly fair @ 10/11/16

ps: jinbe has his own luffy will be the piratekingesque moment in 830.2, which i won’t link to because i hear people are getting in trouble for that shit now? lame. also, i finished reading 830 for the hell of it and in 830.14 pedro believes the mugi’s will eventually end up ‘needing’ the road poneglyph .. as if something will happen to them where they will need whatever is on raftel, vs. roger’s crew who didn’t @ 10/8/16

end of china
well, my trip to china is over and it’s back to the states tomorrow. just two days ago, we were at the tail end of yet another tour and again, we left it for the very same reasons as before. it’s incredible how orchestrated the entire thing is, and in some ways i respect how cunning these companies have become. but what i do not get and will not tolerate is the lying, and for the pettiest of reasons (all of which i will detail more thoroughly when i’m back in the states). hope everyone is very well πŸ™‚ can’t wait to get home and see my dog !! @ 10/19/16

running out of time for now;
we’re on break this week, which means i’ll be back in the states for the next release !!
hope all has been very well, hope you have a great two weeks πŸ™‚

chapter 841: to east blue
revealed: sanji’s mom !!
revealed: how the germa crossed/climbed the red line !!
confirmed: reiju helped sanji escape !! but judge just .. let him go
conqueror’s appetite: luffy is eating all of crackers’ soldiers
opt: sanji’s mom looks exactly like reiju without the curly brow/66tat .. and a lot of other women in one piece, i guess πŸ˜€ so re: what i said last week about sanji’s mom possibly dying for her ideals/passing one on of her own .. this line of thinking means momji was a chef herself or just kept eating sanji’s crap food in her sickness + letting sanji believe that she could be healed via food (something he actually does learn from the newkama) vs. judge’s science/genetic engineering; sanji and judge fail, momji passes, but sanji wants to keep cooking for his mom + his interest in all blue might be because ingredients he couldn’t get his hands on and save his mother with are there. i don’t know if i buy that as it infringes on chopper’s role with the crew but there it is motherf .. i just added so much stuff and it didn’t save .. ok, here we go: tldr version

one liners
– ‘you must forgive a woman’s lies;’ the women of his life lie to protect him (-mr-prince)
– any resemblance between jayaphoto and sanji’s mom ? (zozonoarozo)
– sbs45, oda: ‘sometimes i wonder if sanji himself is a devil fruit’ [/s?] (tobiwankenobisan)
opt: he doesn’t appear to have had any sort of reaction to that picture but a resemblance is undeniable; i’m definitely looking forward to luffy’s fight but i hope this doesn’t close out sanji’s backstory .. i mean there aren’t a lot of remaining questions to be answered but it just feels like we’ve been left hanging had judge been successful with sanji, i’d bet his brows would swirl the same direction as his brothers so i wonder if reiju’s eyebrows swirl like 69 (if sanji’s 66/brothers 99) i find it strange sanji would only pick up a cookbook after he was imprisoned/after his mom passes away. i would think it goes his mom passes–>sanji is immediately imprisoned–>cookbook right then after and not anywhere close to 6 months later .. i hope we get a clearer timeline

also, i think we know for sure all blue exists because it was in a book the vinsmokes owned. i’m currently reading ‘the intelligent investor’ by graham, and one of the lines in the intro stuck out to me; it went something like —

‘this is the best book on investing available to the general public’

which is bullshit because that implies there are better books not available just because you don’t have access/aren’t a vinsmoke but here we are. the devil fruit book in their possession is also proof that all blue exists — so again, have they been to raftel?

why/how his mother died will probably be revealed later on during a desperate moment/fight — sanji’s inability to hurt a woman has yet to be ‘explained,’ reiju’s reaction to sanji wanting to be a chef seems exaggerated, as well as what all blue really means to him apart from it being just some far off magical place

i guess we’re going to have to wait until next week+ we had the most unbelievable trip to yiwu .. in a nutshell, got in a strangers’ van, dropped off at a bus station by the side of the freeway, jumped on to a moving tour bus with our luggage, without internet/a map/any sense that we were actually going to arrive here .. but we did. this time, my trusting nature got the best of me — i was tricked and it hurts .. chalk it up to experience i guess @ 10/1/16 our yiwu portion of our trip is complete ! we got a bunch of great stuff that we’ll be selling in an online store soon .. and we saw so much unlicensed one piece stuff that i really wanted to buy but i would never disrespect oda like that πŸ™‚ and in the same way even though i always hint at all these projects i do, i could never plug it here because i feel like that’d be disrespectful to you all .. oh well, money can wait i guess @ 10/5/16
hope everything is going well guys πŸ™‚ more when i get a chance (and i should have plenty now)

chapter 840: iron mask
revealed: vinsmoke judge once worked along side vegapunk, and discovered the secrets behind the one piece worlds’ lineage factors with him !!
revealed: vegapunk has been arrested by the world gov’t
episode ii: the germa66 manufacture ‘clone pawns’ as their loyal subjects/army
revealed: the five vinsmoke children have been genetically altered from birth, to have exoskeletons and spurred growth
revealed: sanji’s mother is deceased
reverse-duval: judge faked sanji’s death and had his identity concealed with an iron mask
opt: the rest of sanji’s backstory (!!) and at least tidbit about his mom. it again occurs to me how little/nothing we know about zoro’s parents, nami’s parents (ch77.16) and franky’s parents .. oda, you’re going to give us a year of zoro, too, right ?? who by the way, is clearly a master artist (which i need to sit down and write a whole thing about here soon) artists have an appreciation for and love using tools (check), however are far more preoccupied with technique and training to make the otherworldly seem completely effortless (double check)

sanji must have escaped or been given his freedom somehow/by someone, so right now, i’m leaning towards reiju, as she’s always had a soft spot for her quintuplet brother (he wouldn’t know this though, given their first re-interaction in ch832). his tendency to serve and overall human-ness must have been inherited from his mother as per judge’s reaction to sanji’s having cooked a meal for a rat + his entire personality/being is owed to her on so many levels — she has to have some otohime in her: an idealist that died for her causes; one that she imparted on sanji/the will that he now carries on .. and with her death, judge’s utilitarian self can and has run amok, manifest in his powergrab for north blue today

i’m starting to think judge wants north blue in memori of her hmm.. scratch that — utilitarians are on a quest for knowledge and achievement .. so north blue might hold some deep secret, or it may just be that controlling north blue is like climbing everest in the opverse (difficult to do as it’s always in war). the political power i spoke of last time doesn’t mean a thing if it doesn’t help judge get what he wants, but the question i want the answer to most is: has judge himself made it to raftel ? or has somebody else told him what’s there ?

in the flashbacks, you can clearly see ichiji and reiju in 1st+2nd place in every trial, followed by niji, yonji and then sanji in that order (the hierarchy ichiji alludes to). i tried looking up the story about the man in the iron mask but there doesn’t seem to be much there in terms of conclusions we can draw, as the man in the iron mask simply dies in prison, which clearly won’t happen to sanji now

one liners
– the germa kids were modified with insect genes; explains his fear of bugs (sirser)
– the books sanji has when he’s feeding the rat are ‘noland, the king of liars’ and ‘the encyclopedia of devil fruits’ (ch840.16/ko-san)
+ sanji wanted the invisibility fruit to vanish from his family, not necessarily to peep on girls (rimeskeem)
opt: sanji being ‘just’ a human reinforces hard work + perseverance > inheritance when he inevitably beats ichiji/niji by arcs end (he’s already knocking yonji around as is)

sanji, too, is an artist — great with the knife, preoccupied with technique (recipes), highly observant and an incredible tactician. and while he hasn’t shown us any of the newkama kempo he has learned (if anything), i would much rather have sanji show off another skill i suspect he has, and that’s the art of negotiation !

finally, before you go reread the duval arc intro, there isn’t anything there in terms of an exaggerated reaction by sanji .. but if you like, it starts on 492 and continues on for a good 5-6 chapters or so πŸ™‚

more later or something including pictures πŸ™‚ tomorrow for sure, as i’ll have just arrived in shanghai with nothing on the schedule ! guys, i have been on a nightmare of a tour in china to huangshan — continuous harassment/extortion by the tour guide+company, far-worse-than-promised accommodations with little or no internet .. so here i sit, day 3 of 6 (!!): my wife and i just chose to abandon the tour altogether this morning to do our own thing the rest of the way

sorry i haven’t been able to update but i do have a lot i’ve been wanting to write on character types; big mom is a total idealist, which pairs with her devil fruit nicely and is a +1 to the devilfruits confer personality theory that’s floating around out there;

– believe in/actively strengthen their souls; mama does this literally via her soul soul no mi
– are gullible; mama keeps paying ceasar for this gigantism-tech that he can’t produce
– believe in equality/democracy for all; mama’s dream of dining at eye level is her weird way of accomplishing that feat
– and i think there was more but i forget right now .. it’s late + we have to wake up early and climb huangshan !! πŸ™‚ @ 9/26/16

hope you have a great week and weekend, everyone !

chapter 839: i shall never forget the debt that i owe you
introducing: germa66 head chef cosette!
blackmailx2: first, sanji’s hands — and now, zeff’s life !!
SOLDIER first-class: the germa’s army is .. home grown ?!
opt: these germa are total and complete assholes. like, jack-level assholery

which is in line with how nazi they’re being portrayed ala charlotte_pudding‘s breakdown, featuring the reichsadler/bird + reichskriegflagge behind + allusions to an endsieg/’ultimate goal’ .. and just what is that, anyway ? to become a bounty-hunting family under big mom ? there’s way too much there we don’t know anything about (coooool) ah, right. their goal is to rule north blue again [832.17/833.13] .. so why is it so damn important to them ? they’re willing to lose their status within the world gov’t for it, and why do they need big mom’s help to take it back ? it sounds like they were kicked out of north blue by someone however long ago, and that there’s something they’re looking to regain only they know about, as i imagine the political power lost surely must outweigh the powertrip to be gained by having dominion over that particular sea @ 9/17/16

as for the question of who broke cosette’s face, i don’t want to believe it was reiju but the idea is not completely without warrant. if i had to guess today, i would say that it was niji, and only because i didn’t notice any distinct heel marks on cosette’s forehead. oda’s treatment of reiju so far has been pretty fair — after all, if she were so conniving and manipulative as everyone thinks, why go through the trouble of saving luffy at all ? he has no further use to the vinsmokes now; she’s leaning good in my book, and only put the cuffs on sanji so as not to betray her father

another mangaka says goodbye
kochimake just ended, which i understand is the longest running shonen jump manga in history. i haven’t read a page of it, though i might now, however what’s got me thinking now is oda’s comment to akimoto in the authors’ comments:

‘ i’m in tears. akimoto-sensei, you’re finally free! you’re freeeeeeee! ‘

for a manga that so expounds the importance of being free, oda sure does imply mangaka are anything but. planned or not, akimoto was just four days short of 40 years of writing — it’d be naive to think oda doesn’t at least some of the time feel trapped by his success;

all we can do is be grateful for his servitude. i speak for us all when i say we love you oda ! and that’s definitely not a word i/we throw around lightly ! you will definitely never see this !

china, again
i guess i could and maybe even should write something about china, but there’s just too much to be done + not enough worth writing home about. suffice to say — stop overpaying for sunglasses !! everything is owned by luxottica, including a vision insurance company (how the hell is this legal) ..

and start overpaying for our sunglasses, which will be on amazon and online soon ! πŸ™‚
we’ll do our best to make it worth your while, like give away free vacations and crap
and by overpay, i mean overpay by like $10-$15 and not hundreds

but more on that in the very near future. hope you all have a great week and weekend, everyone !

chapter 838: bropper
revealedforreals: thousand arms cracker !
revealed: cracker ate the bisu bisu (biscuit) no mi
revealed: brulee’s mirror world is connected to every mirror on whole cake
revealed: ichiji and niji’s epithets — sparkling red and electric blue !!
opt: so we have red, blue, green, pink and black .. we’re missing yellow here, and i hope sanji has another sister (can’t be a brother) we haven’t met yet to complete the power ranger crew

more later πŸ™‚ leaving for my trip in just 4 days !!
hope you have a great 2 weeks and weekends, all
one piece is on break

chapter 837: luffy vs commander cracker
revealed: urouge took out one of big mom’s 4 commanders
opt: how much would you guys hate it if pound joined the mugiwara crew next ? he has nowhere to go, is currently a scared piece of crap, and like brooke, wants to meet up with a loved one we’ve already met at sea ..

and so i’m on the path –
i’ve been taking more time to study who i am and what it is that matters to me .. and if you believe in personality types (and i do), i’m an enfp – idealist champion to the t (+n?). for me, material possessions, sensual pleasure and even logical consistency take a back seat to wisdom; specifically, some complete synthesis of all experience in to some grand ‘truth’ that will transcend time and life itself .. !!! πŸ™‚

and so i am on the path to understanding. understanding who it is that i even am

because although my greatest skill might be in empathizing with others, i don’t really know who i am or who i am supposed to be. but this skill of mine — simply, getting to know people — will and has served me very well. because only by briefly slipping in to the lives and minds of the people i meet, can i possibly hope to uncover the ‘truth’ we all share as humans. every experience is valid; every person, important .. and so only by discovering happiness and the meaning of life itself, can i hope to do the greatest amount of good in this short amount of time i have

and so i am on a path to becoming the very best me. not that i even know who that is

through time and experience, i aspire to shed all that we do not share; ie: fancy cars and boats are not part of the human condition, and therefore cannot lead to or be requisite for happiness. facing your fears, having integrity, being authentic, falling in love .. staying positive, when everything else around you is crumbling apart. these things that the best of us aspire to as flawed characters — courage, faith, art, cooperation and dedication .. honor, once upon a time. and so only by knowing myself/others + finding my own identity/humanity within them, can i hope to become the very best person i can be

and so i am on a path. where it leads, i really don’t know .. and it really doesn’t matter

because to be truly free to experience and welcoming of all that life has to offer is to not have a goal at all. and so it is the path itself that has meaning; that only through the pursuit of wisdom + experience can i hope to manifest these ‘truths’ i uncover, no matter how hopeless or paradoxical

i believe it lies in that which cannot be seen but only felt .. and so my answer, for now, is of course in romance πŸ™‚ which is to say the next mugiwara will have an otherwise hopeless dream

thank you all for being a part of this with me
it means more to me than you can probably ever know @ 8/29/16

back to one piece
why is it that fear takes away the life/soulforce of the homies ? perhaps the act of facing your fears and having courage in your convictions is what defines a life well lived @ 8/30/16

chapter 836: the vivre card lola gave
doubleconfirmed: pound is indeed lola’s (and chiffon’s) father
superconfusing: and [could be] cracker’s ‘original’ father (?)
notasconfusing: translation difference for the line referenced above (raikend)
revealed: the homies + king baum can’t oppose anyone in possession of big mom’s (partial) soul
revealed: cracker’s bounty .. $860m berry !!
revealed: the homies wither by fear alone
opt: extremely important — today marks the finale of bleach; one of the big three manga out of shonen-jump .. and it’s hard for me to comment on it because i was really in love with it for a time

rumor has it that kubo was forced to end it faster than he would have liked, which we know would never happen to one piece, but it’s a shame for it to happen to any series; thank you for the good times tite kubo ! you will definitely never read this !

back to one piece
by far and away the most interesting thing said in this chapter was pound stating he could be cracker’s father .. and then cracker says sure, you were my ‘original’ (so pound wasn’t certain, but cracker was ?) .. and then goes on to start talking about her ‘previous’ 43 husbands, as though #44 is somehow different .. i’m just going to leave that alone because none of that makes any sense to me right now nope

as per raikend, the line is actually … pound: ‘but, like, think about it, technically i could be considered your father, cracker!’ cracker: ‘formerly. but not anymore.’ makes much more sense now;

and instead of luffy giving cracker shit for not caring about pound, what he’s really saying is … luffy: ‘when you see someone dozen times … you can’t help but get attached!!!’ thank you raikend πŸ™‚ i hope you or someone keeps pointing these out for everyone; i think someone did this for the last chapter too, i just didn’t get around to making any edits to this page about it @ 8/24/16

one liners
– the homies stopped chasing nami last chapter because big mom’s soul was in her boobs (sarmadqt)
– is the red poneglyph in brulee’s mirror wolrd? (lancelo7)
– cracker can split his legs too (slogthor2)
– baum = tree in german, +1 grimm (mnbvc_xy)
– big mom’s sons are are lifeforms made of her husbands’ souls (11orangeblue) not so much this anymore because of the translation difference
opt: ooh, maybe. and yeah nami’s boobs something something

i won’t pretend i didn’t wrongfully brush aside the whole fear thing .. so what do we know: cracker scared the homies so much that they withered away (836.7); the homies are otherwise random objects or things that big mom’s incarnations are sprinkling the souls of whole cakes’ citizens in to (835.19); muscat was told not to cower or else his lifespan would be taken away (829.12) .. is that to suggest that if he didn’t cower at that moment, he wouldn’t have died ? either way, i’m buying what 11orangeblue is selling — but if souls can’t go in to ‘someone else,’ what were big mom’s sons originally made out of, if not human ?

ahh i missed you one piece
and in life, my wife and i are going to visit china for ~6 weeks to import some goods for sale here in the u.s. πŸ™‚
more on that soon — and yes, i will be soliciting you all and there’s nothing you can do about it

thanks again for always checkin’ up on my little corner of the internet
and i hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend πŸ™‚

chapter 835: the nation of souls
leave or life: to remain in whole cake, you must pay 1 month of life every 6 months to big mom !
revealed: charlotte brulee ate the mirror mirror fruit
revealed: linlin — err, big mom — ate the soul soul fruit
revealed: the incarnations are actually parts of big mom’s own soul
introducing: charlotte cracker, big mom’s 10th son and one of her three sweets commanders !
confirmed, finally: bigfaceinahole was once married to big mom, and fathered two daughters — charlotte chiffon and charlotte lola !
opt: big mom can freely interact with other peoples’ souls ?

this arc just screams brooke and everyone has an opinion as to why; blackbeard’s whole deal is starting to creep in to the conversation as well, and for good reason .. one piece is turning it up a notch !! i think we’re about to get a lot of answers to some big questions we’ve had since forever ago, because —

one liners
– oda is 70% done, as per this interview @ 4:04 (vovelic)
– blackbeard in light = crocodile in rain; that’s why he needed cover to steal the df (4chan/odalivematters)
– drake enjoys astrophysics, killer enjoys cooking (sbs82/orojackson)
one piece film gold cards; jinbe is #10 — next strawhat confirmed (everyone/jinjue for scans)
chopper tattoo !! (mcfearsome)

opt: 70% ! that is too far ! go back or something, oda, come on ! in that same interview, he says that this story was only supposed to go 5 years, but every time he comes up with anything he thinks is interesting, that he absolutely has to include it, and so here we are. 19 years later, we’re at 70%; i’m going to go ahead and say we’re actually at 66% and oda will end one piece on its 30 year anniversary. i dream πŸ™‚ also, astrophysics, huh ? monet + drake next nakama confirmed

so there has to be some sort of interaction between nami and big mom’s vivre card now, and the best guess i’ve seen so far is that she’ll simply use it to get out of these damn woods, as big mom’s location is relatively fixed; we’ve seen big mom throw away her husbands but none of her daughters, just yet .. but lola did run away — how did big mom react to that ? seemingly well enough to hand her a vivre card (which of course, could have been stolen)

jinbe is already a mugiwara (same vein as vivi) he just isn’t adventuring around with them .. yet ? other 10’s: drake (!), kidd and koala; jacks: kizaru, kinemon+momo, mihawk and kaido; queens: vivi, perona, hancock and invankov; kings: teach, rayleigh, whitebeard and akainu

we don’t have a chapter this week ? why the hell am i even alive @ 8/11/16
so much more arc to go !! happy friday everyone, hope you’re all having a great week πŸ™‚ @ 8/5/16

chapter 834: my dream
revealed: jinbe supposedly backtracked on his leaving big mom’s crew
i still believe: miss pudding doesn’t seem to have betrayed the mugiwara crew (.. yet)
introducing: charlotte chiffon, 22nd daughter of big mom and wife to capone bege + mother to capone gang petz
her dream: big mom’s dream is to become family with every race and have a dinner .. at eye level (!?)
revealed: there are ‘girls’/prostitution ships in the new world !
introducing: charlotte perospero, minister of candy, lick lick fruit eater and eldest son of big mom
like rabbits: the mugifakes are multiplying ??
opt: jeez there’s a lot going on here .. where to even begin

pekoms’ last words to bege are about not underestimating mama .. is he going to try and take her down ? the only hint at what he could be doing is that pekoms knows he’s up to something at all; just who or what is bege hiding in that body of his ? he’s a great antagonist and i hope he actually succeeds in whatever he’s planning; maybe the vinsmokes will help him/are in on this and that’s sanji’s/the mugi’s way out of this whole mess

big mom’s dream appears to be all about equality, and i can’t help but wonder what the hell happened to big mom for her dream to be something like that ? whitebeards’ was as simple as never having a family of his own, and wanting one … so i picture a young big mom, orphaned or slave, raised in proximity to/by the tenryuubito — never eating at the same table as them, and always treated like dirt for being of a different race, and so on and so forth. is there a cultural element i’m missing to eating with someone at eye level ?

like the baratie, i imagine these seawhore ships are full of powerful women, which ensures payment/safety for the ladies — and i would at least consider doflamingo being involved somehow, or maybe an entrepreneurial ex amazon lily-an .. i guess it would depend on whether or not these women are being forced in to prostitution or by their own free will

finally, does perospero turn people in to candy with his tongue ? not extremely important right now i guess — except if he was referring to that candy cane he’s holding, it’s definitely not alive

fine, fine, fine .. i’m turning 29
i haven’t been putting this off per se .. but it’s august, i guess, and my birthday was mid june .. so yeah ok maybe i’ve been putting this off
and i just re-read what i wrote down for 28; so dumb, so naive .. i love it. so what now ?

my mind is still blown that oda continues to do this at the pace in which he’s doing it. he works harder than anyone else, and there i sat — first day as a 28 year old .. without a job. i had quit my cushy corporate whatever to start some passive income streams, and see the life of an artist was viable for me. it was not πŸ˜€ so i took my first professional sales job around september: assisting homeowners refinance their mortgages

until just recently, it fit my model as an opportunity to step in to a world completely different than the one i had been living in, which at 28 was the sciences. the people i engaged with most frequently were broke academics, corporate politicians and humble service engineers — down to earth, and uncomplicated

selling mortgages was finance + sales; flashy and emotional for the powerful and wealthy. the business is tried and true: my company provided 0 to 100 training and licensing in mere months, and i was surrounded by people making more money in a quarter than i had in my very best year ever. but at some point the amount of money i made ceased to matter; the repetitive nature of phone sales became difficult for me and because wasn’t learning anything new, i started feeling .. unproductive

so about 2 weeks ago i quit, not necessarily looking for anything in particular but always open to more learning experiences and opportunities .. but taking that first leap, finding success again, only to jump once more has given me some serious confidence. i used to define myself so much by my work and what it is i did; well, my answer to that question now is — i kinda just work on myself, and try to become a better person every day. and by focusing on that for ‘work,’ it has me feeling great about myself and what it is i can offer, instead of thinking jobs, work, and whether or not i can do it (a foregone conclusion). now i ask: does this provide the value i’m looking for/offer me a new experience or worldview/help me grow ?

i started 28 feeling like luffy just about to set sail in his terrible little dinghy — needing to remind everyone, including myself, that everything was going to be alright and that what i was doing was the only way to move forward

at 29, i feel like luffy on rusukaina. there’s a lot of work to be done but i finally have the right heading. and even though i’d like to believe that age is just a number/idgafos, there’s just so much world to be seen and so much left to be experienced .. this upcoming sabbatical of mine is going to be all about travel and self improvement

i cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read one piece and about my own journey, too, as it happens .. i hope one day to get to a place where i can be accomplishing x in real time with you here, the way oda is with one piece

one more year until i’m thirty years old
ok, let’s go @ 8/2/2016

gotta write that thing about me being 29 and all
i’ve just made myself so busy (good thing) that i actually haven’t been able to update as frequently or for as long as i would like
but it’s all leading to bigger and greater things — this blog being one of them !!
the entire site has been migrated from bluehost over to dreamhost; mostly because of the difference in cost

we get another chapter here soon ! and hope you all have a wonderful next few days πŸ™‚ @ 8/1/2016

chapter 833: vinsmoke judge
what are those: yonji pressed back in to shape .. raid suits ?
revealed: sanji is a quadruplet, who was trained in swordfighting
opt: and now sanji’s got some exploding handcuffs on him. hypothetically, could vergo tank the blow up cuffs ? and i think the evidence all points to his brothers having metal components installed in their heads — even from an early age ! these guys take technology pretty seriously .. something something vegapunk something something

quickly, there’s no time !
oda came out on record a couple times and said the story was between 65% –Β 70% complete recently (tv interview –Β leroux10Β via sandman/dai one piece shimbum @Β animenewsnetwork); back in 2012 he said the manga was 60% done .. so let’s see —

we’re currently at chapter 833 so by chapter, @Β 65% =Β 1,282 chapters total, @ 70% = 1,190 chapters, avg = 1,236 chapters; by time, one piece celebrated it’s 19th birthday recently so @ 65% = 29 + 3 months, @ 70% = 27 years + 2 months, avg = 28 years + 3 months … and finally, if by plot, who knows

otherwise, this release dates table by falkenauge is awesome .. i hope he keeps updating it !
so much has happened to me recently, and now i think i get to disclose 100% instead of always being so cryptic
quickly: i turned 29, partied way too hard and am going to stop for a while, resigned once againΒ and am going in for round two of the artists’ life
how i knowΒ it’ll work this time:Β i don’t. but this is way more fun and inline with my nature/what i feel is rightΒ 

hope you all had a great couple of weeks and weekends πŸ™‚
can’t wait for one piece next week !

chapter 832: germa kingdom
revealed: randolph is not a mink,Β whoΒ by definition can emit electro
introducing: charlotte brulee, big mom’s 8th daughter !
revealed: the germa kingdom is a mobile, docking fleet of ships !
introducing: vinsmoke judge — sanji’s father and commander of the germa 66 !!
opt:Β this is weirdly out of order .. basically, everything was said up above. thanks πŸ™‚

hey guys, if you haven’t already noticed by now i’m currently migrating the entire website over to a new host, so the second i’m done with that i’ll be able to update. thanks πŸ™‚

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will take care of this on monday. hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend !

chapter 831: adventure in a mysterious forest
revealed: nothing ?? welcome to the seducing woods !!
opt: what the hell is going on !! i guess we learned that the mirror-clones’ distinguishing features are on the wrong side of their bodies .. but this sanji we’re seeing isn’t a mirror clone then right ? else his right eyebrow wouldn’t curl nearest his nose ?

the crocodile and the rabbit, we’ve seen before (pyarox) in 829.8 and 827.17 + if this is a wonderland thing, sanji is doing a great cheshire cat (mrmooncraft) .. and even though i think i’ve seen this mirror trope before, i can’t remember how it was beaten. my thought is, if luffy can just stand there (i know, dumb plan already) and let get his mirror-ass get kicked by carrot, will they be able to simply move past him ? another cool little puzzle oda has thrown in to this arc πŸ™‚ more !! more !!

the one piece community is the shit
these anime/manga comparisons by irishsaltytuna are so cool; he also does them for naruto (you can see them all here) but thank you so much for making these the world is a better place

– comparison of king kong gun between the anime and manga
– comparison of gear fourth between anime and manga

courtesy of sarmadqt, a compilation of all the double spreads + in color !! there are over 500 so i bet it’ll take at least 5-10 mins which i haven’t done yet but i will

whole cake carbs
so one of my friends has gone on a ketogenic diet and thinks it’s making him immortal (my words not his) .. i did some research on it and it appears to be legit enough to warrant a shot so i started on it yesterday + why, yes ~ i _do_ already hate myself !

the benefits are similar to that of fasting, which make sense because restricting rice/potatoes/noodles/fruit/sugar is pretty damn close to it — i’m doing a modified version though where i can eat cake because this is the whole cake arc so, y’know, it doesn’t count

one piece is on break and i’m updating the thursday after the initial release; damn, that’s late
hope all is well πŸ™‚ if you’re reading this i thank you for your patience/not giving a shit — you’re the best
have a great week and weekend !

chapter 830: he who gets bet on
revealed: aladine married the 29th daughter of big mom — charlotte praline !
revealed: those that try to leave big mom’s crew must spin the roulette wheel !!
revealed: pedro tried and failed to steal big mom’s poneglyph once before
whodatis: someone’s there .. in the distance .. ?
opt: arrival !!

so praline really is devoted to aladine, which makes me think pudding is not actually evil (though i have been fooled before) .. and muscat really is dead — or is he ? mont ‘dor’s line ~ ‘do not leave behind a single second’ .. does/did he have a few seconds left ? and what are those blobby things he was talking to?

oda is adding all these cool, mysterious but well-thought-out things to whole cake — like the roulette wheel and the secret passage — there has to be more ! more little puzzles for us to figure out (or not figure out, just freakin tell us oda) πŸ˜€

// someone here is a double agent/mole for kaido (dellinger @ mf)
–> the beast pirates knew raizou was on zou; someone gave them a vivre card
–> pedro: only one conscious after jack’s attack/is really after these poneglyphs
–> carrot: game change !!
opt: hmm .. maybe there’s not all that much evidence for this but i love the idea and want it on here cause i don’t think i’ve seen this before anywhere else

my sincere apologies on all the late updates; just too tired + i gotta find some time to get this done
still recovering from a mini vacation and i can’t sleep so here i am

hope all is well everyone πŸ™‚
thanks for reading and have a good one !!

chapter 829: the yonkou, charlotte linlin the pirate
revealed: the secret passage
mystery: pedro’s past
life or treat: big mom destroys everything until she fills her craving
revealed: charlotte muscat, gelato minister + 16th son
unrevealed: big mom stole 40 years of her son’s life !!?
traitor: jinbe gave big mom the poneglyph he found
opt: has it been so long that i haven’t said anything about it yet or did i just forget — the one piece subreddit updates itself again in to something beautiful; such awesome mods since day wheneveristartedgoingthere

i really like how the secret passage works ! but we have to talk about big mom and all of whole cake/totland;

big mom, whole cake, totland
is being absolutely terrorized by big mom. life or treat is an ultimatum — give me what i want or i’m taking years off your life .. !! will muscat have a walking cane when we see him next? but here’s what i don’t understand —

–> big mom is strong/unstoppable in her life or treat state
–> big mom controls whole cake
??? why are big mom’s hunters slaughtering everyone for cake ingredients
opt: i get the sense she’s only here because nowhere else in the new world can anything be easily cooked on demand; and if she’s truly unstoppable why wouldn’t all the totland islands just give up the ingredients as tribute ? maybe this all happened very recently and the locals are still adjusting. or maybe the world gov’t helped set this up because they didn’t want to deal with her shit (bum bum bummmm)

more questions
the living food of totland are scared to be eaten/happy to be tasty which is .. uhh .. something i don’t understand .. and what is that keep calm vs. mama’s df line all about ? whatever it’s about, how many lives does big mom have now ? does it even matter with her ability to rack em’ up like crazy like this ? the answer is most likely (as everyone else thinks) that she is able to give life in exchange for her own this way or somesuch craziness .. i mean, even her hat is alive, so what if she has way too many lives and is throwing them up like moriah πŸ˜› can’t wait for oda’s answer !

finally, big mom can either see the future or has a bunch of spies that told her, because big mom’s accusation that jinbe was going to leave (happens to be true) came out of nowhere. probably the later. but i hope she can see in to the future πŸ˜€

one liners
– brooke is the perfect nemesis to big mom: 0 years (kneomon)
– ‘killing off gelato was a ballsy move oda, me and the other gelato fans are done with this trash’ (shyguy531)
– big mom’s outburst ~= kids on punk hazard. ceasar was hired to find a cure (waifuhunter)
opt: c … l … aaaaa …. p. get it. i’ll see myself out

there’s so much more to big mom than we can possibly begin to know;
whitebeard’s backstory was fairly short, but he has had a ton of panel time since the beginning which makes me think big mom’s is deep and fleshed out and i can’t wait for it to be told πŸ™‚

i turned 29 yesterday and my wife got me a really amazing present — a goyard card case, with luffy painted on it, courtesy of servicedby_e !!
more on turning 29 later, i suppose. you know me, i always got somethin to say
hasn’t quite hit me yet. maybe in a couple weeks πŸ™‚

have a great week and weekend everybody! one piece is back!! @ 06/18/16

chapter 828: 1 and 2
revealed: big mom’s children cannot choose their own spouses .. except one left
reve .. ale .. uugghhh: big mom has 43 husbands, 39 daughters and 46 sons
infiltration: there’s a secret passage to whole cake
he’s probably taking a dump or something: turn back?
saviors: the germa66 saved (?) brock colie island
introducing: 1 and 2 !!
opt: why was the message written in the bathroom ? he really was taking a dump !! luffy’s observation haki, getting stronger .. !!

pedro is such a badass; completely no nonsense, and perfect contrast to carrot for this mission. but why hasn’t nitro opened his mouth (?) yet .. how does it even make sense that he owns the cafe chuffy ate ? also: luffy, just killing it again — beaming with pride/super proud of sanji; i’ll never get sick of seeing this side of him. i’m lovin’ it, anyway, every single time

being wrong
and so it would appear i am in the wrong camp; if lola isn’t one of big mom’s daughters, then oda is trolling everyone as hard as possible. also, it doesn’t seem like 1 and 2 are the guys i thought were germa66 .. i mean, they could still be like 5 and 6, but it’s lookin bad over here, folks .. ah, who cares πŸ˜€

on hiatus πŸ™ what the hell do i do now !?
i get the feeling pudding is going to have to marry someone other than sanji by arc end ..
and will we meet all of pudding’s other family members ?

hope all is well, all
and hope you have a great couple weeks and weekends πŸ™‚

chapter 827: totland
revealed: there are 34 islands around whole cake, referred to in whole as totland
revealed: nitro the jello owns a cafe on cacao island
revealed: each island has a food-themed chancellor
sacrifice? … ‘it’ll be a sweet day ..’ !!
opt: 3 days until the tea party !! and there are 34 islands, and 35 daughters .. so nevermind

sanji’s wife to be is quite the cook herself, eh ? reaffirming it now: i’m on theweddingishappening side ! and who exactly is to be sacrificed ? sanji ? luffy ? .. what if it’s pudding herself ? she’s a good guy right ? or did she come to chuffy’s aid a little too quickly ? screw it — i’d drink that tea ! it’s gotta be good !!

one liners
– is this a snakeneck from the auction list ? we’ve seen everything else ! (elsoja)
– three eyes had a jelly friend too (ohmygillett)
opt: and brooke finally saw nami’s panties — soul kinnggguuu !!! and did big mom eat the life-life/animate-animate/disney-disney/nazi-nazi no mi ? no matter what it is, this arc is setting up to be extremely dark and i just can’t wait for it

i’m firmly still in the alice in wonderland camp, and not so much hansel and gretel/grimm; and i hope i hope oda gets nonsensical with it because that would be amazingx4, and he’d really be flexing his writing skills that way .. and while it’d be a far, far reach, i do think there is hope yet: the rules around totland seem strange and fairly arbitrary — you can eat anything, except the roofs … or well you can, but only if you hang a sign first

// brooke is the mad hatter here and will sing in the presence of big mom (erayachi)
–> hat + tea + musican
–> in alice in wonderland (aow) the mad hatter was sentenced to beheading because he didn’t sing well enough
opt: dude. if this is aow inspired then yes. all of this — 100%. you are doing god’s work here. buy. also, onepiecepaper.com just opened up and this person writes at length about each chapter that comes out so if you need more one piece fix there it is for you πŸ˜€ hatter tells this story; queen faults the hatter for murdering the time (person) @ the tea party in ch7

my wife thinks big mom is preparing a grand feast of all the races @ 05/27/16
i don’t like how silent nitro the jelly is + i dunno which island big mom is on. first we see whole cake on 17, but she’s surrounded by mountains and not cake, ala the top-leftmost panel in 18. so is whole cake just where the cake building/tea party is held, and big mom has her own totland hangout island ? @ 05/28/16

say, wasn’t this supposed to be an infiltration/stealth mission to retrieve sanji ? well that already went to shit and it has only been 1 chapter

welcome to whole cake ! where everything sings and it’s eat or be eaten —
thanks for reading, hope you all have a great week and memorial day weekend
i will definitely spend part of this reading alice in wonderland πŸ™‚ and you can too