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impressions notes as of..

chapter 794: sabo’s adventure

what !! one piece on wednesday? club’s goin up !!

yep: cp0 has turned back and is heading back towards dressrosa
revealed/confirmed: dragon saved sabo the day he set sail !!
revealed: sabo didn’t come to ace’s aid because he had.. amnesia !!
hinted.. at: someone in the revolutionary army controls a murder of crows
opt: that isn’t the futurama clip i was looking for (i wanted calculon’s lines) but it was close-ish, maybe. i also love how oda chose to block out kuma (flashback, pg 6) with speech bubbles — dude, we already know, oda !! or is there another reason you have to hide his face ? ๐Ÿ™‚ the guy at the end with the hat however .. !?!?

otherwise, what the hell was hack about to say that could’ve been so damaging? if someone was listening in on the line, they would already know it’s hack talking to sabo (by greeting), so it can’t be that.. maybe they didn’t want to be traced? or was the operator guy just saying hack’s punch was too close to hitting him? no, no — too boring ! so.. it has to be .. that other thing !!! ๐Ÿ˜€

– mask on: killer has the hoof of the soaring dragon on his face (romiress)
– bege: anything that gets close to capone bege shrinks; grows as it leaves his proximity (opencube)
opt: yeah this video opencube posted is pretty convincing .. so his df gives him this boundary power and turns him in to a human fortress? an adversary worth meeting again, for sure !!

my opinions
i don’t like this moriah is a revolutionary crow control tower mumbo jumbo, or this bellamy is gonna join stuff — though why he’s there is interesting as hell. granted, i’ve been super wrong about stuff like this before but none of this seems as ‘obvious’ as law being on punk hazard was (kinemon in pieces). i also don’t think we know anything about dragon’s ability — though wind logia is possible if not probable

on vivre cards
the process is simple enough: just take a person’s fingernails to a shop (presumably in the new world) and they’ll make one for you. i only bring it up because sabo having created a vivre card for luffy bolsters a theory proposed back chapter 762 by tenhou @ apf: that kuma’s bible is full of vivre cards. so to explain zoro’s incredulity — sabo would’ve had to get a piece of his fingernail around the time he saw luffy underneath the coliseum + ship it off to that shop (most likely by crow), get it made + shipped back in what appears to have been a day

alternatively, it could be that the revolutionaries already have luffy’s card on file + who knows, maybe dragon has had it since loguetown. maybe he saw luffy’s card burning + had kuma push him to the gallows to save him at the last second — the possibilities are really endless here ! but without kuma and with luffy having taken down doflamingo, the revolutionaries don’t really need that card anymore — just one piece (gasp), so sabo knows his little brother is still a-okay ๐Ÿ˜€

happy wednesday everyone ! one piece is on break next week (sadddd) which works out cause i’ll be out camping and building that dam i was telling you all about !! ๐Ÿ˜€
hope you all have a great week and weekend, see you in 2 !!

chapter 793: tiger and dog

the truth is paramount !!! so many developments this chapter — more! i need more!!

revealed: the order for doflamingo’s abdication came from above the gorousei
reaffirmed: cipher pol works directly for the tenryuubito
confirmed: kuzkiji is working with blackbeard
revealed: capone bege escaped the gravity .. thing
revealed: hawkpoostass is definitely after shanks !!
confirmed: xdrake is working with kaidou
reaffirmed: g-5 is on their way to go meet vegapunk !!
isshou: $!*&# THE MARINES!!
opt: a great many things the community has been saying for a long time has been confirmed with this one chapter: xdrake + kaidou, kuzan + blackbeard among them. don’t worry everyone — monet is coming, guys !! just you wait !! ๐Ÿ˜›


i’m very interested in the political hierarchy being hinted at in this chapter. back in 581, we have doflamingo telling moriah a higher power than sengoku (then fleet admiral/current sakazuki) sent him. we are now assured that cp0 reports directly to the tenryuubito (in 712, a commoner tells us this) + as a refresher, on the marine side we go admiral -> fleet admiral -> commander in chief (kong) -> gorousei

and while kong has, on paper, control of cipher pol and the shichibukai, the order to fake doflamingo’s abdication came from above the gorosei and not below. looking back, this line law says has always bugged me, but now it makes sense: the tenryuubito are the only ones that can mobilize cp0 — and not kong or the gorosei

even if dof couldn’t call for cp0 on his own, it would have been an easy sell. law and luffy both carry within them the will of d !! why else would the tenryuubito want to work with doflamingo — dof has been blackmailing them with his knowledge of their national treasure this whole time!

the will of d will surely bring with them another storm ๐Ÿ˜€ they are god’s natural enemy + the only people crazy or stupid enough to challenge the oppressive world nobility. why? because freedom !! that’s why! ๐Ÿ™‚ try again, tenryuubito scum !!

if we’re right, cp0 will have to show their faces again — either to save doflamingo or to relieve him of his duty + secrets (kill him) .. they’ve definitely tried before ~ this might be their only chance to get rid of him once and for all !

// bege + big mom, 100% (kidror/cbmsoap)
–> gfx, ’nuff said

opt: does that mean that mysterious gravity thing belongs to big mom? or just that capone bege was saved by her crew? recall someone (was it law?) said that in the new world, you either have to join a yonko or try and defeat one — and almost every supernova has fallen in line, with urouge and bonney as outliers. that makes them the most interesting wildcards of the worst generation — i really hope urogue meets and team up with enel ! and with whitebeard gone, just where do bonney’s allegiances lie?!

otherwise, i think it’s almost certainly sengoku with tsuru on that ship, as sengoku’s official position is inspector general (sbs68?) and even though i can’t find a raw anymore, i believe okaki was cora’s code name for sengoku back in ch765

so much happened, and so much more to happen
what a great end to a great arc – i definitely can’t wait for next week’s chapter to arrive ๐Ÿ™‚
thanks for reading, hope you all are having a great week – until next time !!

chapter 792.5: tattoo, revisited

so i just read my last post again.. damn, thatโ€™s not a very good write up for something that means so much to me. so the night before the next chapter releases โ€” letโ€™s go, round 2 !!

…i also appreciate it’s imperfection, as of course we all are, but less cheesy: it has this — ‘the show must go on,’ type-of-feel to me. the mugiwaras had just received the going merry + needed a pirate flag so of course, artstic-ability be damned, luffy took it upon himself to design one

i think thatโ€™s what good leaders do. they try shit – especially when they arenโ€™t prepared to. the flag must be raised !! and luffy having failed allowed ussop to shine. just as well, itโ€™s luffy’s assertion of himself on the opverse both literally and symbolically, as i consider the act of creation primal — especially to us men. beyond it (pro-) being the principal thing we were evolved to do, itโ€™s immensely rewarding to see something you imagined come to life before your eyes. fact: if you ever go camping with me, at some point you will find me damming up a river. i guarantee it. i just have to change the way the water is flowing, because something about asserting myself upon nature, the water flowing long after iโ€™m gone, me leaving a mark, and yabadabadoo

this art gallery downstairs has been repeatedly calling out to me. and itโ€™s such a ridiculous idea, for two people with no artistic ability or knowledge about galleries to open one.. but i just want to. it’s different + inline with my own pursuit of art (also the act of creating) + who knows, maybe iโ€™ll do it in a different way that just connects with people

iโ€™ll do it unprepared, iโ€™ll do it without asking permission, and iโ€™ll do it because it must be opened. the vision is too clear + โ€˜the show must go onโ€™ because i #$!*@ng will it to – results be damned !! it’s on my outside-forearm; this artist thing is going to happen, too, because with this, iโ€™m definitely not going back to corporate ๐Ÿ™‚

this tattoo is so weird. i love it so much. and i hope you guys like it too ๐Ÿ™‚
one piece comes out tomorrow – hope all is very well everyone!

chapter 792: prostrate

still. no. eyes. at this rate we’re gonna see fujitora’s eyes before we see doflamingo’s
actually, i’m okay with that. can we have that oda-sama? because fujitora is ‘flipping the script’/’changing the game’/another way outdated phrase on the marines with his actions. something about how the blind guy is helping everyone see the truth! ๐Ÿ™‚

the luffaw/lawffy .. monkfalgar alliance has struck first. what will the kidpookins (pookidkins?) do in response? i’m really hoping that we get another ‘around the world’ chapter like we did after enies lobby ๐Ÿ™‚ i love seeing those characters from previous arcs again .. who knows, maybe we’ll even see sanji again!


give it a shot, it’s gonna be fun!

if you follow @onepeacetheory on twitter then you already know, and if you don’t … well, i still wouldn’t really recommend it because i don’t use it at all. anyway: i got my tattoo! hohohoho~

it came down to two designs. one i created, and one taken directly from the manga:

option 1: empire of the sun x one piece jolly roger

option 2: the jolly roger that luffy drew for the mugiwara pirates

naturally, i went with option 2!! explaining it is quite difficult but i’ll try:

in my opinion, luffy’s bad art skills is one of the best running gags in the series + as i’ve mentioned before i am going to try and ‘go artist,’ so i wanted to get something that luffy drew/created as a sign of my conviction (actually, what i really wanted is to tattoo luffy’s scar on my face/stab myself in the face but i’m married now + can’t do cool stuff anymore). and between his mermaids/fishwomen, his flag and foxy’s flag, i chose the mugiwara one ๐Ÿ˜€

i also appreciate it’s imperfection, as of course we all are.. but less cheesy: it has this — ‘the show must go on,’ type-of-feel to me. the mugiwaras had just received the going merry + needed a pirate flag so luffy took it upon himself to design one. i’m sure nobody asked him to do it but it had to be done so why the hell not try!! it’ll be super fun no matter what the result is (bad) and how cool would it be if it actually came out awesome? ๐Ÿ™‚ luffy’s original didn’t end up being used but the concept was, and is now one of the most feared/admired jolly rogers in the opverse. and so i intend to carry that spirit with me in everything i do in life — to give it a shot, cause it’s gonna be fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

as always, thank you for your patience and viewership ๐Ÿ™‚
hope all is very well everybody and for everyone that lives in the states: happy fourth of july!

chapter 791: rubble

!! sanji’s back (beyondtomorrow)!! and sadly.. no eyes.. but maybe that’s the cliff hanger! just like back in ch210 (mangapanda) at the end of alabasta, we have luffy casually flashing back to vivi ‘just blast off that crocodile right?’ yes luffy – just blast off that shichibukai that has taken over this ancient kingdom. no problem?! just who are you !? ๐Ÿ™‚ here’s a word i just learned today:

denouement (carcosananarchist)
‘the final part of a play, movie, or narrative in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved’

and that dude would know, as someone who read skypeia week to week (i didn’t) too! come to think of it, hasn’t luffy been completely knocked out at the end of every major boss fight you can think of? when is this going to be anime-d !! hmm.. ok here: anime is 10 months behind the manga (carlosunchained). a sense of scale – ‘i started the summer before senior year, now graduated + 1st year college almost over’ (christophercastle) !! makes me consider how much oda is growing just as we are during this amazing run. what other wisdom does he have to impart to us now?

– parents call one piece childish. mongelonas has mom watch ohara story. tears
– next ch: whole island comes to dof’s body + stabs him one by one + saying “for the watch” (v-23)
– dof’s final attacks are no coincidence: 16 shots for 16 arrows (mkeallison)
– (below) going away plaque for marine joshokodo

art….. what….. is…………… wha

i’m still trying to figure out how to create it but i definitely know it when i see it: joshokodo’s plaque is art. so incredibly full of meaning + instantly evoking feelings of respect and gratitude – art does that for us !! timely, meaningful, evocative – i sketched this out earlier this week with the intention to paint it.. halfway through, alabama removes the flag yesterday anyway ๐Ÿ˜› oh well !! didn’t want to finish that crap anyway !!

but good news (for me not anyone else): i’ve decided on what tattoo i’m going to get. just gotta wait for the wife to finish designing hers. hurry up !!!!!!!!!!!

our gallery space is currently full of boxes but we’re targeting september/october for our first show. october because art walks happen 1st sat of every month + we’re doing that europe thing in sept — must figure out what to create before then !! and if i can’t: now taking submissions!! ๐Ÿ˜€

hope everyone is having a great week – tomorrow’s friday! and then the next day is saturday! but which seat should i take ?!?!!?!

chapter 790: heaven and earth

boom: KING KONG GUN !!
opt: so rayleigh says to luffy gear4 puts too much stress on the body and tells him to come up with another move. naaahh gear4+gear3 king kong gun time! i’m unnecessarily interested in what doflamingo’s eyes look like, in that i am fully expecting them to just look just like his brothers’

‘all i wanted to say about one piece is in this picture’

but holy crap – if you read this on mangastream/saw this on the subreddit (razerxs): this is called ‘merry in heaven’ by deviantartist zzyzzyy. i’m just completely stunned by this piece of art. i want one – and printed huge. according to his post on da, the artist is going to be at akon/colossal con this weekend and at anime expo july 2-5. i might need to find my way in to anime expo now, just to shake this man’s hand!

nakama number 10+

// next df wielding nakama: kuma or kinemon (tonyhawkproskater2)
<-> chopper, hito hito no mi = 1, 10
<-> luffy, gomu gomu no mi = 5, 6
<-> brooke, yomi yomi no mi = 4, 3
<-> robin, hana hana no mi = 8, 7
–> 110 + 56 + 43 + 87 = 296
<-> kinemon, fuku fuku no mi = 2, 9
<-> kuma, niku niku no mi = 2, 9
–> 296 + 29 = 325
<-> 325 = san ni go = sunnygo
opt: we’ve already discussed kuma with the 2/9 logic before (every number between 1-10 would be used then) but the sunny go math?! holy crap. say it is so!! but of course we know who #10 is already, but if there was ever any doubt ..

majesticq via facebook

now this really throws a wrench in our monetisgonnabeastrawhat hypothesis but who cares! i still believeee~!! i can see it now, at the end of the next chapter. nami: ‘snow? isn’t this a spring/summer island?’ i think if i just keep talking about it as if it’s a given, it’ll happen (or not)

but seriously, dof is just too connected to just go away quietly after getting king konged. something about his defeat and a loose ends pun here. eh, i’m not that clever, and that’s okay ๐Ÿ˜€ cp0, burgess, big mom’s smiles+ceasar clown, momonosuke and fujitora all need resolution. unfortunately i can see sanji still being absent from the story for a while longer but my hope is that he gets the next cover story so we can see what the hell he’s been up to this whole time ๐Ÿ™‚

in september this year, we’ll be visiting barcelona for a couple days and i’m very excited to just plop myself down on this ledge, as (i imagine) oda had once upon a time
and i’ll probably take some cheesy picture of luffy looking out over the city and share it with you here! ๐Ÿ˜€
happy thursday everybody! thanks for visiting and hope you have a great rest of the week and weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

june 17, 2015 – “28”

that turning 28 would be a seminal moment for me at all is just crazy, but here we are
+ that one piece would be the catalyst is all too understandable – to me, anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

i’d like to pay my respects to oda on line 3. it blows my mind that he’s actually doing this. one piece, that is. right now. and as a servant, no less — pushing himself day and night for us, the readers. it doesn’t need to be said, but it does: oda is the goddamn man, and the only person in the world i think i’d get numbintheface/faintlikesugar star struck by ..! but i digress

as i’m sure you can imagine, in the time between me having quit my job and this very moment, i have – on occasion – said to myself: ohh shiiiii, what i have done/what are you doing?! put another way, it’s the emotional equivalent of grabbing luffy by the shoulders at the end of chapter 1 and saying: dude, are you fucking dumb – you’re just gonna get on a dinghy all by yourself, and set off to become the pirate king? i turn around for one second and now you’re in a barrel without food and youcan’tevenswimyouidiot ireallydon’tevenfeelsorryforyou .. als;jas;ldkfjsd!! ;asjlkkd!! a;lkjs! (muffled angry noises)

..and oh-ho, what’s this now? now your ass has been totally smoked by doflamingo; you’ve already used a bunch of your new moves + they’ve done shit, by the way.. how is it that you can lay there, blood, sweat + all, and keep on telling everyone ‘don’t worry, everything is going to be ok’ when you are almost certainly anything but ..??

at 28, i think i finally get it. no matter how much preparation you do, at some point – you’re going to have to take a leap of faith. if your inner confidence + goals are built on sincere foundations + you’ve prepared and trained to the best of your ability.. then why on earth should there be any doubt that you’ll become the pirate king? it’s your destiny

and it’s not your destiny because some asshat named joyboy prophesized that you would come — it’s your destiny because you’re doing it. you’re sailing the grand line and braving the new world. right now. fear, embarrassment + self-doubt be damned. only by acting in congruence with your dreams in the present, can you change and create your future. only when it’s all over, will whatever became of you be your fate

luffy tells gatz everything is going to be ok because that’s what the pirate king would have done. luffy set sail by himself and set a ridiculous goal for himself because that’s what the pirate king would’ve done. luffy freed fishman island, said F U to the world gov’t and eats a shit load of meat/parties hard because that’s what the pirate king would. have. done

i left my job because i think that’s what someone who gives a shit about their life would have done. regardless of outcome, i’ve already made the right choice – i’m happier, more productive, and more excited about the future than i’ve ever been

and i’m really, really looking forward to reflecting on this and doing it again when i turn 29 ๐Ÿ™‚

hope all is well with everyone ๐Ÿ˜€ one piece comes out tomorrow!
take care until then!

chapter 789:

…sanji-kuuuunnnnn!!! nooOO~!!! this must be the worst feeling ever!!

he’s back: and law switched them!
break next week: ok.. this is the worst feeling ever
opt: damnit, i really wanted to see sanji. the only thing sanji could be doing now is seducing big mom (zach). it’s the only thing left! and i’ve hinted at wanting to catch up in the anime before but haven’t done it just yet … well, once 789 gets animated, it. will. be. time. ๐Ÿ™‚

i just have to say, i love the pacing of this story. granted, dressrosa has taken a long ass time but doflamingo is the real deal holyfield. dof runs the world slave action, turned an entire kingdom against its court, and has killed thousands if not tens of thousands of people — his own little brother among them. doflamingo deserves more than a one-hit knockout. doflamingo deserves to have his powers taken from him, have his status destroyed, be turned back in to a kid by bonney, and then turned in to a toy by sugar, to be forgotten by all for all onepieceternity. doflamingo.. wha? who? exactly! ๐Ÿ˜€ orders? do everything baby5 and sai’s baby tells you to! ๐Ÿ™‚

doflamingo gives us all a smirk at the end, as if to say: so what? i’m invincible! the people on top always feel that way before the fall. these next two weeks are going to be torture. bring it on!

what’s next

i did my research on how to go from here by talking to/reading about as many different people in retirement as i could. the truth isn’t pretty: almost half of all retirees experience depression, while more than half experience health related issues (almost certainly influenced by age, but it’s significant still). some people lose all motivation after they retire, feeling as if they have nothing left to contribute to the world (which is why many of them want you to have grandkids. now..!) while others find new meaning in past passions (sounds familiar) and even in starting new businesses for themselves

the metric by which i’m measuring myself against is how many hours can i be productive every single day? and to better define productivity: how much am i learning every single day? by first attaching some meaning to an activity and doing it every day – even for as little as 10 minutes – i’ve already started developing some great, little habits ๐Ÿ™‚ and seeing progress makes me want to do them for even longer, which feeds positively back in to this learning system until those habits become bonafide skills. the gambit is whether or not i develop them to a place where i might be able to make ends meet before i run out of savings. biggest risk i’ve ever taken in my life. but i’ve never felt more alive ๐Ÿ™‚

break again next week – he really does enjoy doing this, doesn’t he ๐Ÿ™‚
hope all is very well with everyone, and hope to see you in a couple weeks!

chapter 788: how i fight

revealed: dandehealion flowers bloom from mansherry’s tears, but its effect only lasts a couple minutes
revealed: viola used to be an executive for the doflamingo family!
confirmed: the birdcage can be stopped!
opt: so viola is going to.. stab.. and dance doflamingo to death? who cares: usopp is finally beginning to own his status as a god! everybody has to be picturing luffy waking up, charging his attack and mid-thrust, having his fist be teleported right in to doflamingo’s face .. which means that isn’t what we’re going to see!

but the parallels from alabasta just keep coming (zeta42) – is it a foregone conclusion that somebody is going to join after this lengthy and devastating arc? worth mentioning is no crew member currently has any family to go back to, making viola an unlikely candidate (theomnipotentkiller). i’m still carrying that torch for monet (even though she still has a sister, sugar) – at the very least, i guarantee we’ll see her again. i think this is the last panel we see her in, and that came after she was ‘killed’ (the sister reveal came in an sbs after her ‘death’ too). that’s no way to treat our next nakama!! the mugiwara still have to go to outer space!! ๐Ÿ™‚

big setup chapter – i’m sure we all saw it coming. but will we see luffy’s endgame-move next chapter, or be left hanging again to see another move in gear4? i hinted at it last week – nobody thinks sanji is going to save the day, but now that viola is in trouble, i think the chances of it just went from 0.1% to .. 3%!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

finally, big shout out to @anandapf26, for tweeting me this picture: brothers! i have to say, this really hit home for me, being an only child. but what we don’t have in biology, we make up for in kindred spirit ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you ananda! thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

i don’t care what other people think about me

alright, i think it’s time i shared this .. thing .. that i wrote. let me give you a little bit of context, the answer to — ook, where is all this shitty, borderline teenage-angst coming from?

relative to society’s expectations/my parents’ standard of success, i am the model immigrant-american. i assimilated extremely well in school, work hard, and am well on my way to a comfortable+cozy existence working for corporate america

but i’m definitely not free, which led me to seriously question how many decisions i’ve actually made vs. how many were made for me because i was being so passive about my own existence. i (as in me) decided for myself that that the title on my business cards and amount of money i make every year will not be the metrics by which i measure my worth/life. not knowing how to start forming a goal, i began with making initial assumptions about life, and drawing conclusions from there. here’s what i have so far, in answering the question..

but how shall i live?

assumption 0: freedom and connection is the goal
comment 0: happiness is spending time with those you love and love you in return. freedom is, to me anyway, self-actualization; connections are that which ground you + provide meaning. conscientiousness and appreciation is the means. be yourself, and you will soon find yourself surrounded by those on your path. they will return in kind
consequence 0: focus on self development and your own passions. spend more time with loved ones and create new/deepen your connections

assumption 1: our world is defined and therefore limited by time, space and energy (physical and mental)
comment 1: and a lot of random bullshit. i could have been born to a different chinese family that never emigrated from china and still be there, today. also, be conscious of your time and energy; used wisely, anybody can develop any competence
consequence 1: it is not enough to simply appreciate the opportunities you’ve been afforded, you must take full advantage of them all. donโ€™t let an opportunity to have a positive effect on another person just pass you by. an opportunity wasted is truly an opportunity lost, as that time + space will never return again. it is impossible to know what events may or may not cascade out of any chance encounter

assumption 2: we are the sum of our dna + experiences
comment 2: with a much larger bias on our experiences shaping the you of today than your genetics (my opinion). you are one person with one context, and context determines what is right or true or possible at any given time
consequence 2: treat everybody with respect. relative to whatever subject matter is at hand, your respect is deserved by and owed to any person with an experience you do not personally have. actively seek new experiences and perspectives

consequence 0+2: fall in love, and experience everything you can with each other

consequence 0+1+2: the coherent synthesis of all the experiences and perspectives of otherwise ‘free’ people is Truth with a capital t. there are many different lives being lived every single day, and we only get one

assumption 3: value is created only by doing what others will not or can not do
comment 3: as true in fine art as it is in a fortune 500 – the artist that has not experienced or accomplished anything has no compelling voice to offer; the employee that has no unique skills, relationships or abilities within an organization is easily replaced
consequence 3: literally – find a niche and start filling it in. simple exercise could be to ask yourself three questions: what do you love? what do you wish was happening in that space but isnโ€™t? why arenโ€™t you doing that, again?

consequence 0+2+3: start your own business, especially if you are not happy in your current role (+doubly so now, as new business formation is at or approaching an all time low in the united states)

consequence 0+3: learn a craft/do something with your hands. your hands are irreplaceable, and mastery of a craft is surely its own reward

assumption 4: we all grow and change at different rates and times in our lives
comment 4: and none of us really know what the hell is going on (this text helps me delude myself in to thinking i have an intellectual foundation)
consequence 4: donโ€™t hold grudges and lend a hand to others on your path. give second, third, and fourth chances. nobody knows where any of us are or will end up in our journey towards so-called โ€˜enlightenmentโ€™ + you never know who will elevate you and your level of thinking next

consequence 0+1+2+3+4: by giving yourself time and space, you maximize your own opportunity to give time and energy to others. be yourself, and seek internal rather than external validation of your own self worth. don’t be afraid to do something different if your logic and experience takes you in a different direction than everybody else. keep developing yourself and broadening+deepening your connections

everything is going to be ok ๐Ÿ™‚ [end]

so that’s what i have so far. i am in no way saying it applies to everyone or anyone (in that i could be totally wrong) but .. it’s helping me right now. and i hope it helps someone else, possibly in the year 3000, when one piece is worshiped as a triumph of human achievement + somebody stumbles across this blog randomly ๐Ÿ™‚

so where do i go from here? well, i will say that i have found meaning in love and in art – in that both are extremely difficult and romantic kinds of things. so i am happy to say, i am going to pursue art! ..however ridiculous that may seem. my hope is to find Truth and present it in a compelling way (whatever that means). but most importantly, i will do it on my own terms and measure success by my own scale because that in itself is what it means to be free. and so i will ๐Ÿ™‚ and so i thank you for reading and making it this far ๐Ÿ™‚

hope all is very well with you, and hope you have a fantastic weekend! happy friday ๐Ÿ™‚ i know it’s gonna be a good one!

chapter 787: four minutes away

revealed: everyone’s plan – push indestructible stuff against the birdcage
opt: all they need to do is buy luffy 2 minutes right?! right?!? ๐Ÿ™‚ i love this so much right now – the pace is going absolutely wild, swinging from HUGE event to event: luffy’s down. then burgess drops. doflamingo’s up, killing e.v.e.r.y.b.o.d.y. sabo’s in! zoro’s swords holding up as well as a gigantic factory made of seastone. mansherry heals the gladiators. 3 minutes left. but i need 4!! ..

would it be blasphemous to say i think sanji is actually going to come through and save the day? ok i don’t really think that – but it’s the only thing nobody else seems to be thinking, so it’s a decent bet, maybe ๐Ÿ™‚ what is this MOVE that luffy thinks he has against this guy? luffy was going to activate it in bound/ce man form – but i hope we get another!

further off

i find myself drifting further and further off topic here and evidence enough: readership is down SHARP but oh well ๐Ÿ˜› these too-public, internal negotiation/dialogues i’ve been having here is one of the ways i’m trying to move myself closer to what i might as well start calling luffy’s mentality: being ready to risk it all for grand adventure+freedom ๐Ÿ™‚

but it’s not just wanting it – it’s coming to an intellectual and not purely emotional decision to want it, because it’s a damn selfish kind of thing. ahh we must be getting close! this is a cliffhanger for what is surely to be another, bigger cliffhanger — you can really feel it, we’re getting close the climax !! hope you all have a great week and weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 786: gatz

oh man didn’t even get to finish last week’s — the wedding was right on the beach and everything just came together all at once: waves, crashing on rocks and a cool ocean breeze at golden hour + ‘i do’ really makes for an unbelievable moment ๐Ÿ™‚ other highlights: the mrs. and i swam in an underground river (google image: cenote) — if anyone is planning on going, bring a waterproof camera and get a scuba certification first because then you get to do stuff like this

a;dsfj;kjl so cool!

i mean, our tour guide did say people sometimes get lost on that excursion.. and somebody had died only 2 weeks prior.. mmm — still worth it? still worth it!

revealed: burgess is after luffy’s gomu gomu no mi
revealed: after gear4, luffy needs 10 minutes to use his haki again
opt: what the heck kind of move does luffy think he has that will counter dof’s stringeneration? doesn’t even matter cause it’s finally meadows‘ time to shine/reveal himself to be kaido! ๐Ÿ˜› so if burgess really does have a bag of smiles on him, then maybe the ability to ‘regenerate’ a devil fruit is a property of smiles themselves — in other words, that they are otherwise empty containers for wandering df ‘spirits.’ uhh.. i dunno (?)

as we were landing back in california, i finished this book: introducing nlp (neurolinguistic programming), and all i can really say is wow. in a nutshell, nlp is an experiential + experimental model for living which really resonated with me as a person coming from academic research. it might not be for everyone but i highly recommend it to anyone currently looking for answers in the self-development space. it’s also a bit of a psychologist’s handbook, but where i found value in it was as a validation of my own thinking, giving me the confidence i need to move forward in my path towards self fulfillment

freedom, conscientiousness, positivity and connection
‘to all pragmatic idealists and the spirit of curiosity’ – this one is definitely for you ๐Ÿ™‚
see you next week! hope you all have a great week and weekend

chapter 785: even if your legs break

greetings from the hard rock hotel in lovely riviera maya, mexico ๐Ÿ™‚ had no time to myself until right now – mere hours before the wedding we’re actually here for. so quickly, what can i say about it: my first time being in an ‘all-inclusive’ resort + there’s a whole lot to love about this place. but just like any buffet you’ve ever been to (even the ‘nice’ ones), you’re trading quality for quantity. more on that at the end, because this chapter was jam packed with data-goodness! so for now, net net net: definitely worth it once, not sure we’ll be back any time soon

still here: burgess, spotted! and being tailed by koala
confirmed: gear 4th has a time limit
revealed: devil fruits can ‘awaken’ and affect the surroundings of its user
boom: lion bazookaaa~!!
opt: ok.. woah!! lots to digest here. first, luffy’s ?! reaction to dofla’s little awakening speech means this is the first time he’s hearing about this/encountering it – presumably because rayleigh doesn’t have a devil fruit himself (though it is still ‘known’..). and just because there aren’t any executives left doesn’t mean dofla doesn’t have any help; for me, burgess is #1 on that list of his potential ‘allies,’ though you have to believe the blackbeard pirates would betray him seconds after for the incredibly powerful ito ito no mi


the discussion on this has been great, and the number of questions this raises is .. okay, not limitless – maybe like ~100? ๐Ÿ™‚ if the marines/world gov’t were worth their salt, all the shichibukai + admirals should have awakened their fruits. let’s throw crocodile in the ‘most probable’ category, as he had been suggesting this all along + brought it up once again with the awakened zoans (festive_poltergeist). then again, they recruited buggy so nothing is for sure for sure ๐Ÿ˜›

one liners

– reverse bellamy: rubber wall, continuous pummeling by luffy (majestichodor)
– rubber sunny: cannonball-proof (atomsnake)
– endgame: rubber ground, absorb blackbeard’s earthquakes (diosjenin)
+ this guy is super excited to have riku back ๐Ÿ™‚ (diosjenin)
– franky’s idea: get everyone in the factory (garudaeagle3)
– rumble balls temporarily induce df awakening? (divinesleeper)
– burgess with a sack of smiles (rog3r)
– jinbe carrying the poneglyph beside him (epicness)
opt: crowdsource all the ideas!

more later.. i need to get dressed now! aieee~~

chapter 784: gear fourth

uhh what did we just witness?!

revealed: the dwarves put law’s arm back on
revealed: lawffy’s goal is to become the ‘eye of the storm’ in the new world
confirmed: gear 4th is luffy covered in armament haki but retaining his ‘bounce’
opt: as many people predicted, gear 4th is indeed muscle inflation — but what luffy is really putting on display here is his mastery of his devil fruit. as crocodile said so long ago, it isn’t the devil fruit but how the user trains with it that makes them strong!

for two years, luffy trained + discovered new ways to exploit his rubber body on rusukaina. it could be that in order to defeat the gorillas, luffy had to invent the retracting-kong gun; to conquer the birds, he had to develop the ability to geppo/fly with more precision; change the direction of his pistol to catch unimaginably fast snakes, etc. x497 other animals+techniques ๐Ÿ™‚ but what i am appreciating most is that none of these are not just his old attacks +haki or +more physical strength. what we’re seeing are brand-new moves made possible by his training with the gomu gomu no mi, and the only plausible way luffy should be able to get any ‘stronger’ from here on out

one liners

– python shot = improved snake shot, as used on hody (gerrettheferrett/mtrxd5)
– gear4 luffy being luffy (morinu)
– maybe bounce man is just one of potentially many gear4-?-man forms luffy came up with (gold @ mf)
opt: further cementing just how useless hody would have been above water, and absolutely loving how gear4 is injecting some comedy in to luffy’s fights again – especially against a boss like doflamingo! gear5 then.. bone -> muscle -> nerves? (blackcelestial) or maybe he just straight up goes neo and starts effecting the vibrations of everything around him at the quantum level ๐Ÿ˜› take that, gorosei! don’t mess with the matrix!

break next week for all of weekly shonen jump — as for me, i am happy to report that in the past week, i’ve really nailed down my own personal philosophy/worldview ~ an important first step on my path towards self-actualization. i’ve drafted something a bit too lengthy/shitty to share it here right now, but rest assured it will be shared in its entirey whether you care to read it not ๐Ÿ˜› i’ll make my final edits to it once i finish this book i’m reading [thinking fast and slow by daniel kahneman] which i cannot recommend enough (awards); it’s the only marketing/psychology textbook that your professors should have had you buy+read but didn’t — obviously well written, more importantly well cited, and best of all: forever relevant, actionable and insightful. one for the ages! hope you all have a great couple of weeks and weekends ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 783: in my way

;asdklfj yeah, there would be a break next week; distance makes the heart something something. most impressive thing? akagami @ mangaspoiler (find by ganeshgun) suggested it would happen this very chapter because gear 2 was introduced in 387 -> 783! so what’s the reverse of gear 2? no.. that sounds not right ๐Ÿ˜›

gear 4 discussion
i think i read most of what people are thinking about gear 4 and i think the only thing we know for sure it is that it should be inspired by some sort of adaptation he made from his surroundings/a previous fight (g2/g3). consensus seems to be it will effect his muscles as opposed to his blood + bones but i agree most with iceyup: gotta love that nobody really knows, and why should we! that’s not an adventure worth going on!

// charlotte linlin is the three eyed lady and not the big slime thing (panbimbo)
<-> oda, if human ate the hito hito no mi: ‘they become human.. finding your true spirit, or something’
–? charlotte linlin ate a hito hito no mi and became enlightened, cleansing her of impurity which created big mom
–? also, it’s the witch model + all the hansel and gretel stuff
<– her introduction
opt: relying on translations + not being japanese makes this hard; no idea if there’s any sort of subtext going on in oda’s statement — cool idea nevertheless!

// the 7th shichibukai is inspired by miyamoto musashi (vandenreich @ orojackson)
opt: long but great read – lots going on in this one, including tie ins to fujitora, tashigi/kuina, wano and zoro’s part in it. in a sentence? the last shichibukai is an undefeated, two-sword style, challenge-seeking ronin who gave fujitora his scar, killed tashigi/kuina’s mom, and a fated opponent for zoro. far more interesting to me – musashi wrote a book called the book of five rings; the best technique is no technique? i’m in!

one liners

– only thing i can think of is him mimicking sengoku’s df .. (klumsi)
– brooke to be the most important character; to sing songs and tell the tale of the mugiwara (topher_lee)
– explanation of luffy’s 3rd gear … 76,230 lbs. of dry air behind that punch (kirbyisit)
– time to figure out what gear 4 is gonna be like (oda, this morning/chrisn654)
– blackbeard pirates will start producing wanted posters for marines (garogaromon3)
– is monet alive? (buffalowangz)
+ revealed: sugar and monet are sisters (sbs77)
opt: of course they’re sisters! monet is coming back in some form one way or another, as her background has only been hinted at but not yet fully fleshed out. hmm.. why could that be? ๐Ÿ˜‰

2 x 12+ hour flights later

all i can do is be thankful to be home. the trip was a success on all fronts, and the perspective i gained by visiting my home country could not have been more timely for what i’m doing. every time i wander the streets of the city i was born in, i am awe-struck by just how many people there must be around the world

though our experiences of life are all so very different, they must be something similar still: i just the other day had the pleasure of watching somebody on the subway in guangzhou let out an frustrated ‘aiya!’ after finishing this chapter ๐Ÿ™‚ the ability to make the world over go ‘goddamnit’ all at once is a pretty rare and quite possibly coolest type of thing – creating cliffhangers like this must be the best part of oda’s job!

oda has definitely earned his break (and then some.. really, as much as he wants, but please don’t take too long oda-sama); more evidence of how hard these other mangaka work trying to keep up with one piece here.. and while one piece is indeed a very ‘big wall to clear,’ i’m sure oda would be the first to tell you – if that’s your dream, it can be done ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 782: evil’s champion

hi peoples ๐Ÿ™‚ top reddit post of the week was brought to everyone by ghmorello; it’s admiral magoo! i never actually saw the cartoon show myself (1949?) but everyone knows enough about it to understand – this thing is perfect!

revealed: dof has had conqueror’s haki for a long, long time
seriously: law cuts off his other arm to take out trebol!
suggested: trebol gave doflamingo his devil fruit
opt: if it is in fact the one he ate ๐Ÿ˜› and does this weight having been lifted off all the dwarves mean trebol really is done for? i’ve been super wrong about that before! ๐Ÿ˜€

// sabo will arrive to absorb the flames + save law (zenotha)
opt: yep

next couple weeks

i’ll be in china the next couple weeks so my apologies if updates come late or not at all (see: great firewall of china). but for anyone going to coachella, please let everyone know if you see a one piece art installation out there! (werrill37 @ /r/coachella) ๐Ÿ™‚

unfortunately we don’t have tickets but we might try to find a way in to weekend 2 anyways.. gotta pay my respects to this flag! i just hope everyone goes – wha, what is that? and finds their way to the greatest story being told ๐Ÿ™‚ [asoiaf you’re taking too long!!]

anyway, that’s it for now – i have to pack and get movin along.. a little blurb about the future of this blog in the next section + treasure cruise friend codes at the end ๐Ÿ™‚ hope you’re all having a great week, weekend and 2015 – see you as soon as i can see you again! ๐Ÿ˜€

preface to a new beginning

i was going to wait to mention this but now is probably the perfect time to pre-announce: once dressrosa arc finishes (ideally ~june 1st), i’m going to flip a switch on this blog. after much reflection, i’ve decided to change the tone of this blog and the weekly format — most notably, i plan on dropping some of the reddit stuff i’ve been reporting(?) on, because while i comment on a lot of what the one piece subreddit is doing here, i couldn’t honestly say i’m actually part of that community (in that i never, ever post,) which makes this a weird exercise and one i’m growing increasingly conscious of. however this evolved to be the way it is now, i couldn’t be more proud (with a don!) ๐Ÿ™‚ and i’m just as excited to evolve again (hopefully with my audience)

the long and short of it is that this blog will become more like an actual blog = i’m going to start infusing more about my life in to this, as i believe in the next few months my life journey will actually be worth writing/reading about + i’d like to do what i can to improve on my writing skills ๐Ÿ™‚ of course, one piece will still tie all over the place ~ i mean, how could it not? aside from my wife, one piece is my biggest source of inspiration, and .. well .. more on this once the arc ends

for everyone that has been reading up until this point, i thank you so much for spending a little bit of time each week with me, and i hope you’ll continue to as i embark on this new phase in my life. there’s a lot of one piece and life left to go, and if i/we do it right, we won’t waste a single second of what we have left ๐Ÿ™‚

treasure cruise accounts

so i just deleted all my friends off all my treasure cruise accounts to make room for anyone who reads this/wants some pretty good captains to play with! ๐Ÿ™‚ don’t care what lvl you are, will be blindly accepting until i run out of space — though to be honest i haven’t been playing as often as before (really only monday’s for exp turtles), but laboon’s island just got released so i’ll be on that asap!

781934322 – gear3 luffy captain/main (currently lvl. 65)
615346691 – 5* lvl. 72 vivi account (perfect for lion song zoros!)

chapter 781: long-cherished desire

webster’s dictionary defines hype as something that ‘stimulates’ and ‘enlivens.’ hype can also be used to describe a narcotics addict (as in hypodermic) or perhaps most accurately, an act of deception + extravagant promotion. taken altogether, to me, ‘hype’ connotes that there is a shit ton of (potential) energy being stored in to some future event (usually in the form of $), and that the likelihood it actually manages to reach/live up to the expectations of all that energy is damn near zero for its participants (making all the marketing + build up to it an act/s of deception)

i’ve been hyped on/about a good many things in my life, but this.. what i am feeling now is not hype. no, what i feel now is a gentle calm – the same calm that takes over your body when you know you’re going to get everything you’ve been waiting for; that your patience is about to be rewarded and all the other shit that came in between made it all worth it. the learning here, for me anyway, is that you cannot ever hope to purchase or market for the amount of hope and admiration fans world-wide have for oda and one piece during times like these, because this is not hype and not a feeling that can be created out of thin air. this is its own reality, and if i may: a world oda created for us that gives us exactly what we’re looking for, which is why we so fervently make it part of ours

doflamingo sits on his throne representing just everything that’s wrong with the world. his opponent is monkey d. luffy, all around role-model, seeker of truth and one piece, who embodies every ounce of anger and disgust the masses feel for people that treat everyone else as something disposable. this works because seeing doflamingo get pummeled by luffy is something we’ve all been waiting for, for a long, long time (long-cherished?). this works because it’s a story more real than real life — all of this is actually happening to the strawhat crew. it’s a story so far removed from our own that we long for it + dream of it. call it inspirational, aspirational or flat out unattainable.. i’m just happy to be a fan, and to be experiencing it with you all ๐Ÿ™‚ the truth is i’m not sure i said anything in the paragraphs above were actually worth reading.. but you read it. so for that, i couldn’t be more thankful ๐Ÿ˜€ i’ll make it up to you all one day soon, i promise

top reddit post of the week was brought to everyone by sobhibecause – ‘i never want to leave my room!’ love those pages from the manga, and i love the idea of having panels on vinyl or paper like this just everywhere.. brilliant! me too, one day.. one day!! ๐Ÿ™‚

revealed: law’s alive!
confirmed: trebol is useless!
it’s coming: a fight almost 550 chapters in the making!
opt: how could i be so blind, of course law switched bodies with someone who was dead and held an enormous, life-stealing ‘room’ over everyone the whole time with the last of his strength

i don’t know what else i can really say, other than that the reactions from the internet have been nothing short of amazing. male or female, here’s one we can all relate to: ‘my dick is so hard right now’ (lvl99onionknight) because this panel.. do i need to get this tattooed?

(above) best frame in this chapter/arc/a long time (kosanovskiy/itssensei)

anyways, that’s my time for now. anybody else want to cook themselves a nice steak before reading 782? hope you all have a great week and weekend!

chapter 780: the last fight

two week break, over! so gotta first say a big hell yurrrn to the one piece subreddit for topping 40k followers (dyp), and you can even see some trend data on it here, courtesy of trendbot! largest gainz were when sabo was revealed in the coliseum – any guesses how many we’ll have when the series finally reaches its end? i’ll give you my guess right now: 10 million followers! damn right damn right!

top reddit post of the two weeks was brought to us by ezeran‘s girlfriend: luffyonawhiteboard! this is damn good, but the amount of meat is a bit off; there’s not nearly enough of it (nitroserum). and in a close second, a snapchat of a dude watching a very strange episode of dragon ball z in the library. (sjabney) now, let’s be fair: marco does have blonde hair, and… arms. but random stranger, can’t you see marco’s kick ass tattoo on his chest? y’know, i’ve been looking for a one piece tattoo for a long time (it’ll be my first), and maybe this is going to have to be the one! (…or not, i mean what do we really know about him anyway.) seriously though, one piece tattoo. gotta find one that i like. the X on the wrist is dope, as is anything that turns your hand/fist/foot gear3, but i think i’m leaning towards getting a panel, border and all, done on my body. i just don’t know which one(s) yet !!

soo…: law just took a ton of bullets to the back. i’m thinking he’s dead
endgame: dofla is shrinking the birdcage, either by will or limitation
opt: not entirely sure why oda would name this chapter the heart curse; most sense i can make of it, is that doflamingo is calling law’s obsession with corazon a curse. but the more interesting part, for me, is how damn sure law is that luffy will take doflamingo down – i mean, law has no concept of plot armor, as he is a character in the series. instead, i wager law is referencing his own knowledge of the will of d and luffy’s part in it. the ‘miracles’ law speaks of are not simply a coincidence to him!

and speaking of…

here’s something courtesy of ‘someone‘ vdramirez knows: 400 years ago, monteblanc norand tells a young boy with a straw hat a story about a land of midgets. now, i’ve never seen this before and i’m inclined to 100% buy in. after all, i think you have to believe the kid in the panel on the left is the one with the hat, and we all know oda doesn’t tend to waste real estate in his drawings. could this kid have been someone of real importance? time will tell, and i’m damn excited to find out! ๐Ÿ™‚

// the emerald city of zou is real (onepiecelove.com/thegabster0)
<-> bellamy, pg. 15 of ch. 224
–? wizard of oz: we already have a straw man, tin man, and cowardly lion
–? oz backward is zou, could the emerald city be underneath zou?
opt: the author goes on to speculate that minkmen, like mink, could live underground in the emerald city, and that the city is made from kairoseki. i bring this up not so much because i necessarily agree but because the wizard of oz, straw/tin/lion thing was a unique (to me anyway) observation! v interesting!

one liners

– whitebeard’s personality was inspired by the owner of a pub oda used to frequent (onepiecegold.com)
– how you know we’ve reached the main battle: the timer is on! (doomsdayblaze)
first and last thing we see law do? (sakata_kintoki)
– robin wears a cowboy hat because of saul (rustyseagull)
– next chapter: flashback of law telling luffy how to handle dof (snirop)
– law: ‘luffy-ya.. put on this sexy nurse outfit’ (victoryispreparation)
– law should’ve wished for more wishes (go_banana_bonobo)
opt: well i guess he could’ve wished for more wishes but doflamingo shot him all the same, and didn’t lick any buttholes. people are saying luffy is utilizing his ability to hear the voice of all things at the end, but the simpler and imo more likely explanation is already above: it’s flashback time ๐Ÿ™‚ what else what else.. ah – a mugiwara outfit compilation thanks to jaydoubleyoutee ๐Ÿ™‚ so very cool, i really wonder if oda designs all of these himself (i think he does) because they are damn awesome and would sell if they were real for sure

ok, that’s it for now but i’m sure there’s going to be more to come. if the last chapter was hype-train, this is one is hype-rocket.. goddamn! anyway, as i alluded to earlier, lots of big changes happening in my life, and i can’t wait to share them with you once it all starts to unfurl – hope all is very well in all your lives ๐Ÿ™‚ and hope you’re having a great week and weekend. hope to see you next thursday (hope hope hope, but what else is there?), thanks again for dropping by!

treasure cruise datapoints

so i’m pushing vivi to 72 (currently 58 or 59), and on my second account, i fed absolutely everything i had to my lion zoro so i could always have a lion song available for when i wanted it. this game is definitely in grind-it-out territory now, so i started a third (and i think, final) account and rerolled for g3 luffy (success after about 6 rerolls), who, by the way is completely imbalanced. example: by friend-captaining myself, i was able to complete veteran special islands right when i got access to them, and could finish elite special-islands (kuro right now) @ plvl 15+, which makes it extremely easy to catch up really fast from plvl0 (in i think ~5 hours i went from zero to plvl 25).

otherwise, there’s some good stuff going on out there, data wise, as to what the rate-ups on qck chars vs. the strawhat v2s were like, and it’s about 25% qck, 12.5% strawhat v2, which is totally in line with my experience during my rerolls. i think i’ll stop this treasure cruise section now, as there are so many great resources out there that this is completely redundant/unnecessary now.. but once my 5* vivi hits lvl 72, i’m going to remove all my friends from my treasure cruise account and post up my friend id as a thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚ hopefully i’ll be done with that in the next 2 weeks – so for now, here are a couple accounts i thought were keeping during my rerolls ๐Ÿ™‚

3* miss valentine, lvl 20 + 5* towel nami, lvl 5
user: 321458209, pass: afzgn3xr

5* tashigi, lvl 20 + 5* v2 sanji, lvl 20
user: 286438716, pass: phkewjn4

i have to say, 5* v2 sanji is just a poor man’s luffy g3, and is actually great in tandem with g3 luffy because if you miss your third perfect, you still get +2.5x to all chars ๐Ÿ™‚ just sayin!! so i lost a lot of stuff but the show must go on! will slowly figure out how to find old posts in my site’s datatables + add them back in as i go. weeee

chapter 763: human declaration

holy shit. top reddit post of the week was brought to us by idrawforyou – it’s a drawing of ace! and it looks like he’s selling it for $32 — maybe we should start a one piece art exchange/store or something; that’d be really fun! i get 5% though. you know, for .. stuff.

revealed: one of doflamingo’s eyes
revealed: 33 years ago, don quixote homing gave up his title of celestial dragon
revealed: celestial dragon ‘chips’ exist, very likely designating membership
revealed: corazon’s real name – rocinante (donquixote’s horse)
revealed: the donquixote pirates’ ship – a big ass flamingo
revealed: corazon can talk, no problem
superreveal: yep. law’s real name is trafalgar d water law!
opt: ohhhhh mannnnnn… so this is ridiculous; law is a d on his mother’s side, implying that lamie is also a ‘d’! erica brought up a good point, on how law’s story is just wayy too tragic — he will almost certainly join the crew or just die at some point, and because law has his own crew already, i’m going with the later

taking this too far, if law does indeed die, that makes me think every ‘d’ character is destined to die after passing their will on to another person/having fulfilled some sort of great purpose (like saul saving robin, or rouge giving birth to ace, roger starting off the great age of pirates, outlier: old man garp). will we finally get a few more pearls on the mystery of the ‘d’ and the ancient kingdom? i sure hope so! this site lives, breathes and dies on information like that!

one liners

napoleon fought and lost the battles of trafalgar and waterloo (divinesleeper @ reddit)
– corazon acting so strongly to the mention of law being a ‘d’ suggests the ‘d’ has something to do with doflamingo’s knowledge of the ‘secret’ in mariejois (redkardon @ reddit)
– law is reading books on war strategy/tactics (lemonlinguist @ reddit)
opt: so if being a ‘d’ does have something to do with the secret of mariejois, then maybe doflamingo’s plan was to have law use the ope ope no mi activate whatever that secret is! err, well, no.. this would only make sense if doflamingo was a ‘d’ also. did i say if? i mean when (i kid – i don’t want that)

huge reveals that everyone can’t stop talking about – next week’s chapter is going to be in-sa-ne~! hope you’re all having a great weekend and weekend, see you next time!

chapter 762: white city

and we’re back! top reddit post of the week was brought to us by gear2ndluffy! this amazing rayleigh cosplay! and it’s not just anyone, it’s him! where’d you get those pants? i want those pants! wait, tell me about the pants later. check out some of this other stuff i apparently missed this past month: hellojeffy’s girlfriend makes him quite possibly the coolest cake i’ve ever seen, and this incredibly difficult to solve maze, brought to us by nopieman 3 weeks ago! okay, with that out of the way.. those pants! or er, this chapter —

revealed: young baby5, buffalo, lao g + pica, diamante, dofla, trebol, corazon, gladius, dellinger + jora/giolla, machvise, and.. and.. is that really senor pink?!
revealed: law’s sickness as a child was amber poisoning from the white city, flevance!
revealed: law has a sister, lamie, who died when the hospital she was in was set on fire
revealed: law’s dad was a doctor, but his parents were shot because they were infected
revealed: there is some edict of blood in the doflamingo family, punishable by the ‘skewer torture’
opt: so let’s get this straight – first, law’s parents get shot for being infected, then in what appears to be the same day, all of his friends/the church caretaker get shot + the hospital where his sister was being treated gets burned down, then law has to hide in a mountain of corpses to get out (i question why corpses were being taken out in the first place but let’s let that slide)… christ, oda. give him a break

there is now a lot more meaning behind doflamingo’s lead bullets .. !! — or not. they seem symbolic at most, given law somehow healed himself/was healed of amber lead poisoning already, ah who knows. my favorite part of this chapter for sure though was how the doflamingo crew were just mugging people as they were describing the tragedy that was flevance; not even breaking a sweat. that’s paayymmmpp (if you watch black jesus, you know how i’m trying to sound that out)

// there are vivre cards in kuma’s bible (tenhou @ apf/mythicalzoan @ reddit)
–> bible can be read as biburu in japanese
–> vivre cards in one piece are ใƒ“ใƒ–ใƒซใ‚ซใƒผใƒ‰ or biburukฤdo
opt: … yes. i’m super g-lous that i didn’t come up with this ~ brilliant!!

uhh.. did you guys notice this giant egg on roger’s ship?

posted to reddit by richardmnixon42, but shared by supersonic @ mh/mf ~

– exhibit a: roger’s ship, toy
– exhibit b: edd war, anime
– exhibit c: strong world chapter 0, manga

okay, so there’s no question that i/you are intrigued — roger’s crew made it to the end of the grand line and all anybody can/should be thinking of is what the heck – why is it so big and what is inside of it? everyone is suggesting there’s a dragon inside of it.. or pierre (ss3sanji @ reddit).. or that it has the power to control the weather, or is the national treasure at mariejois, uranus, who once hatched can control the weather.. oi oi oi ~

we posited a ways back that this stupid egg pattern means a lot more than we know — it just keeps showing up all those links were broken and now this eggu? i got absolutely nothing — there’ still so much more about this universe oda hasn’t revealed yet, i doubt we even have the slightest clue about this thing yet. it might as well be laboon’s egg or a sea king’s egg. edit: that’s dumb it can’t be laboon’s egg

one liners

– people don’t die in one piece anymore, they just become revolutionaries (olgenheimer @ reddit)
– i guess you could say the people in the white city were mislead (allyoucanteat @ reddit)
– oda drew the frog from law’s childhood in a panel! (nintentohtori @ reddit)
– the newspaper corazon is reading has crocodile in it (steampunkwolf @ reddit/edward newgate @ mf)
– partie un, partie deux (archangellestrudel @ reddit)
– aokiji’s quads must be so muscular (anoctosquid @ reddit)
opt: the frog and crocodile .. you guys are way too observant. we’re very lucky to have you! ๐Ÿ™‚

and i’m spent. what a great chapter, and a great week! i’m moving in to my new place this weekend — i’ll have a one piece shrine to start building! will share that soon, hope to do you all proud. until then, see you next week ~ hope you have a wonderful friday and weekend!

chapter 761: the ope ope fruit

oi oi oi ~ apologies for the late post. some crazy stuff happening that i will share with you hopefully next week! but for now, top reddit post of the week was brought to us by roskoff – SUUPEERRR CONTEST! franky is never going to catch a break with robin. this comic is pure genius!!

revealed: in mariejois, lies a crazy, secret treasure
revealed: 16 years ago in a town called spider miles, law met dof’s crew!
confirmed: law’s fruit is completely overpowered
revealed: and has the ability to grant eternal life!
revealed: corazon~! violent, clumsy, and .. mute?
opt: it’s called the ope ope fruit, one piece is abbreviated op, and of course, op means overpowered (newvox agrees!).. ope ope fruit is one piece, confirmed! so we also got confirmation that law knew he was going to die in 3 years and 2 months from that point — possibly from an incurable disease. i looked through the timeline – there isn’t anything there to connect the events from 16 (13 pre-ts) years ago to law’s forecasted death.. at least i don’t think

as for what the treasure is, the go-to’s are an ancient weapon and a poneglyph – but that’s not interesting enough. the weirdest i’ve heard is that it’s bonney because bonney might be able to grant eternal youth. the ope fruit otherwise makes sense except doflamingo explicitly states he’d have used the ope fruit to use this treasure (presumably, steal).. but my bet is on it being the devil fruit tree of legend ๐Ÿ™‚ cannot be moved or destroyed, so the world gov’t built mariejois right on top of it instead!

// cora-san was corazon 1 and 2 (mazhaoshen @ reddit)
–? the plan was to switch personalities in to a new body, and force the old one to use it on the new one
–? law was going to become corazon #3 but cora gives law life instead
opt: ok, this is very, very interesting to me because it potentially explains why cora is mute/an idiot; doing this kind of a transfer might leave you without your senses, or something. but allow me to try to reword this, if only because i need to make more sense out of this: 1 – switch the personality from ope user person b to ‘new body’ person a, 2 – doflamingo forces ope user person b to grant person a immortal life, 3 – ope vessel b dies, the ope fruit ‘respawns’ and another person can eat and use the ope fruit! the one piece video games would suggest that doflamingo is capable of forcing people under his control to use their df powers.. but we haven’t seen that just yet in this arc (or ever, have we?) all this aside, it seems too clear that doflamingo was planning on having this power used on him but cora used it on law instead, or transferred law’s death in to himself, or something. but this doesn’t quite explain what’s going on either, i don’t think, because dofla tried telling law about the ope fruit’s powers, meaning his working assumption was law did not know. so either cora did this behind dofla’s back, or there’s a much bigger piece of this puzzle missing — and i have to go with the later.

// kaido has the sun wukong zoan, redux (alilbitogoldanapager @ reddit)
-> sun wukong = dbz = master roshi tribute in dress rosa coliseum
-> sun wukong’s army was comprised of a group including a ‘saurian demon king’ = drake
opt: first proposed (that i saw) by cookie997 @ reddit, cited here (link jumps down a few ch on this page), but with more flava! i definitely enjoy all the kaido speculation going on and this does seem to fit .. sun wukong is totally badass too .. it’s probably the best we have so far so if we’re being serious, i think we have to go with it for now.. however —

i still stand behind kaido being a machine of some sort, as per the winter island drake found himself on with scotch (franky says he’s not human, not an animal) i also had this other idea, and i am just combining the two because why the hell not: oda didn’t introduce lassoo for no reason. i like to think that kaidou is actually just the wielder of some amazing devil-fruit-weapon ~~ or better yet, he was a robot/pacificista/something that ‘ate’ a devil fruit like lassoo and became something really ridiculous! maybe he ate uranus, or wields a weapon that ate uranus — … okay.. i’ll come down off it now..

one liners

– the sea monsters on this chapter’s cover are these same ones from ch607 (devin__ @ reddit)
– cora didn’t light himself on fire, he ate the mera mera no mi before ace! (rax the anti hero @ mf)
opt: cool find! didn’t spend any time digging in to those guys but they look to be under hody’s crew’s control. hody’s gone, these guys run wild? doesn’t make sense. someone is always pulling the strings!

alright guys, i’m exhausted. hope this one makes up for my shizzz update last week! i’ll try to find some time since we’re on a break ๐Ÿ™ to add some more stuff next week. but if you’re a long time reader, you know it’s probably .. not gonna happen ๐Ÿ˜› bigger + hopefully more interesting news for me to share with you all soon! happiest thursday everyone, hope you have a great week/2 weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 760: the same bet

wednesday release? i feel like i had two chapters this week!! except now there’s a two week break.. nevermind that’s stupid. plus, i guess there’s a real explanation for it: this was a saturday chapter (tyriac @ reddit). top reddit post of the week honors go to [deleted]; it’s a furniture sale in dress rosa!! this [deleted] guy must have no life. he’s all over reddit, saying totally inappropriate things.. but this post was awesome!! maybe he’s turned a corner. just maybe.

revealed: radio knife stops df users from reassembling their bodies
revealed: trebol, at one time, took care of law
revealed: doflamingo’s mom died due to illness
revealed: doflamingo’s father chose to live like a ‘real human,’ and paid the ultimate price for his authenticity!
opt: oooOOOHHHHHHH!! SUUUPER ending + there’s a lot to talk about here… i don’t even know where to start. fujitora and sabo had a really weird exchange that was quite confusing to me, but back in 747, veniora @ reddit laid out exactly why he’s choosing to bet on luffy and not intervene himself: “fuji isnโ€™t taking out dofla because of what happened to croc. croc was taken down, [lost his title, the] marines were given credit, shichibukai were cleared. fuji wants dofla to go down with title, so the title goes down as per his motive of disbanding the seven.” still valid! but will luffy come through?

3d2y special

so are we to believe this is how luffy learned red hawk? beeecaaausee if so … awesome!! the fan service was plentiful, and just a quick anecdote: my fiance and i were looking through these totally cheesy notes we were passing around to each other and in one of them, we were just crudely drawing women with gigantic boobs for no particular reason. and it hit me: mangaka did this as kids.. and just kinda… kept.. doing it; it’s primal! we can’t help ourselves! it makes the plot more interesting, or something like that. keep it up, goda!

that red hawk could take out brynndi world and not doflamingo is speaking volumes and volumes about dof, but i still can’t get over how incredibly disappointed i am that we aren’t seeing more of everyone elses’ development during those years. moreover luffy already has his scar when the special starts – we didn’t learn jack! i’m sure more specials will come out ~ they just have to, don’t they? don’t they?!

// jinbe was finding out about the law and luffy alliance during dofla’s resignation (nadrewod @ reddit)
–> exhibit a
–> exhibit b
opt: ah yes, but what does this mean? could jinbe show up to help sanji vs. the big mamma ship?

// momonosuke was supposed to be doflamingo’s secret weapon against kaidou (kyrq @ reddit)
<-> there is a legend of momotarou (peach boy) in japanese folklore. tl;dr ~ there’s this giant peach in some river that gets found by an old couple, but this peach actually contains a child who tells the couple he’s from heaven. momotarou befriends a dog, monkey and pheasant and they go off and kill a bunch of demons
–> in jora’s painting, momo has a peach head (zamochy @ reddit)
–? if momonosuke is capable of defeating ‘demons,’ then maybe momo can take out kaidou for some strange reason (fruit related or otherwise)
–> kin’emon = gold guard, and not his actual father (like the story of momotarou)
–? dog, monkey, pheasant = akainu, kizaru, aokiji
–? dog, monkey, pheasant = kine’mon, third_unnamed_samurai, kanjuro
–? dog, monkey, pheasant = kine’mon, luffy, aokiji
opt: a lot of stuff up in the air here, but definitely a lot to like, too! and the demon he’s supposed to beat doesn’t need to be kaidou, it may very well be doflamingo himself. very original and very interesting indeed! almost too interesting to be true, but then again, momo was special before he ate his fruit — we just aren’t sure how yet.

one liners

– how is luffy going to get out of this one? gomu gomu no anger (pschoenthaler @ reddit)
– according to the wiki, this was the shortest chapter in one piece’s serialization (mandrill @ mf)
– pandamannn? (chriscen @ reddit)
opt: not going to say much here.. and not because there isn’t anything to say, i’m just getting tired. there’s a great webmaster for you!

well, happiest wednesday everyone. hope you’re all having a great week ๐Ÿ™‚ hope to see you guys here next week – i definitely cannot wait! in other news, i’m finally going to catch up on the anime – that 3d2y special has me missing it for sure. will report back with anything noteworthy! until then –

chapter 759: secret plan

ohh noo ~~ are we going to have to wait until thursday from now on for chapters? ahhh who am i kidding – now thursdays kick ass instead of wednesdays! i almost prefer it this way ๐Ÿ™‚ top reddit post of the week was brought to us by berisha11: similarities between the old and new era’s! nothing we haven’t seen before but it is still 100% deserving — but oh, what’s this? so much amazing content this past week, all of which deserve some serious recognition! like this barto painting by flaiil @ da (thanks dyslexics_untied) .. or ooh!! this guardians of the galaxy crossover by jigmetezen @ da (thanks cara8bishop) .. and last + most certainly not least — the 3d2y tv special is online for us to watch!! no time right now but there’s no question i’m going to watch this after football tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

revealed: crackerjacks/skulljackcrack/crackskulljack whatever = 8 people each!
revealed: law would’ve become the third and not second corazon??
revealed: superawesomeunblockablecombo – red room! .. uhh.. + hawk
opt: BOOM son! that was such an awesome attack! way better than anything naruto and sasuke tried to pull off, and these two are just getting started! and i love how doflamingo takes a couple pages to just list everything the mugiwaras + law have done to his crew. aaaahahahahahahhahahah – i almost forgot how much they’ve screwed with his whole world already. as for a secret plan.. was that it? couldn’t be.. at least i hope not

as for law becoming the third corazon.. the way doflamingo uses the term confirms that his brother’s name wasn’t actually corazon, he was just the heart seat at the time (not dissimilar to diamante, trebol and pica). i only bring it up because i think it’s stupid that law would refer to him by that title and not his real name. moreover broflamingo was corazon #2 — a lot of people are saying vergo could’ve been #1 and that’s definitely plausible.. but i’m holding out for something greater; if i had to guess, an even older broflamingo or maybe one of his parents ?

one liners

– if luffy is busting out red hawk this early, i can’t wait to see what else he has in store for doff (epicmarc @ reddit)
– law said the same thing about the weak not being able to choose how they die to tashigi (luanticlawyer @ reddit)
opt: i have to believe that the plan law was talking about is their trump card, but won’t make an appearance again until the very end. doflamingo at this point has seriously been dethroned. i started this arc believing there’s no way someone as connected at dofla could go down so quickly in the new world, but now i just think i was just wrong. there are still plenty of shichibukai, marines, and underworld villains for luffy to beat up on — it’s very possible doflamingo goes down for good this arc!

otherwise, this was plain and simple – just a great chapter. but you didn’t need me to tell you that ๐Ÿ™‚ hope everyone is having a great week. lots of weird stuff happening in my life – i hope to open up a one piece themed store in the near future, so i can just hang out and discuss one piece with people like us!! wouldn’t that be a dream ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ see you next time, i like u peoples

ps: if you don’t have tv and want to watch the packers/seahawks live, try sticktv.net ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 758: ignore it and move on

woohoo! top reddit post of the week was brought to us by katiebampu – mugiwara pigeons!! suuUUUPPEERRR; here’s another one ~ honorary mugiwara, trafalgarlawpigeon! this is wildly creative – i’m inspired! .. ah, nope. lost it.

now i was going to wait until mangastream came out with something but it’s been like 12 hours now and let’s be real: i’m impatient

revealed: lucy = luffy!!
revealed: doflamingo shot law with lead bullets
revealed: ussop just activated his coo haki!
confirmed: ussop utilized kanjuro’s power to create his .. face.. star!
opt: if viola falls in love with ussop — sanji’s going to be pissed! now, why did doflamingo shoot law with lead bullets? well, this opens up the possibility that a seastone bullet may be used in the future.. but my friend zach seems to believe that doflamingo is just being crazy stubborn and is keeping the door open for law to take the heart seat – very purposeful in not killing him

or maybe he’s being a sadistic asshole and is trying to kill him slowly via lead poisoning (westunrest @ reddit). as for ussop’s haki activation, it’s notable that it was triggered by his sight — contrastingly, coby triggered his through sound. different strokes i suppose, but he couldn’t have unlocked it in a more badass/critical way

one liners
– ‘the most subtle REKT ever’ (dyp @ reddit)
– haki was useless against sugar as she had no killing intent. so she walked right up to law and luffy (2th @ reddit)
opt: you’re amazing dyp-kun!!! how can you be so amazing? what a find!! bellaruined is on the floor next to dofla; i definitely missed it! and i’ll just restate what everyone else has already said here: law left 13 years ago, sugar may have joined just before the invasion/she’s a secret weapon and dofla wanted to keep her secret.. blah blahb lahblahblabhalbhalbhalbhalhbhlablbhalbhalbhlbh

and so goes another week and another chapter. the mugiwara crew appear to be all tied up on the royal plateau, and the threat of sugar has been completely neutralized.. we’ve reached the climax my friends!! there are still a ton of side fights going on and i really hope each one gets all the panels they deserve.. but i just can’t see it happening – the pacing would be completely out of whack.

what i’m really hoping will happen is law transports all four them outside and then it becomes a complete battle royale; all the stars are there – doflamingo included! let’s end this game in style ๐Ÿ™‚ AVALANCHE vs bizzaro sephiroth style!!

ch756: “and now that sugar is awake, i can totally see ussop drawing something really weird and making sugar pass out again once it comes to life!”

chenquieh, chenquieh

– luffy still thinks sogeking sniped for him at enies lobby, making ussop’s remarks about quietly supporting the mugi’s that much more poignant (kagedtiger @ reddit)

chapter 757: trump card

top reddit post of the week was brought to us by supsatire: ‘you’re not doing it right..’ but apparently it was a repost. that’s ok!! you’re still the winner!! but you have to share that .. honor? .. with floppy_mclongsocks — source of which is from ใƒฏใƒณใƒ”ใƒผใ‚น, a japanese artist on pixiv! cool stuff, tried translating the text below the picture to see if it’s a real painting or digital..

‘after doing MHP2G too late, it has become after a long time a lot softening. Thank you DR! I do not know whether I’m bad luck or I say I # 444, but since a shark if sea story, easy to hit a little bit maybe. c Sanji c Zorro c Luffy cONEPIECE c Straw Hat Pirates battle’

okay.. let’s just go with real painting. damn! so awesome!

revealed: barto can make his barrier take multiple forms
revealed: the barriers have a maximum surface area
revealed: fujitora can change gravity horizontally as well!
confirmed, again: fuji says it again – sabo is second in command!
opt: are franky and senor pink having a breakdancefight? and can fujitora remove gravity altogether or focus it upward and just throw people in to space? maybe he needs to pick a point to center or disperse gravity from. i hope oda goes in to every single devil fruit and how it works with a compendium of some kind!

you should see these gifs by kojiro @ mf

pretty straightforward chapter, although robin’s declaration that luffy is the trump card seemed a bit lacking. one liners? err.. uhh.. i dunno if there’s all that much to say. in my digging, pacifista @ mf questions whether or not it is the sword itself doing the gravity moves vs. fujitora (did the sword eat the fruit?) while a whole slew of people seem to think that it’s robin vs. gladius, 1v1 – her first one in a long time at that!

well, barto can probably join the fight again now that everyone is up on level 4, and cavendish could reasonably be considered so pissed that all he wants to do is kill these skullcrackerjackthings, but gladius can blow himself up without taking any damage, and robin takes damage even if it’s a devil fruit extremity. doesn’t seem like the most ideal match-up and robin might be able to pull this off, but hakuba hasn’t made his second appearance yet and i feel like this might be as good a time as any

hope you all have a great week and weekend! see you next time ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 756: level 4

top reddit post of the week was brought to us by reevesrocker and one hell of an awesome father: ‘last night i introduced my son to one piece. today, he walks out like this;’ yer damn right you do reevesrocker’skid!! oh dad, why couldn’t you introduce me to one piece when i was .. uhh .. lets see, 17 years of serialization? carry the four .. ah screw it

revealed: mansherry is being held in the time out room behind the royal chapel
reset: violet’s thousand mile gaze is better translated as clairvoyance
revenge: sugar is awake.. and pissed at everything with a big nose/that is long!
oh hell yes: fate rears its beautiful head yet again, as rebecca and diamante meet in the flower fields
opt: that should put all the wtfthousandmiles complaints to rest. or not, since king riku proceeds to talk about how far in to the distance she can see. but we’re getting close! all the lesser battles are starting and my god could you ask for more from a cliffhanger?

soldierfather will undoubtedly help take care of diamante for his daughter (but not until she gets whooped on a little). but i’m more interested in what law could’ve done to these headcrackers and what his role will be once he, cavendish and luffy actually make it to the castle. i think trebol is up there still, as is ma’sherrie and her ‘power’… burgess/cp0? lame & totally mia.

one liners

sanji is doflamingo confirmed (wannabuildablackman @ reddit)
– when was robin’s last 1v1 fight, skypeia? against yama? (y @ mf)
– ussop holding kanjuro’s brush reminded me he’s actually a good artist. will kanjuro bring ussop’s drawings to life? (dunners64 @ reddit)
opt: yes it was a joke but hmm.. let’s play this out some more. sanji is mad because he’s no longer worthy of being one of the monster trio; he instead concludes his strategic intellect is better suited to being the bad guy and decides to take over the seat doflamingo vacated. this time, as a partner to big mom! … nahh he still needs to find all blue.

and now that sugar is awake, i can totally see ussop drawing something really weird and making sugar pass out again once it comes to life. imo that’d be an ending worth all this wait ๐Ÿ™‚ but i’ll be pissed if that’s how it ends, too because nobody actually wants to call these things correctly ๐Ÿ˜› this site is supposed to be an exercise in futility!

great chapter, the plot is advancing! there are just too many fights going on though.. i don’t see how oda can do any of them justice. especially since there are so many more to come. no skin off our backs – i’m happy to see it all happen! hope you all have a great week and weekend everyone, take care! ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 755: pleased to make your acquaintance

top reddit post of the week was brought to us by redditor batman9785 via frenums and sergiart: skull joke!! and yeah, it’s a good one ๐Ÿ™‚ somehow the last panel really does it, and i can’t quite put my finger on why/would never have thought to include it myself .. truly magnificent. bravo!

now, this wasn’t the top reddit post but damn was this cool or what: one piece as drawn by all the various mangaka! brought to us by nopieman but thank goodness for deathlordoo, who spelled out which artist does/did what: i love how true each mangaka is to their style ๐Ÿ™‚ highlights for me: shinobu kaitani, liar game: shanks + akira amano, hitman reborn: sanji, because it makes complete sense why they drew who they did to me – awesome!

revealed: franky ear: born with great hearing?
too revealed: smile factory boss kyuiin
revealed: mansherr/lly is real!
opt: i dunno what this incredible hearing shizz is about. why now, why him, why at all? being able to hear the voice of all things isn’t enough for the mugiwara, i suppose.. but i digress ~ i actually cannot believe manshelly is real! woohoo! go leo! for the record, i thought she was the homegirl sugar. maybe i should start keeping track of what we’ve been right/wrong about … — nahhh (for obvious reasons :P)

one liners

– sorry leo, princess mansherry is in another castle! (bibbi123 @ reddit)
– another royal female for luffy on two opposite ends of the size spectrum (overkill136 @ reddit)
– i like the theory that mansherry can make anyone believe what she wants (divinesleeper @ reddit)
– oda reveals what one piece won’t be: the journey itself! thank god for that (dyp via onepiecepodcast @ reddit)
opt: i was gonna do a whole thing about what her power is but everyone just gave up and thinks she makes smile rain. but what divinesleeper is bringing up is something else entirely – cool idea! and to quote oda re: what is one piece,

oda: Hahaha, no no, I wonโ€™t be pulling off some kind of wizard of oz thing like that. After having gone through an adventure like that, it wouldnโ€™t be fair to not actually give them a reward


well, looks like that’s it for us this wednesday. hope you all have a great week and weekend! see you next time ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 754: pleased to make your acquaintance

this cover chapter story is cracking me up. wtf is going to happen? top reddit post of the week: 17 years and .. uhh.. four .. days.. ago, one piece was released!! big thanks to stingray0097 for the reminder and the pic ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s the spread from the first ch!

revealed: kanjuro, the evening rain and his df ability to bring his drawings to life!
opt: what the hell. the evening rain? that is SO COOL! and he’s a shitty artist, okami style! and if you didn’t almost sob the way barto did when zoro took pica to school, i would ask you to kindly leave this site. zoro, who was already superdope, just went up a level in my book. and puppets? well.. don quixote went to a puppet show and absolutely tore them all up. this just keeps getting weirder and weirder. damn, do i love this manga or what?!

// dellinger, the fighting fish zoan
<-> boss class fighting fish + horns
–> well, he’s got a fighting fish hat (soravx @ reddit)
–> and he grew a fin when kicking bluegilly (forcecommander @ reddit)
opt: yep i’m sold. but why male models?

one liners

– ‘sai has become so irrelevant in naruto that he decided to try his luck in one piece’ (gershizzle @ reddit)
+ a dab of jiraya (ichiryuu @ mf)
– robin, ‘excited‘ to see zoro in action (adyniz @ reddit)
– kanjuro’s food probably tastes like ink (tundra14 @ reddit)
opt: i think that i went straight to okami and not sairaya speaks volumes about how much i just don’t care about naruto right now

you should see

real life post-ts one piece statues! (dyslexics_untied @ reddit)
– re: kanjuro, how the hell does his silhouette from 725 resemble anything like the way he actually looks (judgement @ mf)
– i found pandamayne!! (goofy_luffy @ reddit)
– boa hancock’s devil fruit (xpost, bashface @ reddit)
– all the volume covers! (deathpheonix @ reddit)
opt: it’s good to be back. thank you all for your amazing contributions to reddit over the past week and for making this wednesday truly spectacular ๐Ÿ™‚ and the one piece wiki would suggest that in volume 73, his silhouette was revised. ok!

and so ends another chapter. this one was really worth the wait! hope you all have a great week and weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for visiting, hope to see you again next week~~

chapter 753: war

top reddit post of the week was brought to us by deathphoenix – all the anime-censored manga scenes! from chapter one – how luffy got his scar! and the most recent? from chapter 721: bartolomeo cutting off the tongue of a person bad mouthing luff – looks like nobody wants to funimate knives to the face

revealed: doflamingo’s goal is to destroy this [world]
revealed: to the dwarves at least – they’re being had!
revealed: kyros’ sole goal in all this is to kill diamante
opt: now why is kyros calling our captain luffyland? did i miss something? probably did. ah screw it.

one liners

– mistake? kyros has his leg back (before / after) (blitzzardpls @ reddit)
– can someone help translate/tell me what the heck they’re saying about the moons on this page (me)
opt: i can’t find it anymore but doflamingo’s destroy this world comment had someone thinking he might join up with luffy to take down the world gov’t after all. while i think they are aligned in their goals, their approaches couldn’t be more different. he’s done too much bad shit. unredeemable. otherwise, can someone do a good job at translating at least a couple parts of that page? it looks pretty good!

arg. these set up chapters are killin me. i need something to post! something needs to happen! so.. let’s talk about what’s going on here. it appears doflamingo had every intention of releasing law – we can hear the key to his cuffs slinking away after doflastringo was defeated last chapter (or at least that’s our interpretation). why? he must think law will still re-defect in to the heart seat, though i don’t see that happening at all

still no cp0, still no sanji, still no momono. ran out of stuff to say for now.. will be back this time ๐Ÿ˜› gonna take some zzzs. hope everyone has a wonderful week and weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 752: palm

there was not more to come ๐Ÿ™ i’ve done this before, haven’t i. and i feel terrible about it, i really do. but you’ll forgive me because .. you’re nice people! yeah, that’s it! thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

top reddit post of the week was brought to us by zolozoro – ‘my favorite one piece fan art!’ original artist? all these japanese characters ใทใซใ‚ƒใฃใŸ. okay, so i took two quarters of japanese. that says pu ni aa ta … ?? okay, so i just googled it instead: puniatta, and here’s this person’s twitter! thanks for digging that up battle_franky_37, and to barto, for being an ‘equal opportunity fanboy’ (cinnabar-chan @ reddit)

revealed: what doflamingo’s string puppets are made of
hinted.. at: cabbage has a plan
revealed: in his youth, law was raised in the ‘white city‘ and expected to die
kinda revealed: the location doflamingo and law met
opt: did we already know his puppets could use df/haki moves? not sure that we did. and this white city is then in north blue? sadly, this little teaser picture doesn’t give us anything at all to go on.. damn

one liners

– hey! it’s that cat again, from alabasta! (divinesleeper @ reddit)
– is donqui tossing around law’s key at the end? (zorostompsluffy @ reddit)
– new one piece 3d2y tv special to focus on luffy’s timeskip training!! (zorospride @ reddit)
opt: via redon @ apf, everyone absolutely has to watch that special! and donqui has been fooled multiple times this arc, maybe he does have a fake key because, as dontuforgetaboutme23 points out, viola should know if it’s a fake.. shouldn’t she?

another break

and we have yet another break break (frighteningworld @ reddit). but the good news is it isn’t health related, it’s one piece exhibit based! (s4r9am @ reddit) fine fine fine. guess we can’t fault him for that. thanks for joining me again this wednesday guys, i really appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚ as an aside, i think i’m going to just start blogging other crap that i think about on here too, but not on the one piece pages – some totally other section, that will probably be hidden easter egg style

hope all is well! and hope you all have a great week and weekend

chapter 751: sabo vs. admiral fujitora

top reddit post of the week was brought to us by house90 – “girlfriend said not to bring any anime stuff on vacation with her family .. i ‘agreed.'” too good. and at the risk of ruining such a good thing

revealed: donqui’s strings can cut fuji’s meteors
confirmed: the third cup was sabo’s
revealed: the funk brothers sold luffy out
beginning: part 1 of jinbe’s cover story! (zadujj @ reddit)
opt: i mean the third cup is what really proved sabo was alive but here we are. i also agree with how ridiculous fujitora seems now, given what he believes about protecting the innocent .. and then launching a bunch of meteors down on dress rosa and destroying everything and everyone. he’s getting a bit carried away with them too. bring down enel and the moon next! meteors are bs

// name that revolutionary
–? koala (ping @ apf)
–? kuma (Tโ‚ฌ]@$ @ apf)
opt: i hope other people figure out who’s who in this panel. nobody is really speculating what’s going on here and probably for good reason

one liners

– sabo’s talons symbolize how he is the fighter and ‘hands’ of his boss, dragon (x @ mf)
– it really was a shortcut; luffy found exactly what he was looking for (mortein @ apf)
– zoro versus pica (daoldmanvillage @ reddit)
opt: more to come .. !!

chapter 750: aspects of battle/state of war

top reddit post of the week was to brought to us by nopieman; it’s usopp vs akainu! but the most interesting part of this is.. this is a .jpg file and not a .gif. huh? eh i’m not gonna question it. moving on!

revealed: viola has law’s key
revealed: frankybeam won’t destroy the factory
opt: i’m so not up to date on what everyone is talking about or thinks about this arc, so i’m going to have to take this weekend to just catch up with every forum. part of the reason why is because, well, no reason why this audience can’t hear it first: i’ve just received word that a promotion of sorts in the works! and the anticipation has been consuming to say the least ๐Ÿ™‚

the other part is because i’ve been shelling out money and time for birthdays and weddings like i’m santa (i turned 27 yesterday – everyone is getting married now) and just haven’t been able to devote myself the way i have been/want to, but this blog isn’t about my life, it’s about one piece. next!

you should see this

– look what i found (guipbasto @ reddit)
opt: uhhh YES?

one liners

– similar to when ace intercepted smoker back in alabasta (wdao16 @ reddit)
stelly foreshadowing (warp predator @ apf)
opt: hmm… yeah.. so much for next. another setup chapter, which is fine, of course! but no corazon, no law.. but stelly, yes! of course i have no response for how, why or when stelly is going to reappear, but i’d be lying if i said i didn’t want it!

this arc has been really, really long. so long that it’s crashing my wordpress ๐Ÿ˜ this arc is picking up though, and luckily for the ux of my site, we’re getting very, very close! but i get this strange feeling that donqui is going to get away somehow, because there are just too many loose ends … most especially any and everything to do with momonosuke and kanjuro, who are both connected to wano kuni (presumably the mugiwara’s next island). maybe he’ll take one as a hostage and bounce out. or maybe he’ll lose his crew and become moriah 2.0

i’ll get back to work on some new pages soon – but maybe i need a couple of fresh ideas. will of d is okay but too speculative, same with what is one piece.. there’s some good info about haki types out there that is worth making an addition for but i wouldn’t say it’s my area of expertise just yet. hope everyone had a great couple of weeks and that all is very well ๐Ÿ™‚ i’ll figure that out soon and maybe even redesign the ux yet.a.friggin.gain because i’m learning all this cool stuff and want to deploy it somehow. it’d be the last time maybe not really – i promise!

chapter 749: forward! ruffian army!


double page spread city! but first: top reddit post of the week was brought to us by emleingod; “that hoverhand.” … ahhah so perfect – who comes up with this stuff? oh i know, it’s emlan @ deviantart! and big thanks to radioactivity @ reddit for finding the source so i didn’t have to!! how to: saucenao and reverse google image search. got it. moving on

revealed: thirteen years ago, doflamingo killed his own younger brother, who was named corazon
revealed: corazon saved law’s life at some point
opt: wuuuut? why the hell have i been assuming corazon was a girl this whole time? i should’ve known: captain america – heart dude was a guy!

// corazon was at gol d. roger’s execution (everyone @ everywhere)
<-> the man who showed, manga
<-> the man who showed, anime (rly_do_not_want @ reddit)
<-> the only picture we have of corazon
–> hypothetical comparison of the doflamingo brothers’ chins and the earrings (extravlad @ narutoforums)
opt: very compelling! and i say, why not! but the more important question, then, is: so what? how might this impact the future of the series? or will this just be a random aside that oda gets to throw in there? time will tell but if true, you know it has to be something super crazy!

i regret to inform you

that one piece is on a two-week hiatus ๐Ÿ™ it appears to have been planned — what say you, goda?

since last year, i’ve tended to get swollen tonsils when i get tired. the surgery i’m having this time will take out the tonsils, which really hindered my work. since i’m having this surgery anyways, i plan to have a bazooka installed on my shoulder. i’ll be back with my body stronger, so I can clear my workload in the latter half of this year. i’ll be right back, so please come play with me again. – eiichiro oda

everybody kept saying he was sick or dying or something.. giving me a goddamn heart attack over here – it’s tonsil surgery! first reported, i believe, by a chinese scanlator by the name of ishuhui. so how bad can tonsil surgery be? bring it on, second-to-last-year medical-student-slash-redditor armouredturtle!

last year oda was hospitalized for a peritonsillar abcess… “quincys” .. think of it as a giant pimple

i’m gonna go ahead and not think about a giant pimple, but instead that tite kubo has something to do with this. anyway, tonsil surgery is not life threatening unless the surgeon royally screws up so there it is — get well soon and all that good crap!

you should see this

– hospitalized oda drew this for all us fans (golf2014 @ reddit)
– of course he’s a swordsman (rax the hero @ mf)
– pretty amazing monster trio dressrosa cosplay! (watchknb @ reddit)
– kenshin vs. zoro gif (starboy11 @ reddit)
– apparently this cartoon, vicky the viking, sparked oda’s interest in pirates (aarcn @ reddit)
– 10 things you should know about oda (divvens @ orojackson.com/siopaobun @ reddit)
opt: or maybe not. man oda, you have pretty bad taste in kids cartoons like 30 years ago ๐Ÿ™ i just thought that dumb cookie monster emojithing was well placed is all ๐Ÿ˜› and top three things from that top ten list? oda went for nami, he draws the majority of the chapters himself, and just loves his fans and his work. does nothing but. god bless yourself, oda sama

best luffy face we’ve seen in a while? i think so! and the similarities between doflamingo and corazon have got me thinking – what if donqui’s string puppet was actually corazon .. but gutted and filled with strings or something? did one piece just get super dark? this new world stuff is serious business

hope all is well everyone! great chapter .. two week break .. going to sleep now .. take care ๐Ÿ™‚


chapter 748: repaying my debts

weird army formation: complete!!

damn there’s a lot to get through. so much great content! ok, where do we start. ah yes: top reddit post of the week was brought to you by bolteyes – this picstitch! “we can’t swim you know..” perfect!

revealed: …
opt: nothing? really? first time ever? i mean it’s nice to see heracles again.. and i guess we got a bunch of allies.. alright then.. moving on i guess!

one liners

– fuji isn’t taking out dofla because of what happened to croc. croc was taken down, marines were given credit, shichibukai were cleared. fuji wants dofla to go down with title, so the title goes down as per his motive of disbanding the seven (veniora @ reddit)
– please don’t do this – luffy kick’s pica’s throat in and his voice turns manly (cake @ mf)
– is this the turning point in luffy’s quest to become pk? he’s amassing an army now, vs. marineford everyone was there for whitebeard (abyssiastes @ reddit)
– what if burgess is destroying the factory right now, because he doesn’t want kaido’s smile army to be able to match up against blackbeard’s df army (baseballmike17 @ reddit)
– bartolomeo’s weakness: we saw his defense of rebecca fail as it related to sound. barto vs apoo fasho (grimterra @ reddit)
– vergo was the butler (zamochy @ reddit)
– koala was a slave, trained to never stop working and smiling. doflamingo’s crossed out smiley represents the fact that his former slaves no longer have to put on a fake smile any longer (princecheddar @ reddit)
– new lingo: usopp’s lies –> usopp’s fables (gerrettheferrett @ reddit)
opt: too many t’s in your name dude. and damn, that’s a real winner princechedd! i can’t seem to find the panel where sound is making it through barto’s barrier. my badd, but everyone is really buying in to this dofla’s crew used to be his slaves idea. i’ll admit i’m 100% sold, but i have been fooled before..! wouldn’t be surprised if oda pulled some miraculous fast one. bring it on, goda

you should see this

strawhat tontatta in ch 731 (nolastname100 @ reddit)
– coincidence? op vs fairy tail (watchknb @ reddit)
– malware on mangapanda? (sanvich @ reddit)
– what if dofla shot law with a seastone bullet, making the handcuffs irrelevant? (divinesleeper @ reddit)
opt: there are no coincidences — oda must’ve copied fairy tail!! and i tried to get a better scan of the strawhat tonatta but failed miserably. re: malware on mangapanda. i noticed that too.. well, if you aren’t reading op as they release on mangastream then i feel bad for you son. however if you’re like me, and you love digging through old chapters for screencaps or whatever, there are alternatives: batoto.net, mangastream.to (xfoehammer @ reddit), goodmanga.net has everything and is accessible in the usa! finally: where did that seastone bullet idea come from? it’s interesting, to be sure, but chopper can just take it out for him after!

great chapter, this is getting really intense now ๐Ÿ™‚ is pica going down next chapter by the collective effort of luffy’s new fleet? will sanji make another appearance? or be captured by big mom’s crew? but the biggest question of all: what the hell is meadows up to!?

hope you have a great week and weekend everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ take care

chapter 747: top executive pica

top reddit post of the week comes courtesy of aggron82 – “don’t fight it, just embrace it.” so awesome, and also, so correct: there’s no way zoro and law would’ve been able to make it down the hill, but say, isn’t law still handcuffed? or have they already fallen off just because.. ‘eventually’ occurred? explain yourself, yunzl @ deviantart! & thanks for the source aggron!

revealed: the emblem of the doerena kingdom
revealed: pica’s voice is awesomely high pitched
revealed: apparently nobody messes with baby5 (ex dof)
revealed: doflomago’s parents are dead.. and he killed his father
revealed: and his executives have been with him since around that time
revealed: dellinger knew law way back in the day
opt: who else is from the doerena kingdom? this guy. who dat? iunno. and i cannot wait to hear pica’s voice; i haven’t watched the anime in a long time but this’ll get me to do it for sure.

pica laying down in front of baby5 is especially interesting, given her mysterious relationship with law. couple that with the theory that dofla’s execs are all his childhood slaves/play things (anima4 @ reddit, ch736) and it’d be weird not to believe that baby5 was dofla + crew’s maid way back when

hmm.. this chapter was quite a bit more set up. we get these from time to time ๐Ÿ™‚ i tried looking back at previous arcs to see where these dual-build up chapters are, relative to the end of the arc but it was too variable/not worth it

and we’re back

i’m also out of time for now, so sorry about that, but i’ll be sure to dig through the forums sometime probably this weekend perhaps! hope you all have a great week, happy wednesday, see you next time~

chapter 746: stars

top reddit post of the week — dyp strikes again! super one piece (bros?). too good! somehow i missed this one by dyp too – pretty much a perfect recreation of the mera mera no mi, but the top post of last week was this theory on zoro’s eye by cluckb

// zoro’s eye got cut
–> it’s cut
opt: can’t argue with that!

revealed: ussop and robin are known as the the enies lobby shoot-down duo
revealed: the 12 stars of birdcage!
opt: how is 300m for law make any sense? it was 440 before he became a shichibukai, and fake luffy mentioned his went up to 400 too ~ buy low and sell high, i guess (chees0r @ reddit). but to only pay out 500m for godssop? unforgivable

// rokushiki was created to combat haki (moelester518 @ reddit)
<-> cp9 is an assassination group
–> soru: goa sisters’ observation haki could not keep up with luffy’s gear2/soru usage
–> kami-e + geppou/tekkai: attack avoidance/reduce damage
opt: do all haki users have something in common, that the world gov’t/marines would want to assassinate them?

the buildup

it looks like issho is still on doflamingo’s side, whatever that means; cp0 and now burgess + franky are nowhere to be found; even if sanji is on big mom’s mothership, birdcage might keep them out until this game is over, and unfortunately there weren’t any surprises in the names — although i find it a bit odd that kin’emon was named at all (1 star, just for impersonating the king?)

otherwise zach points out luffy and zoro have been holding law’s sword on his behalf, but why the hell is he still rambling on about his plan, after breaking their alliance off? i just can’t come up with a reason why law would have to fake that in front of dofla at all, at all — i just hope it gets explained/we circle back to it to close that loop

funniest chapter in .. i’m not even sure how long

this chapter was heavy. people are dying all around the mugi’s, rebecca finds out she has a father and that he’s been raising her as a toy the whole time.. and yet you can’t help but just laugh at all these hilarious conversations the mugiheartionaries are having between each other —

hack + sabo: fuckin’ fanboy!
luffy: dofla pisses me off! but that thing with ussop was hilarious
law + luffy: law is still handcuffed, but don’t worry, ‘it’ll open itself sooner or later
zoro: doesn’t even fight being dragged around by luffy anymore (jasonnmp @ reddit)
doflamingo: the man on the top of my shit list is .. !!!

one liners

– soo.. why did sabo and fuji not try to destroy the birdcage at all? it’s immune to fire and meteors? (pluto @ mf)
– luffy doesn’t care about law’s plan to pit kaido vs doflo. and for all his planning, when tshtf, all he can do is go along with the strawhats for the ride (sogeking1 @ reddit)
– a look in to dofla’s wealth: it was stated that devil fruits can sell for 100m+ berries. if kaido has 500 members and buys at even 50m per, we’re looking at 25b+ berries from kaido alone (pacifista @ mf via some unnamed post at apf/nf)
– kaido might be such a threat that fuji was given orders not to stop dofla’s smile production (rubbereruben @ mf)
– we think luffy has always made good on this threat (wdao16 @ reddit)
opt: heeezacomin’

alright, looks like that’s it for now! thanks for stopping by this wednesday. i don’t know why but i feel like someone in the 12 has to die. i’m thinking sabo or rebecca and no, i don’t have a good reason for it. dofla is a pretty badass villain but if nobody in the 12 dies then he loses quite a bit of cred. but that’s just for me.

hope all is very well and hope you guys have a great week and weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 745: birdcage

trpotw is this awesome comic posted by s4r9am – “the manga right now.” i can’t really seem to find the source but perceptionsofpacha shared a wanpiss comics tumblr and it’s pretty damn great! here’s a good one ๐Ÿ™‚ and here. and here! can’t believe i didn’t come up with that. probably has something to do with the fact that i can’t draw for crap

also, i’m noticing right now that this page is slowing down quite a bit. damnit oda, wrap it up already! the integrity of my website is at stake here! no but seriously i apologize if this is destroying your ram, cause it’s definitely starting to take a toll on mine. probably has something to do with the fact that my computer is old as hell and i don’t take good care of it

confirmed: robin met sabo and koala during the timeskip
revealed: the smile factory is made of seastone (?)
revealed: doflamingo made a marionette copy of himself
revealed: birdcage
opt: first the tournament and now tournament redux: birdcage?! i imagine luffy will be one of the names dofla chooses.. and very likely king riku and violet.. but dofla trapped cp0 in dressrosa too. can’t wait to see what they can or cannot do. and you know hakuba is coming back ๐Ÿ™‚ how is it that i’m on the edge of my seat for just a list of names? oda needs to teach some other mangaka how to cliffhang (cough how terrible is bleach right now cough)

you should see this

dressrosa character designs (popup to album) by kazuya hisada (dyp @ reddit)
– new doflamingo crew feels (dotscom @ reddit)
– doflamingo is scared of kaido to some degree (fullscalenuclearwar @ apf)
can i see your panties (dyp @ reddit)
– getting more specific: parque de guell in barcelona, spain // dressrosa capture (goodnamesallgone @ reddit)
opt: i understand doflo underestimating the mugiwara – every boss-villain has done that in this series, starting with croc. but is that to say dofla doesn’t fear fuji the same way he fears kaido? because what he’s doing right now is flat out ridiculous. hope kin’emon doesn’t get mistaken for doflamingo.. oh wait, no, that’s going to happen for sure

one liners

– uhh what’s with all these shonen jump clones: madara, coco, the kid kenpachi is fighting (bigtyo @ reddit)
– ‘maybe [doflamingo’s] about to go batshit crazy and just kill everyone around with strings’ (aggron82 @ reddit, last week)
opt: can everybody stop referencing hunger games and bring back battle royale?

i’m going to have to add more to this later. probably will finish by 6 pm or so tomorrow evening ๐Ÿ™‚
next week is golden week so yes, we have another break coming up ๐Ÿ˜
and argghoooo i wasn’t able to add all that much because this chapter was very matter of fact —
might as well flesh out more of this site! expect more pages soon – what did i say we’d work on next?

oh yeah, ‘what is one piece’ and ‘what is the will of d’
the two biggest end-game questions!

chapter 744: the revolutionary army chief of staff

top reddit post of the week was brought to the internet by ijuka, and i think that’s number 2! cosplay of robin – man, that is convincing! looks like she’s selling sunglasses .. one piece sunglasses at that! (jysteus @ reddit) i.. oddly enough don’t really want one. moving on.

revealed: aokiji’s penguin thing is named camel
revealed: sabo’s face, but far more importantly that he’s second in command of the revolutionary army
the winner: sabo wins the tournament by eating the mera mera with zero hesitation
confirmed: ussop has his army
erruhh: the mugi-heart pirates alliance is officially over
finally: doflamingo is still alive.. though we still aren’t sure how
did we know camel’s name before? and damn, gangster move by sabo; doesn’t even seem like he knew it would work for sure. and what to make of king riku’s cryptic line – what kind of body…? your guess is as good as mine, but are there even any guesses out there?

// dofla sells smile to kaido in return for weapons (the humanoid typhoon @ apf)
<-> dofla is a weapons broker
–> re: weapons are built somewhere else — caribou cover story
+ caribou was on kaido’s weapons factory/island
+ and then destroyed it
opt: yup

reaction gifs

– “oda, pls” (huystuhh @ reddit)
– mrw: “he’s my brother and the man who will become the pirate king” (txxxf @ reddit)
opt: ugh, i never took the time to create a gif folder. “who’s the dumbass now.” but i just clicked on the gifs – they totally work! everything i do should be a gif! .. nah.. that’d take way too much effort

one liners

– why do these randos know who sabo is but luffy and ace don’t (gforce1104 @ reddit)
– if you think about it, the number of people we’ve actually seen eat a fruit is pretty low [6] (throwawayclarificati @ reddit)
– is luffy a yonko now (typesett @ reddit)
opt: idea being, luffy has territory now, and a fleet, and an attack on either would incite a war and not just a pirate on pirate skirmish. interesting!

questions in to the break

\\ giant wounds, left eye scars
\\ birdcage
\\ dofla’s body
opt: i tend to read too far in to everything so i’ll be brief.. giant wounds/scars? no clue. upon further investigation, there’s way too many of these going on so.. meaningless. birdcage, got nothin. dofla’s body, something akin to blackbeard maybe eh i guess i dunno

ran out of time!! and no chapter next week? ;jsfalkdj
more soon

chapter 743: dressrosa quakes

top reddit post of the week was by ppleater @ reddit – face-ception! awesome image, to be sure — and i’m 100% guilty of forgetting about wapol (tofuking @ reddit), but because we already linked to it via aru @ apf, we’re posting the runner up: this insane eustass kidd cosplay (rapol @ reddit)! kidd is being played john-macgyver @ deviantart, way to commit man. i cosplayed luffy two san diego comic-con’s ago and i forgot to draw on the scar. dope story, bro. thanks! *self high five*

success: operation sop is complete! and all the toys are human/beast again
uhhh: doflamingo’s head got chopped off by kyros maybe!
opt: we never got to see toy cavendish (ramistar @ apf), dangit. and i’m more than just a little disappointed we weren’t able to spot some potential new world big timers that were turned toy by sugar in all those panels.. it’s mostly just guys we’ve already seen from the tournament, but obviously this is just the first chapter — so much more to come, i know it!

// sabo’s technique is to identify and attack the ‘core’ of all things (thepeopleofd @ reddit/whitebalde @ tumblr)
<-> sabo shatters burgess’ armor through the elbow (the center)
<-> sabo destroys the ring by attacking the center
–> ‘everything surely… has a core.. this ring too, has a core
–> ‘the smell of [nobles] rotten to the core
opt: don’t call me shirley, butthole! no, seriously, i like this a lot. and very much corroborated by sabo’s line way back when to dragon (took me forever to find that panel, you’re welcome, obama!!). otherwise, it looks like sabo is heading straight for the port, and i can’t help but wonder why? best guess: he wants sugar, because .. what else is down there right now

// dog laming isn’t dead (everyone @ everywhere)
<-> no blood
–? law’s memories returned and saved doflamingo from kyros’ attack (breadx @ reddit)
<– luffy’s obs haki is strong enough that if he thinks dof is dead, he should be dead (super sonic @ mf)
opt: no blood really does point to intervention by law in my book. dofla might be the only person who can save cora from whatever situation she’s currently in, mayhaps.. she’s clearly not a toy (in that law remembers her at all) but in no way guaranteed to be alive either. can dofla activate df abilities with parasite? (x @ mf)

other opinions: pica traded places with him, dofla’s head is still attached/can be reattached by his strings.. don’t like either of those, although pica’s disappearance is highly suspect.. (marcelle @ mf, more eloquently stated)

// doflamingo is playing one very big game of chess (yodanis @ reddit)
<-> in chess, there’s a move called ‘castling‘ wherein the rook jumps the king to protect him
–> pica is quite literally a/the dressrosa castle
<– you can’t castle through/out of check (slothalot @ reddit)
opt: floored by the possibility. what a great idea that is – i buy in 100%. like this a lot more than reattaching his own head with strings (ughh..) and law suddenly having a change of heart

// more evidence that sabo is transferring his armament haki in to things to destroy it (zach @ opt)
<-> sabo isn’t punching the ring’s ground here
opt: …and yet it’s still crumbling under the weight of his haki imbued fists before dragon’s breath. we talked about this before, but it was completely speculative back then. well here it is again: what if sabo is using his haki as an armor piercing rather than armor granting move?

you should see this

– but.. a bronze statue is luffy’s dream..!! (zach @ opt)
– oda breaks the fourth wall: *not onepoko* (divinesleeper @ reddit)
– kyros has been waiting ten years to finish this one (kontrared @ reddit)
opt: there’s absolutely no reason for a *not onepoko* shirt to exist in the one piece universe.. which means i need it on a hoodie yesterday.

you should one liners

– maybe these animals are all failed smile experiments (super sonic @ mf)
– lest we forget this corazon hoodie exists (sorabain / manticorpse @ reddit)
opt: kora.. why is she being kept such a secret?

ok that’s it for now, will take some time to dig through apf and see what else i can find for op space and what not. otherwise, liar game is back ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ out of nowhere, randomly searched for it – boom, ch170 released on 3/27, the first chapter in over a year!

hope all is well, and hope everyone has a great week and weekend !
added placeholder: keep in mind page (used to be the thoughtroll + predictionroll)

chapter 742: i’ll always be by your side

top reddit post of the week came courtesy of gamenerdlvl74 – “my admiral fujitora cosplay.” duuude! awesome! if you want to stalk him, you can do so at sakuracon in seattle, where thepowa13 will also be! but as sanji ๐Ÿ™‚

revealed: scarlet faked her death to be with kyros
revealed: kyros cut off his own leg!
revealed: diamante shot scarlet!
for the win: unconscious usopp = victory!
opt: ooook.. anyone else almost shed manly tears reading kyros’ incredibly sad story? and to borrow a word from frank underwood, pragmatism. kyros did what had to be done — amazing! diamante shot scarlet and has reached “arlong category in asshole levels” (baroqueworks @ reddit) by bragging about scarlet’s murder. worth the wait? every goddamn time, you better believe it!

so in looking back on this blog, i don’t think anybody called kyros’ past correctly. some people were close, phoenix zoan @ apf in particular, hypothesizing her ‘banishment’ from the castle for falling in love with a gladiator. nobody could have foreseen kyros cutting off his own leg because why would you think that, but banishment not being the same as fake death aside, pretty spot on prediction! good shit [capital cities]!

\\ who dis is? (sahar @ apf)
<-> view 1, view 2
–? it’s probably the queen, she looks a whole lot like violet grown up
opt: so as you can see, i just found out there’s a highlighter in the snipping tool (i don’t have snagit) and will use it way too much. that being said, is this our first view of the queen? ma a y b e e ~ !

otherwise, i really hope doflamingo’s sword in this panel is the one toy soldier just happened to find. but that’s neither here nor there and i can’t even begin to imagine what kind of impact it’s going to have on this arc soo.. we’ll move on from there —

one liners that you should see.. this

– franky vs three (chapapa @ apf)
– [re:usopp] wild card bitches! (infammo @ reddit)
– kyros’ single wound in the coliseum wasn’t his leg.. (madriano @ apf)
+ img2 for statement above, tank was kyros’ soldier back in the day, kyros’ statue was based on him at 25 (ping @ apf)
– usopp tried using the 100ton hammer, suggesting he wasn’t fighting but just trying to scare sugar (vgc_scytheboy @ reddit/thatanas @ apf)
– cool that they tied kyros up with kairouseki, as if he could only be so strong with a df (umishirube @ reddit)
– [composition] this page; oda purposefully makes bigger convo balloons and blurs faces with outer elements to make it seem like it’s happening quickly — like you’ve got to hold the moment but you can’t.. (myu @ apf)
– updated face-ception (aru @ apf)
opt: wow, i hope that’s true myu, because that’s amazing. i can definitely feel everything you’re saying there!

i have to say guys that these past two weeks have been hell for me. i hope you never get to this point, but for a while there i didn’t feel like i was in control of my own life. but this site is something i do control and damnit, i owe it to not only you all but myself to make it better. and so i will ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for reading, thank you for enjoying this wonderful manga with me week in and week out

hope everybody has a great day, and i hope i can add more to this in red, soon!

faq/other updates: i’m working on the case for op space today ..!!
+ i did a little editing to the cape of the strongest swordsman page.
next: will of d and what is one piece?

chapter 741: usoland the liar

i can only apologize for the lateness of my posts, but ill give you the rationale: work is insane. i work in healthcare and if you can’t tell/aren’t really interested, the us healthcare industry is going through a majorly uncertain transition period right now. that uncertainty translates in to more hours, but i’m happy to do it, so long everyone i work with gets to keep their jobs and food on the table ๐Ÿ™‚

top reddit post of the week is this incredible vector of zoro, brought to you by derpchicken; thanks! vectors are, as gammapod explains, images drawn not by pixel but by shape – bottom line being they’re great at any and every resolution ๐Ÿ™‚ now, i’ll let you all in on a little secret: adobe illustrator live trace. wowowow is that not the most awesome feature i’ve ever seen in any program or what? adjusting the tolerance slider for live trace in ai will also render you lots of very amazing interpretations of the same image – it’s also an easy way to quickly cheat a cool t-shirt design … not that i was planning on doing that or anything

revealed: kyros was a kid in the slums with talent, and given a blunt sword by king riku to participate in the coliseum
: kyros also had a friend who died in the slums, who he avenged
: ussop kinda just manned up and fought
opt: someone on reddit introduced themselves as 1pt so i’ll settle for opt ๐Ÿ˜› anyways, there was no grand realization, no sogeking-recreating moment.. just plain ol’ guilt tripped in to it. and as we all suspected, the coliseum under king riku’s rule was not one of bloodsport but prestige. but kyros.. what can we say about kyros? other than his last line is making me think he volunteered to become a toy and forgotten, but that’s probably not how it went down

on ussop’s contribution to the mugiwara crew

zach brought up a really interesting point that explains how ussop will remember he’s leaving robin/someone else behind – not that he’s leaving anybody behind anymore, though it’s a bit premature to be sure – and an interesting thought besides:

remember milo? this dog/toy/husband/father keeps showing back up in this story, and of course we had to investigate. as you can see, wanpoko’s wife and child don’t remember him what so ever.. to the point where it’s just accepted that he has no father (like luffy) and the mother, no husband

now, luffy didn’t think he had a father because he’s just a retard and hilarious, but wanpoko’s son and wife just filled the blanks in, the key being: they don’t and never will question it. and why would they? no body in the one piece universe would question their own experiences/two eyes

…that is, except for ussop. much like in thriller bark, ussop may be the only person in the entire op universe that can defeat sugar’s ability. it’s very likely that had ussop not been with the mugiwaras in thriller bark, that perona would’ve ended the whole series right there. and therein lies ussop’s power. he’s in a crew with monsters, devil fruit users, the very best in class.. while ussop’s talent is his overwhelming (!!) negativity

would it not be interesting, then, if this unparalleled negativity reared it’s awesome head again in this arc? ussop may be the only person in the op universe that questions himself and his own experiences, making him impervious to sugar’s power, by way of overanalyzing those inconsistencies in his own memory
opt: too deep man, but awesome to be sure! i’m trying to wrap my head around how this would even come about; it would seem like ussop would have to forget sugar’s ability first, before he could rediscover it in this manner. does that suggest everyone in dressrosa would have to become a toy first?

you should see this

innocent comment? who disappeared 8 years ago? (razh @ apf)
– some sort of crazy infographic summarizing the current state of dressrosa (via 4chan, thanks chimerauprising for the reupload @ reddit)
robin callback to yassop (knceng @ apf)
– monkey d. kyros? (jasonnmp @ reddit)
+ see dragon’s widow’s peak and eyes, & kyros‘ (dyp @ reddit)
opt: there’s quite a difference in their noses, but luffy’s looks nothing like dragon’s either so .. why am i looking at noses anyway. dumb. re: razh’s comment — my friend and i were also thinking, if we look back in the series/this arc, there should be more people that stand out as ‘missing’ from the storyline – the queen absolutely being one of those. think about it .. who else should be part of this story that just isn’t so far?

one liners

manshelly sugar’s face is making me think she’ll betray doflomogo (d.aelthasaar @ apf)
– will ussop get a separate bounty (threethumb @ reddit)
– ussop and trebol are both extremely accurate.. what’s the fight going to look like (parklane21 @ apf)
– yeah i’m all bonered up [for ussop] (justinkbrown @ reddit)
– norland was the hero, called liar; ussop is the liar, called hero (battle777 @ reddit)
– unless trebol is dead (yeah right) this pretty much confirms he’s a logia (muetre @ reddit)
+ maybe the attack is kairoseki based/grown
opt: i otherwise would agree that sugar has been cast in a sympathetic light this chapter; who’s to say doflomogo didn’t force manshelly to eat whatever fruit sugar has, it turned her human, and she was forced to join his crew? ๐Ÿ™‚

looks like there’s a break next week ๐Ÿ™ i’ll make some time to finally update that stupid right sidebar top reddit post of the week count. also, just so everyone knows: there’s no way i could possibly read every single comment on both forums in an efficient way; if i’m missing something awesome, i apologize: comment away! now, i had to make it account-comment-only, but that’s for good reason: tons of spammers/linkbots on wordpress integrated sites like this one.

oh well, hope all is well, everyone! have a great week and weekend, see you next time

chapter 740: i’m counting on you!

top reddit post of the week came courtesy of alphajohnx – the progression of nami’s boobs! y’know, i haven’t really been watching the anime but i put an episode of punk hazard on last night and that same thought had occurred to me: exactly when did nami go from this to this? as this site is dedicated primarily to the manga, i did some research and here are the results:

progression of nami’s boobs in the manga

there’s a gap in there because during wapol/drum island, nami was sick and completely covered. but all of the evidence suggests that it was during that time, that they started to .. blossom (get it?). here she is in ch129, right before she gets sick on the sunny-go; hiluluk and chopper have some ‘splainin to do. but what’s making this even more noticable is her waist keeps shrinking as well – case1, case2. and if i spend any more time on this, i’m sleeping on the couch tonight. moving on..

revealed: gladios ate the pam-pam fruit (rupture)
revealed: baby5 gets emotional around law
revealed: robin has been turned in to a toy!
1pt: rupture (หˆrษ™pCHษ™r/) verb 1. (esp. of a pipe, a vessel, or a bodily part such as an organ or membrane) break or burst suddenly. noun 1. an instance of breaking or bursting suddenly and completely. ok, got it. and ooh man, so excited at the prospect of seeing how people will react to robin. maybe it’ll look something like this:

// sugar has the power to undo character development (ximca @ reddit)
<-> robin is a toy now
<-> franky calls usopp usoland
<-> sai already has command of the happou navy, but chinjao doesn’t remember anyone ever having inheriting it
–> usopp is a coward once again
+ and may have ran because he forgot about 99.8% of the tontatta and robin (the_h0bb1t @ reddit)
–? why did luffy miss deflecting those bullets from viola?
1pt: i can’t do this any justice by breaking it down the way i normally try to so i’m going to have to do it here; it starts with franky calling usopp usoland and the question is: why? well, ximca is suggesting that because robin no longer exists/ed, that usopp never had to become sogeking in order to save her, and the character progression usopp experienced since no longer occurred. interesting thought, though i feel like this is way too complex an answer because it complicates a whole lot of other things like luffy’s development of gear2/3, and could extend to franky not even knowing why he’s in the crew at all

// the toys are forgotten, but the events still occurred, just the specifics are lost/are fuzzy
–> old man recognized the fighting style but couldn’t remember the fighter’s name (king cannon @ apf/hackeysack09 @ reddit)

i had some time to think about this and i’m finding myself hating this idea more and more, because it brings in to plausibility someone’s (and i forget who, so my bad) idea that once sugar does lose consciousness, there might be another strawhat that we’ve never seen up until this point who suddenly reappears and must reintegrate into the series somehow. that isn’t elegant – it’s plain and simple just weird (and probably not going to happen anyway). but quite possibly the most important point in all of this was inspired by light bro @ apf

(1) chinjao not only forgot he had grandsons, he doesn’t remember retiring now believes he’s still in command of the happou navy in retirement
1pt: so, edited light bro’s comments a little bit because it seems like chinjao does remember retiring — regardless, this is the biggest wtf in all of this as far. if we are to buy in to cannonsack’s idea above, then chinjao should still recall another person having taken over the navy and ‘commanding ship,’ just not remembering who had done so. however what he’s saying seems to have rewritten his memories entirely (and therefore current/future purpose), which seems to answer the question we’ve all been trying to answer from the start:

does sugar’s ability rewrite a person’s memories of the past?

despite my best efforts to provide evidence to the contrary, what ximca is saying seems to be the closest to the truth. sugar can actually rewrite a person’s history by deleting certain people out of it, dramatically affecting the present. if this weren’t true, chinjao wouldn’t be commanding anything post-saiboo toyification. luffy wouldn’t have forgotten the ‘how’ in deflecting gladios’ attack on viola

if true, this is just so damn far reaching and powerful that it makes everything else look kinda lame in comparison. somebody (ugh, and i keep forgetting to take notes on who – apologies) went as far to suggest that sugar is actually the one in control, and playing doflamingo, the ability is so good. ultimately, rob zilla @ apf says it best:

– chinjao made a very reasonable leap jump to thinking he is now the leader of the navy after saiboo’s toyification, so as it relates to enies lobby, enough events not involving robin occurred such that the mugiwara should be able to fill those gaps in, in a consistent/coherent way

i’m still so fascinated by this because, as i said before, i don’t want to buy in. i’ll keep looking.. but i’ve given up for now

one liners

– predicting the next chapter: ussop in a corner, wondering where franky is.. then realizing that he was sent with the tontatta alone, and he comes to the realization that something isn’t right and that he must be leaving someone behind (al_goregasm @ reddit)
1pt: love it. no more energy for now though..

truth be told, this is nothing short of a piss poor job because i’m running out of time – i’m very interested in where this train of thought leads and will make sure to update this again soon with what i uncover

yeck it has been nothing but work and i have a crazy long day ahead; tomorrow night, i’ll finally be able to get to this. so many apologies, bottom of my heart —

arg out of time this morning. will finish tonight. spent too much time on that damn breast progression crap. stupid namiiiii!!

chapter 739: captain

top reddit post of the week was made by ijuka with an iJ. it’s the “ultimate face swap” and how could you not agree? sidenote typography nerdness: i love i’s and capital j’s together like that (iJ) and jL; something about it just makes sense. otherwise, ussop as sanji is gold. while zoro and those breasteseses are .. making me hate myself

confirmed: toy soldier was indeed kyros!
revealed: toy soldier was turned 10 years ago
revealed: rebecca is 16 (7 after the tragedy of dressrosa – jaydoubleyoutee @ reddit)
1pt: and toy soldier is supposed to shoot doflamingo with something that’s going to stop him in his tracks. good.. luck… with… that? and it just makes sense that toy soldier is the only toy that sugar didn’t create a contract with, making him the only hard evidence/proof that anybody is turning anyone in to a toys at all. coolmancool!

everyone seems to be pretty pissed at oda for making rebecca such a peaceful fighter; after all, who the hell attacks the coliseum boss with the blunt edge of a sword? that was a misstep to be sure, but i like to believe that this is just step one in rebecca’s patented ten step attack, which somehow begins with her getting beaten in to the ground, motionless.

yeah, i don’t get it either, but i still choose to believeee

// big mom ate the mom mom fruit (sentochihiro @ reddit)
<-> deceased moms: banchina, bellemere, otohime, nico olivia, nefertari titi, portgas d rouge, scarlett (tbd)
1pt: i somehow missed this from three months ago.. yahha the idea goes, big mom drains the life force of moms, making her stronger after each mom’s death — a power granted to her by the mom mom fruit (mama mama no mi??). too ridiculous not to share, in case anybody missed it like me ๐Ÿ˜›

one liners

– diamante has five weapon-pendants around his waist. think we’ll see them all? (drfartsparkles @ reddit)
– sabo and musclemelon should team up and do cover stories after (hobbes427791 @ reddit)
– here’s the catch: leo shouldn’t remember tsol = kyros either. and leo is super gullible. we just have to trust it, for now (cptsnydezombie @ reddit)
– what does toy kyros know that we don’t: you’ll be burnt to a crisp, rebecca (anima4 @ reddit)
1pt: hmm.. good point captain new york zombie (?) !! but he more than most likely is still kyros, with his fighting style, relationship to rebecca and all that other good stuff. but first, he must overcome the immense power of capital g. then we grill him for the truth.

this just in

on january 8th last year, mikem7 posted something on reddit that i just had to get my hands on
i’ve been randomly searching the internet since and just yesterday, this came in .. !!

and i just purchased something else i’ve been looking forever for too but i don’t even want to unbox it ๐Ÿ˜ i’ll get around to it soon i’m sure.. but my dream would be to get this issue signed! circa 1997, volume 34 – one piece! romance dawn ~

i’ll keep looking for more..

alright guys.. so sorry but i can’t get to this until tomorrow afternoonbut i’m confident i’ll have more than enouhg to say to make up for it so stay tuned! muchos arigatos!!

chapter 738: trebol army: special executive sugar

i am beat, and all i can do is apologize: i haven’t been able to update because of how busy work has been but please rest assured that tomorrow (thursday) i will absolutely get to this. top reddit post of the week was brought to us by hopscotchmafia1; “i get compliments on this sweater all the time but the ones who know where it’s from go crazy”

you’re damn right, it’s awesome! i’m going to have to stop here because i have to wake up super early; thanks for all your patience – zach wrote up a short article that i can’t wait to read myself and share too, so stay tuned for that i wonder if it’d be copyright infringment to make one in black and white? ehhh who cares, imma do it anyway! huzzah!

revealed: the tontatta think ma cheri is sick and smile is the medicine
revealed: sugar is … really fast
1pt: so sugar isn’t necessarily strong, but she is – at the very least – dressrosa dwarf fast. and trebol ended up being a lot more formidable than his slobbery goo-pile appearance would suggest, meaning: i can’t see robin and ussop beating him but maybe soge-someone will show up somewhere and save the day


not a whole lot happened this chapter for the purposes of this site.. but we did get some glimpses in to the makeup of this place

…at the top of the roof’s curvature are the luminescent sunflowers
…which shine down on a large concentration of trees
…upon which the smile grow
…the tontatta pour the sad in to the river, with these strange holes that lead underneath the trees
1pt: so the sad sinks in to the soil which alters the fruits that grow on them, with the help of the luminescent sunflowers. yeahh.. we still don’t know jack, and those giant metal containers might be ingredients as well.

one liners

– belicoin? (belicoin @ reddit)
– the marines probably have a devil fruit bank (vlisa @ reddit)
– when sugar gets knocked out, we’re probably gonna meet some new world monsters that should’ve stayed forgotten (traflguy @ reddit)
1pt: by far the coolest part of this arc is the fact (yeah, fact !!) that there countless, important characters that the king, rebecca, toy soldier, and so on have probably forgotten. only when those memories are unleashed will we truly learn dressrosa’s past, and i absolutely cannot wait until we see a flashback of the entire invasion again.. except this time, with the queen !

the rime

at some point, my friend and i are going to quit our jobs and open up a manga library where we can hold one piece discussions and goof off all day. here’s something he wrote that i’d like to share, and i think we’ll both just start writing articles about everything and nothing (one piece related, though) starting… soon

I saw on Reddit a while ago that someone asked whether Brook was inspired by the poem โ€œRime of the Ancient Mariner,โ€ by Samuel Coleridge. On Brookโ€™s wiki, it says that he was indeed inspired by the poem. The common agreement seems to be that Brook is inspired by Jack Skellington, but when it comes down to it, the Rime is a much better match.

First off, the Rime is an extremely famous poem, and it has become part of modern English vernacular. To have โ€œan albatross around one’s neckโ€ means to be saddled with a burden or guilt, and the term comes from the Rime. This main metaphor is one of the only parts that is not referenced (as far as I can tell) by One Piece.

While reading the Rime, it became obvious that Oda is a huge fan of this poem. I believe that Brook and the Thriller Bark Arc were inspired by the Rime. To summarize the poem briefly, it follows a sailor who shoots an albatross, and as a result, he and his crewmates are cursed. Their ship is becalmed, and a ghost ship finds their becalmed ship. The ghost ship has a skeleton (death) aboard, and the sailor is forced to watch his crewmates die one by one. He then spends some time alone on the ship with his dead crewmatesโ€™ expressions paralyzed on their faces. The mariner is freed from this lonely stage of torment when he begins to love sea creatures he previously detested – his heart warms to the value of life. His dead crewmates rise, powered not by their own souls, and sail the ship. Then they are free to die. It is his role to live on and tell the tale in penance. Music features strongly, representing love.

Brook is inspired by this story as a combination of the mariner and Death. He watches his friends die, faces a lonely torment, and then spreads the lesson of the value of life. Dead bodies rise, powered by shadows, not their own souls.

As a kicker, the ghost ship in the poem carrying death is called a “specter-bark.” Sound familiar?
what the hell, man. so awesome! i wouldn’t be surprised at all if nami was inspired by some beautiful, old painting
and chopper was inspired by a burrito or an old wallet he found in the trash, or something. that, my friends, would be true artistry. with a hiiiint of dementia. wouldn’t matter to me. wrap his poop up in tinfoil and stick some fishhooks in it! (is zoolander 2 coming out soon?)

hope all is well, everyone! have a great week, see you here next time

chapter 737: executive tower

trpotw was brought to everyone by boombamx3: “luffy and nami.” woahh! great painting! the source? sakimiart @ tumblr; and here’s one of zoro and sanji too (manticorpse @ reddit). i said something about trying to paint some stuff – yeah right, like i can follow up what sakimi did .. !! okay, might as well follow through: p1 – luffy and p2 – my dog. hey, hey, nobody ever said it was good. just.. a thing that was .. done. what did we learn? painting is freakin hard. especially mixing colors (which is why they’re all in b&w) oh well, on to the next!

confirmed: hack is a revolutionary for sure (ace_of_wtf @ reddit)
cavendish is a toy now
: trebol ate the beta beta (sticky sticky) no mi
: doflamingoexecutive pica ate the ishi ishi (stone stone) no mi
1pt: glorp. couldn’t have been more wrong: definitely not a zoan, but is he a stone logia or paramecia? i feel like i should know the answer to that but i’m not sure as i type this.. confident i’ll find something in a forum somewhere. this much is for sure though: if imgur ever goes down, i’m going to lose all my photos and that would suuuuck. but most importantly: what’s going to happen when cavendish goes rommel mode? so i wasn’t able to find too much about it but garonne @ apf does a pretty good job if i do say so myself: luffy and daz bones can become the element, but neither can control a separate entity not of his own production. gear 2/3 are effects of being rubber, maybe the ability to grow is an effect of being stone

revealed: blackbeard has 10 giant captains in his fleet, and burgess is one
1pt: 10 captains eh? well nine have so far been named, though they aren’t all necessarily his giant captains. van augur, jesus burgess, doc q, laffitte, shiliew, sanjuan wolf, vasco shot, catarina devon, and avalo pizzaro.. the only other one in the wiki is stronger, doc q’s horse, and that doesn’t make any sense. “could it be.. gasp, aokiji?” (excelon13 @ reddit) uhh you’re goddamn right it could be aokiji (rnprakash @ reddit), even though the poster seems to disagree

revealed: not-sabo only needed his dragon talon attack to crush burgess’ armor
1pt: i went back to take a look at this move, and the only thing i could really pick out is a noticable discoloration of burgess’ armor after being talon-ed by not-sabo. here’s burgess’ elbow-armor after surging the fighting fish, here it is right before not-sabz does his move, and here it is during. so yes, it’s possible that burgess infused coa in to his elbow-armor ala the arrows in amazon lily, but why didn’t he do it vs the fighting fish? my not-a-guess,more-a-want: sabo somehow redirects the energy from his busoshuko (armor) haki in to an armor piercing (rather than armor-granting) move. coooool

// robin holds sugar’s mouth open, usopp shoots in the grape (everyone, everywhere)
1pt: so everything will go to hell and usopp saves the day. groovy, maybe.

// burgess is utilizing impact/reject dials (takanome7 @ reddit)
–> burgess, post fish-fry, has smoking armor
<– trans: hadou-elbow (ๆณขๅ‹•ใ‚จใƒซใƒœใƒผ) like ryu’s hadouken (ๆณขๅ‹•ๆ‹ณ), meaning ‘wave motion’ strike (franzlome @ apf)
1pt: hmm.. went back to ch333, the conclusion of luffy vs. usopp; all i could find is smoking from the absorption (and not release) of the impact dial. similarly, usopp uses it against perona, but only some smoking from the absorption again. regardless, very plausible still, especially since impact/reject dials are extremely powerful and the blackbeard pirates should be using them in some way if they aren’t already. now i’m a bit confused: did burgess just elbow the air really hard and hadouken the audience? or did he just slam his elbow in to this fish and the fish flew in to the crowd? and if they were in fact dials, did sabo just haki-close up the holes, causing the impact/reject’s force back on to burgess?

one liners

– cavendish’s sword is missing; we’ll find out if hakuba is because of a curse or not soon (matafleur @ reddit)
– map + locations of everyone (the humanoid typhoon @ apf)
– the writing on all the bottles on the cover are the names of zoro’s moves (blackcelestial @ reddit)
– pica reminds me of alexander from final fantasy (franzlome @ apf)
– sabo’s move = dragon c. law = will of c confirmed (verbalsoze/ayjusko @ reddit)
1pt: arg am i gonna play ff9 again? i have to say rpgs with card games built in them are suuper awesome (save for chocobo’s dungeon.. no bearing on the actual game itself). i pre-ordered a ps4 but still haven’t purchased it yet… $50 gift card sitting right in front of me to the sony store for really, no reason whatsoever. remake ff7 already sony! and add a card game while you’re at it! watrudoinn

i’m hearing there’s another break ๐Ÿ™ which is kind of good for me since i’m traveling next week and wouldn’t be able to read/update as quickly as i’d like. oda! did you do this for me? #thankyoubasedoda

this chapter raises way more questions than it gives answers, which is exactly what this site is all about. gotta love it! and gotta love you for reading. see you in a couple weeks, all ๐Ÿ™‚ have a great one!

chapter 736: chief executive diamante

top reddit post of the week belongs to toasterbaby34; “my posters came in the mail” ! oi oi oi, where’s the tenth one going to go ?!!? monet’s about to join ๐Ÿ˜€

revealed: diamante ate the hira hira no mi (flutter, flutter)
revealed: the mera is just on the back of fighting fish boss #01
revealed: one of pica’s possibly many forms
1pt: gotta finish later onn i can’t help but wonder how diamante is going to exploit his fruit more than he already has with his steel cape and his sword. it currently seems limited to inorganic material but who knows? also, fun fact: hirahira is onomotopeia for flapping (wiki)

as for everyone else in doflamingo’s crew, i can’t help but think that in another time, another story, they could’ve been the good guys (what sold it for me was the ‘g‘). you know you’d read it! maybe someone should start spinning it off.. *cough* me * cough*

it all began with doflamingo eating the ito ito no mi as a child. he began using his power to control the tenryuubito, forcing them to do wild, outlandish things… and the rest is history! (??)

raw it up (ayepuzzt/kaze? @ apf)

translation note (ccc @ apf): diamante is said to be in the ‘donquixote family,’ while lao g is in the ‘doflamingo’ family. either the distinction matters or oda messed up

// doflamingo’s crewmates were his slaves during his childhood (anima4 @ reddit)
–> dofla’s crew has a lot of ‘fun’ devil fruit abilities
+ sugar makes toys, jora makes art, buffalo can fly, etc. and so forth
–> tenryuubito precedent: boa was fed the mera mera no mi for entertainment purposes
–> dofla’s crew refers to him as ‘young master
<– dofla is still in the slave business
<– tattoos aren’t visible
1pt: damn how do you not love this? great idea, i buy in 100% !!

// pica ate the rock/earth fruit (chren @ reddit)
–> pica is a disorder where a person eats developmentally inappropriate, non-nutritive food (wiki)
1pt: yeah! wait.. i don’t get it. looks like it originated here on apf via kaizoku_ou… no help there. alright, let’s see. pica is freaking huge right now, and here’s pica from just earlier this arc (ch700), so clearly he can grow and phase in and out of buildings. his ability to grow makes me think he’s a zoan right away (ala buddha/sengoku); i don’t think we’ve seen any other paramecia (wiki) or logia fruit users (wiki) grow/shrink in size any (except luffy after gear3). mythical zoan golem? best thing i’ve heard so far, i suppose!

// diamante was inspired by steven tyler (gamep01nt @ reddit)
–> steven tyler
–> definitely steven tyler (divinesleeper @ reddit)
1pt: here are some more! thanks satoart @ deviantart

one liners

– classic zoro (magnavoice @ reddit)
– a wild executive appears! (ramistar @ apf)
– 10 months, 34 chapters later, the finals finally arrive (corgonin @ reddit)
+ cp9 arc was stretched over 100 chapters (garliq @ reddit)
– for everyone wondering, kinemon is headed towards the lift/toy house/lao g (akagami7 @ apf)
– ms translators made all the ‘s‘es bolder (jugglenutt @ reddit)
– oda recycled cobra’s .. thing .. on the cover this week (jabra @ apf)
– what’s up with not-sabo’s left-eye scar (jasonnmp @ reddit)
– gladius has a new helmet (gjardim @ apf)
– you could say dofla has been sabotaged (wildertiger10 @ reddit)
1pt: 10 months? it felt like 3, tops! that means.. one piece will feel like it’ll go on for.. 45 more years! #thankyoubasedoda

i just had a strange thought. what if one of the boss fish eat the mera mera no mi on accident? then burgess or someone kills it and then we see it reappear somewhere? maybe that’s just me hoping. i want to know where the hell they come from already !!

will try to find more soon; hope you guys have a great week and weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 735: fujitora’s objective

no break? somebody lieeedd! or maybe i just didn’t have make enough time to dig through apf and find out what’s really going on. my bad guys. anyway, trpotw belongs to vanillagueriller; a vivi and carue face swap! something about those breasts and that beak.. it’s really doing it for me over here. maybe it’s those dead eyes and the huge forehead. jesus, i need a glass of cold water

further revealed/confirmation: the pipe, the pipe! (polojp @ reddit)
revealed: rebecca’s mom scarlett was violet’s older sister
confirmed: franky’s hair doesn’t shoot anything (blackcelestial @ reddit)
revealed: this is the year of the reverie
revealed: senor pink ate the sui-sui (smoothly-smoothly) no mi
revealed: fujitora’s goal is to abolish the shichibukai system
1pt: according to the wiki it’s a bo staff. someone at some one point said there would never be a true water-water fruit (which would be mizu mizu anyway?); i definitely read that somewhere but maybe it wasn’t oda that said it. either way, going with smoothly-smoothly. after all, who’s smoothly-er than senor pink?

the reverie though, this is what we’ve been waiting for guys. all hell is going to break loose at the reverie. revolutionary/okama hell! as for fujitora’s goal, man is this guy awesome or what. was he marine before he became an admiral? or was he just some old blind guy capable of pulling meteors out of the sky, living out in the middle of nowhere like shakky? i want fujitora’s backstory just as much as sabo’s now, maybe even a little bit more

// vivi will attend the reverie in place of neferteri cobra (doctor yonkouproductions @ reddit)
–> cover of 641, cobra is bed ridden (forcecommander @ reddit)
–> someone’s gotta go
1pt: i’m sick of typing your name dyp. you are now going to be known as dyp. and i think you can 100% count on this, awesome call dyp. can’t wait, can’t wait! … dyp

\\ who’s clothes are these on the ground by koala? (rogthor @ reddit) – answered
<-> here’s koala as she was first seen in dressrosa
<-> there’s tiger stripes and .. even some hands/gloves on the ground (??)
1pt: i put this here because a couple people are suggesting sabo and koala were ‘making the revolutionary army stronger’ (newspecies @ reddit); if koala’s clothes had changed before and after i would’ve agreed wholeheartedly ๐Ÿ˜› anyway i tried looking through the contestants and couldn’t find those clothes on anybody. was koala impersonating someone in the tournament? or did she just melt someone’s face and body off in the hallways of the coliseum? quick update: it’s a doflamingo henchman’s costume (square @ apf). so that’s why i couldn’t find it in the tournament. blah

\\ sabo grew up.. in the same place.. as rebecca?
1pt: sabo presumably grew up with the revolutionaries, while rebecca grew up in the outskirts of dressrosa. but he still says: ‘this country resembles the country we grew up in.’ the only way this makes any sense is, sabo couldn’t possibly have been talking to rebecca. my best guess: he was talking to ace and referring to the gray terminal.

awesome art

nami .. this chick from indonesia painted this, and wow are the rest of her works great (romani20 @ reddit/megatruh @ deviantart)
– the final four (imidnitee @ reddit)
– zoro’s denden mushi (romani20 @ reddit/justgnsoft @ google)
cavenduba, twitter artist or twartist (i know, soo good right?) great (dyp @ reddit/nishiponi @ twitter)
1pt: i started painting.. just black and white because, well, painting is fkin hard and mixing colors is even harder. maybe i should do some one piece stuff! and make you guys look at it! LOOK AT IT (next time)

one liners
– hard boiled = japanese for ‘no fucks given’ (bustacappy @ reddit)
– the last line reminded me of how much ace has missed/is going to miss (carmilla @ apf)
– i love the drawn on x on sabo’s chest (excelon13 @ reddit/jezemiah @ reddit)
– senor pink is turning me a little bit gay (avocadoisdelicious @ reddit)
1pt: nobody can baby like senor pink. and good god carmilla, i was having the best day until i read that. too deep. its a deep, deep burn.

okay that’s it for now. this time, i promise to add more because i didn’t even begin going through apf. until next time, hope you guys have a great week ๐Ÿ™‚ ace, watch over himmm!!

chapter 734: the kamaitachi of rommel

OOH YEAH BABY, AND WE’RE BACK! first things first: top reddit post of the week was brought to you by gunnlx and i quote, “10/10 spot on.” where do i sign ?!? i call robin! just like princess kenny..

revealed: cavendish is or has been possessed by hakuba, the kamaitachi of rommel
confirmed: rebecca wins block d, thanks to her speed, helping her dodge hakuba’s attacks

you know.. if we stretch the definition of the word ‘right,’ we were kinda right: we thought the only way this could be explained neatly is if someone was dwarfing — that person just happened to be cavendish (and not the winner of block d but eh, details). however in many more ways we were totally wrong: the winner was rebecca, sure, but not for the reason we wanted… so… we’ll call it a draw (even though we totally lose) – my prerogative as editor ๐Ÿ˜›

der references

– the murders of dr jekyll and mr hyde take place on cavendish square (divinesleeper @ reddit)
+ rommel looks like london (kingkaizen @ reddit)
– hakuba means white horse in japanese (vellyr @ reddit)
trafalgar submarine = law’s submarine (batchibouzouk @ reddit)
1pt: hmm and cavendish rides a white horse.. is the horse hakuba? guys, oda’s insane attention to detail is precisely why this website should even exist; his uncompromising, inhuman ability to logically reference and tie in everything is what makes predicting the future of one piece even remotely possible. keep these coming!


– what if cavendish’s sword is cursed, which is responsible for his ‘nightmare mode’ (rhul @ reddit)
+ might help explain zoro and asura (luccidvergo @ reddit)
– kaido = sun wukong/monkey king zoan [wiki], able to transform in to other kinds of animals (cookie997 @ reddit)
1pt: what is this now with cursed swords and nightmare mode? cool cool cool (community is back too, guys). and translation note courtesy of fire_fist_asce @ reddit: “kaido’s epithet hyakuju .. translates to .. kaido of the beasts, or hundred beasts kaido.” ooolevelooo adds: “epithet for lion is hyakuju no ou.” okay.. so he’s a big ass lion that can transform in to a hundred different beasts. or sun wukong. or neither. can we see this guy already?!

one liners

– rebecca is bleeding/got hit for the first time in the coliseum (cymelion @ apf)
– luffy didn’t come out a human, he came out a carp! (pschoenthaler @ reddit)
– now that cavendish is going to be turned toy, bastille will forget hakuba (spam286 @ apf)
1pt: and jaydoubleyoutee @ reddit compiled an arc by arc real-life comparison of all the architecture of one piece.. it’s freaking awesome! i’ll shorten it here soon for everyone to check out, but that’ll probably come like tomorrow

i think i need to start doing these earlier. apforums is up to like 34 pages.. jesus i don’t have the energy. but i will go through it all, just for you (at 12, stopping now)

looks like we’re up for another break.. man did i miss this manga or what ๐Ÿ™ also just finished/caught up to attack on titan.. doing everything i can not to read it but i might have to.. pretty good! i can see why everyone likes it. ultraviolent + cartoons = lots of teen viewership. i’m under the impression that anime is going to just keep exploding higher in the us/around the entire world — i wonder what this site would look like if i could work on it full time (videos, articles, even a webshop.. probably a donate button :P)

hope all is well everyone. see you next time ๐Ÿ™‚

happy birthday oda-sama!

oda turned 39 today! born on the 1st of the year? was he destined for greatness or what
he began working on one piece in august of 1997… 16 long years and counting!
here’s to hoping they’re still only halfway through, too ๐Ÿ™‚

as for the coming new years, i won’t bore you all with thanks and resolutions but i want to put this out there:
thank you guys so much for reading. i know i’m not the best at keeping the content on this site up to date or interesting, but for those of you out there that still choose to share a bit of your time on wednesdays with me, this manga and my lazy obsession with it

thank you so much

happy birthday oda!
and happy new years everybody ๐Ÿ™‚

starwing1126 @ reddit – strawhat birthday cake

chapter 733: soldier-san’s desires

trpotw was brought to you by stev3nguy, who very kindly put together this comparison table between dressrosa and alabasta! the link goes to the entire img but i just snipped out a piece of it, and by doing so i also don’t ruin the surprise he inserts at the end. great work and many thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

now.. before we start, we need to nail down the translation. after all, we are nothing without them and only as good as they are. since i don’t read japanese, i turn to ccc @ apf who has been doing this forever and provides powermanga their script. the line we’re most interested in, of course, is what sabo and barto are saying on the last page:

sabo: โ€œthat sure was fastโ€ฆ!!โ€
barto: โ€œwhat dah!!? i couldnโ€™t see nuttinโ€™โ€ฆ!!โ€
sabo: โ€œiโ€™d heard the rumors, butโ€ฆโ€

that there were rumors at all implies something or someone big in the mix. but what’s interesting to me is that each contestant fell one after another, which suggests the method of attack was not haki, rather blinding speed – what say you, internet?

// the winner is meadows, and he’s in kaido’s crew (the laughing man @ apf)
<-> everybody that was given a name in 706 was shown again except meadows (gizmo @ apf)
<?> no foaming of the mouth = no conqueror’s haki (darthlotonic @ reddit)
–> kaido and his beasts, meadows and his tiger mask
–? what if he’s just kaido straight up (hogofwar @ reddit)
<– it’s possible meadows was the one that defaulted (akagami7 @ apf)
1pt: look what you started tlm. all this meadows talk. i give it about five percent that meadows is kaido and if the winner is meadows, ninety-five percent that meadows is someone in kaido or big mom’s crew. every yonkou should want representation in this tournament – it’s being run by the overlord of the underworld and the prize is gol d. roger’s son’s df. but just so i’m not pussing out of making a verdict: i don’t think for a second it’s damask or rebecca. for me, it has to be meadows (gizmo’s reason above all others) or some other random char that was dwarfing like acilia (not really her but you get the point). deeper exploration later on..

.. aaaandd here’s how it might be rebecca!

so i had a conversation with zach and he gave me a solid explanation as to how it could be rebecca. that’s the nice thing about manga-science/being the author of this blog: you can change your mind as many times as you want and it doesn’t really mean a thing ๐Ÿ™‚

// rebecca was taught some secret move by tsol and using it made her pass out (zm @ 1pt)
–> in this chapter, tsor talks about the ‘power of humans
–> sabo mentions specifically how fast the move was, and tsor has been training rebecca for speed
–> rebecca’s move the ‘backwater sword dance’ is all about speed
<-> gear 3 turns(ed) luffy small
1pt: the idea goes – when tsor/l/f(ather) was a human, he could unleash this ‘power of humans’ and taught rebecca how to do it as well. this power causes rebecca to pass out ala gear 3 minimizing luffy, which explains why she/everyone is down. this sounds to me like pseudo-haki move like zoro’s asura which excites me because maybe we’ll learn a little bit more about that.

i dunno i think it’s a possibility.. and in all fairness the winner should be rebecca for the sake of the riku family/arc, but there are just so many variables still up in the air (like gladius wtf is his deal) to guess right now would be quite premature. quite. esquire.

// sanji is losing a leg (sobs910 @ reddit)
<-> sanji’s leg almost broke fighting vergo
–> oda loves his generational parallels and zeff lost his leg
–? nami’s concept art shows her with a cyborg arm.. maybe sanji will end up with it (redyakuza @ reddit)
1pt: far out = worth documenting


there are a lot of dates to remember here so lets try to get them all straight: 10 years ago, doflamingo takes dressrosa away from riku dold iii, and brought sugar along with him at that time. 13 years ago, doflamingo betrayed law (currently 26, then 13). i’d say the one thing we aren’t 100% clear about is exactly when tsol was turned into a toy; here we see him already a toy during the dofla invasion which suggests he either made contact with sugar right before diamante saw him (which is odd, how would he have escaped) or much earlier than the invasion itself.. possibly even.. 10 years prior to the invasion, when kyros disappeared, maybe..?

// kyros’ statue hides a poneglyph inside (ksmoria @ reddit)
–? the base of kyros’ statue kinda looks like a poneglyph
<– gol d. roger died 24 years ago, kyros statue appears 20 years ago
1pt: ksmoria suggests gol d. roger turned kyros’ statue in to a poneglyph to disguise it after gol d. roger defeated kyros in the coliseum and asks him join his crew. twogimmethelife follows this up with the idea that kyros at some point trained in wano to master his swordsmanship, also learning how to make a kasa ala ace, oda rest his soul. punchline? this guy going around the grand line is actually kyros, citing his long hair and kasa (the statue of kyros having long hair though it is curled and not straightened). now while i don’t agree that it’s kyros i would agree it’s someone from roger’s old crew: crocus was in roger’s crew and he definitely met gan fall when roger was in skypeia.. great idea!

but with all this in mind, the most simple explanation seems to be that kyros was turned in to a toy over 20 years ago and subsequently everyone forgot him. the statue may have always been there except when kyros was turned in to a toy, everyone forgot who the statue was of (or even more basic, just erected after kyros’ disappearance/departure from dressrosa). with what we mentioned above, tsol/r could still be kyros – he was just turned in to a toy way before the invasion ever began. after all, monet started working at the palace long before that fateful night.. i’d wager 10 years earlier, to be exact ๐Ÿ™‚

one liners

– sanji is lecturing brook to give snow-nami bigger boobs (jabra @ apf)
– usopp is actually the master at scaring people unconcious; he already did just that to perona (zm @ 1pt)
1pt: i’ll add more later because i’m rackin my brain about..


forget this whole section. i was ranting on about nothing ๐Ÿ˜›

what makes me think the winner has to be a dwarfing superpowerhouse is this: all the winners and diamante are still in this thing, with barto being the only one that can be simply beaten without interfering with the story-progression of this arc. burgess is too important as one of blackbeard’s very limited crew, and will probably make like his captain and run away once he sees someone superpowerful.. but that still leaves it up to sabo+barto to defeat mystery-d, as well as diamante if it even gets that far (it won’t – does anyone really think we’ll see lao g and the rest of them fight in this tourney? unpossible)

and there’s just no way sabo simply loses out on the mera mera because he was bested in this tournament. why would oda introduce him at all? (he could lose it in other ways, though, like it being outright stolen)

so what does that leave us with: someone to come in ala shanks and end the tournament ‘cleanly’ for our protagonists. what i mean by that is, sabo can’t ‘lose face’ so to speak by its conclusion, because he still has an important role to play in this arc (rebecca too, to a more limited extent). taking oda’s viewpoint: how do you keep sabo and rebecca relevant through the end of this arc?

— i’m going to edit this heavily soon. i need to take a break and organize my thoughts around this —

will update again soon ๐Ÿ˜›
hope everyone had a great xmas ๐Ÿ™‚
and there’s a 3 week break so have a very safe and happy new years as well!

chapter 732: the underground world

mangapanda keeps pushing these chapters out as early as tuesday; it’s a chinese to japanese to english scan or something like that? won’t try to make sense of it. powermanga/ccc got it done and that’s what i was waiting for!

top reddit post of the week was brought to you by silvergrove, who is wearing his law shirt for his phd defense ๐Ÿ™‚ i’ve attended many a thesis defense in my day.. his area of research? “i study the bacteriophages and mobile genetic elements of the streptococcus genus.” oh, also: “i passed. i’m a dr. now :)” congrats to you!! may oda bless us all with his magnificent bounty.

revealed: this port.. i guess
kinda-revealed: senor pink has some sort of df that lets him swim through the ground
1pt: not much to say here. moving onn

// the ship in the port is kaido’s (blackcelestial @ reddit)
–> kaido of the beasts
–> those robotic animals and giraffe print crow’s nests tho
1pt: law goes on to insinuate kaido is not human – we’ve suggested before he’s a robot and possibly even franky’s dad in the past, and if that is indeed kaido’s ship i’ll double down on both

// ussopp will be turned in to pinocchio and sabo will save him (askmeifimatree @ reddit)
–> one of the screenwriters of the original pinocchio was named joseph sabo
1pt: interesting!!

the nutcracker

big thanks to lawoffujitora @ reddit for diving deep in to the similarities between the nutcracker and the dressrosa arc. all during the christmas season too! only oda. only him.

// the rat king = doflamingo
// the nutcracker = the thunder soldier
<-> “in the ballet, the nutcracker is a broken toy that leads an army of gingerbread men in to battle against the rat king.”
<-> “upon defeating the rat king, the nutcracker is transformed back in to a prince and reclaims his throne in the land of sweets that the rat king stole from him.”
<-> “the armies of the rat king and the thunder soldier battle under a gigantic christmas tree in the ballet.”
prediction/conclusion: if we consider christmas tree in dressrosa as the giant structure in the port, this should be where the largest battle of the arc will take place

// sugar = the sugar plum fairy
<-> “the sugar plum fairy does not play a significant role in the nutcracker”
<-> sugar was shown wearing a crown in this last chapter
–? this might be a hint that sugar is actually the long lost tontatta princess manshelly. the candies sugar is always eating might actually be plums

// rebecca = clara
<-> “clara is the little girl that takes in the broken nutcracker and goes with him to defeat the rat king”
<-> “she distracts the rat king while the nutcracker defeats the rat king with a sword”
<-> “together they become the rulers of the land of sweets”
prediction/conclusion: doflamingo isn’t the strongest bad guy in the arc. luffy and co will focus on big mom/cp0 while tsol and rebecca take down doflamingo themselves

// lev ivanvo was the co-writer of the nutcracker = emporio ivnakov will show up to help the other revolutionaries already on dressrosa
1pt: there’s one more here that i can’t really distill down any more than it already is – the conclusion of which is sanji & co will distract big mom just long enough for doflamingo to be taken down, but big mom will land on dressrosa right after that. i have to be honest, i love all of this – especially the idea that sugar is actually manshelly.. my god man, that’s brilliant and very much plausible

one liners

– here’s a poster to help you keep track of all the characters in this arc! (rosenking @ reddit)
– they keep mentioning vergo and monet like they’re still out there (luccidvergo @ reddit)
– rel: senor pink; “he’s even swimming in pussy” (wasteful_thinking @ reddit)
– senor pink is clearly sabo (print error @ apf)
– who’s sugar? (myfiance @ ch718 – she’s catching up)
1pt: when i read that before i must not even have blinked. and damn straight they keep mentioning monet – she’s alive i tell you and the next mugiwara ๐Ÿ˜› baroqueworks @ reddit fans the flames: in sbs vol 71, oda blatantly ignores the question around what we believe are monet’s sea/snow rabbit things.. great find baroqueworks! bah, i haven’t read the sbs in a while. should do that soon. should (nah, will)

toraish @ apf confirms the next chapter will release on dec 31st; for a full explanation we turn to koshouyarou @ reddit:

“this week is a double/joint issue, which means two weeks until the next chapter. every Jump has a number, from 1-52. when there is a joint issue this means it has two numbers, (this weeks is 4-5). around the new year, there are always 2 joint issues in a row (generally 4-5 and 6-7). jump’s site for next week shows you the 4-5 which shows you it’s a double/joint issue.. [and] the issue after 4-5 is 6-7, which means another 2 week wait after this week”

at least oda isn’t keeping us hanging too much – the relative calm (i mean franky blowing up an entrance to the toy house is not calm by any means but compared to the last two chapters.. come on) before the storm though i’m sure.

will have to finish this in the morningg afternoon !!
something happened; without me touching anything, the css file was reset .. and i have no idea how or why

chapter 731: dressrosa operation sop

laugh out loud?! this arc is getting so crazy i’m starting to think it’s going to be the last ..! !!! we’ll get there. but first, the top reddit post of the week belongs to likeisaidpotato – the three captains!

pre-revealed: SABO SON!
confirmed: barto’s true purpose for competing was to give the mera mera to luffy!
confirmed: koala san is alive and now, a revolutionary
confirmed: sugar is her name, and she ate the hobby-(hobby?) fruit
revealed: the port is underground, as is the factory
1pt: aww balls. the three eyed girl isn’t koala. we/the community was right about most everything else though: sugar is the toy maker, barto was doing it all for luffy, and of course: sabo is alive! but to be reintroduced so early? and after appearances by big mom’s crew, the new admiral, and cp0, just to name a few? milkyjoe241 @ reddit said it back in chapter 700: dressrosa is going to the best! but the biggest question out of this chapter, for me (of which there were many): who does sabo want to give the mera to? another revolutionary? or use it for himself?

// hack was talking to koala (eastman90 @ reddit)
–> ‘keep on searching
–> dan the karate master (drjeremiahorange @ reddit)
1pt: fishman karate substitute.. true!

// doflamingo has some sort of deep connection to north blue (mallardy @ reddit)
–> bellamy is from there, and has idolized doflamingo since he was a kid
–> law is from there, and we know he knew dofla as of at least 13 years ago
1pt: i just spent like 30 minutes (ok more like .. 8) trying to find the panel that shows bellamy being from north blue. the wiki says it but his intro just gives his bounty. but the far more important point is – who else is from north blue? hawkins, sanji, xdrake.. and noland. we’re getting closer to why the heck noland is involved in dressrosa after all! this opens up a huge can of worms!!

\\ why the heck is doflamingo in north blue, recruiting people over a decade ago?
–> include something to do with the king who ordered noland’s death and his lineage we have a theory (yonkouproductions @ reddit)
–> bellamy got back in to doflamingo’s good graces by providing a bell part (valiant91 @ reddit)
1pt: will do yonkooop. soon..! just adding this for now

hmm.. everyone is just going on and on about how great it was so there isn’t much there yet in the way of future predictions/hypotheses ๐Ÿ˜› but here are some other thoughts/questions running through my mind..

\\ which ‘d’ is sabo talking about?
–> ‘that person’s will, we must inherit it!
1pt: he could be referring to ace, but ace never really mentioned anything about the will of d. could be whitebeard, but even more likely roger, ace’s father.. i’d like to think, however, sabo is actually referring to someone else entirely. maybe the person who started the revolutionaries, or at least for whom the revolutionaries revere most. the namesake behind the will of d!

\\ is manshelly on doflamingo’s side?
–> ‘capricous and short tempered
1pt: honestly, i’m going to point more to style than anything else here – we don’t know jack about manshelly other than she’s been ‘kidnapped,’ which is flimsy at best. she’s probably running the damn thing for dofla. bitch.

\\ sop .. ?!?!
–? save our princess
–? sugar offguard panic (galaxy9000 @ apf)
1pt: i like the s standing for sugar.. but there has to be a pretty cool reason why we don’t know the answer to this yet. i noticed optimistic is bracketed by a single quote.. let’s see: sugar, optimistim.. uhh, port. yeah, that’s gotta be it!! aww man looks like there’s actually an answer to this, and galaxy900 is right ๐Ÿ˜› thanks u_v @ reddit for the screencap & buzz1089 @ reddit for the clarification: “the Satoo(sugar) Odoroki(surprise) Panniku(panic)” or Surprise Sugar Plan (cham @ sitecomments)

so once the fangasming dies down i hope to revisit this chapter but let me leave you with my most favorite reaction gif brought to you by yonkouproductions @ redditarigato for that! and i’ll stop right here… for now!

chapter 730: 3 cards

a;kldjfa;sdlkfja;dfkjdasf !!!!!!

top reddit post of the week was brought to you by pizzadonkey: the one piece logo if ace was the main protag! man, this guy gets it. pizzadonkey. just say it out loud: pizzadonkey. also, the post was pretty cool too. will oda ever do a spinoff? can’t imagine he’d do one after twenty some odd years of one piece.. mostly because one piece isn’t owned by an american corporation that would do something so crass. it’d be such an unnecessary money-grab, but i digress

new layout!? what does this mean? well, the main reason why i made the change is for this reason: click on this right here. now, every image i link to will do this! before, every image/link i had you guys click on would open a new tab. obnoxious, i know. well, no more of that shiz – i’ll do some snipping toolage/imgur and just upload the relevant stuff! it’ll take more time to update but i think it’s worth it. what say you?


// the ship is bobbin (xtoppriority @ reddit)
–> or at least looks like bobbin.. kinda
–> here’s the ship
<– big mom was 3 days from fishman island.. 1 day has passed since (king cannon @ apf)
1pt: look, maybe xtopp was kidding but i felt like this would be a good time for me to reintroduce something i thought of a long time ago (even though it ended up being totally wrong), that bonney was from whole cake. her ship has a big cake on it not unlike big mom’s ship, and she can’t stop won’t stop nuh uh nuh uh eating. coincidence? yeah probably. the conclusion we came to, due to a comment from one of my commenters schonberg: she’s from south blue (and whole cake is in the new world). draw your own conclusions, but share them with meee! cause i’ve given up on this one .. for now

// the ship is the three eyed girl (zm @ 1pt)
—> here’s the ship again. notice the o in the bigmom is dotted
—> here’s the three eyed girl
1pt: the thought behind this is, there’s no observable reason for that dot in the o; we already know the three eyed girl is important to big mom based solely on her proximity to momma. zentulip @ reddit has made a case for her being koala and i’m buying, despite the fact the eye colors are different between the two (as are the number of eyes between them)

// big mom is on that ship (camiefanboy @ apf)
– plot armor activate: confirmation of lola’s mom being big mom protects the mugi’s
1pt: what’s interesting to me about this is ceasar and big mom don’t mix, and is also dofla’s key to keeping kaido happy. could big mom seriously be lola’s mom and turn coat on dofla for helping kaido out all this time? and if big mom is indeed on that ship, does that mean pookiddkins is coming?


through reconnaissance, dofla could have learned kinemon’s name and affiliation with the mugi’s, but the question i had that peeko @ apf was able to answer was – why the heck did nami include momo as a card at all? back in chapter 714, jora said her orders were to take momo alive (and seize the ship).. why?

–? that artificial devil fruit was in vegapunk’s secret room in its own case. must’ve been special
–? remember when momo was playing shogun on the ship? maybe that’s why (lots of people/mickamott @ apf)
–> plenty of emperors in china were children (birty @ apf)
<– i looked in to this further: momo says he’ll become shogun to luffy’s pk, suggesting he’s nothing of the sort to me (though it is mangapanda)
1pt: sadly, the kid emperor prediction is the best one i’ve seen. the last emperor of china, puyi, received the designation at 2 years and 10 months. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhwhynotme. by the way, fun fact: the reason why general motors is doing so well in china is because the last emperor was chauffeured around in a cadillac limousine. anyways, back on topic: would that make kinemon royalty as well? or just a guard looking for his kid emperor? the mugi’s just keep meeting all this royalty by random chance. whatever, sounds good to me!

one liners

– calling it now: big mom will fall in love with sanji (mangoman78 @ reddit)
– i get the feeling fuji’s sword ate the fruit and not fuji himself (glass @ apf)
– they’re going to need ceasar’s help (portal2reference @ reddit)
– big mom’s ship can sing..!? sunny… (apocryphalcake @ reddit)
– #thankyoubasedoda (qmario/jangosky @ reddit)
– zoro attacked fujitora on page four. i was fully expecting his eye to open on page 20 (zach @ thissiteiguess)
1pt: don’t know how this came up but king cannon @ apf called this random detail from a long time ago: big mom’s jolly roger tree in the room with the giant kids.. and my god, he was right.

great chapter. mind blowing. best in a long time. can’t say enough good things about it. bacon waffles. apf is at page 44 and i definitely don’t have the patience to go through it all right now – if i can find some energy to give it another go, i will and i’ll update this guy with some red text ๐Ÿ™‚

hope everyone had a great last couple of weeks! see you next time.

going to have to finish in the morning. tiredd, but also, by rule, i should probably wait for a mangastream/mangapower translation to come out before i do anything on this page. ignoring all that though – was this chapter amazing or what?

chapter 729: shichibukai doflamingo vs shichibukai law

trpotw has been brought to you by jetdagger01: “how did you join the strawhats?” dude.. jetdagger.. that’s friggin’ 5 times so far during the dressrosa arc. propositions! propositions to you! “if robin grabbed my balls i’d join too” (theonlysausages @ reddit). yeah but i’m sure we could all do without the squeezing

yeah.. the title of the chapter is shichi vs shichi but i’m not so sure law did much fighting. either way, ladies and gentlemans, this is what we in the one piece fandom blogging business that makes no money like to call a fuuuuckin cliffhanger. pardon my fronche but this chapter was so absolutely deserving it had to be said.

// kora-san is …
<-> it’s interesting that law calls kora kora-san because up until now, it has been x-ya (sai-chan @ apf)
–? law’s love interest. kora-san = corazon = heart in spanish = heart seat = profit (diwbee @ reddit)
–? the old heart seat, who law liked and subsequently named his crew after (the_attorney @ reddit)
–? a ‘d’ (lots of people, oops)
1pctheory: well.. at the very least, since law remembers who kora san is, that means he or she was never turned in to a toy (or that law is immune from that crap). if i had to put some money on it.. i mean, yeah, he or she is probably a ‘d,’ but i’m placing my bets on.. monet returning

// koala-san is the three eyed girl in big mom’s crew (zentulip @ reddit)
–> appearance: eyes, brown hair
–> appearance 2: suspenders with wide legged pants. who does that
–> characters don’t get introduced as kids and just disappear without major plot involvement
–> future plot development: maybe jinbe will be in the crew when the mugiwara face big mom
1pctheory: damn. this is good. 100% sold. imo, one seriously awesome find!

one liners

– law mentions the will of d .. again! (divinevodka @ reddit)
– luffy uses the exact same language, telling franky to go wild the same way he told sanji to back in enies lobby (ifiwereaplatypus @ reddit)
dellinger x pokemon (dynamiteshikaku @ apf)
– caribou’s cover story will probably end with a silhouette of kaido (nolastname100 @ reddit)
– the final page of cover stories are normally noted as such. this isn’t the end just yet (ccc @ apf)
– zoro’s mustache is missing (gamep01nt @ reddit)
– bastille was there to fight someone who has already been turned in to a toy (goodbananapancakes @ reddit)
– what if dellinger has monet’s legs? (photark @ reddit)
1pctheory: everyone, if we keep talking about monet, she’s bound to come back and join the crew. right? … right?!!


“this week’s issue is issue #52, next week is issue #1 of 2014, so in 2 weeks we’ll have issue #2” (silverblade @ apf)

oh ok. moving on – was that good or what? and now zoro and franky are right there next to dofla, law and fuujz (with luffy behind bars) – oda saves these huge cliffhangers up for when he has to take a break, i’m sure. they’re always too, too good!

otherwise, if you haven’t seen it, i’m going to just striaght up change over to the new layout (once i fix some navigation stuff to make it simpler) … honestly, it’s just better because the images i link to in the posts do this ‘lightbox’ thing where it doesn’t open up a new tab/page, it just shows it right then and there. for that reason alone i wanted to make the change, and i will .. as soon as .. i .. migrate .. the .. rest ….. i can already see this taking another month

hope all is well, everyone. have a great week and weekend – see you back here in 2 weeks!

chapter 728: the number of tragedies

top reddit post of the week comes courtesy of jabs11 – the desks of the ‘big 3’ mangaka! top one is kishi’s, then kubo’s, and of course, finally, oda’s. my work desk looks like that too. it’s a complete mess and nobody can find anything except for me on it. does that mean.. i could be a mangaka?! oda, is this a sign!?! what are you trying to say to me with this image!!

revealed: viola is a princess of the castle, and had her df ability 10 years ago
revealed: monet was a servant, and had her df ability 10 years ago
revealed: baby 5 aged 10 years, but as far as i can tell, not baby goggles
confirmed: violet and viola are one and the same
confirmed: people forget toys, and not the other way around, and it’s instant
1pctheory: jeez. i’m a bit confused by mr. toy soldier’s line about right when they become toys, they remember their hatred for dofla, but whatever. write that off as unimportant.

// nobody is going to remember the fights that took place in the coliseum (aohige_ap @ apf)
<-> don chinjao forgot about his grandsons sai and boo instantly
–? ‘each toy can remember their own life, but they lose memories about other people turned in to toys like everyone else. this is very important: tsol and rebecca’s flashbacks might be missing some important people’ (.access timeco. @ apf)
1pctheory: the ‘strange feeling’ that the riku king had 10 years ago must be the pang of a lost loved one. who do we know he has lost since then? where is the riku queen? just who was toy soldier before he was turned in to a toy? there’s a whole lot more mojo left in this arc. damn, oda. what kind of crazy twist are you plotting up in here?

// vergo was the heart seat, gave his coat to law (robzilla/akagami7 @ apf)
–> it says corazon on the back of law’s coat
1pctheory: can someone confirm that? i must have missed that panel

one liners

– mr. prince will meet his princess (zorospride @ reddit)
– do vivre cards work for people that have turned in to toys? (el_luffy_roja @ apf)
– where’s law in all of this? (life_ @ reddit)
– pica isn’t wearing armor. spikes are coming out of his body. cool (davaca @ reddit)
– where’s my ‘let’s baby’ shirt? (drewbytuesday @ reddit)
1pctheory: that makes me wonder.. maybe senor pink is baby 1, baby goggles is baby 2, dellinger is baby 3, and baby 5 is well, baby 5. does that mean.. lao g is baby 4?!

great chapter. really filling this whole series out. and the fact that you forget your toy brethren instantaneously makes for a really, really interesting twist on an already fascinating arc! i’ll look for some more stuff later but for now, hope everyone has a great week ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 727: a hero lying in wait the ambushing hero

top reddit post of the week, brought to you by gamep01nt and i quote, “luffy’s timeline.” hmm.. i wonder if i should start keeping track of how many each user has per arc, and maybe tally it all up eventually? i think that would be interesting. oh, just me? alright then.

no more doubters: drake is there, but why?
revealed: monet worked at the palace, prior to the 10 year incident
revealed: dofla used ‘parasite’ to force the riku army in to killing his own people
1pctheory: dofla didn’t do anything we didn’t already expect – puppeteering the king in to killing his own people. but how does that mesh with what we saw in jola’s art piece?

and bam ~ is monet comin back or what? the tide is turning back in her favor (get it) – next mugiwara, the dismissed-as-deceased monet! tsol’s story starts with her introduction but then doesn’t mention anything about her. she’s awesome and not super overpowered – perfect fit. it’s going to happen. i still berieve it.

// drake vs zoro (caligula @ reddit)
–> zoro: “i’ve heard that the ‘hardness’ of a black sword is unparalleled. even if a dinosaur stepped on it, it wouldn’t bend a milimeter”
1pctheory: a dinosaur? you don’t say

one liners

it’s almost cute how riku thinks a bundle of dynamite will kill dof (dododo @ apf)
– doflamingo is a true villain. take some notes obito (gushywetwet15 @ reddit)
– bottom three panels on this page.. same woman each time? (opn @ apf)
– doflamingo. much evil. so cruel. very haircut. wow (the laughing man @ apf)
1pctheory: don’t mention the woman in the spotted dress for any reason other than it’s interesting, and that it would be cool if it was the same person (and maybe the man in each scene is tsol). and i don’t know the history of /r/supershibe but knowyourmeme recounts the history of doge, and if i’ve lost you at this point, don’t worry about it – all that means you aren’t a super internet nerd like me.

for those of us who want a map (damn i love maps) here’s one from ccc @ apf!

i’ll be honest, when i read the mangapanda translation, my mind instantly lept to: king riku has been developing these smiles and feeding them to the dress-army. it was the ‘stay human’ line. but then mangastream’s trans brought me back down to earth. ccc‘s official translation is –

โ€œ โ€œFightingโ€ would be worthy, but killing each other is something that humans should not do!!!โ€
โ€œThe fact that Dressrosa has been free of war for 800 yearsโ€ฆ is proof that we are no beastsโ€
โ€œWe will not become wild animals!! Weโ€™re human!! There shall be no killing!!!โ€

freakin mangapanda i swear. hope you guys have a great week. you know i’m waiting for next wednesday to roll around!

gotta finish thsi later. woooooowwwww

chapter 726: the riku tribe

oh? what’s this!? an early release!?! and reveals galore~e!

top reddit post of the week was brought to you by gamep01nt: “zoro vs…” well, everyone! although i can’t imagine luffy wouldn’t be able to at least move the needle some ๐Ÿ˜› this is awesome. everyone is so damn creative. what does it say? i–ke–ma–a–.. alright, i should stop embarassing myself.

revealed: the toys are alright!
: viola up in this
revealed: ricky is king riku dold the third
revealed-ish: there are different types of toys, power being one of them
superreveal: tsol is rebecca’s father!
1pctheory: thank goodness the toys are alright. dodged one there. but ricky is not necessarily kyros – though apparently, he made a very difficult decision on that fateful day. and tsol being rebecca’s father – pretty clear from the fighting style.. is it too obvious, then, that tsol was kyros, got his leg hit once (like oars jr), and turned in to a toy for losing? have to believe it’s true. next?

// trebol is not the toy maker (xtoppriority @ reddit)
–> we didn’t actually see him do it
–> he’s been shown as slime, with legs, and in different colors/physical forms. probably a logia. pics below, all courtesy of (dark_ritual @ apf)
extra: what if multi-df isn’t exclusive to bb? (parklane21 @ apf)
1pctheory: it’s the – didn’t see him die, so he’s not dead – argument, reapplied. can’t say i disagree, but the fact is: everything that has been ‘too obvious’ so far this arc has instead been exactly what we thought it’d be. also: don’t mention the poly-df non-bb-exclusivity thing as just a completely out of the box comment. gotta appreciate those, even if they have.. let’s face it: no chance of being right

// viola is violet (noronorovirus @ reddit/lots of ppl @ lots of places)
–> op characters can’t make up names for shit. ‘i’m luff.. – lucy! i’m rik.. – ricky!’ (faustyle @ reddit)
1pctheory: ‘i’m viol.. – violet!’ too funny. also gives us a sense for who violet might be. she was mentioned in the same breath tank, and tank as someone who could have betrayed her in some way yet didn’t.. uhh ok oda. mystery relationship!

one liners

– lest we forget, 400 years ago, norland came and fought off some more bad guys (zenotha @ reddit)
– it’s strange that sai can’t control his body, when others on the surface most certainly can (maju @ apf)
this reminds me of dragon’s line ‘there can be no happiness in a world where undesirables are thrown away‘ (kingluffy @ reddit)
– all the kids in the colorspread are wearing shirts that list their crewmate # (thefrith @ apf) and sanji is smokin a cig (silverr @ apf)
1pctheory: eh mangapanda translation issues. what’s new. and what’s up with this freakin port? trebol talks about it too.

and i guess i’ll leave you with this one: the donquixote ancestor looks a whole lot like blackbeard (al!najames @ apf)! hope you all have a great week and weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

ok that’s it for me, for now! didn’t do apf yet.. maybe i’ll do that right now.. yeah.. right now.. ๐Ÿ˜€

chapter 725: the undefeated woman

apologies everyone – traveling for work and i just haven’t been able to find the time. but here we go:

superconfirmed: drake is on this island (ala the spikey hair on the dino and his post ts look)! but why was scotch still alive?
revealed: rebecca has never hurt a single opponent, nor has she ever been hit!
revealed: the losers get medical treatment, and dumped in to a hole full of toys
1pctheory: there’s a ton of foreshadowing in this chapter, but it seemed like there was just enough for us to not be able to make any sort of predictions on them. we praise oda for his ability to foreshadow but i think what makes him so great, is that the clues are always so subtle, that it’s almost impossible to catch it the first time. a true poet (at with-holding) – and that’s what keeps us coming back for more!

top reddit post of the week comes courtesy of tccplz, and is a great hypothesis on ..

// kaido is the emperor of wano (tccplz @ reddit)
–> kinemon and momonosuke are from wano, and definitely know who he is
–> moriah’s crew robbed ryuma’s grave of his sword (and implicitly his body)
–> moriah lost in a fight with kaido back in the day
–> wano is stupidly strong – strong enough that the wg and yonkou won’t mess
–> kin’emon, momonosuke, kanjuuro and ryuma are very japanese names. as is kaido. (profssbencyclopedia @ reddit)
<– why kidnap kanjuuro, unless you want to piss off kaido more (uiluj @ reddit)
1pctheory: great argument, bolstered by profssberfbadfj’s find, but i’m a little confused as to how moriah would get his shit handed to him by kaido, and still be able to make off with the body of wano’s national hero. is that also to say that all the samurais have SMILE’s? after all, zxcv11791 @ apf (way back in chapter 663) suggested kin’emon is the ‘mythical tanuki zoan.’ or is kaido maintaining a SMILE army apart from the samurai? time will tell, but this is damn good. however the kidnapping of kanjuuro however is throwing a huge wrench in to this, in my opinion. was it an accident? or is dofla just a total idiot for doing it? now that i think about it, how do we know he’s been kidnapped? what if they’re treating him like royalty in the palace? maybe we assume too much. or too little. links fixed – big thanks tmnath @ twitter for letting me know. btw, anyone else think zoro will give shusui back and upgrade his sword on wano?

// the broken toy pit goes straight to the losers pit (berserkerguts @ reddit)
–> this toy (ch717) is this toy (ch725)
–> this toy is this toy (ping @ apf)
1pctheory: ah, but what does it all mean? the toy had a soul/spirit/voice/whatever before he entered the pit, and is now nothing but scrap. something or someone must have taken it away from him, because i don’t think it would make a lot of sense for him to have died of starvation or dehydration.

// is it possible that human souls are the main ingredient for SADs (and therefore SMILEs)? (uiluj @ reddit)
–> from above: the souls of these toys are removed in some way
–> related to above: the losers don’t ever leave
–> the SAD is an “application of the bloodline elements discovered by vegapunk”
–> there are veteran fighters on the island/in jail so it can’t be standard practice to drop them in to the pit (the daz @ apf)
1pctheory: just what the hell are bloodline elements? either way, i wouldn’t just throw this idea away – the first thought i (and i’m sure many of you) had was that the losers get turned in to toys.. but what then? my impression is that dofla gathered up a lot of strong guys to fight in the coliseum so he could take their stronger than average “bloodline elements” to create strong SADs and SMILEs. or maybe that’s just totally wrong. either way, we’ve got a mystery to solve, gang.

foreshadowed.. questions abound

1. who are you, violet? do you have something against rebecca, or the coliseum?
2. what’s up with this harbor kanjuuro and violet mentioned? why twice?
3. who’s goal are you trying to fulfill, law?
4. must robin be protected for any particular reason? or is sanji just being sanji?
1pctheory: COME ON SABO.

one liners
– looks like drake is working for kaido, which makes sense since we’ve heard the only way to survive the new world is to oppose or be protected by a yonkou (robzilla @ apf)
– i wonder why these particular fighters were captured; there are veteran fighters on the island so it isn’t standard practice to drop them in to the pit (the daz @ apf)
– my bet is on the girl with the one eyed goggle being the toy maker. little girl making toys is too sensical (hiso @ apf)
1pctheory: i dunno why but i can’t seem to find the line where anyone says you need to be protected or oppose a yonkou to survive the new world.. can’t remember it what so ever.

welp. one piece is on break next week, but man was this one great. i didn’t even get to ap forums yet but will take my sweet time doing so while i’m stuck in the airport tomorrow afternoon. hope you all have a great day and week and all that!

chapter 724: law’s strategy

top reddit post of the week: “oh luffy;” source – imgur/ask captain tashigi (?). there’s actually 3 pictures in the series – this is just the one i liked most. but on to this chap! beccaaauseee..

revealed: doflamingo ate the ito ito no mi, and uses his strings to latch on to clouds to sky walk
revealed: law was screwed over 13 years ago too
1pctheory: goddamnit is law sabo? /sarc. let’s see.. 13 years ago, law looked like this; not a whole lot going on except that nice tie and blazer he’s got going on. makes me think that maybe he was rich somehow? was he dressro-yalty? that would definitely make him pissed, and i’m inclined to believe it. he probably wasn’t tenryuubito because if he was, he would have been incahoots with dofla from the beginning, and law was a rookie 3 years ago at the same time as luffy, so eh.. who knows.

one liners
– “Its funny how Law said people have been burned for underestimating the strawhats inthe past. But he himself is uunderestimating what luffy will end up doing for a friend” (failosoraptor @ reddit)
– calling it now, law didn’t give ceasar his heart back (warismydestiny @ apf)
doflamingo family tree (tccplz @ reddit)
– hq color spreads (ccc @ apf)
– the most innocuous fruits end up being the most powerful: paw, string, rubber, !? (1way2way3way4way @ reddit)
– response: it’s a testament to the inner strength of those who get them (438114 @ reddit)
1pctheory: and is unquestionably one of the overarching themes in one piece. yuuuup. and i guess two different thoughts come out of this whole heart switching craziness; if law has ceasar’s heart inside him, then when dofla kills him he will also be killing ceasar. if law actually gave ceasar his heart back, then there’s no way he can guarantee ceasar/SMILE/SAD production will stop. makes me think law does have ceasar’s heart inside him, and that dofla will probably figure that out somehow, leading to law being held hostage vs. killed, effectively turning this arc in to a rescue arc.

gah i wish i could add more, i really do. this chapter was far more action packed than anything else – and you know i ain’t complaininin’ini’nin’in’! i’ll look around for some more things to add in later on this week, but for now, thisistisit

have a great week!

chapter 723: change of plans

trpotw: zombieslaya1138 “came across this guy at awa, he looked very familiar, but the beard threw me off.” who is that. master roshi? no.. what’s with that big scar?

revealed: doflamingo is no longer tenryuubito
revealed: steampunk-balloon man’s name is gladius
1pctheory: how cool is that doflamingo reaffrims sanjis strength in the last page? goddamn. i got goosebumps. is oda the all time master of cliffhangers or what? and did you notice.. momonosuke is a dragon again in the last panel. is it because doflamingo is nearby? or something equally as exciting?

one liners

– sanji will be the first to defeat dofla’s fruit because he won’t hit nami (moelester518 @ reddit/apf)
– bartolomeo is in love with the media’s representation of the strawhats (mabylater @ reddit, .access timeco. @ apf)
– like how sanji was the first to break tekkai on the sea train, sanji will lose to dofla but reveal the cracks in dofla’s armor (elfman @ apf)
– fujitora knew nami could use lightning, and said it to let law know they were close (cheesecakehero @ reddit)
– bartolomeo controls barriers, and broke down the fourth wall between audience and story (finch619 @ reddit)
– it’s not a typo: 4000 km in every direction. kind of silly. (ccc @ apf)
1pctheory: and of course, the requisite follow up image (ccc):

i dunno why, but this week, i just sat back and took a few extra moments to marvel at every single frame. this chapter was just really, really amazing; to the point where i couldn’t/still have not been able to bring myself to focus on predictions, new nakamas, and other things of that sort. i also just got engaged and my fiance just got a new job, so all that has definitely been a bit distracting ๐Ÿ™‚

otherwise, is there a break next week? there seems to be no specific mention of it in the chapter itself but it’s floating around out there because sabo. does gladius have a porcupine zoan (bladia @ apf)? will monet return, because i still haven’t given up hope yet? have a great week and weekend everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

will finish up this update later today – many apologies, busy busy busy but DAMN THIS WAS GOOD

chapter 722: the royal bloodline

FINALMENTE! top reddit post of the week has been brought to you by nlarkin, and i quote: “saw this guy on the tram today in italy.” you know, i’m actually not all that surprised. fun fact: the majority of my web traffic comes from europe! can we give a moment of silence for our european brothers, who are suffering from record unemployment right now (italy, 12%)? if i could give you guys jobs, i would, but sadly, this site makes $0 per year. baaaalllinnnn’

so i could start talking about this chapter, or i could start this post off with this mind blowing connection made raiden55 @ reddit. first, let me say, that i can’t believe i didn’t notice this before and that if anyone out there reading this has, fkin why didn’t you say anything? secondly, i never gave the, “ace’s spade pirates are akin to law’s heart pirates and was on the path to take the now confirmed picas seat” hypothesis any real consideration.. that is, until now:


uhhh.. okay. awesome. i want to believe this so bad now. although, if we subscribe to this, then a few other things must also be true: in chapter 552, ace flashes back to when he left foosha village and already has his hat. that suggests doflamingo had already met ace and possibly gave him his hat, which is a little hard to digest. either way, this is now back on my radar of.. maybe, but whaaat? is it possible doflamingo gave ace his fruit (luccidvergo @ reddit)? and, dare we say it – pitched him against whitebeard, and orchestrating his execution from afar (uiluj @ reddit)? anyways, enough of that, back to chapter 722;

confirmed: doflamingo is a celestial dragon
: the descendants of the 19 world gov’t founding kings are the present day tenryuubito
: the donquixote family left dressrosa to found the world gov’t with 19 other families 800 years ago
revealed: alabasta did not choose to join the world gov’t 800 years ago
1pctheory: in my opinion, this explains why alabasta had a poneglyph under its care, and peripherally why fishman island did as well – they were not allied with the ancient-kingdom-destroying world gov’t (or at least not at the time of its formation). hmm i definitely read that wrong. the nefertari’s just chose not to live in mariejois, but did join the world gov’t.

one liners

– “let’s set rebecca on fire as revenge against the pyromancer king!” rebecca gets the mera mera no mi = confirmed (seenewzy @ reddit)
– the missing guy is gambia from barto’s crew. maynard was missing in b (.access timeco. @ apf)
– what makes a strawhat? (cairodin @ reddit)
– let’s take a deeper dive in to the art jora made – the tragedy of dress rosa (captainapplejack @ apf)
– doflamingo cannot be a bastard because he has the donquixote name. he probably ran away like sabo (dollarscholar @ apf)
1pctheory: big ups to captainapplejack for doing that analysis; i was going to but now i can save myself from butchering it. plus, he did a crazy good job! otherwise, if doflamingo ran away ala sabo.. then picas = sabo confirmed.

great, great chapter and important confirmations all over! of course, mangastream’s copy got dropped in a puddle or somesuch something, so the translation may change.. especially given mangapanda’s track record.. but if you’re interested, ccc @ apf released his own translation here and is probably one of the most trustworthy ones out there on the net. here’s a scanlation of it, too!

hope everyone has a great week and weekend. see you next week ๐Ÿ™‚

huge reveal! even though most everyone already knew ๐Ÿ™‚ big day today at work so i apologize – i’ll have to wait to work on this until later on tonight.

chapter 721: rebecca and soldier-san

top reddit post of the week comes thanks to urbanstr and i quote “seems legit.” seems legit to me! more evidence that every single one of usopp’s lies come true. 2punx2furious counts the ways: pirate attack (kuro), giant gold fish (dorry and broggy), climbing in a giant whale (laboon), fighting a giant mole (ms christmas), becoming a pirate captain (after fighting luffy), cerebus (thriller bark), dragon (punk hazard), dwarves (dressrosa) … and ? and ? ? ? —

// usopp will get control of the happou navy (fiverings @ reddit)
–> practically guaranteed usopp will control an 8000 man army
<-> happou navy is from the flower country, kanokuni
–> another word for flower in japanese is hana, which also means nose (nintentohtori @ reddit)
1pctheory: or it could just be all these dwarves, as everyone definitely thinks on some level. either way, gotta appreciate this out of the box thinking!

on scarlet, rebecca, and the toy soldier of love

ok.. here’s what we know: rebecca is the granddaughter of the riku king, and the seemingly only child of scarlet. but scarlet and rebecca didn’t live in dressrosa’s castle – they lived in a cottage somewhere outside of the city’s walls, without rebecca’s father no less. now, was scarlett banished from the castle? or was rebecca’s dad an estranged prince?

// the toy soldier was kyros and rebecca’s dad
<-> the flashback was 10 years ago, and kyros disappeared 20 years ago but nobody remembers anything (kadzi @ reddit)
–> the toy soldier was already a toy 10 years ago
–> thunder toy trained rebecca on kyros’ fighting style
–> kyros had one wound, and it was probably his leg (superspider @ apf)
<– thunder soldier says scarlet-“sama”
1pctheory: everyone around the internet seems to think this, and for very good reason! however, i’m not so sure that you would call your wife (if he were rebecca’s father) or daughter (riku king) anything-sama, but a couple of really great narratives out there delicately address that problem, and in putting it all together, this is what i ended up with:

scarlett falls in love with kyros, and ~20 years ago they have rebecca together. around that time, scarlett is banished from the castle for falling in love with a gladiator (phoenix zoan @ apf), kyros is turned in to a toy as punishment, and is subsequently forgotten by the populace of dress rosa.

this explains why tsol would address scarlet with -“sama;” she’s royalty and they were never wed. as for ricky, that’s a bit harder to discern.. is he the riku king of old? it’s possible: he is notably old/aging, but he also used to be a gladiator himself. this is where the two hypotheses don’t match up: if the riku king is pissed off at scarlett for falling in love with a gladiator, then there’s no way the riku king himself could have been one, lest he be some hyper-hypocrite

if you want my highly speculative opinion, sorry to say i don’t know exactly what that looks like right now. what i do believe is pre-doflamingo, the coliseum was a place of honor and not bloodsport, and kyros was very well loved. someone – most likely doflamingo – cut his leg off (ala oars jr) and turned him in to a toy. everyone forgot about him. it’s absolutely certain that ricky and kyros know each other well due to their relationships to rebecca, but whether either of them fathered rebecca is completely up in the air, and i’m inclined to think neither one did. i’ll add more to this later, this time i promise

here’s a slightly different take from my buddy zach:

i think kyros is ricky, rebecca’s grandpa. he was the king and he fought in the coliseum like a boss. he offered his daughter’s hand to whoever could beat him, and toy soldier san won 20 years ago and married scarlett. tsol was champ when dofla showed up, and got his leg cut off by dofla and then turned in to a toy. he has been living with rebecca, his daughter, and working with the dwarves to take back the kingdom for the riku family. memory loss is a separate power

i like this a lot more because it’s much more plausible: star crossed lovers are a bit cliche, plus this brings back something that everyone wrote off a long time ago: kyros simply being ricky. i’m guilty of it – it’s the “too obvious” argument, but maybe “oda wanted us to guess that part and surprise us with the rest.” i’m a little bit convinced. scarlett has rebecca with toy soulja, and then toy soulja is turned in to a toy and forgotten. and in keeping with the laws of dress rosa, he must now address her as “scarlett sama” rather than “wifey san.”

one liners

– on why doflamingo wanted to take dress rosa over: the captured dwarves with their green thumbs are the only people in the one piece universe capable of efficiently growing smiles/devil fruits underneath the coliseum (goatpocalypse @ reddit)
– caribou beat scotch? wtf does that say about drake (wdao16 @ reddit)
1pctheory: the parallels to alabasta just keep growing and growing! a shichibukai taking an ancient kingdom from yet another princess (yonkouproductions @ reddit). so here’s a crazy thought: what if uranus is actually the devil fruit/smile producing tree of legend? after all, crocodile was in alabasta for pluton. and both locations have history dating back to the void century 900 years ago. i wonder, i wonder..!

alright guys.. that’s it for now. crazy, amazing chapter! one piece is on break next week :\ bummer, but it is what it is. hope you all have a great day. come back soon to see me make a fool out of myself by putting a prediction out there!

chapter 720: the gladiator prisoners

trpotw: brought to you by iamthechickengod, and i quote: “no blackbeard no!” that sucks man. not surprised whitebeard didn’t listen to you though, he wouldn’t even listen to shanks.

confirmed: bartolomeo loves the mugiwara, and idolizes luffy
confirmed: chinjao is now in lucy’s debt for bringing his cone thing back, and is putting the happou navy under lucy’s command!
revealed: the blackbeard pirates are plotting something.. with aokiji?
1pctheory: oh oda, you’ve done it again. barto never wanted to kill luffy – their ‘relationship’ always seemed just a bit too vague for my taste. and when something is left up in the air, you best believe oda is going to go the opposite direction.

// toy soldier san is kyros, revisited (lunaticlawyer @ reddit)
–> toy soldier is missing a leg
–> a bunch of the mummies in the cells were missing limbs
–> a few chapters back, sol illustrated that people who become turned in to toys become forgotten to humans, and when rebecca first introduced kyros, she said no one on this island knew anything about this legend. kyros = turned in to a toy (jkjohnson @ reddit)
1pctheory: lunaticlawyer goes on to say that then he must have escaped or won 1000 matches himself – damn, i like this. the missing limb is too strange/unnecessary otherwise!

one liners

– law or the dwarf’s stitch ability to help the gladiators with lost limbs (bistoha2 @ reddit)
– aokiji could have joined the blackbeard pirates: the ‘same’ as shiryuu in that they are gov’t officials gone rogue (therrester @ reddit)
– luffy has fishman island, the happou navy and the barto club pirates behind him already in the new world (goodbananapancakes @ reddit)
– there is a wiki page full of den den mushi models (aggron82 @ reddit)
– just so you know, barto cannot be found in chapter 99 (creedster91 @ reddit)
1pctheory: ok, saves me a trip! and first law’s, now blackbeard’s den dens? too cool.

ook. this chapter was.. wow. unbelievable. gotta love it. i’m surprised i didn’t get more on the page because of how great this one was, but really, we only got a few breadcrumbs to follow, so it is what it is. thanks for stopping by this week, hope to see you next time! have a great week and weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 719: open, chinjao

trpotw: courtesy of the_triforce_of_meh @ reddit, here’s jessica nigiri (who is this..?) and a friend (who is that..?) cosplaying as luffy and ace! i’m confident that one piece + boobs is what’s doing it for this post, but complaining about that would be akin to wanting oda to take all the boobage out of one piece and lets be real: that’s dumb. keep on cosplaying!

defirmed: chinjao did not have a lover taken away, rather his treasure was plain, boring gold and jewels
: chinjao the drill was a big ol’ conehead until garp gave it a haki-infused punch and flattened it (divinesleeper @ reddit, 8/7)
1pctheory: and luffy went ahead and bopped it back up again.. huh? everything garp does is ridiculous! i hope that as we find out more and more about him in his prime, his antics keep getting goofier and goofier. but does that mean garp’s punch would have been able to open up that super-ice as well? either way, luffy has made yet another friend!

// chinjao’s haki infused cone will cut straight through to the factory below (freelance_gynecology @ reddit)
–> block d won’t get to go; they don’t even have a field anymore (bonney_ap @ apf, rph327 & xdavid00 @ reddit)
1pctheory: i love this prediction because it provides a couple plot-outs we’ve been talking about for a while (burgess can’t lose in a traditional fight, due to his importance to the overall power/plot structure of one piece; rebecca and cavendish have larger roles to play for one to just be defeated so soon; more). most imporatntly, luffy will be able to join the battle, despite doflamingo’s meticulous planning

\\ does bartolomeo want luffy dead? (old mate @ apf)
1pctheory: this old mate guy brings up a question i still have in my mind, and i don’t know why i still can’t accept it as fact.. does bartolomeo hate or love luffy? just saying ‘you won’t be the one to kill him’ kind of suggests barto thinks he will be, but that’s the problem with just reading translations/not hearing any sort of inflections in his speech – i still don’t think we’re 100% sure. anyone else that wants to give me proof otherwise, please do because i’m not afraid to admit it: i’m cnfsd

one liners
– no break next week! first 5 week-er in a row since his medical scare (zorospride @ reddit)
– roger did not defeat every admiral and yonkou as the pirate king (bingbang @ apf)
– in the flash back, chinjao mentions the ice couldn’t be burned by fire. so treasure isn’t why they want the mera mera no mi (monkeylover @ apf)
– translation on the back of young chinjao’s coat: 8 treasures [ๅ…ซๅฎ] (dohs @ apf)
– the never ending story of caribou (yonkouproductions @ reddit)
1pctheory: hate to say it but i kinda agree. but then again the cover stories always seem to tie in much, much later (i’ll update this again with evidence of that)

hilarious chapter, need i say more? bellamy is probably no longer one of doflamingo’s crew mates for losing in block c, so will he help the straw hats reach their goal? the zaniness of all the characters introduced so far give me high hopes for him – where’s he going to go after all this is said and done? i’m still patiently waiting for monet to come up out of nowhere (i know i know, but let me cling on to it)

lastly: here’s my dog! such a heartbreaker. hope you all have a great week and weekend everyone ๐Ÿ™‚


chapter 718: the riku royal fighters of the flower fields

top reddit post of the week: a thousand sand castle! brought to you by withorwithoutnuts @ reddit; are you freakin kidding me? i spent like 3 hours at the beach trying to make a sand castle and ended up with was this

revealed: 900 years of history between the tontatta tribe and the doflamingo family
revealed: two more devil fruit dwarves (dfds, anyone?), both bug zoans. what luck! or is it?
revealed: tsol is the captain of the dwarf army
confirmed: jola has the art art fruit
1pctheory: and green bitt has at least 200 years of history.. what else happened 900 years ago? according to the wiki’s world timeline, the beginning of the void century (norland ~400 years ago)! all your mind can do from here is wander;

\\ does this confirm the doflamingo family’s connection to the gorosei/tenryuubito?
–> previously: donquixote is the heavenly demon
\\ what is the tontatta tribe’s connection to the great civilization that once ruled the world?
1pctheory: this is it guys. gancho-perv is going to reveal some more bits and pieces of information relating the ancient kingdom. i’m ecstatic!


arigato callaghan @ apf, rph327 and buzz1089 @ reddit for the find and panelcap!

one liners
– nami will have to use law’s vivre card to find him, she’ll pull out the wrong one and bam: jola = lola’s mom (jesus_chris @ reddit)- burgess missed leg day (netfeed @ reddit)
– here’s what’s going on with all this pre-release mumbo jumbo (the humanoid typhoon & aohige @ apf)
– the submarine has been sunk, giving the thousand sunny some plot armor (enlighten @ apf)
– i wonder if franky being mistaken for a toy will play in to the plot at some point (print error @ apf)
1pctheory: tl;dr – the normal raws we see/get translations of are sold by stores against their contracts to scanning groups up to a week early (for example, this chapter will officially release on 8/26). this time, a chinese official release was leaked way before it should have been, meaning that this leak wasn’t from distribution but from publishing in china, a significant difference.

great chapter, but aren’t they all? sorry but i’ve run out of time. i probably won’t be able to add anything to this either (not that i ever do..) because i’m getting a puppy! ๐Ÿ˜€ i’ll inundate you with pictures of him once i get him. my site, deal with it

have a great weekend everyone! see you next week

the break

top reddit post of last week: the ending to one piece!? brought to you by 4chan and graphesium @ reddit. so roger was never really executed (all of the witnesses must have turned away – i would have!) and pandaman’s get up is one piece. mystery solved! ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 717: the forgotten of dress rosa

yes, yes, yes! top reddit posts of the week: newvox @ reddit brings us this gif, and yonkouproductions @ reddit would like to wish everyone a happy 16-year anniversary! one piece began its seralization in shonen jump in august 4th, 1997. kanpai indeed!

raw it up and the hq color spread (arkur & redon @ apf)

revealed: chinjao was within grasp of some sort of treasure but lost it.. and knew rayleigh
revealed: another vice admiral, shark slayer bastille
revealed: doflamingo became king of dress rosa 10 years ago and turned a bunch of people in to toys with the help of a devil fruit user
revealed: humans and toys have different homes, and are forbidden to enter the houses of the other ‘species’
revealed: the SMILE factory is right below the colosseum!
1pctheory: based on the toy soldier of love, the dog/husband/father and the boyfriend/scrap metal, it would seem doflamingo targeted people who loved/were in love at the time.. but for what purpose? is he a.. hater?! :O the ones highlighted have all been males though, so far. too lazy to go back and see if there have been female toys (cause i’m pretty sure there have been)

\\ chinjao’s treasure
1pctheory: he started talking about it after luffy mentioned being trained by rayleigh. what if that treasure.. was shakky?! ๐Ÿ˜€ what else would make a legendary pirate weep, if not for a lost love? or as .access timeco. @ apf (who by the way, also always delivers) suggests: gloriosa?

\\ name dat devil fruit user
– moria shadowing all the toys (fabricated_truth @ apf)
<– can’t be in the sunlight
– law transferring hearts in to the toys (dododo @ apf)
– violet erasing memories (-ace- @ apf)
<– can she do that?
1pctheory: es possible. you know, everyone is talking about how there are two fruit users involved in this scheme – one to turn people in to toys, and one to erase the memories of the humans they leave behind. why the heck not erase the memories of the toys too? how does that make any sense? although..

one liners

– rebecca seems to be the only one who remembers her toy friend (okamaking @ apf)
– the scrap house has diamonds on it (shadowgreed @ apf)
<– would he be in charge of both the colosseum and the scrap house?
pandaman, man (huystuhh @ reddit)
– maybe it’s like cinderella and the spells wear off at midnight (wolfwoof @ apf)

i think that’s it for now.. i’ll see if i can find some more later on! otherwise, i believe one piece is on break next week, so i think it’d be worth taking some time to do the whole song of ice and fire thing i’ve been talking about for far too long (and not actually moving on). hope you all have a great week and weekend!

chapter 716: don chinjao

top reddit post of the week belongs to mr. homer_hatake, with an image by deviantartist hayabusasnake! and i quote: “if franky only wear his old hairstyle more.” couldn’t agree more! look at that swag. swaaaaaaag. hayabusasnake also has some other one piece related deviations if you’re interested. wooo

here’s the raw, for those of you keeping an archive (like me!), thanks to arkur @ apf ๐Ÿ˜€

revealed: don chinjao is the 12th commander of the happou navy, and has conquerors haki
sai is the 13th commander of the happou navy, and explains both their tattoos
diamante’s face
: kelly bobby ate the jake jake no mi and became a jacket.. man..
1pctheory: so it’s not the yoroi yoroi (armor armor, see red text below) no mi but it should have been! why else be so full metal about their relationship? bah. also, don chinjao’s ‘power’ was taken from him by garp? something simple, like taking away his political power by being jailed? or were the marines stealing devil fruits from criminals back in the day?

one liners

– luffy wondering about iva means sanji either didn’t see him or didn’t tell luffy he saw him (kishido @ apf)
– the level 6 inmates haven’t been captured yet (kouch_lee @ apf)
– maybe pandaman maybe? (riseupmartian @ apf)
– some cool panel gifs of the armament punches (bonney_ap @ apf)
1pctheory: kishido brings up an interesting point – have any of the strawhats really even talked about what they’ve been doing the past 2 years? i feel like there’s no way they can cruise around for however long and not. just makes me think that sanji never saw iva during the skip, or robin for that matter (unless she’s been very tight lipped about her whereabouts). hmm.. yeah.. maybe we just have no idea ๐Ÿ˜›

loved the chapter. so many great moments: luffy dodging attacks while wondering about iva, luffy taking the helmet from jean while jean does his best gob impression (i’ve made a huge mistake) after seeing all his weapons in chinjao’s belly.. too funny ๐Ÿ˜›

redon & the humanoid typhoon @ apf report we’re getting a double issue next week as well as a colored poster, but there isn’t going to be any one piece the week after that ๐Ÿ™ not too much to add for the purposes of this site but i’m just happy to have one piece again. hope everyone has a great week and weekend! see you next timeee

last week, break

top reddit post of the break week goes to herodiesfirst! and i quote: “this just feels wrong.” well.. yeah.. is there even any logic to it?! the eyes and hair have been switched but not their facial hair or eyebrows..!? you’re right. this makes me want to take a shower.

otherwise, i went to comiccon last week and posted up some of the best one piece cosplays i saw, here! and in spite of some hateration on luffy, i thought he looked pretty damn good. i know i couldn’t do any better; i tried a couple years ago too ๐Ÿ˜›

see you next week!

chapter 715: close contest c-block

trpotw: brought to you by leefan_returns @ reddit is a comic by an artist i’ve seen on the subreddit before, but damn it i can’t seem to read the white url on the bottom there. x-aloe? x-abe? xabe? xaloe? none of them work/are deactivated.. oh well. our loss ๐Ÿ™

silverr @ apf coming through with the imgur raw – see silverr’s post for the links (galaxy 9000 with the ref)

revealed: don chinjao has conqueror’s haki and was once a 500mm beli criminal
revealed: bobby funk has some crazy busoshoku haki about him
1pctheory: there wasn’t a whole lot going on this chapter for the purposes of this site, but man was it great !! we haven’t had a lot of action in a while, so i thought it was a great change of pace.

// bobby funk = yoroi yoroi (armor armor) no mi (??, zach @ san diego)
–> the funk brothers have a very alphonse and ed-type relationship (elpajaronalgon @ reddit)
—–> bobby (little brother) is bigger, kelly (big brother) is small and has a little-dude complex
—–> bobby has a very strong defense
–> kelly says “hurry and put me on” or something, and then they merge
1pctheory: no matter what the translation is (this one is kind of backward and.. mangapanda’s is just.. what !?), i think the evidence is pretty clear: bobby can wear or be worn by other people, like a suit of armor. like how alphonse hid the chimera-girl inside his body. a defense capable of destroying an armament imbued weapon (though the fuhrer stabbed that girl inside alphonse) – the armor armor no mi sounds too good not to be it!

know your…

trope: cavendish = bishonen (zorospride @ reddit)
anime: ideon, the giant god (aohige_ap @ apf)
enemies: do bartolomeo’s teeth retract? or are we firing someone (gussan @ apf)
1pctheory: barto doesn’t seem to have those marks coming off his right eye in that picture either.. but then here’s a page where he has it with the fangs, so ?!

one piece is on break next week, and i’ll be at the san diego comic con volunteering in the autograph area! it’s my first year volunteering so i really don’t know what i can and cannot do (like wear a giant chopper hat the entire time) but if for whatever reason you’re out there, drop me a line !! ahhhhhhh

i’ll definitely do a better update next time. until then, have a great couple weeks everyone!

chapter 714: lucy and ucy

– click here to see it in full (but unofficial?) color on imgur! thanks to sewil @ apf for sharing!
– click here for a cleaner color version (redon @ apf)
1pctheory: according to galaxy9000 @ apf, someone at jump digitally colored them.. which would make them official..? except jump released the databooks that people don’t consider canon (green, sabo’s death) so your guess is as good as mine

trpotw: rofljay‘s awesome usopp gif is winning right now, but it’s already posted below so i’m gonna go ahead and post the 1st runner up, which actually features my favorite shitty-suggestion of shanks and makino doin the dirty dirt to father that mysterious baby…! (+ link to cover w/makino & child) oops, didn’t mean to omit this, but it shouldn’t come as sort of surprise – thanks to jetdagger01 for the image!

enjoy this raw! (arkur @ apf)

revealed: the people on the ship are not monet as i thought ๐Ÿ˜› but members of the doflamingo family
revealed: luffy’s beard fell off? (foxersniper @ reddit)
revealed: two members of the trebol group, jola and (ex) violet
1pctheory: i would say it doesn’t matter anymore since he’s pretty much won the round. that and the fact cavendish would probably out him sooner than later anyway

two trebol group members, with no explicit mention of diamante‘s crew or the spade guy‘s just yet.. is this arc gearing up to be even longer than we originally thought? let’s recap: zoro is on his way to the flower fields, as are franky and sanji. usoppbin will probably end up there sooner than later, while luffy keeps on tourney-ing, law deals with the law, and bramipper (that was a really bad one, i apologize for it) hold off jola.

ultimately, rebecca, mysterious-kyros-impersonator, the toy soldier of love, violet, kinemon’s buddy and all of the dwarves need to be rescued/redeemed by the mugis, and no major story arc lengths have been less than 30 chapters. let’s see.. we’re about 15 chapters in, but some of the pit stop arcs (amazon lily, impel down) were as short as 25. unless diamante has no crew and the spade guy is complete fodder, i think we’ve still got a heck of a lot more chapters to go (blind guess: 43, ch. 757 :P)

// diamante is a long-leg tribe-er (don quichotte de flamingo @ apf)
–> he sits like tamago (louis-1998 @ apf)
1pctheory: damn. looks good! a natural enemy for sanji, no? even though he’s been set up to be luffy’s final enemy as the coliseum boss

// jola = moderne moderne no mi (pwnies01 @ reddit)
–> brooke as edvard munch’s the scream
–> nami and picasso’s girl before mirror
1pctheory: i wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking they were turned in to toys.. because i did ๐Ÿ˜›

one liners

– doflamingo’s submarine technology: jola’s looks a whole like law’s (virgilijus @ reddit)
– hajrudin is from the younger, ‘new generation’ of elbaf giants, and broke from his warrior tradition to become a rookie pirate (davaca @ reddit)
– sacco and vanzetti were executed together for being anarchists. vanzetti’s first name was bartolomeo. sabo? (portphysical @ reddit)
– jola = lola’s mom, which explains how the sunny will be restored (brickfacecupboard & zorospride @ reddit)
1pctheory: zorospride points out that nami should have the vivre card.. so should it have reacted already? nami is right there. but i like it!

panda, mayne!

page 18, top panel (cheesecakehero @ reddit)
– link to full page, link to panelcap

thanks man! and i literally was looking for pictures of baron tamago at work.. and the first one i clicked on was for a blocked site, reason: sex;adult material. so that ends my update for now. i’ll probably get some sort of e-mail asking me what the hell i’m doing some people messaged me about fairy tail x one piece beef, but i think mangastream retracted it before i could say this: reading too far in to it, man. oda is rich as shit and writing a manga about pirates and freedom. why would mashima not be able to freely pirate oda’s ideas? it’s crazy ๐Ÿ˜›

have a great week and weekend all!

chapter 713: usoland

tropw comes courtesy of tastytocilog (tocilog is bomb) @ reddit: one piece club head covers used by ms inbee park! she just won the us open this week, her 3rd major in a row. does her power come from chopper’s hat? who’s to say? i spent some time looking for these a couple of years ago but only found socks sewn to plush dolls. this one is great! i’m definitely getting this.. as soon as i can find it

sogeking who? usoland, son! and congrats to zorospride for becoming the newest mod on /r/onepiece ๐Ÿ™‚ for those of you who don’t visit the one piece subreddit, just know that this guy totally deserves it.

here’s the raw from 2ch (arkur @ apf)

revealed-ish: the secret factory is/is inside the ‘toy house,’ as well as kinemon’s friend kanjuuro
revealed: fujitora can summon.. meteors..
revealed: the name of the last remaining admiral is ryokugyuu (green beast)
reintroducing: … NORLAND!
1pctheory: and we saw doflamingo create a net of ‘strings’ of some sort. still don’t know exactly what it is, though. also, ryokugyuu pretty much kills the kaido’s primary color is green and he’s a beast-man hypothesis altogether.. unless they’re one and the same!

// have we seen the green beast, ryokugyuu?
–> this man in green is far too prominent
<– or is it kaido? (viperxrockwave @ narutoforums, 2012)
1pctheory: the noses are similar but i’m now under the impression that oda has little fan-bots out there scouring the internets for theories so he can muck them all up

one liners

– norland killed seakings underwater with ease, and made it to the new world and back (numeroarticuno @ reddit)
– translation: doflamingo says “goddamn stray dog, does the fleet admiral not train his dogs!?” and not so much the teaching thing (aohige_ap @ apf)
– another ussopp and quixote thing (moneyfolder @ reddit) from 2010: the inspiration behind sogeking (man on a mission @ keiichianimeforever)
1pctheory: in summary, man on a mission believes sogeking/ussopp is one huge nod to don quixote, with this picture as the plat de resistance. add to it all the other things we’ve connected to don quixote so far this arc and ussopp might end up stealing the whole show

norland and ussopp are both botanists, have both visited skypeia, and are renowned liars in their hometowns. they were also both telling the truth, though norland told people about things he actually saw, while ussopp lied about things that ended up becoming true. of course, luffy saw this coming all along (divinesleeper @ reddit) but that’s to be expected by the baddest mamma jamma in one piece.

sums up this chapter/best thing ever
from rofljay @ reddit

i like how the 3 island mega panel was actually in the middle of the chapter and not the stereotypical last panel bombshell. instead of ending on a panel that makes his readers go ‘coooool,’ oda ends it on usoland’s handsome mug. ook, i should have spent more time on this but it is what it is – happy july 4th! hope you don’t drink and drive (think of the children) and have a great weekend if you’re lucky enough to have friday off too ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 712: violet

trpotw: i might as well only follow jetdagger01‘s posts on reddit because everything he posts seems to make it to the top. pretty impressive, i think! especially since everything i ever submit to reddit gets .. novotesever. anyways, this scene is from movie 9, which was a drum island arc remake to include franky, robin and the thousand sunny! apologies for the small image – you can click it and it’ll pop it open bigger

here’s the raw, thanks again to redon @ apf

confirmed: doflamingo used his tenryuubito level influence to send out a world-wide report to misdirect just 10 strawhats
revealed: cipher pol aegis zero work for the tenryuubito, and a re-establishment of their powers
confirmed: violet worked for the doflamingo family (see: miyamotomusashi @ apf from ch705)
: violet ate the giro giro (goggle) no mi, can read minds, and can summon.. iron.. whales.. from her eyes…!? [fights by crying? (ccc @ apf)]
1pctheory: conspiracy busted – it was definitely sanji on the phone. the tenryuubito can pull things off nobody else can, re-establishing their dominance over the world gov’t and the marines (see: higher up than sengoku). but most interesting to me is the fact that fujitora and sakazuki didn’t know, which says to me fuji may very well have been on his way to get doflamingo on green bitt and not law (but still more likely, both).<a name=”heavenlydemon”></a>

// doflamingo is tenryuubito (everyone, but onigumo @ mf)
โ€“> his nickname is ๅคฉๅคœๅ‰ = tenyasha (heavenly demon)
โ€“> ๅคฉ็ซœไบบ = tenryuubito (heavenly dragon)
–> this entire chapter
<?> is the head of cp0 this guy? (genesis505 @ reddit, via 4chan)
1pctheory: as early as chapter 700, people have been speculating doflamingo is the son of a tenryuubito .. but i think that’s too simple. why call him the heavenly demon? doflamingo is just probably a puppet of theirs. the guy they use to do their dirty work. but even that’s too simple. damn you oda!

it seems like right now fuji can’t do anything – being that he’s outranked by the world gov’t here. though his sense of justice might move him to stop the transfer of ceasar clown over back to doflamingo. but if doflamingo is working with/for cp0 and the tenryuubito, does that mean they know and are ok with him selling SMILEs to a yonkou? well.. it’s morphin time –

// the world nobles are using doflamingo to become pirate king, thereby protecting one piece and the void century (governormcdandy @ reddit)
// the world gov’t is behind the SMILE factory (smurfx @ apf)
<?> ‘remember when momonosuke freaked and saw dofla’s face? many people theorized dofla can take control over all the SMILE eaters at some point.. well maybe the world gov’t came up with that plan. if kaido starts a war with the gov’t, dofla can just use the SMILErs against themselves
1pctheory: *slow.. clap* well, dofla can taking control over all the SMILE eaters definitely seems like a good way to become pirate king. it makes so much sense.. love it!

one liners

doflamingo is a gorosei in training (ravaha @ apf)
even as a skeleton, sanji has his eyebrows (yonkouproductions @ reddit)
fujitora’s ability to make huge holes might expose robsopp (kyronik @ reddit)

great chapter ๐Ÿ™‚ great theories, everyone! to the point where.. i should almost put them in spoiler tags ๐Ÿ˜› im actually very excited to see block c fight. here’s to hoping it happens next week *takes a shot* and here’s to hoping you all have a great week and weekend! *takes one more*

last week

the top reddit post of the week would have gone to yasutoramaru, with this awesome prince of tennis/one piece crossover.. which doesn’t seem to be working right now (imgur probably overloaded) so i’ll add this later on today


chapter 711: adventure in the land of dwarves

trpotw: with heavy hearts, sqweegel @ reddit and animenewsnetwork report mr. takkou ishimori – voice actor of sengoku – passed last wednesday away at the age of 81. a moment

as some of the community rightfully points out, with a series so long running, it was bound to occur at some point. i wonder if oda told him the ending before he passed away? i think that’d be the right thing to do ๐Ÿ™

as for this chapter.. anyone notice robin’s boobs? but seriously, a lot of people noticed things about her nose. i have just accepted the fact that she’s going to look like boa for me. moving on

revealed: uhh.. these dwarf guys are strong. and fast. and stupid(ly trusting)
revealed: leo ate the niu niu (stich stich) fruit
revealed (??): doflamingo never stepped down from the shichibukai
revealed: soldier and rebecca san are.. lovers?! (or more likely father/daughter)
1pctheory: ding ding ding! but did law already know dofla’s plan? also, wow. the gov’t really sold it with this and this then (bigivel, mpz777 @ apf). or.. conspiracy time: is that really sanji on the phone?

// everything is gulliver’s travels
– the way robin is stitched to the ground (kaizokujinbei @ apf)
– the japanese translation for lilliputians is the same as the word oda chose for the dwarves (ccc @ apf)
the maps of dressrosa and green bitt look very similar to laputa and balnibaribf;jlskaj (toucan @ apf)
1pctheory: here’s a link to the wiki of gulliver’s travels. looks like he jumped around all the books. lilliputians (book 1), laputa (book 3), hmm.. makes me think.. nothing really about giants yet (book 2) except how green bitt has oversized plants.. say, what if there really are giants on green bit? it would help explain why the dwarves are so fast and strong. maybe they think robin and usopp are babies or something. that’d be funny

// the legendary hero.. (divinesleeper @ reddit)
–> sogeki no shima de
–> has a big nose, like the dwarves (governormcdandy @ reddit)
<– what if usopp gave them pop greens, and as little guys with ‘green thumbs,’ they’re the perfect weapon (jonniegoodboytyler @ apf)
1pctheory: i don’t even understand how these dwarves are still alive, the way they trust people. but that trust is what makes them the ultimate-shonen-stereotypical good guy. jgbt’s idea makes a whole lot of sense!

// toy soldier san wasn’t always a toy soldier .. san
–> “these brick/tin eyes
-?- was he kyros? *gasp* (herodiesfirst @ reddit)
1pctheory: i’ll go ahead and say definitely used to be a human by the sheer amount of emotion in those pages, and either her dad or lover. but on a more basic level: why else point out the physical make-up of your own eyes? as for.. was he kyros? *gasp* uh oh.. this is just so zany that it has to be true!

\\ what does rebecca believe will happen if she wins?
1pctheory: i feel like she’s implying that if she wins, toy soldier san will somehow go back to being human or something. what does that chain of events look like? 1. get mera mera no mi, 2. defeat doflamingo, 3. ??, 4. profit

catching up

– a compilation of one piece foreshadowing (@ allmangareviews)
– which one is your favorite? (jabra @ apf)
– luffy’s mom? (4chan & kayloot @ reddit)
1pctheory: ah yes, the infamous “his parents have already been drawn” sbs. we’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff about luffy’s mom over the years and this one is definitely new (to me, at least)! the devotion of one piece fans. and was skirt diving dwarf the one who cleared sector c?

one liners

– ussop is going to save law with 8000 dwarves (cappello di pagila @ apf)
– point c is where you put the will of d. and dat point a (hobbes4247791 @ reddit)
– “the sweet smelling fields of flowers” (porcelainpot @ apf)
– keep in mind it’s not a guarantee that smoker told the marines who joker was (louis-1998 @ apf)
1pctheory: honestly, this could go in any direction. how cool is that

ugh. what an amazing chapter. quick story: i was able to show a coworker (who watched me emphatically open the first page to sector b) all the great things about one piece with just this: tasteful fanservice (fairy tail.. ) of a smart female protagonist; wacky characters that have been foreshadowed for 5 years…; all the freakishly strong characters are hilarious; and quality cliffhangers, every time, while never forgetting to give nods to the hardcore (robin’s first face fault of the series). oda, you can take a break every other week if the quality is this high (though i don’t mean that so plz stop doing this but get well soon!)

i love when i have that’s a lame thing to say, “make” time to sit down and do this. have a great week and weekend everyone!

chapter 710: to green bit

;lasdkfjas;ldkfj what kind of madness is this? toy soldier bot blue balls us like crazy, completely withholding the true history of dress rosa. such a tease. but how hilarious was ceasar this chapter? and why don’t we know what’s going on with the sunny yet! (it’s monet)

tropotw: nolastname100 @ reddit captures a golden moment, and i quote “chopper is at that age” … how old is he? 17 after the time skip? checks out! next episode: luffy gets stoned and eats everything on green bitt
bonus: ltspeirs @ reddit finds a far more overt drug reference, on sweet, sweet candy!!

revealed: every time law uses his df it drains his strength some
1pctheory: also, we see the tattoo on law’s chest (its’ a bit much.. no?) and that he completely plans on fighting doflamingo at some point. probably with the help of some marines. sounds like fun!

// bartolomeo wants to win the mera mera no mi for luffy/shanks
?–? he made a puzzled face when he heard the word ‘strawhat’
–> bartolomeo’s demeanor meshes with that of luffy’s screw-the-gov’t ‘tude (zorospride @ reddit)
1pctheory: he knows who luffy/shanks are, but how can you not love the idea of it? barto and luffy vs. burgess and .. cavendish/rebecca?!

dwarf time

we don’t know too much about these guys, but this chapter at least gave us a couple of clues.
1. they steal… everything. 2. they’re super fast (and not invisible). 3. so far, two have been named: kabu and leo! (jackermeister @ apf)

// dwarves = the faeries of dress rosa (kishido @ apf)
–> the infamous slave list from sabaody lists dwarves but says nothing about faeries (shoggothknight @ reddit)
1pctheory: … i say true!

one liners

dwarves vs. kinemon. stripping vs. re-clothing (wdao16 @ reddit)
the fact that the marine hq ship is in a tree makes me think the marines are using a kuma-bot to launch ships places instantly (arkur @ apf)
strange juxtaposition between the huge plants and the tiny dwarves (inherited kill @ apf)
oda was drawing the next chapters in the hospital. kishimoto (naruto) saw them! (aohige_ap @ apf)
1pctheory: and apparently oda takes more poops than kishimoto too. coooool facts!

otherwise, the meaning of yie ar on the colorspread .. = we are? maybe?! what the heck doesn’t anyone edit this thing? nevermind here’s the answer ๐Ÿ˜› courtesy of masterkingjc @ apf

(last week): for those of you who didn’t see it/know, oda has been sick for two weeks and even provided a response for his fans! big ups to deins91 @ reddit for sharing (click his name to read it)

trpolw: /r/naruto sends /r/onepiece and oda their love. get better soon! (via jaxspider @ reddit) direct and to the point. just how i like it

and so ends the first chapter we’ve had in too many weeks. i know i complained before but this chapter was great. i’m sure i didn’t need to tell you that though. have a great week everyone!

chapter 709: king punch

trpotw: devildemyx @ reddit pieced together a bunch of different skyrim mods to create a playable ace! and for those too lazy to dig through the thread, here’s how he did it

revealed: bartolomeo makes it out of bloc b, ate the bari bari no mi, and is fighting in the tournament for someone else!
revealed: rickey was old, and blames dofla for..?
revealed: toy-soldier san is one of the good guys
1pt: as far as i can tell, bartolomeo has a nerfed/defensive version of kuma’s fruit and rickey is the second coming of kyros/kyros reincarnate. there’s no question we’re going to learn more about him, but i’m most excited to hear toy soldier sama tell us about dressrosa’s past!!

one liners

the results of bloc b, from 1 – 10 (king cannon @ apf)
maybe a ‘grappling’-type fighter is the only way to beat bartolo (ccc @ apf)
translation: hack was a master at fishman karate [ๅธซ็ฏ„] vs. acting master/coach/teacher [ๅธซ็ฏ„ไปฃ] (aohige_ap @ apf)
pandaman, with a crop! (cheesecakehero @ reddit)
elizabello’s punch was so strong, i bet it could’ve killed pell (waddleboo @ reddit)
re: bellamy is floating = we call BS; meet kuuigosu, oda’s loophole (ccc @ apf)

inherited will

aurelian327 @ reddit posted a very unique, short idea about blackbeard and the notion of ‘inherited will’ in the one piece universe. while i personally recommend reading through the post itself because it’s very well cited, the gist of it is, inherited will manifests itself in two distinct forms – the inheritance of a dream: zoro inherits the will of of kuina, sanji of zeff, franky of tom, among others, and the inheritance of a grudge: hody of his fishman ancestors, blackbeard of something/one yet to be uncovered, possibly from the void century
1pt: love that idea! maybe the people who inherit dreams are trying to change the world, while grudge-inheritors are trying to keep everything the same (by way of not letting go). while both luffy and blackbeard are trying to become pirate king, luffy is doing it in an integrative and freedom-seeking way, while blackbeard is doing it in a screw-all, power-seeking way. but the idea that blackbeard is holding on to some grudge as old as the void century gives me chills – i hope you’re right!

next week’s chapter is the one i’ve been waiting for: the story of dressrosa’s past! hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend everybody ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 708: colosseum of knaves/thieves

the going merry and the thousand sunny! top reddit post of the week, by deviant artist n-suprem, posted by redditor johnnyiso. sugoi, dudes!

re-revealed: garp was a force to be reckoned with
revealed: there is some frozen continent out there that was cut in half by huge-chin’s head
revealed: the name of cavendish’s sword is durandal
1pctheory: and is one of the best in the world.. what level?! tell me more, tell me more

someone had a theory last week (can’t remember who, if you know please throw it in the comments and i’ll give him or her proper credit!) that bartolomeo’s power is to reflect damage back to his attackers – and that’s why nobody was trying to mess with him. thebartxart @ reddit seems to recall reading it too, so hopefully this prophet turns up and we know what the heck he was thinking when he came up with that idea

one liners

chinjao, boo and sai are on an important assignment (the laughing man @ apf)
the caribou look-a-like was the old lady’s grandson (divinesleeper @ reddit)
translation: man-eater in japanese = [internet] trolling (akagami7/ccc @ apf)
maynard is the name of the royal navy captain that killed the real blackbeard (the_lantern @ reddit)

one piece title covers

here’s a link i can’t see right now, but is something everyone has been waiting for, for a long time: all the one piece covers in an album! thanks a billion to masteroftime666 @ reddit, who painstakingly uploaded the whole thing to postimg, and even provided a download link (613mb) here!

now for something different

crocodile couldn’t transform in to his logia sand when covered with blood/water, which might explain why blackbeard never transforms in to nothing/darkness. he’s always ‘covered’ by light. but the implication is, maybe teach can’t truly fully use the full extent of his powers unless there is no light present, which might explain why blackbeard needed to be covered by a huge cloak to steal whitebeard’s devil fruit (sabodew @ onemanga)
1pctheory: woah dude. i like it!

i don’t know if there’s a whole lot more to say, but i did update this pretty quickly so expect some red text in here later on today. have a great week everyone!

chapter 707: b block

raw from 2ch (redon @ apf). i should follow this dude on this forum instead of digging for it. done and done! installing more processes.. huzzah

top reddit post of the week goes to.. some.. arab.. guy! and i quote: “when I was younger I watched the dub and didn’t really think much of one piece… now 465 episodes into the sub and I just sit and watch in amazement like this” we all agree!

as for the chapter: drat.. a lot more character introductions and buildup before golden week. will finish this later and look for more soon!

revealed: the character designs of the fighting fish
revealed: don huge-jao knew garp
1pctheory: “our coliseum’s infamous fighting fish!” yeah, mangahere’s version is crap (see mangastream’s while it’s up) but it has me thinking.. did they originate from the coliseum? 200 years ago they started appearing in the waters surrounding dress rosa.. how long has the coliseum been around? how long has the doflamingo family controlled it/engineered the events of the world? maybe garp put huge-chin and the rest of his family away in impel down. i’m just happy we’re going to get more and more background out of all these characters!

// the skull gladiator ricky is kyros (everyone @ everything)
–> the statue has no shield
–> “former” gladiator
–> two-handed longsword
1pctheory: kyros never needed one – he only ever took one blow! but you almost have to believe ricky can’t literally be him, because of how seemingly obvious it would be, but i have been fooled by that logic before (kinemon in pieces, law being on punk hazard; thought it was too soon for him to make a re-appearance). i think it’d be cool if kyros took his one blow from was elizabelio the first, and we see some sort of repeat with ricky and the eliza the second. although this theory below sounds way, way more awesome:

one liners

reject dial on elizabelio’s king punch. boom (divinesleeper/goodbananapancakes @ reddit)
it’ll also keep him from destroying his own body with his spring ability (badrag @ reddit) is that right? crazy
blind man = fujitora was more subtle. ricky = kyros is too obvious –> we’re being intentionally duped (ccc @ apf)
anyone else see how freakishly long robin’s legs are on the cover spread? (useless360 @ reddit)

it’s golden week so we won’t have a chapter next week :\ so have a great couple of weeks and weekends, everyone! o and here’s a couple one piece related pictures i took at coachella this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ my mascot of choice: the scratchmen himself! (+ nightmare luffy raging at the do lab)

chapter 706: i won’t laugh at you

raw from 2ch (redon @ apf)

if they were.. marines! top reddit post of the week, courtesy of jetdagger01.. i feel like i’ve been typing that name a lot recently. niceee.

this chapter was pretty.. busy. lots of character introductions, almost none of which will matter what-so-ever. some people are chattering about the ‘out of bounds’ rule, and how luffy might violate that like a doofus, which shouldn’t happen but it is a possibility. i’m just surprised there aren’t any bigger/as big names in this tournament than burgess. it seems a little.. off balance, if i may. but we do know some other things, for sure, namely that –

confirmed: none of doflamingo’s crew are part of the battle royale round
: bartolomeo’s face
1pctheory: there goes my belief that he has something to do with kuma. carry on

it’s all bellamy, baby

bellamy reaching skypeia is huge in terms of his character development. he once didn’t believe in dreams or skypeia, and has come back a changed man (katzztar @ apf)
bellamy stole the giant pillar the skypeians were trying to give the mugiwara (clesseneur @ apf)
…and probably used the ‘high west‘ route to skypeia (louis-1998 @ apf)
bellamy is the same size as from before | ch224ch706 (kirk @ apf)
1pctheory: bellamy’s just been lifting, bro. no, but seriously, i thought he got taller too, and was going to go on as to how bellamy has been taking some of the growth steroids given to the kids during the timeskip, and how doflamingo has been feeding those same growth steroids to the rest of the shichibukai who are clearly way bigger than they should be, and..! and..! .. and nothin. but most importantly, maybe bartolomeo won’t just run away with block b as some of us may have originally thought

one liners

pandaman, top panel of page 6 + a screencap thanks to jabra @ apf!
the supernova is not specific to the ‘worst generation,’ it is for any rookie with a bounty over 100mm (aohige_ap/ccc @ apf)

catch up

entry numbers – capman, 0429: the title of chapter 429 is “complete defeat,” which fits his quick exit
entry numbers – lucy, 0556: chapter 556 is the chapter ace dies, and a possible tribute what the hell… no it’s not. go-mu is 56, though. 556 is the chapter they arrive at marineford, which imo is a flimsy connection at best
fujitora has a rock/earth fruit (steve @ 1pctheory comments)
and a great theory what ‘one piece’ is by ashura_kingfisher.. so good that i almost recommend you don’t read it*
1pctheory: i had heard people talk about fujitora having a gravity fruit, or something, which i didn’t like.. but rock or earth? i like that! (hole in the ground with a bottom, consistency between basic elements and the rest of the admirals)

*and let me qualify why i say you might not want to read this – i saw something very similar to this on the one piece wiki a very long time ago and it was presented as if the poster had spoken to oda himself about it (obviously highly unlikely). that post (which is linked to on this site somewhere…) speculated – but was completely incorrect about – what/who poseidon was, and subsequently large pieces of the theory were written off by the one piece community. but the grandest element to this theory has yet to be disproven, and seems to have been incorporated in to ashura_kingfisher’s post – most critically, what one piece is, and i have to say that it’s a really, really great theory. so great that i kind of just believe it’s correct, and have consciously never written about it on this site. however, all of this isn’t to say there aren’t a lot of pieces missing/much of it is highly speculative, so if reading this will help you come up with a grand, comprehensive theory of your own, i say go for it and good luck! (i’d skip down to the “project of one piece” section, though)

and there you have it. one more chapter until one piece goes on break for japan’s golden week! and if history can be used as any sort of guide, it’s going to be one hell of a chapter. look forward to it! otherwise, i’m going ultra hipster and attending coachella again this year – if you’re camping, come find me! i’ll probably bring my chopper hat; if i’m not wearing it, my girlfriend will be.

see you there, or see you another time! have a great week everyone ๐Ÿ˜€

chapter 705: maynard the pursuer

gol d. roger never would have meant a thing without this guy! so meta.. thanks xizer-0 @ reddit ๐Ÿ˜›

confirmed: as everyone already knew, blind-gravity-san is fujitora!
revealed: another vice-admiral, capman/maynard the seeker…
revealed: …who proceeded to get spanked by the crazy rookie, bartolomeo! (group b)
revealed: green bitt has at least 200 years of history
revealed: cp-0, the strongest secret organization!?
1pctheory: and law talks about what some community members have already pointed out – why isn’t anyone freaking out about doflamingo’s resignation? did it ever matter all that much in the first place? acesquall @ reddit quotes doflamingo: “i can quit the shichibukai any time i want!” superbonus: is he the guy in front of the cp-0? (genesis505 @ reddit)

as it pertains to green bitt, what else happened ~200 years ago? the st. briss’ crew makes it to skypeia but not back, and the world government makes an alliance with fishman island. we could blindly assume the crew of st.briss was the first to make it, and suggest the knock-up stream started shooting around then. it doesn’t contradict anything we know: jaya was still below skypeia as late as 400 years ago. i wonder what would have made it start shooting – does it have anything to do with the appearance of these crazy fighting fish? i’m confident we’ll find out, robin is going there!

// violet is up to no good (miyamotomusashi @ apf)
–> the guys targeting kinemon have the same outfit (pants/black shirt) as the sniper that targeted sanji/violet
1pctheory: poor sanji.. will you ever find love?

one liners

h4n0 @ reddit found pandaman, and cropped it out to boot! you’re doing enel’s work, son.
cross on “missionary” gambia’s chest.. bolstering the bartolomeo = new kuma theory everyone has (buggy d. clown @ apf)

i’m pretty sure bartolomeo is going to come out of group b now, unless someone even more impressive manages to fodderize him.. which isn’t out of the question, given that oda titled this chapter “maynard the seeker” and he got pounded by this rookie. but otherwise, it’s looking more and more like..

a: burgess
b. bartolomeo/someone even more gangster
c. luffy
d. cavendish/rebecca/heildon/anyone

i have to believe that we’re going to see some more yonkou crew-members in luffy and cavendish/rebecca’s bloc. or maybe i don’t actually believe that but want that. whatever, same same. as for all the confusion over zoro’s scene, it looks to me like he caught his sword/the faerie, but overran it some and fell. it somehow resulted in the faerie falling too, cased in some gourd. when looking at bartolomeo’s chest, all i could think of is gedatsu.. which is weird/completely irrelevant, but it is what it is

chapter was awesome, i’m hearing that there’s going to be a break in 2 weeks due to japan’s golden week, and coachella is coming up! i’m car camping weekend 2, so if any of you guys are around at all, come find me and we’ll talk one piece until the sun comes up ๐Ÿ™‚ have a great week and weekend, all!

704: lucy and the statue of kyros

here’s a nifty little comic posted by jetdagger01 @ reddit, and was the top post of the week ๐Ÿ™‚

and here’s a link to the raw to the chapter, thanks to redon @ apf

how incredible was this chapter? the short dialogue xai had with luffy put me in tears. i’m sad to hear that only four will remain from blocs a-d, but it will definitely make for a much more interesting/less tiresome tournament arc.
but all the (re)introductions! bellamy, bartolomeo (unpictured), burgess..! but this rebecca-swan.. what’s up with her? this arc is just beginning, and one i think we’ll remember for a long, long time

revealed: blackbeard has fleets of ships now, and burgess mans the first

// there is more to cavendish than meets the eye (the humanoid typhoon @ apf)
–> he was one of the underground buyers for shinokuni
<– maybe he’s just an idiot. here he is eating his rose (nila @ apf)
1pctheory: he works for the country of beauty, eh? i don’t think he’s going to win his round, even, but more on that later

// chinjao family are kaidou’s men (nif90 @ apf)
–> scotch on the cover is one of kaidou’s, and has the #18 on his body
–> two of the guys on the chinjao family have numbers on their bodies, #12 and #13
<– the 1’s don’t look exactly the same (jyuunishinshou @ apf)
1pctheory: it’s a small detail but the details are what matter in one piece. the 1’s are off, and that’s enough to make me think… nahhhh. otherwise, aohige_ap @ apf believes kano is one pieces’ china, and you can read his rationale for yourself cause i didn’t get it on the first pass and am too lazy to make more sense of it

who will come out of round one?

nubtro @ apf did a very awesome thing and put together a list of all the participants, including their known allegiances

1. Lucy (Strawhat Pirates); 2. Jesus Burgess (Blackbeard Pirates); 3. Diamante (Doflamingo); 4. Machvise (Doflamingo); 5. Lao G (Doflamingo); 6. Senor Pink (Doflamingo); 7. Dellinger (Doflamingo); 8. Don Chinjao (Hanokuni); 9. Buu (Kanokuni); 10. Xai (Kanokuni); 11. Bobby Funk (Funk Brothers); 12. Kerry Funk (Funk Brothers); 13. Elisaberro 2 (Prodense Kingdom); 14. Dagama (Prodense Kingdom); 15. Neck-Chopper Slayman; 16. Abdullah; 17. Jeet; 18. Orombus; 19. Bellamy (Doflamingo); 20. Cavendish (Beautiful Pirates); 21. Balto Romeo; 22. Rebecca

so of them, who should win? it’s hard to bet against some of the doflamingo guys that were introduced the chapter before this one, but we don’t know if they’re participants in the battle royale, or if they’re mini-bosses for the four winners (and diamante at the end). assuming that they aren’t in the battle royale (because why else introduce them that way – one just to be defeated by burgess without another panel), it’s looking like:

a; burgess (confirmed)
b; bartolomeo/cavendish/anyone
c; lucy (practically confirmed)
d; bartolomeo/cavendish/rebecca/anyone
<– …although shonen law dictates rebecca’s chances of becoming champion of block d are very low since she showed desire to advance alongside luffy (king cannon @ apf)
<– she was also bullied by spartan the fodder which means she can’t be all that gangster
1pctheory: i love that king cannon references shonen law here because i absolutely agree. but she did walk away rather confidently, or at least that’s the way i read it. i also don’t think cavendish is going to make it out of his bloc, despite all his pages. the line, ‘if you were mugiwara luffy, i would have killed you right here’ makes me think he’s too overly confident for him to mean much in the tournament – but no doubt he has another role to play, given his suspected brokerage. maybe he’ll make a dirty play for the mera mera or something, who could really say. all i know is oda has been known to put tons of effort in to fodder characters, and it would seem that belial @ apf agrees!

one liners

inspiration: abdullah the butcher and tiger jeet singh are professional wrestlers (aohige_ap @ apf)
why luffy likes that kyros statue so much – one | two (divinesleeper @ reddit, zebbiz @ reddit)
kyros is kaidou, BAM (the laughing man @ apf)
this tournament can’t come to a normal conclusion because burgress’ defeat would dehype him and bb significantly (denbob99 @ apf)
neck spring slayman has the same jolly roger as one of the brokers (jackermeister @ apf)
<– maybe the wings are part of the jolly roger, like crocodile/baroque works (asm00200 @ apf)
1pctheory: that, and the jolly roger is super generic. possibly the most generic one we’ve seen in the series. and does anything ever end ‘normally’ when luffy is involved? i think not!

i really hope luffy takes out bellamy the same way as he did before. that way he knows it’s luffy but everyone else is like.. damn. thanks to traflguy @ reddit for the gif! lastly, the best theory i’ve seen about kyros so far is that it’s actually the entrance to the SMILE factory, given that it ‘just appeared one day

i’ll see if i can find anything else but ;salkdfja;sldfkjadfsds i loved this chapter and i just can’t wait for the next. hope you all have a great week and a great weekend – see you next time!

703: waiting room

raw [redon @ apf]

great tattoo or best tattoo ever? thanks to en3rgyx @ reddit for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ so freaking cool, i’m drooling a little. it’s actually the top post on reddit for the week, so i think that’s how i’m going to start out each chapter update from now on: just hit /r/onepiece’s top for the week and share it with you all. huzzah to installing processes! o it’s sharpie, whatever still awesome

but this chapter… are you kidding me oda? i couldn’t stop laughing! but sadly if lucy really does end up being the last contestant (contester, mangahere?), sanji won’t be fighting mr. pink, or at least not any time soon

on the structure of the tournament

if lucy is in fact the last contestant at #556, if we assume single-elimination (fight-to-the-death), then 2^(x) = 556 will give us roughly how many rounds there should be (i know it’s actually 2^(x)-1 but leave that alone), and in this case, it’s 9 [2^9 = 512]. 556-512 = 44, meaning there are 44 unmatched opponents in this scenario, suggesting there should be at least one round where it’s not just 1 on 1.

but those 44 opponents cannot be neatly added to a single elimination bracket (example: 2^8 = 256, 556-256 = 300, 128x 4-man free for alls in round 1 still leaves 44 unmatched opponents). so the first y rounds might have to be 3/4/5 man free for alls or there might even multiple brackets. i’ll try to figure this out later.. i thought it would be more straightforward so i just started typing, so oh well.

one liners

“it seems franky will play coach for luffy. lets see how he compares to davy back fight ussopp” (king cannon @ apf)
fujitora & violet name connection..! (herodiesfirst @ reddit) // what if violet IS fujitora? (deecoli @ reddit)
more master roshi dbz homage love (monkeydbrolly @ apf)
the strawhat is disguised as a derby hat (dohs @ apf)
zoro could get lost and end up in the tournament anyhow (zorospride @ reddit)
sanji’s dream is to find all blue. if he eats the mera mera, he won’t be able to catch everything (inori @ apf)
twist: sunny will eat it (wisecentaur9 @ reddit) // the thought of a ship that can’t swim is hilarious! (captain semizero @ reddit)
1pctheory: i personally can’t see any of the mugiwara eating it. i feel like it’d change them way too much: they’d be able to phase in and out, which would be strange, and besides, everyone already got some great power-ups from the time skip. the only ones who didn’t already have devil fruits, so the sunny eating it has my vote for now!

sanji’s kuma moment (divinesleeper @ reddit)

i die. thank you divinesleeper! i thought everything sanji did this chapter was priceless. yes, it might be getting old, but it’s how he tries to keep a straight face in this last panel that got to me. and after about 10 minutes of staring at the color spread, i still have no idea why nami is pulling at her shirt. i’m not sure why people think fujitora is going to enter the tournament – we’ve already seen him in the stands, but that doesn’t preclude him from doing something badass towards the end of it! everyone is talking about sabo, and how if he really is alive, he wouldn’t be able to pass this opportunity up either. couldn’t agree more!

is everyone as pumped for this tournament arc as i am? violet wants sanji to help her kill a man in the next city.. is the next city green bitt? have a great week everyone! see you next timeee

702: corrida colosseum

zehahah! cool crossover, thanks to homer_hatake @ reddit for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ here’s a link to the raw, thanks to redon @ apf for the link, and yes – this is the first tournament in one piece! it only took 702 chapters but oh man, will the strawhats have to fight each other? who’s going to participate? will some random nobody come in to steal the show? after all, doflamingo has invited the “best of the best from the new world!” the excitement i’m feeling for this arc is on an entirely different level. i’m secretly hoping it starts off very foxy-esque.

greentoof @ reddit: “what if the faeries lead zorjimon to the tournament?” they freaking better!

// sanji vs. senor pink (javimgol @ apf)
–> oda said sanji’s design was inspired by steve buscemi’s role in reservoir dogs (source: sbs vol. 68)
–> senor pink = mr. pink, buscemi in that movie is named “mr. pink”
1pctheory: i think it’s otherwise too early to guess who else could be fighting who, but this makes a ton of sense! gotta love it

one liners

zoro and luffy basically confirmed for the colosseum (jyuunishinshou @ apf)
“these living toys aren’t toys at all. they’re being controlled by the faeries” (thelaughingman @ apf)
inspiration: looks like the dbz martial arts colosseum (ladsome @ reddit)
pandaman: pg13 middle right (monkeydduffy @ reddit/xxxtowliexxx @ apf)
if momonosuke eats the mera mera no mi and doesn’t die (mdxbhmt @ reddit)

very short set up chapter, but i think this is going to be one. amazing. arc! does dellinger look way too much like saldeth? machvise also looks like buffalos dad, or something. i couldn’t find a whole lot more to say than this but i’ll keep searching.. otherwise, hope you guys all have a great week!

chapter 701: adventure in the country of love, passion and toys

confirmed: faeries exist, and are dangerous.. or something
revealed: the road to green bit goes through dressrosa and is not all that safe

// blind swordsman is fujitora
–> all admirals have so far been based on Japanese actors. [see: kuzan, borsalino, sakazuki] (chimerauprising @ reddit)
–> the inspiration for blindy is shintaro katsu’s [wiki] portrayal of zatoichi, a blind swordsman/gambler, and katsu’s most famous role
<– nobody recognized him, and he has a huge scar
1pctheory: other thoughts included him being the third, missing samurai, but kinemon didn’t recognize him. also, his power may be gravity related and not just.. hole.. making.. related ๐Ÿ˜› someone said something about a gravity blade? those are some pretty damn cool words when put together like that

// wapol might have something to do with these toys (bigpow @ reddit)
<-> recall wapol’s cover story, which ended with the world nobles giving wapol his own kingdom due to his success in creating wapometal toys (stickdoctor @ reddit)
<-> here’s the cover of chapter 250 showing wapol’s toy creations
1pctheory: such a great connection i just had to share, and a really great excuse to rediscover wapol’s cover story [see all those links above]! its relevance? general franky is at least partially made of it!

// dressrosa is modeled after the coastal cities in spain (redon @ apf)
–> dressrosa 1, somewhere-in-spain 1
–> dressrosa “restaurante
–> “new bridge” as viewed from the arc del christo (kaze1028 @ apf)
1pctheory: they found the exact images of inspiration, maybe. props

one liners

acacia is a female name in greek, loosely translates to ‘no malice’ (chrisn654 @ reddit)
buffalo’s subordinates play roulette ๐Ÿ˜› (chrisn654 @ reddit)
doflamingo = former king of a country inhabited by toys/puppets. “if [doflamingo’s] ability isn’t string-related i will eat my hat.” (iSoder @ reddit)
“bepo drew that crappy map.” see, paw print on the bottom right (bigluffy559 @ apf)
pandaman, bottom left of page 10 under the text box (masteroftime666 @ reddit)
what if the factory is actually capone bege, and that’s why law can’t find it so easily? (mdinh013 @ reddit)
1pctheory: such a cool inference about bepo’s paw print on the map, and if the factory is capone bege, that would mean doflamingo owns the thing that sucked bege’s crew up in to the sky (which.. who knows what that is)

couple questions

dofla must’ve known you have to cross dressrosa to get to green bitt.. so why didn’t he just wait for law/mugi’s at the entrance? (kishido @ apf)
trebol said the country was in a riot last chapter. why is everyone in acacia so calm? (ccc @ apf)

things i wish i would do

1. stitch together all the evidence pics so you readers only have to click once
2. actually, screw clicking at all: i wish i knew how to just pop out images onmouseover and have them disappear after. man, that would be sweet
5. actually update the other pages on this site

probably never gonna happen ๐Ÿ˜› this chapter was so good, but you don’t need me to tell you that. i’ll see if anything else comes up during the week, and i’m fully expecting to actually sit down and carefully comb through some more chapter comments. otherwise, hope you all have a great one!

chapter 700: at his own pace

can you say.. data dump? and thanks to jyuunishinshou @ apf for pointing out sakazuki is smoking marine brand cigars (left). they could probably never be released in the us, given we actually have a marine corp, but we can dream.

confirmed: bugs is a shichibukai
confirmed: kiddpookins are going after yonkou also
revealed: law’s crew is hanging out in zou
revealed: law engineered the “rocky port” incident
revealed: trebol is in dofla’s club seat (see: pimp cane)
revealed: bonney is… ok?
revealed: ace’s fruit is back up again
unrevealed: there is a 7th shichibukai
1pctheory: doflamingo was definitely present during the war and therefore had an opportunity to engineer control over the mera mera no mi.. if we all agree that after a df user dies, that the power transfers to the nearest fruit. i don’t know if i can just accept that as fact (iSoder seems agree!)

// the secret journalist/reporter abusa = absalom (ccc @ apf & zorospride @ reddit)
–> check out the ship leaving kidd’s base in ch700 and the ship leaving thriller bark in ch486 (mrxyz @ apf & username1993 @ reddit)
–> invisible guy = scoops
1pctheory: ridiculous find. it’s stuff like this that makes me proud to be a one piece fan! and it’s comforting to know absalom found purpose after moria: spying on people (but almost certainly, mostly chicks)

// fujitora is one of the new admirals (wdao16 @ reddit)
–> translates to purple tiger (ccc @ apf)
–> virtually guaranteed by naming convention: color + animal both written in kanji, color in hiragana and animal in katakana (ccc @ apf)

// the trafalgar triple cross (devioustrevor @ reddit)
–> law arranged for ceasar to be picked up at green bitt
–> sakazuki sent fujitora over to green bitt because that’s what smoker reported
= fujitora vs. whoever dofla sends!

// doflamingo is a tenrybuuto (onigumo @ mf)
–> his nickname is ๅคฉๅคœๅ‰ = Tenyasha
–> ๅคฉ็ซœไบบ = Tenryuubito

\\ his pace?
<-> “don’t get drawn in to his pace
1pctheory: i don’t feel like i saw very much discussion about this – what the hell is ‘his pace?’ i would say that the only thing we know about it is that maybe it has to do with doflamingo having leverage over someone else.. which reminds me, if you haven’t seen netflix’s “house of cards” yet, i suggest you sign up for a free trial through xbox/wii/whatever and watch it alongside arrested development once it gets released in may ๐Ÿ™‚ after reading mangarule’s version (which i’m hearing is the best translation), there is no mention of any ‘pace’ on that page so screw it. but i still think you should watch house of cards and arrested ๐Ÿ˜›


last week’s cover page has a lot of people thinking luffy will eat the mera mera no mi – (darkraoul @ mh)
those mystery wave rabbits look awfully familiar – (razh @ mh)
ussopp is dressing more giant-like (1, 2) – (deathlordoo @ reddit)
what if one piece is actually.. buggy? – (honigga @ reddit)
diamante = diamond in spanish, trebor/vor could be trebol mistranslated = clubs in spanish, spades = picas or similar? – (sagemaster @ mf)
1pctheory: monet’s alive.. right?!

mystery cameos

crocodile, top left of page 5 (superqaibdib @ reddit)
apoo?! middle left of page 16 (slight @ reddit)
<– could be a poorly scanned onigumo

catching up

captain_ussopp @ reddit – the inspiration for whitebeard’s cool death is benkei (wiki benkei) and lots more!
sub94 @ reddit – “one piece conspiracies” we talk about a lot of these, and sub94 does the thing i’ve always been way too lazy to: put it all together in to one very nice album!
milkyjoe241 @ reddit – according to the survey data, dressrosa is going to be the best arc yet!
milkyjoe241 @ reddit – one piece subreddit favorite character results! won’t spoil it for you, but he or she is my favorite too ๐Ÿ™‚

man, i love this milkyjoe241 guy: a data loving one piece fan. but all of you guys are so good that it’s making me feel like i’m not doing enough for the site! evidence: the amount of fan content created and shared over at the one piece reddit (not to mention how great the subreddit looks on its own). it’s all truly mind bottling. perfect example: discovererman posted this great little infographic that details how oda’s art style has changed over the years for the mugiwara crew (below)! i urge you all to check it out and share, share share. well, my graduate school is coming to a close so if i can’t find a job after it, this site is going to start looking REAL GOOD ๐Ÿ˜› hope you all have a great week and weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 699: the morning paper

new arc! sort of. i figured now was as good of time as any to start this page. but sadly, there isn’t all too much to say. the chapter was fantastic, but as arc-separating chapters tend to be, not much was revealed for the purposes of this website. other than robin, that is. if there’s anything we can count on between arcs, it’s fanservice! we’re all feeling just a bit like branjimon right now, i’m sure

we finally get a good look at law’s wanted poster, which includes this great catch by stickdoctor @ reddit (+others): bepo! and aokiji seems to have found purpose, but i wouldn’t doubt doflamingo’s inside info for a second. is the keej up to no good? or something revolutionary? no way to tell, but we definitely know that…

revealed: doflamingo is no longer a shichibukai, nor a royal of dressrosa
revealed: aokiji has a .. giant .. penguin .. friend?
confirmed: hawkiddpoo are an official alliance, but they have nothing to do with lawffy
1pctheory: “what was he anyway, the king of birds?” and what the hell is this thing (warp predator @ apf)? a mystery bird? and kouch_lee @ apf asks the same question i did: what’s the point of doflamingo stepping down from dressro-yalty?

chapter 700 is next week, and i’m expecting law to give doflamingo more instructions to pick up ceasar! can’t wait, can’t wait. hope everybody had a great couple of weeks – i’ll gather all the unanswered questions from punk hazard and update this post with those soon. other than that, i’ll see you next week!