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Fishman Island as of Chapter 654 (1/25/2012): Leaving Fishman Island. These transitions are always a great place for Oda to do a little Nami fan. serv. ice. Otherwise, here’s Luffy. Cracking me up as usual. And “Gam” is a group of whales. (CaptainPaige @ apforums)

Revelation: Laboon’s maybe family is also ramming the Reverse Mountain/something else.
–> And they like Brook’s music!
–> They’ll definitely show up again.
–> “Oda started the New World with the same whales that they started the Grand Line with.” (TheOwlduke @ apforums)

Revelation: The New World is a red, sea of flames.
–> Cool! 😀

Revelation: We won’t be seeing Smoker any time soon.
–> The current must have moved them far enough away that they won’t see each other any time soon.
–> These currents have already been foreshadowed earlier. (KaiPirinha @ apforums)
<– If Oda is going to write the series sort of in parallel, then they should meet Smoker at the first island (ala Lougetown), and he should continue to chase the Strawhats through the New World.

Revelation: Zoro got a lot stronger.
–> 360 Pound Cannon with One Sword = 1080 Pound Cannon with 3?

Chapter 653 (1/18/2012): Fishman Island Arc is over! Pages like this give me the chills.
Otherwise, this chapter was mostly for goodbyesand giggles. Luffy really shows off his rubberness this chapter 🙂

Revelation: Triple Log Poses!
–> A great way to drive the story. I can’t wait to see where they go next!
–> Wherever they go next, they’re going to meet up with Smoker and Tashigi first. I wonder how long they’ll be fighting them. Maybe it’ll just be another way to show off some more stuff about the Sunny, ala the Mugiwara confrontation with Blackbeard at Jaya.

Revelation: Shirley has never been wrong.
–> Fishman Island will still be destroyed, just sometime in the future.
–> Luffy may not actually be the one that does it. It’s even possible now that the kids who are getting straw hats from the surface will be the ones to do it. All we know is that a man with a straw hat will destroy Fishman Island.
–> Luffy’s promise to Shirahoshi guarantees, however, that they will return to Fishman Island, which might be the context for its inevitable destruction.

Arc Ending Unanswered Questions:
// How will Fishman Island eventually be destroyed?
// Will Jinbe eventually join? I wouldn’t be surprised if the confrontation with Big Mam was the vehicle for re-meeting Jinbe in the New World and his joining in the future.
// The Straw Hats will definitely return to Fishman Island in the future.
// When will Charlotte Linlin’s crew open the Tamatekabo? Will the bomb go off?
// Sanji hasn’t even cooked power-up food for the crew yet. I bet after they get past smoker, maybe on the second or third island in the New World, they’ll need to power-up with Sanji’s cooking.

Will add more later. I’m in class right now and I should most definitely be paying attention. Tuition is very high 😛

Chapter 652 (1/11/2012): We waited 2 weeks for this!?
Naw, just kidding. Still awesome (top panel).

Major Revelation: A war is coming.
–> First Luffy eats all of Big Mam’s candy, then he sends her a box full of explosives.
–> Pekoms and Tamago have left already, so I imagine her opening this box in the near future.
–> This makes my prediction of Zoro fighting Tamago wrong. Oh well 😛

Major Revelation: Smoker made Vice-Admiral and Tashigi has made Captain.
–> Congratulations to everyone who predicted this (which includes us)! A lot of people did so good eye, all 🙂
–> Tashigi is now sick with the sword.
–> The guy Smoker is talking to looks way too much like Yorki to me. We know it’s not him though.
–> “They call me D” @ apforums points out that Smoker seems to have a mark under his right eye.
–> Plus, they’re spawn camping the Red-Line for the Straw Hats.

Revelation: The Sun Pirates are under the command of Charlotte Linlin
–> He did it to protect not only his crew but fishman island as well.
–> We’ve always thought he would join, for reasons we’ve layed out below. Practically confirmed now that he will!
–> Now we know how; Fishman Island will fly Luffy’s flag!

Revelation: Pekoms is a lion/turtle/thing.
–> I wonder if the rest of them are chimera-type beings. One of the “beasts” of Linlin’s crew.
–> Can’t even imagine how or why he is this way.

Revelation: Caribou keeps coming back. And will continue to do so.
–> Ironically (or not) we don’t know who “You Know Who” is, but we know that it isn’t anyone Caribou formally reports to. After all, Caribou was going to join the fake Mugiwaras.
–> You know who also isn’t Linlin, otherwise they wouldn’t have had to look him up in the book/Caribou would’ve just told them right then and there.
–> It has to be someone pretty well known in the One Piece world. With what little information we have, I’d bet that it’s either a high ranking Marine like Doflamingo or possibly Kaidou.
–> Hinscher @ apforums gives a good reason for it to be Doflamingo: “Caribou seems like a Bellamy type, you know some scum that Doflamingo grabbed in, and lets do wahtever, but don’t care if he dies”

So it wasn’t exactly the craziest chapter of all time. As always, I’ll lurk on some forums and post on some others and bring together as many good theories as I can, so check back once in a while for it! Otherwise, if you stay tuned to the twitter you’ll know exactly when and where I update 😀

Oh, and thanks to Don Quichotte de Flamingo @ apforums for pointing out pandaman is on page 11 🙂

Chapter 651 (12/26/2011): Two things:
1. Look at Zoro’s face here. Have you ever seen him smile so big? Cracks me up 😛
2. THIS (last panel) is why One Piece is the SHIZZ. And this (last panel). Luffy is so kick ass it hurts my brain.

Major Revelation: We’ve seen parts of Big Mam’s face. Whatever she is, it’s freaking gigantic.
–> She isn’t on Fishman Island so we’ve neither confirmed nor denied her relationship with Lola.
–> Big Mam says she couldn’t stop her “stomach acid from overflowing.” Possibly hinting at how she fights.
–> Big Mam is evil. As in, I’m super happy but I’m going to eat my crewmate who called me mama anyways, evil.
–> Zach points out that 10 tons is a lot of food for anyone, period (except Luffy, I guess), so it’s plausible that Big Mam must eat all the time, akin to how Magellan always had to poop.
–> She also knows Garp in some capacity, but that has a very easy explanation: perhaps they just knew each other from a while ago. Garp is old, Big Mam, as a Yonkou, is probably old. But of course, it could be something else.
–> For the record, we still don’t think she’s was Lola’s mom. Not that we’ve gained any insight either way, but her evil-ness does make it seem less likely.

Major Revelation: The New World is divided into Seas as well!
–> “On a “certain” sea in the New World.”
–> Cool. What else can I say 😛

Revelation: Baron Tamago is of the longleg tribe. (Katzztar @ apforums)
–> We’ll probably see everything on that list at some point 😀 especially since Big Mam’s crew are all.. peculiar. (Lord_Rayleigh @ MH)
–> Triclops, Paperface Bobbin, Longlegs Tamago, Awakened Lion Zoan (?) Pekoms
–> Could they (and more) be the “beasts” of Big Mom’s Pirate Crew Pekoms is referring to? In this panel, the only other person we can make out looks pretty human.
–> RaDar @ MH points out that we’ve yet to see Snakenecks, Minkmen or Dwarves in the series so far.

Revelation: Kidd is making a scene in the New World.
–> We’re predicting Kidd to be a Shichibukai the next time we see him. Check it out on the thoughtroll page!
<– I understand Tamago only called Kidd a “brat,” which means he’s barely on their radar.
–> But Big Mam definitely knows Luffy and called him a “brat” here as well. In fact, Pekoms has some sort of book or is reading a newspaper with Luffy’s name in it.
–> Plus, Whitebeard called Shanks something to that effect too, so what do titles mean anyway 😛

Revelation: There’s this Tri-clops who is going to be obviously important later on in the series.
–> Next nakama? 😀 You know people were hypothesizing that the moment they saw her. Not me, but I have no reason not to believe so either, so.. whatever. 😛

// Zoro is gonna fight Baron Tamago soon.
–> I know that Pekoms has a sword, as well as this other dude Bobbins with a stupidly large sword, but..
–> Tamago has a slash across his eye. I predict we learn what the heck it means for Zoro, Baron, and possibly Rayleigh as well!
–> In that respect, I think the Straw Hats will just blow Pekoms and Baron away and the giant sword dude is going to be Zoro’s real opponent when Big Mam shows (whenever that is).
<– Brook has a relationship with the longarm tribe; I don’t know if he has a dislike for the longlegs (Reminder: Apoo is also a longarm).

// Baron Tamago, Trafalgar Law, Kuma and Gol D. Roger related in some way.
–> Look at Tamago’s pants \\ Law’s Hat \\ Kuma’s Hat \\ Roger’s Bandana
–> I noticed Law and Kuma’s hats and Roger’s bandana earlier but I didn’t want to mention it ever. But 4 incidences should no longer be considered coincidence.
–> It’s hard to really hypothesize how the heck these people in different crews and entirely different situations could be related to each other, but why not just guess that it has something to do with the Will of D./Void Century/Rio Poneglyph/One Piece/Mark of the Revolutionaries/blah blah blah. 😛

// As a continuation of what we’ve predicted below, we don’t think Luffy can match up to Big Mam at all. After coming to this realization, Luffy will destroy Fishman Island himself in order to free it from Big Mam for the time being.
<– But with Luffy’s awesome declaration of Fishman Island being his, I have my doubts about this. Shirley couldn’t have been wrong though. So here, I’m conflicted.

\\ And thanks to Lord_Rayleigh, Captain Observant @ MH, for pointing out Pandaman on the last panel here 🙂
Fairly lame update for such an awesome chapter. I’ll try my best to scour the forums and stuff to find some good stuff and put it all up here 🙂 I hope, for now, this will suffice. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 650 (12/14/2011): Seriously, we are learning so much right now, most likely due to the fact that Fishman Island is more connected by heritage/lack of attention from the WG. Anyways, on to it!

Major Revelation: There are definitely three Ancient Weapons – Pluton, Uranus and Poseidon.
Thoughts: Nothing that people haven’t already speculated. Way to go, guys!
Added (12/16/2011): Pluton’s Clue Poneglyph was found in Alabasta (founded 500 years before the Void Century). Poseidon’s Clue Poneglyph was found in Shandora, which was Jaya at the time of the Void Century. Does that mean the Uranus’ Clue Poneglyph is on an island with a kingdom/civilization that existed during the Void Century? This would actually disqualify it from being on Raftel as we know it (assuming that Raftel is some sort of secret, deserted island with One Piece on it). I don’t exactly have a list of kingdoms that existed prior the Void Century, but Fishman Island definitely did, as did Ohara, along with a slew of other places we haven’t even heard of yet, I’m sure.
Added (12/16/2011): The other thing is if Pluton is Hell, Uranus is Heaven and Poseidon is the Sea, does that mean Gaia exists somewhere as the Land? I know the Neptune said there’s only three, but maybe Luffy is Gaia (being that he can only fight on land) as a carrier of the Will of D. Eh, probably not, but fun to speculate nonetheless 🙂

Major Revelation: Caribou is definitely still around and knows that Shirahoshi is Poseidon.
Thoughts: This is pretty awesome. So Caribou is definitely coming back, as we’ve speculated here, and is going to do pretty much everything he can to kidnap Shirahoshi. He could also sell this information to the World Government for something, but so far we have no reason to believe he’d do this. His nakama are in town so we’ll definitely see some sort of quick scuffle between their crew and Luffy’s.

Major Revelation: Aokiji and Akainu fought for Fleet Admiral, and Akainu won!
Thoughts: Woah. Aokiji left the marines and here come all the Aokiji for next nakama theories. Sure why not! I don’t personally believe that but I do think Aokiji will be an ally at some point in the future. The Marines keep losing people/leaving powerful people behind. It’s all going to come back to bite them in the ass one day. Otherwise, redditor gonchos speculates that Aokiji may have been hanging out with the Revolutionaries due to his relationship with Nico Robin, of which I’ll expand on later once I get off work 😛
Added (12/16/2011): Expansion: Kuzan/Aokiji and Sakazuki/Akainu were fighting for the figurative future of the Marines. The winner would define the Marine definition of “justice” moving forward. Based on Kuzan’s past, however, it’s entirely reasonable to think he’s entirely opposed to Sakazuki’s brand of justice. He already let Robin escape twice in the past (1x | 2x) directly against orders. With Sakazuki’s victory, the Marines, who once walked a very thin and ambiguous line, can for all purposes now be considered fully evil. And all these people the Marines are leaving behind – Sengoku, Garp, Kuzan – might not necessarily become nakama for any crew/organization any time soon, but they share a common enemy in the World Government with, you guessed it, the Revolutionaries. The Revolutionaries have been steadily gaining allies and I’m just happy that they’re finally going to start playing a much larger role, which is easily predictable/undeniably true.

Major Revelation: Blackbeard has replaced Whitebeard as one of the four Yonkou!
Thoughts: Jesus. We are learning so much right now it’s insane. Anyways, Blackbeard for Yonkou makes perfect sense. More sense than Buggy at least 😛 Nothing people haven’t speculated yet, so great job to everyone who figured this out much earlier than I 🙂 In any case, the Blackbeard Pirates definitely have discovered a way to steal Devil Fruit abilities and are farming them for the New World.
How? Is it something that he “found” in level 6 Impel Down? He didn’t go there JUST for more nakama.
Added (12/16/2011):
Blackbeard’s character is developing really interestingly. Teach is filling in for the power gap left behind due to Whitebeard’s death, but is really the exact opposite of Whitebeard. I think we can extrapolate/predict more about Blackbeard moving forward with this in mind, but I’ll save that for another time. At the very least, much like the Marines (above), Teach can be considered an evil force in the One Piece World.
Added (12/16/2011): As for Blackbeard’s new found ability to steal devil fruit abilities, does that mean he can have more than two? I don’t think we have any reason to believe he does, and that this is more of a way for his crew to power-up like mad. Otherwise, is it just because of his body? His devil fruit? Or the cape that he covered Whitebeard in? I personally think that it’s something that Vegapunk discovered and being a Shichibukai, Teach got access to that information, which somehow involves something he found in Level 6 Impel Down.
Updated (12/21/2011): Many thanks to commenter Jarrod, who points out that my prediction here doesn’t really make total sense 😛 Besides the fact that Vegapunk really has no reason to tell Teach anything about his research, this new found ability shouldn’t be so surprising to Sengoku and the other Shichibukai/high ranking Marines. That said, I haven’t quite found any of them reacting in a completely shocked/surprised manner just yet, but I’m gonna keep an eye out during this re-read I’m currently on 🙂 Thanks Jarrod!

Major Revelation: Big Mam is coming for the candy!
Thoughts: Totally called it here (links to this page), and really it just makes sense. This candy is apparently really bomb. Big Mam could of course be Lola’s mom and then there’d be no confrontation, or if the vivre card doesn’t make an appearance, we can effectively rule Big Mam out of being Lola’s mom. Otherwise, Big Mam could try to go wild here and Luffy still might destroy Fishman Island as Shirley predicts (which we still think is going to happen).
Added (12/16/2011): Just to be clear, I think that Big Mam is not Lola’s mom and will try to start some stuff, wherein Luffy somehow ends up destroying Fishman Island to save its inhabitants. Whatever that means 😛

Revelation: The Energy Steroids turn the users really old and weak!
Thoughts: Totally called it here (links to this page). I think we have a good grasp of how Oda is/should be writing this thing 😀 At this point, Caribou doesn’t need to take them and die from overdose. The effects of stealing drugs and drug use have been reconciled with the readers.

I’ll read this over again later but for now, I hope this suffices. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 649 (12/8/2011): Zoro is hilarious (x2). So is the King, but that’s neither here nor there.

Major Revelation: Jinbe won’t be joining the Straw Hats because has some “business” to take care of.
Thoughts: This business is probably something from a long time ago, pre-shichibukai even. That being said, it still makes a lot of sense for Jinbe to join up – if not now, most definitely in the future.

Zach points out the reason: Luffy has weaknesses. His top weaknesses being the ocean, blades, and strategic planning. It’s pertinent, then, that the Pirate King would have someone on his crew that can handle the ocean, blades, and strategic planning for him (among other things). Zoro, with his ambition to be the world’s greatest swordsman, will take care of blades for him. Strategic planning to this point has been taken care of by Ussop, Robin, and even Jinbe (stopped Luffy from just running in to the Fishman District and taking names). Jinbe, then, needs to be the Mugiwara presence in underwater – especially in the New World. Just to add to this, Sanji is probably going to be the strongest fighter in the air, and Luffy on land.

Major Revelation: Joy Boy is from the Void Century (congruent with what we’ve talked about here).
Thoughts: I find it interesting that for all his talents, Joy Boy couldn’t keep whatever promise he made to the inhabitants of Fishman Island 800 years ago, that somehow involved Noah and most likely the Mermaid Princess.
Questions to Mind: Obviously what that promise was. Oda was being particularly vague on this point. My gut feeling is that Joy Boy was maybe supposed to protect the Mermaid Princess (Poseidon) and keep her from danger until some “Promised Time.” That “Promised Time” might have been some certain amount of time past the awakening of the Sea King Queen’s powers, and she was supposed to use Noah to fulfill some sort of destiny or something cheesy like that. The twist though is that the Mermaid Princess may have been captured/killed and Joy Boy therefore couldn’t fulfill his promise to protect her, and that someone else would be able to in his stead (Luffy). Luffy will be charged with that same task in the future, wherein he will probably still destroy Fishman Island. Sorry for going all fan-fiction on you like that, I only realized it after typing it all out, but I like it and it’s my blog, so deal with it 😛

Major Revelation: Shirahoshi is Poseidon! Bum, bum, BUMMM…!!
Thoughts: Cool. So cool. I’m glad we finally found out something concrete about Poseidon, and I think it’s great that it’s a person. I’ve said before that Shirahoshi’s power is seriously out of place in the context of the One Piece World, and the fact that she’s an Ancient Weapon definitely explains a lot. Here’s a clip of something I said earlier on this very page, that I think still applies well:

Is there a deeper connection to the Void Century here?
–> It would make sense. First of all, there’s a Poneglyph at Fishman Island, and rationally speaking, they are the furthest away/most disconnected from the world above. There may be some revelations yet!
–> Furthermore, Shirley and Shirahoshi seem.. out of place. They aren’t Devil Fruit users but still have an unreasonably powerful ability (fortune telling, Sea King control). Nobody else in the One Piece Universe has that type of ability. So how do they fit in all this? Are they more closely related to the Ancient Kingdom and the Void Century than others? Or is it just another form of Haki we aren’t familiar with just yet (like Cobi’s out of place Haki)? Added 12/5/2011: Hacchi explains here that Ryuuguu Kingdom wasn’t even a part of the World Council until 200 years ago, giving this explanation some legs.

My friend and I were working on this theory where Luffy’s true strength, which a lot of you guys have probably already thought of, is his ability to gain comrades and friends wherever he goes. Mihawk even talks about this being a threat. I’ll stop here because I wanna throw a page up on this one by itself; even if it’s an interesting prediction more than it is a theory. Added 12/11/2011: I talk about Luffy’s strengths here and how it relates to how I think the series is going to end on the comprehensive theory page here! It’s at the bottom if you don’t want to read it all 🙂 Wish I knew how to link things to specific parts of a page.. still learning!

As always, there’s always more to add, so check out the twitter @onepeacetheory to know where and when all the updates I make to this site are!

Chapter 648 (12/3/2011): I wonder what format I should use to break these chapters down. Maybe something like…

Major Revelation: The Sea Kings have a Queen and that Queen is now Shirahoshi.
Questions to Mind: Prior to Shirahoshi’s birth, was there a Queen? Were the previous Queen’s abilities ever awakened? Used? Plus, it was a mermaid of all things.. Shirahoshi is obviously gigantic; was the previous Sea King Queen gigantic as well?

Major Revelation: Luffy can unquestionably hear the Sea Kings
Point of Contention: I noticed some people were questioning this, but my reading seems consistent with this passage. On the top panel of this page, the Sea Kings were definitely the ones saying “Stop!”
Questions to Mind: Is this an extension of Gol D. Roger’s ability to hear the breath of all things? Has Luffy been slowly developing this ability? Have we seen this before? I’ll look for the answers to these questions and post here soon.

Major Revelation: Noah’s purpose is to be pulled by the Sea Kings in some way or another.
Questions to Mind: More interestingly, somebody told them this. Joy Boy comes to mind, even though I really have no reason to think that way.

Major Revelation: Jinbe has been asked to join the crew!
Questions to Mind: Some people have been questioning whether or not Jinbe will actually accept. After all, he hasn’t exactly said yes just yet. But as I was reading this chapter, I couldn’t help but just imagine the way this is going to be portrayed in the anime. It’s going to be calm, the music will be serene, Luffy will smile, and just screams about “BE MY NAKAMA!” The emotion and feeling behind this points to Jinbe joining. I’ll be extremely surprised if he says no.

A lot of the things below (Chapter 647) absolutely still apply so read on if you haven’t before!

Chapter 647 (11/28/2011):

This arc is just beginning.
–> Daruma chewed through and destroyed Big Mam’s candy factory. This almost necessitates an appearance, which would mean she could be the final boss, if you will, of this arc.

Was Shirley wrong? Will Luffy destroy Fishman Island Still?
–> I think yes, and in a very classically Luffy way. Remember, Luffy destroyed the room Nami made her maps in (Arlong Park Arc) because he knew it would solve everything/make Nami happy. If for some reason Big Mam doesn’t let the Fishman Island residents leave because, for example, she wants them to keep making her candy, Luffy may very well just destroy it all to free them.
–> Otherwise, all of the events prophezised/foreseen have so far occurred. Shirahoshi was guided by Luffy to awaken her ability to control Sea Kings. Noah has yet to fulfill its purpose, which might be to take the now flooded Fishman Island residents to land, akin to the story of Noah’s Ark.

Is there a deeper connection to the Void Century here?
–> It would make sense. First of all, there’s a Poneglyph at Fishman Island, and rationally speaking, they are the furthest away/most disconnected from the world above. There may be some revelations yet!
–> Furthermore, Shirley and Shirahoshi seem.. out of place. They aren’t Devil Fruit users but still have an unreasonably powerful ability (fortune telling, Sea King control). Nobody else in the One Piece Universe has that type of ability. So how do they fit in all this? Are they more closely related to the Ancient Kingdom and the Void Century than others? Or is it just another form of Haki we aren’t familiar with just yet (like Cobi’s out of place Haki)? Added 12/5/2011: Hacchi explains here that Ryuuguu Kingdom wasn’t even a part of the World Council until 200 years ago, giving this explanation some legs.

The drugs. Tell me about the drugs!
–> Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think there have been any downsides to using the fishmen power-up drug, other than the threat of overdosing. But Hodi Jones wasn’t defeated by an overdose, he was defeated by pure Luffy domination. What I’m saying here is that Hodi Jones should make yet another appearance and overdose, if for no other reason than to reassure the audience that doing drugs is wrong. Cheesy, I know. Bonus: redditor KiNGofKiNGs891 suggested that maybe Caribou will get a hold of some drugs, leading to the inevitable conclusion. This would bring Caribou back in to the story line and provide the above anti-drug-message that I allude to earlier. I love it!

Is there a Fishman Karate Dojo? Is there a master of that dojo? Is he or she stronger than Jinbe?
–> Eh, why not ask this question. Sure, why not! A lighthearted spar at the end of the arc, just to show off what is to come and what Luffy is truly capable of.

Basically I think that there’s still a long way to go, and not just filler, happy, post-arc partying. What do you think? Comment away!