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the case for op space

the mugiwara go to space. sound odd? not to me. there’s way too much evidence to support it!
the covers of chapters 428 onward detail enel’s great space mission to fairy vearth
now, i’m kinda half assing this because i just want to finish this up for now and pretty it up later
but here is enel’s cover story, in what i hope is an easier to view format:

part 1: 428 – 435 // part 2: 436-442 // part 3: 443 – 450 // part 4: 451 – 458 // part 5: 459 – 465 // part 6: 466 – 472 // part 7: 473 – 474

space pirates, the history of skypeia, the oharan op-verse model (anime / manga).. what is it that we know and what has yet to be determined?

…what we know – skypeia history lesson

(1) there is an ancient city on the moon, aka fairy vearth, called birka (see point three for naming)
(2) the wall paintings in birka reveal three different winged races having once lived on moon-birka

birkans (left) || shandorians (middle) || skypeians (right)

(3) they collaborated to create the automata/spaceys, but had to leave due to a lack of resources on the moon
(4) they left behind spaceys/automata in birka, who were later activated in the current timeline by enel’s lightning

…what we know – the ancient races

(5) the birkans settled on sky-birka (vs. moon-birka), however enel destroyed it eight years ago cause he’s a dick (6 pre-timeskip)
(6) the skypeians settled on modern day skypeia (citation needed – apparently gan fall says this)
(7a) while the shandorians emigrated before or in 402 aos (1100 yago) to jaya, where shandora prospered on earth
(7b) shandora was invaded during the void century (900-800 yago) and only the shandia were left of them
(7c) in 1122 aos (400 yago), noland arrives on jaya and saves the shandians from a deadly disease
(7d) sometime in the next five years, the knock up stream knocks jaya up to skypeia, also known as ‘upper yard’ containing vearth, or blue-earth soil
(8) noland is made the fool and executed for his lies.

…what we know – space pirates & the spaceys/automata (ok, where the hell did this automata word come from)

(9) by the looks of all these holes, the space pirates have been searching/excavating for birka for quite some time
(10) and made a huge misstep by blowing up the maxim
(11a) some past explosion was seen on earth by tsukimi, an inhabitant of a machine island on the blue sea, someone capable of building spaceys
(11b) he unfortunately died, choking a dumpling, and the spaceys took balloons up to fairy vearth to avenge their creator
(12) the spaceys proceed to get absolutely pummeled by the space pirates, but sometime after, enel shows up and takes care of the space pirates for them
(13) the spaceys are charged by enel by striking this thing, i think, and are now under his command/loyal to him to do who knows what

we can infer…

// you can travel to the moon fairly easily in the op-verse
–> enel got there on the maxim
–> spaceys got there by floating balloon
opt: one quick mod by franky and the thousand sunny could easily make it to outer space :)

other: space related

– people (as well as i) believe monet was reading an astrology book in ceasar’s lab
– the tenryuubito wear what can only be described as space-suit robes and are also connected to the ancient kingdom through ancestry
– capone bege may be getting pulled in & up by a closely orbiting moon‘s gravitational field

opt: confession time — this entire page is really about monet being alive and how she’s going to join the crew and go in to outer space with them. i’ll have to sum it up again at some point soon for all the non-believers because the evidence just keeps piling up

other: skypeia related

– people think urogue is skypeian due to his hairstyle as a kid
– don’t forget about gedatsu, who straight up fell off skypeia on to the grand line

opt: i’ll keep updating this page as we get new information but there’s definitely a whole lot to like about space. if the oharan moon model can be believed (and it can), there’s even another planet/satellite body orbiting the one piece earth with it’s own moon as well! to dismiss this in its entirety would be foolish in my opinion, which is exactly why this page exists

hope this was informational for you, and keeps growing in the future :)
until next time.. !!