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chapter 810 – chapter 805 – chapter 800 – chapter 795

chapter 826: 0 and 4
introducing: yonji !! winch green, sanji’s little brother
introducing: reiju !! poison pink, sanji’s big sister
revealed: germa 66 are technologically advanced royals who once ruled north blue + still participate in the reverie with no home
opt: one piece is back !! and so is .. aladdin !? and shouldn’t this be the whole cake page now ? who knows !!

people are saying great stuff about the vinsmoke kids — but the best thing i’ve seen is what ishyk786 said about these underworld brokers, and specifically the guy with the earmuffs: are you in fact a vinsmoke ? it’s a bit strange that luffy would have met them by coincidence way back when but i still buy it. 100% !!

otherwise, everyone seems to think reiju has a butterfly or moth df — surewhynot; i think more importantly, luffy just keeps doing dumb shit and that zoro is right: he needs to take this new world thing a bit more seriously. or maybe that’s the lesson .. to never take anything seriously ? ok oda, i hear you !! me too !!

of course i can’t wait to meet all of sanji’s siblings, but what of big mom’s daughters ? if all 38+ of them are going to this wedding, and are all presumably married to whoknowswhat/who, we’re going to meet a lot of interesting characters and i just can’t believe anybody could come up with so many for one tea party. and with all the alice in wonderland stuff going, just who is going to represent the cheshire cat ? can’t wait for it !!

hope everyone had a great few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚
see you next time on …

… i got nothin

chapter 825: the we times’ comic strip
introducing: uhh.. not lola ?
introducing!!: germa 66 !!
opt: i really am living under a workrock — one piece is back !! for now ..

i’m definitely happy oda is getting all alice in wonderland with this (opt812) and not-lola appears to be part of bege’s crew (called him father) .. what are the odds ? high, i guess — and yes !! who is this individual who looks way too much like sanji ? what if .. what if .. they all look exactly like sanji !?! ๐Ÿ˜› and is their ship.. a shipden mushi ?!

one liners
these boxes get shown too many times .. one’s got the bomb in it (gear5th)
emergency food supply (sarmadqt/bep0bear)
– sora/robot = sengoku and kuma ? (jugglenutt)
lola doesn’t have a tooth/diff haircut (onedpiece)
opt: no comment. just pissed that we have no one piece next week

– the man fight is about to begin .. diaper bomb !! nipple light special !! (755.16)
– the national treasure of mariejois (761.9)
– [law] of all people must not be anywhere near doflamingo (763.20)
– doflamingo is after the complete opposite of world destruction [?] (764.11)
– i need to step away from my post (764.15)
opt: oda showing his brilliance with mr. pink vs. franky — and it’s crazy how you can almost sympathize with doflamingo .. they say, write from a character’s perspective because it will make them real; dof is one of the deepest/most developed characters in one piece for sure so there’s no way we’ve seen the last of him just yet rocinante had his own reasons for wanting to be near dof, but it makes me wonder if there are other marine plants in big pirate crews around the opverse. and how the hell did oda come up with roci and mr. pink anyhow ? unbelievable !! and there are so many more people to meet, so many backstories still unknown .. like what is tsuru’s backstory ? just who the hell are you tsuruuu !

as for the treasure itself, doflamingo says with the ope ope no mi he could use that treasure + then proceeds to talk about its ability to transplant personalities; does he mean transplanting his own self in to another person for access ? and i feel like corazon contradicts what dof says in 760.15 in 764.11; dof wants to destroy all that the tenryuubito controls, the d. want to destroy ‘god’ .. someone’s wrong here, or the translation blows

i’m thinking about work, and the fact is i’m doing great, if making $ is indeed the unit of measure for well-being/success. my ‘problem’ is that i don’t really care if i’m #1 or #500 at what i do, and it has me thinking there’s something out there i do want to be #1 at. two thoughts:

1. i gotta go find it
or 2. i haven’t had a profound enough experience to forces me in to some specific purpose or passion

i’m learning towards 2, because you probably can’t actually find it by searching … but how the hell do you even @ 05/14/2016

happy mothers day to all you wonderful people @ 05/08/2016

the zou arc is definitely over. guess i should retire this page. what should i even call the next one ? whole-zou-marco arc ?!
otherwise thanks for stopping by and taking a quick read ๐Ÿ™‚ hope you guys are having a great week, and hope you all have a great weekend as well !
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chapter 824: little pirate games
double confirmed: sabo is the second strongest to dragon in the revolutionary army
(fish?)monster: jack is still alive !!
confirmed: kidd fought back
revealed: charlotte purin, the 35th daughter of big mom !!
opt: yes it was kidd — but kaidou saying ‘go on .. tell em’ sounds like he might let him go (!?) warn the mugihearts ..!! will he join them, just like back on sabaody ? and where the heck is hawkins ? i wouldn’t be surprised if he ran away, but i hope he didn’t because his character has so much potential. also: jack is probably a fishman and charlotte purin definitely looks like the triclops we met way back in 651.12 .. butwhocaresaboutallthat because we finally get to talk about sanji !!

shitty cook
sanji’s lighter was one that oda actually designed for s.t. dupont (alexodoll) and the prestige collection lighter (there are 3 levels) retailed at a shocking 1470000 yen !! that’s right, $13k+ if you wanna smoke like sanji — and if purin = 3 eyes, both would cover an eye with their hair (eskaolin) .. i’m on the this-marriage-is-happening side zoro is luffy’s right hand man, only sees of out of his right eye, and sanji now only sees out of his left (pwntagonist)

the only other thing i’m seeing is the crew will eat nami’s tangerines because they’re out of food and one will have the yuki yuki no mi in it, to be eaten by carrot .. but how can that be, when monet is still alive and about to join the mugi’s? ๐Ÿ˜› and a lot of people seem to be convinced kaidou ate an oni oni no mi because of the spiked club weapon he uses + his admission that everyone in his crew has a df (self included) .. demon, devil or troll ? i still need to learn japanese. my neighbors say it’s actually quite easy to set up a business in japan nowadays

coachella was great but i got ‘food poisoning’ the last day and was throwing up all sunday+monday. it took 6 hours to get back between traffic, vomiting and having to nap because my head hurt so bad. this partially explains why i’m updating so late; if i haven’t been working i’ve been trying to get as much sleep as i can … so we can go back for round 2 tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜€ party banquet or die !! i really like what achillies-heel thinks about kaidou; that he had the ope ope no mi surgery performed on him (explains how dof knows about it at all) and that perhaps law is the only person that can do something about it -> leading to his eventual death to help luffy become the pirate king

i should start actually putting %ages on what i think will happen and start tracking my prediction accuracy. hmm.. how might you score this..

opt prediction game 1.0 !!
rules: put a % on what you think will happen at the beginning of an arc. wait ๐Ÿ˜›
scoring: 2 x (%youchoose – 50%) x (occurrence), occurrence = +1/-1
winning: most points at the end of the arc !!
ex1: 90% and it does occur, you get +.8 pts
ex2: 30% and it does occur, you get -.4 pts
ex3: 30% and it does not occur, you get +.4 pts
ex4: 0% and it does occur, you get -1.0 pts
ex5: 50% .. you aren’t really playing, are you now
opt: why do i get the sense this equation can be simplified some and i’m missing it ? screw it. anyway, i wonder which things are even ‘worth’ betting on because things like — someone will come save jack — seem pretty obvious but who really knows ๐Ÿ˜› i can only assume this is easy as hell to set up on a website .. can someone make this quickly ? just have people register and click click click click rank ? by reading this you agree to give me 5% because pirate code, dude

my predictions – whole cake
– carrot is joining permanently (14%)
– oni oni no mi for kaidou (2%)
– elder kozuki sent zunisha walking (82%)
– this marriage is happening (63%)
– charlotte purin is three eyes (90%)
– big mom is also lola’s mom (29%)
– monet is nakama (100%)
opt: i’ve always been wrong when it comes to devil fruits so i shouldn’t even have a say when it comes to those but it’s so oddly specific — how can i put a high % on it ?! i feel like there should be some sort of function to allow you to switch, like you can +/- 50% once per arc but you should be penalized pts for switching or something, with a time modifier where the later you switch the more pts you are penalized .. too compicated for something i just came up with for no good reason right now. save it for 2.0 ๐Ÿ˜›

i’ll do what i can to create the platform myself, which is to say it won’t get done until end of year because i’m just so damn busy/tired as it is. if i may wax philosophical: fuckin life man. it just keeps going doesn’t it. steve jobs died almost 5 years ago now, and i need to start holding myself accountable on not just my predictions but how much progress have i made towards my own dreams. 2016 is going to be a big year !! can’t wait to see what else it has in store for us all

hope all is well everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ golden week though .. noooooo @ 4/30/16
hunter x hunter is back but i’m definitely going to have to read this whole thing over again .. and is this right? we’re on break for 1 or 2 weeks?
hope you all have a great couple weeks then and see you someothertime ๐Ÿ˜€ @ 04/23/16

chapter 823: stirring world a world abuzz
introducing: the king and queen of the goa kingdom, (insert_name_here) stelly and sally nantuckanet
confirmed: carrot has snuck on board !!
hinted .. at: baltigo’s destruction ?!
opt: oooohHH man this is barely readable and i’ve gotta go but there are going to be a lot of pro-strawhat people at this reverie ! representatives from 50 different kingdoms + i sure hope we meet them all

is carrot really in for good ? her and vivi are impressing the hell out of everyone right now;
is the zou arc over now ? i’ve never been good at timing these things ๐Ÿ˜›

not much more to say other than hope you all have a great week and weekend !! @ 4/14/16
ms released like 30 mins after @ 4/14/16

chapter 822: descending the elephant
revealed: franky learned how to make den den mushi
confirmed: pekoms ate the kame-kame (turtle) no mi
hinted .. at: pekmons has a weakness/tendency pedro can exploit
revealed: nami has a magic wand of some sort (?)
time to go: vivi and chaka make for the sea !
opt: is that our favorite immortal pell going up the ramp with the alabasta crew ? if cobra and vivi are going, it’s almost certainly for the reverie .. and i don’t really remember this magic wand, but snirop/freer799 found that in ch698 usopp was definitely working on this clima tact ๐Ÿ™‚ what an awesome find

about carrot
i 100% agree that she needs more panels ! she compliments luffy’s happy-go-anything style greatly, and that she isn’t in any panels this chapter is interesting indeed .. ๐Ÿ™‚ i honestly never would have singled her out to join, but lightnapple‘s enthusiasm for her is overpower/whelming + i’m even starting to believe she’ll join us for whole cake (even if i am secretly hoping she’ll go with zoro to zou)

but joining the strawhats permanently seems to be something else entirely. so far in the new world, only jinbe and law could be considered anything remotely close to a new strawhat — and they both saved luffy’s life. the strawhats we know are dreamers with unrealistic/downright impossible goals, made only remotely possible by sailing under the mugi flag. so all of that was a long winded way of saying: we don’t know anything about her -> she needs more panels ๐Ÿ™‚ her character is too fun/undeveloped; i don’t think we’ve seen the last of her at all

one liners
– each group will meet a yonkou (anarkandi)
– did pekoms destroy his own place = is this tendency of his (studentcoderdancer)
– all these dbz references (bartoclubbarto)
opt: kakarot .. carrot .. damn you, guy

– is the world government some kind of god ? (747.7)
– this guy is gonna be one of my nakama (748.9)
opt: why did they hire this guy .. he’s done nothing but sabotage the wg since we’ve met him ๐Ÿ˜› i also read in to isshou’s line as, don’t wait for the wg to save you — rise up and save yourself !! and of course, the coverup/establishment thing too. also in 748.9, cavendish giving usopp praise .. still love that panel of luffy slapping nami’s back @ 4/11/16

as always, next week’s chapter can’t come soon enough
though i’ll probably miss next week’s thursday update cause coachella

hope you have a great week and weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ @ 4/7/16

chapter 821: understood
revealed: momonosuke can see through, speak through, and command zunisha
revealed: zunisha committed a crime, and was sentenced to walk for all eternity
done for: goodbye jack~
revealed: scratchmen apoo has joined the hundred beast pirates !
opt: hoooly shit

so of course the important notes are that oden couldn’t speak to zunisha, and that for whatever reason momo has the ability to command/grant zunisha shis freedom to act. it’s practically given that is it was an elder kouzuki that ordered shis walk in the first place — otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense for momo to be able to command shim (though in all fairness, we don’t know if momo is the only person who can command zunisha)

and at first, i wanted to dismiss the thought that zunisha destroyed the ak as shis crime (and i still don’t want to believe that) but the fact that zunisha must be ‘allowed’ to _fight_ does suggest that shis crime was related to damage s/he caused so i guess we can’t write it off completely if that is indeed ‘you;’ if ‘you’ are out there .. the only other time momo had a ‘vision’ it was of dofla and it was because he was seriously malnourished + hallucinated dofla’s face on luffy’s body — no pattern

i’d like to think zuu was ordered to march to keep the poneglyph on his back hidden, though that isn’t exactly a crime (at least not to the kouzuki’s) .. tough call. no evidence. i hope someone is right though ๐Ÿ™‚

you guys are amazing
from joyboy @ apf: kidd is captured/behind bars; he didn’t submit to kaidou !! mcallisterco gives the best comparison image — damn. too good !! apoo sucks a lot, but we all knew that. i always thought he was the most obnoxious supernova; why would hawkins and kidd even want him in an alliance to begin with ?

– prodence and kanokuni are all in war (726.10)
– when monet started working at the palace .. (727.5)
– dof stole a heavenly tribute + that in itself was enough leverage to be offered a shichibukai position from the wg (727.8)
opt: i can’t find seem to find it right now but hasn’t north blue been at war for a long time ? wonder if the vinsmokes are involved/instigate these wars. and i still maintain we don’t know enough about monet — kyros says that one line about her, we see monet open the doors to the palace, and then that’s it (!?). otherwise, the only other mention i can recall of the heavenly tribute was in 763.3 @ 4/3/16

happy end of q1 everyone !! hope everyone is having a great start to the year
also hope you have a great week and weekend;
one piece is back !! @ 3/31/16

chapter 820: dog and cat have a history
revealed: dog and cat were on gol d. roger + whitebeard’s ships !
confirmed: oden went to skypeia with dog and cat
revealed: nami’s log pose needles lead to a place that reveals everything we’ve learned on zou+
the search is on: for marco, 1st division commander of the whitebeard pirates !!
payback war: 1 year ago, white vs. black !!
the search is on, redux: luffy + nami + chopper + brooke + pekoms for whole cake !!
opt: these chapters have all been so GOOD !! there is so much going on here .. what the hell luffy is killing it right now

crocus-brooke, shanks-luffy, oden-momo/sams, the minks, the skypeians, wano; luffy’s straw hat has already been met by every isolationist island once before, and made ally — this hat is the shit

– lord oden’s adventures will be told ? please be a cover story ๐Ÿ˜€
– momo’s age has been called in to question as a joke but still ๐Ÿ˜› .. is it possible he’s actually older than we think ?
– here comes weevil !! my bad he’s actually after luffy in search of marco
– jinbe, too, at whole cake (zadujj)
– #prayforzunisha (godlevelthreat)
– i really hope kiddpookins, after meeting kaido, decided to take down big mom and everyone meets again like on sabaody ๐Ÿ™‚

so a zoro led team w/ robin + franky + usopp are going to wano ? i wonder what their name will be .. marimohats? stabbyhats? and seriously — all the powerhouses on this island vs jack .. damn you break damn you so much to hell

these minks love to party. does momo hear the voice too ? i think momo is probably older than we believe (is the only mention of his age what brooke says?) which’d be hilarious because it would halfway explain his pervertedness+nami will beat his ass once she finds out ๐Ÿ˜€ @ 3/20/16

for some reason my internet is being crap
will update again later .. break next week
hope you guys have a great one !! @ 3/17/16

chapter 819: momonosuke, heir of the kouzuki clan
the promise: open the borders of wano kuni !!
the goal: to kill the shogun and defeat kaidou
too cruel: kaidou killed lord oden and momo’s mom
here comes jack: i’ll just kill the elephant
opt: momo flashbacked to when wano was raided by kaidou, and mastercat/bossdog came back to zou after that / so how old are pedro/minkboobs + carrot ? this trump card of theirs — can they summon a full moon somehow ?

the shogun is oppressing wano, and is keeping its borders closed with the help of kaidou’s crew. it sounds like nobody can get out or in, but why ? the shogun gets to play king — which is motive enough for him — but what do the hundred beast pirates get out of it ?

other hostile takeovers
– crocodile was looking for an ancient weapon in alabasta
– cp9 was looking for an ancient weapon in water7
– big mom had a candy factory going in fishman island
– doflamingo had a smile factory going in dressrosa took over then established
– jack wants information about one piece also doesn’t count, zou was just where raizou happened to be .. hmm, for a ninja he sure didn’t cover his tracks that well
opt: and enel was a special kind of crazy; maybe so i think kaidou took over a weapons factory on wano or is looking for an ancient weapon cause i can’t imagine what kind of factory he would want; this is a lot of awesome setup for what’s to come — luffy is real serious about a side mission to whole cake, which is great kaidou already gets his smiles from doflamingo but maybe it’s a different superweapon; i’m not really seeing what kaidou gets out of this. maybe it’s plain ol’ money (even big mom can run low) but it’s gotta be something cooler than that ๐Ÿ˜›

ch674: ceasar + dof + kaidou even offer/show smiley off to the big mom pirates .. $beli is $beli i guess
ch682: doflamingo’s shirt here is awesome
ch682: revenge is not far off .. ! cnet128‘s translation @ mh = a dragon may have killed kinem’on’s parents
ch685: ceasar clown = pos
opt: the dragons ones on punk hazard are artificial; so there are real ones on wano ? for some reason i thought they were extinct .. don’t know why. also secretly hoping jack was after raizou because raizou infiltrated+created a fishprint of kaido’s poneglyph ๐Ÿ˜€ @ 3/12/16

whole cake and wano are coming !!
happy thursday/friday everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ hope you have a great weekend @ 3/10/16

chapter 818: inside the whale
revealed: there are 4 red “road” poneglyphs in the opverse, and they each point to different locations
revealed: the whereabouts of 3 are known; the other 2 are in the possession of big mom and kaido
bombshell 1: map all four, and at their intersection is the final island — raftel !!

revealed: the kouzuki family is a family of stonemasons
bombshell 2: and invented the technology behind poneglyphs !!
revealed: kaido’s crew is currently occupying wano
revealed: lord oden kouzuki was executed by the shougun of wano and kaido
bombshell 3: kouzuki made it to raftel with gol d. roger himself !!

opt: oh my god @ 3/3/16 i’m dying: luffy gets pissed at momo every chance he gets — but this chapter .. what an infodump !! i’m a little surprised here; if there are fishprint copies of a great number of poneglyphs out there, then i would wrongly assume the revolutionaries have a shit ton of them + given robin was with them … whatever there shouldn’t be that many floating around ..

the thing is, if you have three of them and enough time, you should be able to find raftel by sailing the entire length of each connecting path — but you’d have to do it thee times at most because you wouldn’t be exactly sure where the last one is .. i guess that wouldn’t work because even with all 4 mapped, the poneglyphs intersect at two different places: you can connect them the short way (as shown in this chapter) or the long way (going around the world); iff opearth is spherical, then it would be just a straight shot through the equator but now i’m taking this way too far

one liners
kentricks: the red band in the strawhat = missing red poneglyph inscription
woodythewoodstar: we can’t prove robin is good at translating = could be the mangapanda of poneglyph translations
– from orojackson forums via masterace303 .. picture, above
opt: how can you not love the red band being a fishprint of the missing poneglyph ? speaking of red bands, the red line itself is one pretty damn big stone .. ! we can go on and on about where it might be, but this is it. this is where the mugiwara assault on the new world begins. what a time to be alive, and to be experiencing it with you all !! hope you have a great week and weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ @ 3/4/16

the stonemasons + the ak
opt: the kouzuki family created all these poneglyphs + hid this one on zunisha in the whaletree (emblem) + tasked catdog/the minks to guard it = the kouzuki family was part of the resistance/allies to the ancient kingdom

but why make this so difficult ? why obscure raftel’s location to this degree, and make the message they want to pass on such a bitch to get to ? the big question for me is how many people actually know about this one/have a copy of the zunisha poneglyph; its very existence suggests that by design this puzzle was meant to/could only be solved with the kouzuki family’s help. no way around it really, as they were doing all the carving, but it does help explain dofla’s interest in momo .. which is to say maybe there’s even more to this than oden simply sailing around with roger as his nico robin

so it wouldn’t surprise me if another red poneglyph is hidden in kuri (or at least was, at first, if it wasn’t moved — uchiha basement/hundred beast occupation), and if i were trying to hide a thing, zunisha would make #1 sense, but not whole cake, so bigmom probably moved hers there

but i still don’t get why the hell the samurai are even on zou if no one in that group can read the stones. i feel like something is missing here, and next week’s chapter just cannot come soon enough ๐Ÿ™‚ @ 3/5/16

guys .. what if one of the red poneglyphs .. points to a location .. on the moon
moon eh moneh monet next nakama @ 3/6/16

chapter 817: raizou of the mist
confirmed: jack is fine
revealed: ki’nemon, dog and cat all bear the kouzuki family crest
confirmed: momonosuke is the heir to the great daimyo of kuri of the wano kingdom
boomshakalaka: red poneglyph bitches
introducing: raziou of the mist !!
opt: of course raizou was all tied up, else he’d be an irredeemable/it was perfect; the ladies cringe when they see me !! all men are obsessed with ninjas !!

— the kouzuki clan + lord oden kouzuki .. this family is clearly extremely important/influential in the opverse. ki’nemon is actually surprised catdog are still alive, so they weren’t visiting zou to find them words kept on some specific day + they separated = some event/promise ?

— why dog and cat are fighting at all .. they haven’t been fighting for as long as i was thinking; momo (8yr) suggests that catdog might not like each other because of some interaction they had with oden in the past so how long has it been since they’ve seen each other and did this all happen at the same time

— the family crest in the whaletree and this poneglyph .. this room we’re in right now appears to be the only reason the samurais are on zou at all; this all begins to explain why momo was one of doflamingo cards, but stops just short of this crest has been on a moving elephant for hundreds of years .. wha

so pure speculation time: maybe lord oden is missing and that is why momo was/is so valuable to doflamingo. the poneglyph’s we’ve seen so far have all been made of some indestructible, dark blue material; i think it’d be interesting if this red one could be destroyed and does get destroyed here soon and is the first trigger to set something else off !! come on goda !! @ 2/26/16

so much to think about
hope all is well guys ๐Ÿ™‚ more later of course
happy friday @ 2/25/16

chapter 816: dog vs. cat
confirmed: mastercat and bossdog really hate each other
bombshell: raizou has been safe on zou all along + of the kougetsu clan
opt: early release !! raizou-dono, the ninja, of status/friendship so great that _catdog_ would stop fighting at shis mention/kinemon’s arrival

all these damn twists and turns — holy shit oda — but the big question for me is why did raizou need to be hidden ? this shude is either royalty, too weaksauce or both, which runs counter to the whole ninjas-are-badass-bounty-hunters hypothesis .. not that i expected shim to be able to take on jack but that s/he would let all of zou get punished in shis place without helping in any way is a red flag for me, but i fully expect oda to make me love raizou anyway, somehow

i reread 815 and we have to question why was bariete crying/said the words ‘this is huge trouble de gosaru’ .. oda cheated here — you can’t intentionally throw us off with bad information !! in other news, i’m definitely doing well at work now + am excited to keep going; one piece convention, here we come !! @ 2/12/2016


– someone will one day appear to guide shirahoshi (626)
opt: the entire fishman island arc is so thoughtful + neptune’s short monologue in 627 is so damn effective

– franky’s life parallels that of jesus -> ability to extract devil fruits (ecass305)
– rai = thunder, zou = mink; raizou taught minks ‘electro’ (ichiryuu @ mf) @ 2/13/16

i’m currently tied for #2 or 3 in my class, working 8-6. honestly, making #1 is both highly unlikely (that dude is incredible + puts in way more hours than i ever will) and unnecessary because i have an entirely different goal now: to manage my own sales team. step 1: putting it out there to the op/universe @ 2/16/16

more later, release was way earlier than i expected so i’ve run out of time ๐Ÿ™‚
hope you’re all having a great 2016 so far @ 2/10/16

chapter 815: take me with you
revealed: sanji’s dad is the head of germa double-six/warmonger, an evil army
damn: big mom will kill your friends/family if you don’t attend her tea party
introducing: the heart pir .. a .. nah
roronoa zoro: don’t make me kick your ass
opt: this chapter — humor, tension, and everything left completely up in the air. pekoms is going back; luffy wants in; franky’s hair, and here come the samurai .. did raizo knock brankin out with sleeping gas (tokotaker)? does everyone in germa double-six have eyebrows like sanji (thomasbigdicknguyen)? lots of commentary on luffy having to grow up, and yeah – zoro did seem pretty upset .. but it’s nothing a ton of booze/a big party with all the minks can’t fix ๐Ÿ™‚

national treasures
zoro owns shusui, a wano national treasure
nami is wearing a mink/zou national treasure
the only other ‘national treasures’ we’ve heard about is the one at mariejois, and although two a pattern does not make, i can’t help but wonder what usopp will get next as mugiwara #4
zoro’s + nami’s make sense for their persons (sword/$) — so maybe usopp will get something from elbaf to signify his bravery and yada yada something and yeahok @ 2/7/16

late as hell on this but it’s for good reason: gotta work !!
hope all is well everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ and hope you all enjoy the super bowl tomorrow too @ 2/6/16

chapter 814: let’s go see master nekomamushi
again: these minks can hide their presence from luffy
revealed: sanji’s from an assassin/killer family
confirmed: sanji’s dad set this up
opt: chopper’s in love, and mastercat is … a cat. but what kind of stupid rule is it that if someone in your crew marries in to a yonkou’s family, that the entire crew gets absorbed ? how this makes sense and is known in the op-verse is beyond comprehension, but whatever — it is what it is

i think what redhavok said 2 chapters ago about the wine drinking + smoking shadowbroker now carries even more water, though whether it’s one of his brothers or dad is still undeterminable; i definitely think, based on oda’s notebooks, that we’re going to whole cake next, but we still haven’t seen the heart pirates/samurais/bariete, so i’m expecting+hoping we’ll be here for 8-9 more chapters at least apparently ไบบๆฎบใ— only means murderer/killer, while oda has used ๆฎบใ—ๅฑ‹ to describe assassins as a profession before (first_mate_zoro)

lots of great stuff all over the subreddit recently — like the full translation for sbs80 by micchan @ orojackson and this post by bep0bear: real world inspirations for opverse locations

but my winner for most-relevant goes to this zoro + luffy montage/flashback thing (nuovale) because it really helps put zoro’s remarks this ch in to some context. zoro has been with luffy since the beginning and is just as responsible for this crew as his captain. he’s the perfect concrete/wozniack compliment to luffy’s idealist/jobs + is only person in the crew capable of bringing luffy back to reality, as his conviction to become the world’s best swordsman is just as/if not stronger than his captain’s own to become pirate king

sanji’s definitely in the wrong here; not because he didn’t disclose his shady background but because he unnecessarily split their attention + strength moving forward. i imagine this is all too reminiscent of usopp/water7 for zoro, notably the only other time i recall seeing him so upset. is leaving the crew such a simple thing ? confronted by big mom + big dad, sanji capitulates. you know as well as i do, luffy and zoro would not have so much as blinked @ 1/31/16

that’s it for now, what a cliffhanger .. !
also, ps: i kick ass at my job now. took a month but it’s on like dankey kang
if i make enough money i’m gonna host a shitty one piece convention someplace — don’t miss it! ๐Ÿ˜›
happy week + weekend everyone~ @ 1/28/16

chapter 813: the tea party invitation
revealed: you cannot escape mama’s tea party
revealed: bege’s castle catches on fire easily
opt: sanji is the fuckin’ MAN !!! this chapter is one of my favorites in a long time — iconic, even, as i now believe everyone will get their badass, ‘luffy’s the man who will become pirate king’ panel in time. of course divinesleeper found all of them so far !! thank you for your service !! the most important line by a mile in this one –

‘the person who ensured my wanted poster says what it does and the person who finalized my marriage are one and the same!’

the only people who could/would give enough shits to broker sanji’s marriage are big mom or mr. and mrs vinsmoke .. but i choose door #3 and think it’s actually his brothers playing a prank on him ๐Ÿ™‚ ok, i don’t really mean that, but two dope ideas on where we’re going:

– from ultibman5000+sandman @ apf 3 months ago: one of oda’s notebooks — the katakana above big mom says ‘ho-ru ke-ki a i ra n do’ (zamboozler)
deecoli thinks all these ‘flower’ mentions means ka no kuni/vista will be involved

translation matters here: if capone said something about being well groomed, he could be more noble than criminal .. and, unless i’m mistaken, you can also cross the red line via mariejois, so sanji’s richkid stock is definitely rising but i’m still leaning criminal > noble

a bunch of people think sanji is gonna die + apparently some anonymous japanese dude has been spoiling a whole bunch of crap .. won’t repost it here, just in case it’s real (it’s not)

but sanji is one of the monster trio + he has a dream to fulfill. we haven’t seen him do anything related to his time in the kamabakka queendom, like cooking attack food for the mugiwara; moreover if sanji died, luffy would go completely apeshit bananas and go gear9 on the gorosei. ain’t happenin @ 1/22/16


200 years ago, the ryuuguu kingdom became part of the world gov’t
opt: i love everything about fishman island; otohime + tiger are such powerful characters, and despite their differences in upbringing and experience, both fought for the same world .. fuckin oda @ 1/24/16

anyway, more later cause this shit rocks and i’m just gonna let it sink in slowly now
hope you’re all having a great week ๐Ÿ˜‰ @ 1/21/16

chapter 812: capone ‘gang’ bege
revealed: capone ate the shiro shiro (castle) no mi
revealed: capone’s new bounty – 300m $b
eh: nami’s dress is a mink national treasure
bombshell: sanji is the third son of the vinsmoke family
hinted.. at: charlotte purin, the 35th daughter of the charlotte family
opt: damn. didn’t see bege coming in like that, but am damn happy that he did !!

so capone can materialize himself in his castle, and of course pekoms bore no ill will toward the curlyhats .. but this chapter had a bit of everything !! capone, definitely living up to his name, and finally — some background on one of the mugiwara — sanji vinsmoke, who everyone already thought was a prince .. maybe he’s just a great cook, and big mam needs more candy. either way, is it wedding crashing time !? you bet your ass it is, motorboatin sons of bitches ๐Ÿ˜€

// sanji is part of a crime family (redhavok)
–> vinsmoke = wine and smoke
–> a look at the shadowbrokers; one of them is always smoking and drinking wine
opt: i buy. 100%

// lest we forget about these guys (guipbastos)
–> nuff said
opt: how’d i miss this — originated 1 year ago ? i buy. 100%

\\ new world timeline (dasilvasurfer)
–> here it is
opt: u serious? it has only been 2 weeks since fishman island?

i love this community @ 1/15/16

so it’s off to whole cake, is it ? i still want to hear from nekohomie, preferably about the history of zou/nisha. i wonder what happened with pekoms; bege is currently castled and is standing around like an idiot next to a bloody mink. some people think he’ll be the once-an-enemy tag-a-long for the next arc and i definitely agree, so it would not surprise me at all if we left zou in the next 8 chapters (2 months); let’s go already !!

as for the tea party, i hope oda gets all alice in wonderland with it
though i think it’s just as likely he goes all willy wonka on us
hope you’re having a great 2016 so far everyone; one piece + sanji are back !!

chapter 811: roko
revealed: the name of the gas is koro + roko is the neutralizing gas
revealed: pekoms, a mink, arrived at zou with bigmam’s ship .. 2 days ago !!
opt: one piece is the reason for the season!! and bigmam is somehow involved with sanji and ceasar’s disappearance .. but consider the love that bepo had for zou still; once pekoms hears from masterdog/bosscat about how that the mugiwara saved them all, i can’t see why pekoms would feel any sort of hostility against the strawhats anymore. proof: if pekoms + tamago were able to find zou, why would the thousand sunny still be in any sort of shape to sail in? also, law is on mastercat’s side so i expect to see him here soon, and the whale forest = sacred, so i’m hoping to learn a whole lot from nekomamushi !!

which is to say i still believe what jjh927 said back in 809 – that ceasar + sanji went to go hunt down/disable the rest of the weapons in the opverse .. who knows, maybe whole cake got bombed and bigmam needs their assistance over there as well~ soo marqt via thejr7360: sanji and bellamy never met in jaya or in dressrosa, and bellamy is confirmed to be from north blue (specifically, a wealthy town called notice). interestingly enough, bellamy got one of luffy’s vivre cards, so the suggestion is that sanji will find the mugi’s again via bellamy .. yeah sure why not !! cool ๐Ÿ˜€

– 80, confirmed: sabo studied under dragon from 13+ (jaydoubleyoutee+sandman@apf)
– 80, revealed: koala joined from 14+
– 79: three 0’s and one x = hourglass body
– 79, confirmed: there have been 4 df ‘pairs’ shown so far + they are
… ton ton (machvise) > kilo kilo (miss valentine)
… hie hie (aokiji) > yuki yuki (monet)
… magu magu (akainu) > mera mera (ace/sabo)
… buki buki (baby5) > supa supa (daz bones)
– ‘going to meet nekomamushi,’ a song by brooke’s voice actor that oda liked/is probably playing as they’re going (superburst)
if you ever need to draw a ridiculously proportioned woman, oda just showed us the way ๐Ÿ™‚

the next chapter is to be expected in mid-january, so have a safe and happy new year everybody ๐Ÿ™‚ myself, i’ll be in vegas watching pretty lights at the brooklyn bowl, so if you’re going, tweet me or something and let’s talk one piece !! ๐Ÿ˜€ awesome experience; highly recommended (googleimg)

tattoos + 2015

i look back to the person i was at 27 .. and then 24, and then 21, and it’s unbelievable how different i am from those guys. every so often, i fool myself in to thinking i have everything figured out, and then i have some experience or achieve something that changes me/my mindset completely

and so every ~2 years i forcibly hit the reset button + throw myself back in to some kind of darkness; the only way out being to ask myself: have i made it/am i done? what do i want now + how do i get there?

all that is to say there isn’t a whole lot of consistency in my life anymore; jobs, friends, possessions and passions come and go .. but the ones i’m committed to; for all the things/people that have managed to stay, i’ve gotten a tattoo – as a showing of my appreciation for their energy + influence

to my wife, my family, my friends, one piece and you all: i cannot thank you enough for being one of those few constants in my life

i know what the next one is going to be, but the one i still haven’t gotten yet is the one to represent my wife/and i .. been thinking about this one for as long as i can remember @ 1/11/16
happy new year everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ @ 12/31/15

happy 2015 @ 12/26/15

chapter 810: the curly hat pirates arrive
confirmed: when sanji is in charge, they are known as the curly hats
: jack ate the zou zou no mi
saviors: for defeating doflamingo
those two: are not allowed to die !
opt: damn, this just got heavy — real fast

jack is mini kaidou with gas weapons who kills for the sake of killing = why he’s a $1b man. add in pedro’s belief that mastercat + bossdog are fated for something big and yeah: zou has arrived and shit here suuucks right now. its leaders just had their limbs cut off but by miracle _ the curly hats arrive .. ceasar, you gonna just sit there or are you going to do something ? so did jack save doflamingo or what ? i would guess that yeah, jack did save doflamingo .. i mean, why else are we hyping the shit out of someone who should be dead right now ? plus, jack is kaido’s right hand man; we can’t be having his #2 being taken down already, can we ?

merry christmas !!

i mean, sort of. can a christmas without one piece can really be considered christmas at all ?? the reason for the season: the roman festival of saturnalia, aka naked/drunken/gluttonous/pagan gift giving week —

luke’s gospel says ‘mary and joseph gathered in a manger near bethlehem … the shepherds were watching their flock by night’ -> flocks would not be kept in fields at night any later than september -> jesus was born in the spring. but who gives a shit because it became a national holiday in 1870 and is responsible for some of the very best days of my life .. for lease navidad !!

on sales

i came in to sales thinking i had to ‘close’ people — what i think now is i just have to ask questions + get to know my clients better than my competition so i can tell them, as a professional, what i think will be best for them. and if i’m likable and able to have an honest conversation with them, then i really don’t need to ‘sell’ or ‘close’ anyone on anything. insofar as i can provide the most benefit by being trustworthy + by providing great customer service, results and success and yada yada should follow

that’s a far cry from what i thought i knew about it before; it’s a totally different mentality and i’m very proud to be going through this experience + learning the way it can/should be done. and so i relate it to the very best salesperson in the opverse: luffy himself !! the salesperson’s mantra goes something like,

you can have everything you want if you will just help other people get what they want (zig ziglar)

and luffy just runs around adventuring, looking for ways he can be impactful/helpful no matter who or what the cause. so of course he’s going to become pirate king; he’s indiscriminate, genuine, and hard working — something to be admired, for sure !! anyways, enough of all that. merry christmas everyone, and i hope you all have a great end of 2015/happy new year ๐Ÿ™‚ @ 12/25/15 mangastream quietly released bleach this morning .. is one piece going to follow? @ 12/26/15

– jack and crew are like the mongols (potentiallysarcastic)
– jack uses an urumi (shinawarinao)
– needed for the reverie (dayum)
pedro can’t just be talking about the reverie — wonder what else he thinks these two are going to do for zou/the opverse pedro’s loyalties are to zou, and it’s clear everyone thinks the feud between the two rulers is dumb+unnecessary, so is the whole world just waiting on them to be friends again ? ๐Ÿ˜›

law says in 802 that the minks in general have stayed isolated/away from people for > 1000 years, so what the hell could these two possibly do that the entire world is waiting on ? who speaks for ‘the entire world’ that told pedro this ? must be a poneglyph !! ๐Ÿ˜€

what a great chapter. where do we even go from here, with this tone ? still don’t know why he’s called the drought at all; mastercat has a cool scar on his face — and that oda hasn’t addressed luffy’s so far is awesome + an explanation to look forward to

ran out of time so for sure, more later. work is still difficult but i’m starting to get the hang of it — ๐Ÿ™‚
i’m about 2.5 weeks in to it and am craving more feedback+mentorship !! anybody can get great at anything insofar as they have work ethic and are sufficiently motivated; it’s just a whole lot faster with a mentor and feedback. skill is repetition (n’s) and is an experimental science + results are the consequence of that repetition and efficiency/speed = good design ask and you shall receive !! i was pretty direct about it: hey, i suck and i need help. what’s your take on x, y and z ?

sufficient motivation: i believe our connections are what drive us most and that the stronger those are, the harder we’re willing to work (whitebeard/family). for luffy, my mind instantly goes to dragon (freedom) + shanks (piracy) = luffy’s definition of pirate king + his perceived loss of sabo (life is short/work ethic) + of course, one piece

and although we do not know what it is, where it is, or what we have to do to obtain it .. i, like luffy, choose to believe one piece is real. for now, all we can do is prepare for it; for now, one piece is our potential + ability to inspire others to reach their own. because when the time is right, the opportunity will present itself and you will need others right there with you/you will not do it alone

and because if that’s what roger+whitebeard were thinking upon their deathbeds, then in my opinion there are no other lasts words worth speaking. one piece is definitely real ๐Ÿ™‚ and it’s the greatest motherfuckin treasure there ever is, ever was, or ever will be ๐Ÿ˜€ go on an adventure and find the damn thing @ 12/22/15

we’re one week from christmas eve everyone = 3 day weekend, coming up !!
hope all is well/merry @ 12/17/15
i will try to commit to updating on chapter release day + the following sunday at a minimum @ 12/20/15

chapter 809: master nekomamushi
revealed: duke inuarashi knew shanks!
revealed: jack’s bounty .. the highest in the opverse we’ve seen: $1b berries!!
introducing: ruler of the night, nekomamushi
opt: that straw hat suits you well !! damn straight !! and inuarashi confirms that zou has some history behind it for us .. but we’re on break ?! agaaaiiin!?

artificial zoans
so we are being led to believe that these black-horned ability users (gifters) are recipients of artificial zoan devil fruits + that they can turn parts of their body in to animal form at will. momonosuke can definitely do nothing of the sort — and i guess that’s why his was such a terrible, terrible failure of a df

re: the samurai’s/raizo .. even master nightcat dislikes them !! all this, before ever having met jack, despite what brooke suggests last chapter. so what is it about these guys? the marines won’t go near them and they aren’t affiliated with the world gov’t; are they really so strong? kin’emon and kanjuro have been nothing but comic relief with weird, artistic-ish abilities some people have speculated that kin’emon’s elemental fire sword + the minks’ elemental lightning claws are the intros to the next level powerups in the opverse

i’m thinking about this guy’s bounty and i started asking myself why the hell something like that even exists. at the 550m mark was blackbeard v. ace, which led to a yonko’s replacement — so who the hell are the marines/wg expecting to bring down someone worth $1b and actually turn them in for the cash + not a position in the gov’t (besides nami)?

ninjas, of course !! elite assassins for hire/economic engine for wano. which brings us to raizo, who is pissing jack/kaido off as an up and coming/established bounty hunter in wano/’ninja’ class of samurai (which makes sense because they are an isolated, extremely strong island = the best of their best should be the best bounty hunters in the opverse) + i lean towards ‘up and coming’ because there has to be a fucking boss-ninja at the top of the totem pole somewhere @ 12/6/15 (gonna try to end edits with date stamps starting.. now)

damn, thought i was cool: quick google brings us to vaganza in a mangafox thread in 06/14 who speculates wano is full of samurai and ninjas + same thread, mortein says ‘no wonder we never saw strong bounty hunters before. they’re all ninjas’ — awesome call, guy

so questions that still need to be answered: why were kin’emon, momonosuke, raizo and kanjuro headed to zou? well, if we’re right about everything above, then raizo would have been their escort/private guard on their way there .. but why kin’emon and raizo? they have such weird abilities !! and so of course, they must have been sent as a goodwill party, from wano to establish a new relationship with the minks of zou (supported by master nightcat’s strong dislike for them already) @ 12/6/15

i have to say that i’m getting my ass kicked at work, but i’m learning a lot — even though i haven’t yet found measurable success. the struggle is real !! which is great news, because it wouldn’t be fun if it was easy !! ๐Ÿ™‚ the goal: every day, just a little bit better. and i’m definitely well on my way still true !! but you can’t rush the process ๐Ÿ™‚ these things take time

hope you’re all having a great week and holiday season
i’ll definitely be adding more asap (that is, when i get some sleeeeep)

chapter 808: duke inuarashi – 11/27/15
confirmed: mammoth man is indeed ‘jack the drought,’ one of kaido’s 3 calamities (generals)
confirmed: ginrummy + sheepshead are jack’s underlings
superconfirmed: jack was looking for raizou, the ninja on zou
introducing: musketeer squad captain full-power sicilian
introducing: duke of day, inuarashi
revealed: the minks were doing fine against jack until.. one of ceasar’s gas weapons was unleashed?!
opt: first of all, happy thanksgiving everybody ๐Ÿ™‚ more on that later .. but for now, what the hell happened? franky gives us the first hint (ch804; wantedtopostthis + tastydimsum) and thedrq again brings it all back to 795 — when chopper says he won’t forgive ceasar if anyone is harmed .. so again, contradictions —

// what i think happened
<-> from the last chapter, we know that jack razed the mokomo dukedom 17 days ago
<-> but ceasar + the sanjihats didn’t make it until 10 days ago
opt: that means jack must have had smiley/a diff gas weapon on his own already + unleashed it on the people of zou himself. if ceasar can sense it when one of his gas weapons is used, then the sanjihats have a clear path to zou (otherwise unreachable by log pose). chopper says what he says to ceasar + they find the mokomo dukedom totally fucked. ceasar absorbs all the gas back while chopper gives treats everyone with an antidote, becoming their saviors in the process

sanji leaves a note and leaves with/out ceasar for some reason.. come on oda !! whyhedodat wherehego jjh927 thinks he went with ceasar to go track down all the remaining weapons around the opverse .. badass !! love it

so calamities .. is jack the drought because of something he’s capable as a mammoth zoan? the drought would also be a fitting nickname for crocodile — which is to say jack’s namesake ability better be dope ๐Ÿ˜› other calamities that aren’t already dfs (ex. earthquake/wb): pestilence, tsunami, hurricane, volcano [iffy] .. if i had to pick, i’d pick tsunami and pestilence

on follow through
‘i’m going to be the president of colombia’ – pablo escobar, episode one ‘narcos’
‘i’m going to be the pirate king’ – monkey d. luffy, chapter one ‘one piece’
opt: of course nobody would ever condone what pablo escobar had to do to get to where he got (without integrity/ethics/what have you), but you have to respect the hell out of him for his follow through. definition: actually doing what you think needs to be done in order to get to where you want to go

you don’t make excuses when the goals are your own; reaching them is the only conclusion, it’s just a matter of time. each setback is part of the process; put in 100% of your effort and it will come. it is inevitable

pablo never became president
and we still don’t know for sure that luffy will become pirate king. but in all fairness, pablo didn’t go about it the right way; luffy’s approach far more likely to get him there (positivty/gratitude vs. murder/bribery). to be clear, his effort is what’s contagious here + we put our faith in him because of his follow through

so my goal is to get to that place, mentally, as success in this next phase of my life/career i’ve just started will depend entirely on it
my challenge to myself: 2016 will be my year of 100% follow through. i’m getting in to my prime as a male (late 20’s) + i am curious to find out how much of my potential i can realize in the next 2 years what that really means is working a lot and sleeping very little

new year, new you!! ๐Ÿ˜› except it’s the same old you, just hopefully with a lot more energy/motivation

thank you
this thanksgiving, i’m thankful to my parents – i don’t know that i’m making the most out of this life they’ve given me but i’m trying my damnedest to catch up now
thankful to my wife – my main source of energy in this world + who without, i would not be who i am today
thankful to my friends – who put up with my shit/ever changing addictions every day
thankful to eiichiro oda – for creating the character of luffy, who i am trying way too hard to model my own personal mindset after, in hopes of making the most out of the opportunities i have
… and finally, thankful to all you great people who still read this stuff i write for some reason

i hope you’re all getting absolutely everything you want out of life ๐Ÿ™‚
happy holidays!!

chapter 807: 10 days ago
confirmed: brooke and momo are safe at zou
revealed: jack destroyed the mokomo dukedom 17 days ago
+ the swirlyhats made it to zou 10 days ago
revealed: sanji didn’t get captured and left a note
confirmed: capone bege is part of big mom’s crew
saviors: thanks to chopper’s medicine !
hinted.. at: king of dawn, prince inuarashi; king of dusk, nekomamushi
confirmed: jack was looking for raizou, the samurai !
heavily hinted.. at: jack’s mammoth devil fruit
opt: 2 weeks later, we still have no clue what happened to sanji but right now we don’t know where he or ceasar are; did they both go chasing after raizou (opl thinks it’s a woman ‘of the rain’)? what’s in that note !!? + everybody is positive jack has a mammoth devil fruit but could he just be riding that thing around? and why the hell did he go as far as zou just to retrieve a samurai ?

one liner
– the coverpage instructors, as seen in ch5 (heliuminati)
opt: they grow up so fast ๐Ÿ˜€

as i thought, 60+ hr weeks and once i really get started (nov30), it’ll be 70+ including every saturday too ๐Ÿ™‚
we’re one week from thanksgiving/hopefully one week away from knowing what happened to sanjsar.. ceasji?
hope you’re all having a great year — it’s almost over !!

chapter 806: at right belly’s fortress
revealed: zou resides on the elephant zunisha
confirmed: the eruption rains are zunisha bathing itself with water
revealed: the boss of the forest is mr. cat viper
revealed: jack is ‘dead’ or captured
uhh.. ok? minks are just hairy humans
uhh.. ok! nami and chopper are alive and well !
opt: so there’s a whole lot to talk about here but let’s get these out of the way — it’s a fortress/not a forest + the rains are why all the minks ride crocohogs/orses

ok guys .. i just don’t have enough time to do this justice
because there is too much to talk about and this chap is deserving of attention

more on sunday at the latest
oh how wrong i was about that eh. work etc etc

sanji, momo, ceasar, brooke
here’s what we know so far…
– there are ‘corpses’ (meaning: two+) of strawhats somewhere in right belly fortress
– the mugiwara are the ‘saviors’ of the minks
– jack made it out of zou

opt: so there’s a big contradiction here — how could the mugiwara be saviors with jack having left safely + the perverted quattro potentially dead/missing ? put another way, if cemokeji didn’t defeat jack, why are the minks calling them their saviors ? everyone’s already thinking this, and i am too — the mugi’s must’ve given themselves/ceasar+momo up in order to keep the minks safe/negotiate jack’s departure from zou

so are we in for another rescue arc ? if what i’m saying above is true, then sanji is either with jack+dof, tsuru+fuji, or ‘dead’ with brooke. i highly doubt ceasar and momo are harmed, which is to say law and luffy’s plans have gone up in smoke

in other news
makino is married

will add more asap/if there’s anything worth adding
hope you’re all having a great week ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 805: the mink race – 10/31/15
revealed: the corpses of the mugiwara are at the right belly forest
confirmed: bepo is from zou and a member of the mink tribe
+ story-revealed: bepo is the navigator of the heart pirates (sbs71)
hinted .. at: multiple minks (carrot, rody) have ‘electro’ powers
revealed: two weeks ago, the mokomo principality was destroyed by jack !!
opt: jack, you bastard !! so the last we hear of jack is that he’s going to attack the doflamingo-convoy, but as briefly mentioned before, it has been at least 10 days between sanji vs. sheepshead and today —

so i think we can say sheepshead is part of jack’s crew (under kaido’s banner) and the people chopper wanted to save back in 795 were most likely minks in the mokomo principality as it was being attacked by jack + friends. i also think we have a bit more clarity on who metal boobs was looking for; yes it could have been raizou, the samurai/ninja, but it’s more likely they were sent there to find momonosuke as he is one of doflamingo’s three cards (for reasons unknown) …

the minks
so what we know for sure is that the minks have multiple tribes, and are all animal based;
a few (if not many) of them have ‘electro’ type powers like carrot and rody;
when the moon is out they gain strength .. or something very cool happens;
they have the ability to conceal their power (from luffy’s observational haki at least);
and pedrobear (?) appears to be the guardians’ leader of some sort
opt: this all sounds very zoan-fruity. does something have to happen here in order to create smiles ?!

one liners
– i think the dead crew mate is brooke and we’re being set up (torenes)
+ sanji nosebled hard at wanda so that’s why he looked dead too (reskie23)
– electro is mantra 2.0 and will explain diable jambe/red hawk/etc (hiddenpoint)
– or maybe electro is the result of fur + armament hardening, red hawk is the result of rubber + armament hardening (furrot)
opt: lolyes about the corpses. other corpse ideas: raizou can make copies (beatsscallywag), brooke can temporary steal the souls of his nakama for safekeeping (erayachi) among others

but we’re on our way to the right belly forest !! just what will we find there ?!
also, my bad for the late update guys .. work + such + such + etc
i’ve reasoned that i need to put in tons of hours while i’m still anything close to young so here i am ๐Ÿ˜€

hope you’re all have a great halloween weekend
i ‘dressed up’ as chopper by putting on his big ass hat !!
be safe + drink water ๐Ÿ˜€ !!

chapter 804: adventure in the country on the back of an elephant
revealed: the falling thing was a monkey (+ maybe raizou/bariete)
revealed: minks have a hierarchy (lesser/greater?)
revealed: zou was recently invaded and appears to be empty
confirmed/revealed: carrot and boobs of the mink tribe
opt: so back in ch795, we see nami wearing ..uhh ..this stuff, which is not what the warthog-dile (?) riding mink lady with the boobs is wearing, so we can’t say for sure they captured nami — maybe they just stole her shit from the sunny below. the strange girl from that same chapter also doesn’t appear to be carrot, but the thing sheepshead was riding does look a whole lot like the same thing mink-boobs is riding, so are they on the same side? speaking of, carrot is also clearly some sort of rabbit (fast enough to make zoro miss, which is silly fast) while mink-boobs is .. like a pouchless kangaroo or something

could something on or about be turning people in to minkmen? on some level, mink-boobs does look like nami but unless this transformation also wipes out your memory, she can’t be nami. but i don’t even care about any of that .. just look at those ruins !! there just has to be a poneglyph here somewhere

tetete is the sound of a ninja running, etetete is the sound of someone screaming in pain, eteko is monkey -> the falling monkey is bariete (zadujj)

// lots of people are dying in ch944 (christopher salon @ oj)
<-> nightmare luffy appears ch478
<-> gear 4th appears ch784
opt: i guess a lot of people have talked about the color spread of 784 before .. well not me !! ๐Ÿ˜› this guy thinks that mihawk will die to shiryuu in ch944 because of the dates on the cross/tombstone .. interesting !! i don’t have anything else to say !!

respect for smoker
– nami, that’s more like a ninja
opt: he still has a big role to play !

lots of setup, so i guess that’s it for now
hope you’re all having a great week
+ welcome to zo ! ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 803: climbing the elephant
revealed: liquore, a mystery substance
revealed: baltico is completely white
revealed: named captains of blackbeard’s fleet – shiryuu (2), lafitte (5) [704: burgess (1)]
revealed: hajrudin + his fellow giants used to be part of buggy’s mercenary/delivery crew
hinted .. at: the third wano comrade — raizou, the ninja !!
opt: can you say ughghhghhhghghghhhhh ? can’t help but wonder what the fake intel about robin being captured on sabaody is all about, but a potential clash between blackbeard and dragon would actually be deserving of the word epic. these two crews are some of the most important in the opverse and we barely know shitjacksquat about either of them !!

teach vs. dragon has such an end-game feel to it — but if they really do meet, i have to believe teach will find a way to win/survive because of how last-boss he is. is this why zou is featuring robin so heavily ? so she can talk timeskip before these two revolution-seeking crews fight ? just what the hell have you been up to this whole time, dragon !! ?? all of it has been off-paneled !!

i love these world-building chapters + am hoping/praying to goda we get a blackbeard/revolutionary cover story to fill in some of the inevitable gaps (ala ace’s search for blackbeard). even better, we need eceip eno — the adventures of blackbeard — to sub in during our break next week because goddamn, every time these guys get any sort of screen time i get the chills. re: basil scratch-stass, these guys don’t even begin to register on the same antagonist-scale as shiryuu and lafitte + need to find the emerald city/receive an inexplicable powerup asap because they’re quickly becoming irrelevant in this sea of bigger (and better designed) new world pirates


– oda being pretty careful not to show the king of goa’s face
– sabo: ‘this place is like a birdcage
kuina eh
at some point in the near future (now)
– i hope we learn more about kuma soon
– sanji’s blood type: s rh negative
– our ancestors’ same dream
opt: the pacing of marineford was perfect for me the second time around, and whitebeard’s one piece is real monologue is really the only info on roger and one piece we have, not to mention crazy inspirational. feeling down? read one piece !! ๐Ÿ˜›

work is kickin’ my butt every single day right now + all i’ve been doing is training. my weekends have been spent studying for these licenses i need to get in order to do what i need to do, but the good news is i’m 2/2 so far and set both high scores in the class i’m in. humblebrag, this is not — i’m working my ass off for this shit ๐Ÿ™‚ !! though not because i’m looking to set some sort of bar,

no, it’s because i’m the dude who answered the day 1 icebreaker – ‘who inspires you?’ – with monkey d. luffy. ‘luffy’s a pirate.. and a cartoon character, who works as hard as he can to protect not only his friends, but his friends’ dreams as well.’

and so i dedicate my work to everyone who has love for one piece the way i do oya my wife and dog too ๐Ÿ˜› + i hope it’s giving you the energy you need to get everything you want out of life ๐Ÿ™‚ i wonder how optimistic i’ll still be in 1 year .. scratch that, 1 month ๐Ÿ˜›

ok .. gotta get back to studying, so more later on
hope you’re all having a great week ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 802: zou
revealed: one of the replacement shichibukai’s + whitebeard’s supposed son — edward weeble !
revealed: whitebeard’s supposed lover + weeble’s mother — miss bakkin !!
revealed: zou, the country on the back of a 1000 year old elephant !
opt: whitebeard .. dude, you need standards. one mystery contender down: the man with the shiki/killer hair is definitely edward weeble !! love how we’re getting back to some classic one piece wackiness. wack on, oda !! (phrasing)

// the elephant’s legs that reach the sea floor
-> salvador dali’s elephants, another catalonian artist (? google says potentpork @ apf)
opt: i want this to be true so bad. could the florian triangle monsters be a different pack of elephants/islandimal? maybe these elephants just go whereverthef they want, old world new world doesn’t matter i’m a bigasselephant !!!

after having read 803 again on the eve of chapter release i am just so. damn. excited. for. this. arc!! this is a weird island + some people loyal to kaido are doing some shifty stuff on it. at least ten days have passed between our flash-in sanji vs. sheepshead, so really we could be walking in to any situation .. at least the sunny is okay. and bepo. his vivre card looks good ๐Ÿ™‚

(src: ch795, the following day, sanji + co; ch796, 3 days after the battle, luffy/law still on dressrosa; ch802, a week later)

// sanji + co are definitely on zou (imthefridge)
-> hazy, elephant leg docking (ch795, p4)
opt: which means ‘that girl‘ is almost certainly a minkwo/man! does the idea of bepo being a minkman stem from him knowing how to find zou?

miss bucking
// lola’s mom is miss bucking (zadujj/4chan/many others)
-> hair, hat, lips
-> lola was shocked to receive treasure from nami; conditioned by her mom (deismaccountant)
-> bakkin keeps bsing about a lover + lola is desperate to find one herself (cheese0r)
+ notice the stitching around weeble’s head; was she looking for hogback?
opt: weeble has been very clear about the color of his beard being white .. but what about his actual hair ? could it be pink !? this all looks very convincing, but is miss bucking an amazing pirate? time will tell !!

// weeble is part whitebeard + lots of moriah stuff (night-hallow/happymoonsmile @ tumblr)
–> picture: weeble’s stitches vs. whitebeard’s injury
<– shanks took care of their burials (mightykurama)
opt: coincidentally, just got to the end of marineford on my reread + had the shanks burial page handy but the stitches + punch outline is really, really convincing .. very cool !! does that mean we’ll see zombie ace running around too? damn.. that’d be so messed up/raw. never say never [ps: oda pretty much confirms moriah was saved by absalom at marineford (xfoehammer/sbs71)]

// miss bucking works for big mom (nicoblade @ oj)
-> sunglasses, yo
opt: we’re finally starting to peel back the onion that is big mom !! but are we sure that those glasses aren’t just from dressrosa?

killing raftel
i can’t help but feel for all the people who thought raftel was on the back of a giant turtle because imo oda wouldn’t re-use a plot device like that. does that mean raftel is actually .. in space ?! monet !! we need you now more than ever !! ok, so i think we can say it’s definitely not in space, since enel got up there with the maxim + roger’s line here suggests it’s going to be something even more interesting (or at least, less complicated/possible in a different way.. you know what i mean)

zou predates the world gov’t itself (carcosananarchist) which means we’re about to learn some juicy juice about the void century. also cool thing: chopper is on the back of the going luffy senpai (becausewest). seems like a lot of people don’t love weeble’s character design the way i do — well, screw you guys !! our barto-like superfandom for one piece + oda isn’t rational, it’s romance !! ๐Ÿ™‚ so wack on oda !! may we all wack on, forever !! ๐Ÿ˜›

hope you all are having a great week and weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for dropping by!

more on barcelona
barcelona was my shit. to start, everybody in catalunya has so much love for their home county it’s infectious + the energy in the city is unlike any other place i’ve been. there really is no better word to describe this place than passionate; full of people proud of their history, language, food, dance, architecture, and futbol club. and they make it all so public too; meant to be enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike ๐Ÿ™‚ pictures of this place don’t do it any justice because oda didn’t just model dressrosa after barcelona’s buildings/all things gaudi — the atmosphere, the paella, the women, the flamenco, the street performers — it’s all there. and sometimes it really does take your breath away, as i’m sure it did oda’s however long ago that was. definitely deserving of its own arc in one piece, and i’m just happy to have ever gone at all !!

chapter 800: an underling’s vow
chapter 801: opening declaration
he didn’t drink it: tastes bad, man
but they did it anyway: we pledge allegiance to the flag !!
the five hundred million beli man: new bounties !! but will there be more ?!
opt: oh man.. so much to catch up on !! so luffy didn’t drink a drop but it looks like zoro did it in his place. here we are with another tale to be told/for later ?? are all these going to be connected at some point, somehow? and why is sengoku riding a gorilla ?! damnit, no 9th .. but wait, lucky chance ?? another chapter that just came out an hour ago !!

lucci’s back with cp0: and now appears to be spandam’s (?) boss
usopp got a statue: and the #3 mugiwara bounty !!
fujitora is still after luffaw: really? what do the dice say now? his intention isn’t as clear (ms) + this is what i get for reading mp at all .. i was weak. never again
the war for the throne: rulers? betrayal? lannisters? hegemony, or dominance by one single group/crew
appearance: captain jack is back, and he’s going to try and take dof back for kaido sounds pretty confident (ms)
only alive: the first one of the series !!
to zou, and the reverie: with all new bounties higher than high — 500 +320 +130 +94 +200 +177 +66 +83 +uh .0001 = the 1 billion 570 million and 100 berry crew !!
opt: my. usopp. this chapter was the one we were waiting for! so the last time we saw spandam, he was plotting to destroy cp9 with his father (cover 528). are they both part of cp0 now? or are they there are on their own volition? i am not very observant i really hope this captain jack dude is fodder for tsuru to show us a little somethin’ somethin’, though i wouldn’t be too mad either if he was someone crazy enough to release doflamingo back in to the world so fuji is on the strawhat side then ? i’m sure oda is leaving this up in the air just as rolling some dice would .. i wonder if oda actually rolls a dice while he writes fuji’s parts. i mean, he really shouldn’t do that .. but damn would that be awesome or what reading powermanga’s translation – it’s extremely clear that fuji is on the strawhat side now .. i need to learn japanese

// sanji really is a prince/celestial dragon (alpha2late @ yt via timsica)
opt: people have definitely speculated that sanji was a word noble in the past but that he is wanted only alive is really, really strong evidence in favor of. the video is interesting to be sure; the author claims his blood type (S RH-) is the blood of royalty + goes on to conspire that it’s the blood of aliens and royalty .. i don’t know enough about any of that stuff to have an opinion but it’s there for you if you feel so inclined !! +mr. prince @ mf doing all the work i should be but didn’t

3/4 new challengers have appeared ! (dun dunna nun dunna nun dunn dun danun)

so thanks to 190×190 for doing all the work; this is the page in question .. just who are these three new superpowers? the super saiyan shichibukai, top4 revolutionary and ryokugyu + maybe that blobkibukai to the right of the text box. there’s really nothing to say about this; shiki is probably the best guess here for the dbz hair as we don’t really know anyone else with hair like that except killer; all we know about green bull/ryokugyu is that it’s a guy (sbs73/greekinnovation) aka nothing + finally in the bottom left, we have a dorry look alike i really wish we could speculate but we know nothing nothing

arg gotta pause again~ i do everything at the last minute and now have to run errands
okay.. it’s 3:30 am now and i should definitely get some sleep. you better believe there’s more coming
hope all has been very well to you all !! debrief on my vacation and all that afterward + oh yeah: i made it to dressrosa !! ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 799: parent and child
revealed: what fujitora sees/how he senses everyone with haki
revealed: fujitora blinded himself
goko time: luffy is finally getting his fleet .. or is he !? (probably)
opt: so fujitora is 100% legit and had every intention of taking down luffy since the dice told him to. given that’s his nature and has been for some time, why the hell did sakazuki make him an admiral? yes he’s strong as hell but he leaves absolutely everything up to fate (dice-justice?). moreover his own personal mission is to get rid of the shichibukai system altogether so.. not the best move, akainu

the shockingly unreliable mangapanda translation seemed to have put some sort of emphasis on fujitora’s ‘kind face’ thought .. as if fujitora was waiting for/hoping to meet this person/this person was prophesized .. ah, screw it. but what would be coolest for me about the mugiwara having subordinate crews is how oda could start getting in to some real naval strategy/battles at sea/more calculated infiltrations of hostile islands .. 10 more years !! 10 more years !!

one liners
– re: the community, they’re just fodder characters anyway (ffmad)
– barto can speak to luffy without fainting now (kn0ckle)
– i’m gonna bang my wife so hard tonight (soberactivities)
– sake @ yakuza + brotherhood + weddings (surgeonchao)
– relative power datapoint, ch757: gravity sword vs. sabo (rexdrake @ mf)
opt: 75 beautiful pirates + 56 barto club + 1000 happo navy + 4 martial artists + 200 tontatta + 5 giants + 4300 yonta maria = 5640 + 9 straw hats = 5649 .. need 7 more for gomugomu (gear5th) since the 4 martial artists includes/does not exclude ideo as representative-captain

break !?! break !! ?? chapter 800 is going to be a 12/10 chapter, confirmed !! that’s right, f*#& eleven !! eleven is not hype enough !!
hope you all have a great week and weekend!! see you in 2 weeks — maybe live, from barcelona !! (honestly i have no idea what the schedule looks like)

ps – life
oh yeah, in the interest of full disclosure: just this week, i was offered a sales position, and i took it. 100% still working on my ‘art,’ whatever that is, but this .. this is quite the opportunity. in retrospect, i can say with full confidence this role never would have been offered-to or considered-by me had i been stuck in the happiness-sink i was engaged in previously. so while somebody could and might say, wtf you lucked out hard, i say, dude — it’s all part of being confident, adaptable, and free to pick and choose what it is you want to do. this way, when a serious opportunity presents itself, you can not only take advantage of it, but have the energy to take the massive action required to be successful at it ๐Ÿ™‚ i’m being unnecessarily mean there

speaking of parent and child, i just got to water seven and check out this line by bakaburg: ‘as long as there is the danger that nico robin will resurrect the existing weapon.’ existing weapon? tom is/was a fishman, so there _is_ an outside chance he knew about poseidon .. but no matter how you slice it, poseidon could never be ‘resurrected’ by robin in any sense of the word. shirahoshi would be born 8 years after tom’s initial trial and awaken her powers another 6 years after that (coincidentally or not, the same year tom would be taken to enies lobby by spandam and cp5)

so… what the hell am i getting at? well, tom can only be talking about uranus! which we now know is something that actually could be resurrected by someone who can read the poneglyphs. so what else did tom know about uranus? could roger have done it? just what conclusions did his crew come to at the end of the grand line? ๐Ÿ™‚ my thoughts on it: well, the secret of mariejois has always sounded uranus-y to me but robin + the ope-ope no mi = ?!? there’s no profit there. so, no clue man. but very interested. for myself – why it can’t be pluton: if you need the blueprints to build pluton + poneglyph reading to ‘awaken’ it as franky says (+ spandam says) then destroying the blueprints would be enough to keep robin from doing anything -> what spanky and iceberg said are conflicting .. right? i feel like i’m taking crazy pills !

more notes as i go
ch385 pg5: did kaku eat a smile?
– merry’s funeral. wow
– i’m gonna kick your ass *picks nose*
ch487 pg5: rumbar pirates vs. the … pandaman pirates ?!
ch496 pg7: maybe a white horse for duval
498.20: the only actual power level talk i recall ever seeing – pre.ts rayleigh = 100x luffy/’s whole crew/+brooke+chopper+hachi (?)
opt: knowing what’s going to happen in advance is making one piece shine even brighter somehow — i just started thriller bark and just thinking about _everything_ that happens to everyone here is awesome. the mugiwara are on a zombie amusement park with some of the coolest characters, which is definitely welcome after water 7, where you just want luffy to kill everyone rob lucci’s family

a week and a half later, i think luffy rejecting these pirates’ offer to unite under the mugi-banner would be silly; these pirates aren’t joining the mugiwara, they just support luffy in his quest to become the pirate king (+barto more than anyone) !! so if our job is to make predictions by first putting ourselves in oda’s shoes, i think we have to ask ourselves: what would just blow everyone’s mind from page 1? that’s right: the title of chapter 800 should definitely be .. “the 9th” !!

and just who is it going to be? well, found this from kishido @ mf/nodensuke @ ap back in 2012.. and yes, it probably is more about the buddha statue than anything else but fuck it — i’ll take what i can get !! ๐Ÿ˜› seriously though, i’ve been pushing this for quite some time now. it’s getting to be do or die time for it, huh? can’t wait to find out which side of history i’ll be on ๐Ÿ™‚ ps. there’s actually zero chance of the next chapter being called the 9th but admit it — that would be awesomely unexpected

we may have no idea where we’re going,
but we know how we want to get there
with friends, laughter, and most important of all
romance .. !! ๐Ÿ™‚

chapter 798: heart
hinted.. at: the life a kind of d ?
another mention: barrels pirate crew
confirmed: those of the ‘d’ always lead a life steeped in tragedy
opt: 40% !! one piece science !! it’s adaptive more when a better translation comes out but this chapter totally rates 10/10 for me. to begin, i absolutely hate fujitora right now — you’re going down you dick. law and sengoku were giving us the end-of-arc robinquisition with someone who actually-knows-shit that we were all waiting for (since last ch) and you ruined it with your clean-up-dress-rosa and get everyone away from the port charade !! you’re still a good guy, right? ๐Ÿ˜€

watching sengoku drop wisdom on law like the elder-boss is great, and i think we can say he is now a potential ally to luffy and law. but sengoku lets us know something for certain about the d’s that everyone had always suspected: they lead tragic lives. doomed lives? but just as important, law’s line: ‘being the kind of d that corazon hoped i would be’ .. right or wrong, someone told law something about what it means to be a d; someone probably told luffy, too, when he was young .. but he probably wasn’t listening. damnit luffy.. reference link: law tells baby5 his name (ch763)

and then
we get luffy running in with an elephant gun that gets blocked by fujitora’s cane .. and then boom: ’cause that’s what a true pirate king would do!’ you’re goddamn right it is luffy !! but what if fujitora is doing this as a way to keep all the marines out of the port, and is going to actually rebuild dressrosa with his still uncertain ability? .. naw kick his ass luffy. he interrupted lawgoku!!

finally, how good are these write-in covers getting? beginning with 786, my favorite is still the one with shanks and the dog, but i wonder if they’d ever select an entry from outside of japan ? where do we send commission requests ? oda, what is your address

as an alliance, law and luffy are really only now beginning to make waves in the new world. two saved kingdoms does not make a pirate king make; we have to consider that for every kingdom luffy and law free, pookinstass destroyed another. take down an admiral or a yonko though, and now we’re taking down 1/3 or 1/4th vs. 1/7th of a major power. luffy and law are on the political radar too, as two d’s working together to turn world upside down

by the way.. just saw batoto’s translation of the ope ope no mi immortality operation again + i think, before, i had said it was eternal youth .. well it’s because i thought that. i guess i thought wrong. it’s immortality. damn. and finally, the barrels pirate crew gets another mention.. drake is allied with kaido.. they’re coming back in a big way !! all their fates are intertwined ๐Ÿ™‚

reread — rare zoro moments
– zoro making a joke
– a swordless style move
opt: and i guess there were 2 additional foxy arcs in the anime which i haven’t seen yet .. but i want canon ones !! this arc was hilarious ๐Ÿ™‚ we need another one after the seriousness that was dressrosa. otherwise what robin is saying here (sengoku only one above admirals) contradicts what i had said about kong before .. my bad. kong is now in charge of the marines via the world gov’t nevermind. just a dumb nuance not worth talking about. here’s the wiki article for kong and here it is for marine ranks. kong is obama, so doesn’t work for the marines anymore but can mobilize them

somebody pointed out somewhere how bon clay, big mom’s flag and others have heart shaped lipstick .. shape .. ?! on and whether or not there was a connection. don’t know, but kokoro and chimnie do too

10/10. thank you
hope all is well everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ one piece is back !!

chapter 797: rebecca
revealed: viola has been asked to be a princess before
opt: and it was almost certainly by scarlett, but the line that kills me is luffy saying to rebecca — ‘then will you come with me?’ oda knows exactly what he’s doing here, insinuating left and right person x, y or z is going to join; i don’t think so buddy !! ya fool me, we can’t get fooled again !!

law has gone missing and the likelihood he’s going to meet sengoku has gone up from 1% to … 40% !! as determined by our non-patentable one piece science. did fujitora sabotage the still-conscious but inexplicably grounded marines once again (cormag @ mf)?

things.. things.
– the relative lengths of each arc (masterpat98)
– one piece first published ~1 month + 18 years ago (roronoad_richter)
enel + sentomaru sharingan + eyeballsquarething (darkhund77)
– road to op800 (j0yboy)
– suguru sugita: we’re about 30% to go/that’s about a decade left (oppodcast/faneu7)
opt: it really is starting to seem like oda is slowing everything down to make #800 a big one. if the amount of incredible he put in to #100 is any sort of indication .. i mean, you should just re-read it (mpanda), but for the lazyish take this page .. and this one, and the next .. so good !! to be clear, the question of whether or not oda is ‘slowing down’ to make #800 awesome is totally irrelevant/nonsense and i’m sorry for having said anything about it above. i was trying to praise #100, not give a middle finger to 797-799. strictly speaking, oda could tell us what one piece is in #799 and have luffy die in #800 and call it a series, but you know he won’t because that would make for a bad story. how fast or slow we get to any one plot point is a total non-issue because all that matters is whether or not one piece will stand the test of time once it’s over. my bad. never again

so i’m on my re-read and here are just some things i’m pointing back out to myself:
– luffy really does love snow (ch115/ch132/ch218)
– dr. hiluluk’s disease was incurable (ch142)
– luffy asked chopper to join without even knowing he was a doctor (ch153)
– is oda planning on telling this ‘story for later?’ (ch154)
– coincidentally, this bag (ch179)
– it’s them .. (ch225)
opt: so i’ve never commented on the ‘it’s them / most likely’ line in jaya mock town because i always felt it was too out there and one data point does not a trend make. but if this is all we have to go on.. damn. is he really going to get three fruits? of note: at this time, blackbeard does not carry three guns with him (ch225) nor does he carry them during banaro island (ch434). only upon reaching impel down does he start to carry three guns (ch542), and at that time he’s already a shichibukai. just something to keep in mind

– 400 years ago, noland tells a story to a kid wearing a strawhat and a girl in a patterned dress .. even in cricket’s illustrated book (ch227/ch292)
opt: if that’s the same hat, then some kid was wearing it on lvneel during the time of noland. that kid loved noland’s stories and is a definitely a believer .. just look at him !! now, if that’s the same hat, you can bet your ass he set sail ๐Ÿ™‚ even more, he was probably the first non-native to visit sky island (ch228.17) !! the shandia chief says he was from north blue after all !! ๐Ÿ™‚

in the opverse (and real life cause one piece is real), dreams + truths have wills of their own. that noland’s would be inherited by cricket only makes sense; and that the truth of the void century would be inherited by the last oharan only makes sense — which reminds me, now that the straw hats are being completely chased out of the kingdom: we never got our party !!

900+ year old kingdom, king and princess once again saved by the mugiwara .. and no party?! we need one so robin can go off and grill the king on void century/history stuff !! the riku family has been in power since the donquixote family left — that’s 800 years. the family must know something, right? actually, maybe not.. so okay, jinbei needs to show up out of nowhere with this poneglyph already !! ๐Ÿ™‚

on my progress in art
guys.. this is so hard. and i am trying really hard, which is definitely a problem — but it doesn’t matter; the results or lack there-of speak for themselves: i straight up suck at this. i cannot say i’ve made any meaningful or measurable progress toward my goal so i’ve decided to change my strategy completely. instead of mentally constructing pieces and then making them, i’m just going to just make a lot of crap. just making almost anything (above) until i’ve made so much crap, there’ll be no more crap to make + only good stuff will come out. that makes sense, right? you agree completely? me too !! ๐Ÿ˜€

hope everyone is having a great couple of weeks in between all these breaks we’re having ๐Ÿ™‚
myself: i’m doing a complete re-read and am at.. uhh.. ~140 (shit i forgot already) and all these scenes .. they still carry so much weight with them + are so impactful .. i know what’s going to happen and it still manages to get to me. what else can i say

chapter 796: soldier-san’s decision
confirmed: it was sengoku/okaki
revealed: kenpopo first requires a blood donation
revealed: kin’emon ended up with burgess’ bag thing
brb: luffy has something to do first .. !
opt: wait, so bellamy is coming along — at least for a bit?! is luffy is getting ready to do something really cool or hilarious or both ?! will he announce dressrosa as his territory to the world ? i must know !! and i think we’re on break next week .. why now ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ what is life ๐Ÿ™

i think oda is purposefully showing every ally we’ve had in this chapter to trick us in to thinking someone is going to join ๐Ÿ˜› though it would seem as if everyone that wanted rebecca to be the next mugi is out of luck ~ the strawhats are being shown the door + rebecca is in a dress = just like vivi at the end of alabasta. i also recommend you just keep reading on if you clicked that link above – i promise, it’s a good one ๐Ÿ™‚ but don’t sleep on viola .. she got some screen time too! however just like robin, monet will come out of absolutely nowhere and bickety bam: mugiwara number ten! it’s okay monet, you can come out now. let’s goo already~~!! ๐Ÿ˜€

jolly rogers: horns, crossbones, and .. that other thing
kaido’s noticeably has four crossbones sitting behind his skull, with blackbeard having the only other jolly roger in the opverse like it. crazy enough, it has been like that since ch235/the knock-up stream. is it just a coincidence that he ended up creating a flag with the same backing as another, living yonko? shanks and big mom’s flags look completely different than these ones and each others’, so just what was it that compelled blackbeard to create something so similar?

nobody’s horns seem to curve the way kaido’s do except bastille, but his horns/mask have grown since his youth so we’re going to ignore him cause that’s dumb (+ avalo’s aren’t real). but what i’m interested in is what the heck those two curved lines are doing behind the crossbones in kaido’s flag? maybe they’re just there to make him look badass (it’s working), or maybe they have something to do with those spiked bracelets he’s wearing. maybe it’s an eight, and he’s the eighth descendant of oars, or ate eight devil fruits .. i don’t know !!

next time
everyone wants law and sengoku to talk — and they should — but law already seems to be running the other way so chances are it isn’t gonna happen. something i definitely didn’t consider is that maybe luffy is going to go find doflamingo so he can learn some more about awakened devil fruits (goldinflash)! i don’t think luffy really the type to go out of his way for information, but another meeting with doflamingo would be really interesting — doflamingo knows a whole lot about the new world/world gov’t and how it ticks, so i know i want to see him show up again! another other great idea (zodiack): fujitora really has been choosing the result of the dice rolls this whole time but waited until now to pursue the mugi’s so tsuru and sengoku could see with their own eyes all of dressrosa protect the mugiwara from the marines. mouthful. but great

break next week. also, to address the lateness: my bad. spent yesterday cleaning out the downstairs + started building the interior of the art space ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s really small but we’re just gonna work that in to the experience of it all. i have an idea !! i hope it doesn’t suck/i can make it a reality !! ๐Ÿ˜€

pictures soon whether you want to see them or not suckers !! ๐Ÿ™‚ happy friday everyone, hope you have a great couple of weeks and weekends!!

chapter 795: suicide

my initial reaction to this chapter was … i am not worthy. but also that with kaidou’s introduction, the dress rosa arc is unofficially over/that we are officially in post-dressrosa arc territory ๐Ÿ™‚ so much happened, i don’t even know how to start. maybe broken down by page/section..

– could fuji be cheating at dice with his df powers (model_namakamono)
opt: hakuba in chains because cavendish is asleep = 100% gol d.

revealed: swirly crew barely escapes big mam + docks on an island with ‘eruption rains’
separation: nami brooke and momo got separated from sanji chopper and ceasar
distraction: namooke was distracted by a little girl who was being chased by sheep-shead

revealed: sheep-shead is in kaidou’s crew + probably ate a smile
revealed: sheep-shead’s group is after a samurai .. is it the girl, is it momo, or both?
opt: it seems like they’re talking about both momo (‘hasn’t shown’) and the girl from what sheep said earlier but who knows; brooke doing a great zoro impression as the physics(?) of his stance makes absolutely no sense unless he is now crazy strong; sanji doing his signature liu kang impression — flying in out of nowhere and kicking his opponent in the face

opt: baron terminal is just held up by a bunch of balloons. awesome

opt: 7 defeats, 18 captures .. 9 of the 11 times he was captured but not defeated was because he sank the ship that was transporting him. 2 unaccounted for !! + to be fair, gedatsu also fell from skypeia and didn’t die, so unless baron terminal is the highest sky island you can jump off of, kaidou is an idiot

p15-16 spread
boom: hundred beast kaidou
<-> currently trying to commit suicide
<-> the strongest living being in the world
<-> ready to start the greatest war this world has ever seen
opt: can’t help but notice these giant scars across the bodies of some of the world’s strongest post-timeskip: akainu has a new one on the right side of his face, luffy got a new one right across the center of his chest .. it just seems significant, is all

his motivations appear to be the same as fairy tail’s big boss zeref, just a less thoughtful in his methods ๐Ÿ˜› kaidou may have tried going to marineford to be killed by whitebeard – but shanks stopped him and is now stuck as the world’s strongest. yes, he’s jealous whitebeard died but he’s also mad as hell — there might only be only one ‘thing’ out there capable of killing him now. oda was very clear to introduce kaidou as the strongest living creature .. this all points in one direction for me. that kaidou is starting this war so he can be killed by uranus — the national treasure at mariejois (ok maybe not that last part :P)

– shanks stopped that (bushokoma)
– kaidou tried eating lots of smiles to die, instead becomes hundred beast (avengedx)
– 1 yr, 7 mo, 21 days to see sanji .. + then kaidou falls out of the sky (egbuch)
opt: chapters like these are why i love this series. i mean, all of dressrosa has been awesome. but jesus christ are you kidding me with this one? magic

what happens next is anyone’s guess, but it would be absolutely silly if pookinstass didn’t pledge their allegiance to kaidou, right now. if i remember right, the ope ope no mi grants eternal youth + not full blown immortality, but all the misconception around it likely stems from a bad translation and not as a fact incorrectly retrieved

i think i’m still in shock over this chapter — just.. soo good. so good
more later; need to step away from it and let it sit and read the chapter a few more times ๐Ÿ™‚
hope all is well everyone! one piece is back! (but going on break again the week after next)